Asking the dead is Major Shirk

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Lumbee will mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Heidi you it was so so does it even Catherine casita Hama Virgo, my brother and sisters,

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one of my friends asked me this question

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and said that somebody had posted a message on WhatsApp on some group

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where it talked about visiting the older robotic, the blessed grave of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in mercy Danavas Sharif, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us all the opportunity of going there and presenting our Salah

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that this person is making this dua at the grave oversold loss and saying oh Messenger of Allah, show kindness and mercy to the seeker who is awaiting your gifts, or Allah has chosen one, support me for I rely upon you and return to you or most noble in lineage.

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As to what Allah Allah V them in St. Louis, when they hear you.

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the reason I'm saying both these things, and please listen very carefully, because to make to say this kind of thing, amounts to making dua.

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to or from Rossville, like

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it amounts to asking Rasul Allah is Allah Salam, instead of asking Allah, this is major and open shirk.

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Let me explain for you and give you all the the lie all the evidences of this from the Kitab of Allah and the teachings and Sunnah of none other than the sola he salatu salam himself

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how tragic it is that people go to the grave of the Rasul Ali salaam, and openly and directly disobey him at his grave. How tragic is that? How

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How ignorant is that?

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So let me begin with the beginning. In the beginning is certain Fatiha in every record of every Salah in sort of fattier we say ear canal boo, what kind of story who are we speaking to Allah's vowel? televisie Oh Allah You alone we worship and You are alone we ask for help you alone not anyone with you. And not anyone other than you. This is the essence of the heat. Er Can I will do a yeah gonna stay in is the relationship between the app Dennis

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Allah last Martha ordered us directly commanded us and said we'll call her up book order only as you look up in the lobby and is stuck the ruler and he read it he said hello Nigel had Nevada read. Last round garage so to have it Allah said your Rob has proclaimed call upon Me older oni call upon me Allah did not say call upon me through this one through that one with this one with that one with this vasila with that vasila No. Allah said call upon Me o ne call upon me. I will respond to you as he will call upon Me I will respond to you why would you want to do anything else? This is your Rob telling you tell me and I will give you call me and I will answer. Why would you do that? Do

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anything other than that, when you have this assurance, not from me, not from anywhere else, but directly from Allah. Oder oni as the G will lock him in the Lavina is stuck below Ronnie whether at sea or the Hello, Johanna vada theory Europe has proclaimed call upon me, I will respond to surely those who are too proud to worship Me will enter Jahannam in humiliation

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also in the profit and loss vanity reserved further all la Muholi Swedana who Dena wallow curry Hello Kathy rude. So call upon Allah with sincere devotion further Allah meclizine Allah who did even though the disbelievers do not like it when oh can you help craft your own?

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Then in Surah talara for Allah subhanho wa jal Zed older or a buck on or a back home Dadar row over here. In no law your head bull Mata de la said

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Call upon your rub humbly and secretly order Oh Rob Burgoon order our whole fear Call upon your Rob humbly and secretly

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in the hula Your humble water read he does not surely does not like transgressors.

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There is a lot of jinn ALLAH SubhanA DeRozan Enel massage either lillahi fala Tada Oh ma Allah He i that the places of worship are only for Allah. So do not invoke anyone other than Him. anyone besides him? I imagine this is the question of massage, whatever matches the number with Sharif, the second holiest place on Earth. masjid, the number of years Sharif lacing, Masjid is mine, and do not call on anyone other than me. I won't stand Mercy, the Navi and you call on us. In that, Eli when that information was ALLAH knows this, how much it will pay him think about that. Because this is directly against what he told us to highlight. I'll give you all the lie. He's directly against what

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he told us to do. Well under massages, I lie further today oh ma Allah He had the places of worship the masajid are only for Allah. So do not invoke anyone besides Him, other than Him. And then in terms of genre, Allah subhanaw taala made it even more clear as it fella that oh ma Allah He Isla Han ahora further cool and I may not have been. So do not ever call upon anyone other than Allah, any god other than Allah. Whether you call somebody God or not, if you are calling on them, they are you are treating them as a god. You might say, well, I you know, I did not share a Surah Surah Salam is God. You did not say that. But when you are making dua to him, you are converting him you're you

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are you're implying that he is a god other than Allah, or besides Allah. And the same thing applies to

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we were as you do this with, for Allah the Oh ma Allah healer, Hannah Hara for the core, Amin Al was Avene. So do not ever call upon any one else. Any other God besides Allah or you will be one of the punished. Allah is promising punishment. And then his Ultra cough Allah subhanaw taala said woman adultery my year the room in dunya Allah He may Allah yesterday Ebola who Allah yo Mila,

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for whom and dua, him Rafi lune and who could be more astray than those who call upon others besides Allah, others that cannot respond to them until the day of judgment and are even unaware of their calls? What is Allah say, let's say who is more astray than those who call upon others, when those others cannot respond to them, they cannot talk to them, they cannot do anything for them, and they are not even aware that you are calling upon them that you are not done that they cannot even hear. So, however, as you think about this,

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please then

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then resources and daughters this

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the beautiful heavies

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in dealing with the say this

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and and normally Bashir of your loved one. And in Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wasallam I call

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a dua Oh, well, Eva.

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Eduardo. Well, a bad summer Cara lokala Book Award already yesterday local in the United stag be Runa I Neva Additi so you're the hoorah Johanna Dockery, a nomadic Bashir on the Alana reported that Rasul Allah is Allah seldom said,

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Dua is

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EBA dua is worship. It also said dua is worship itself.

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Then as soon as I set up recited the I

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Nakara, Boo Boo Komodo only as Teddy bloco

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in Melody and I stuck beholder

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and an EVA that the car the whole number that

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you're up, proclaim call upon me and I will respond to you when

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really those who disdain my worship will enter hell in humiliation. And this is as I had this in the video and the idea is the idea from sort of Africa and number 60.

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Then another very beautiful Hadith, also intermediate

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on the authority of

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Abdullah near buzzworthy Allah anima

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the cousin of Rasul Allah so Sara was a young boy at the time and used to stay with us.

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And Abdi lived near Barcelona, the Alon Omar call, go to hell for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a Yeoman for Carla? Yeah, Willa in knee or wildly Mooka Cali Marathi therefore the la ha Yeah.

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Follow the lucha

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de who to Jack either

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first Allah Allah

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what is that? What is that first drain bill?

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You're going Canavalia we're gonna stay where I love unknown muda knows the market. Allah I Yun Faro. Kabhi che in love Yun for Oka in La Vie Shane called the cut of Allah who look

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we're in eastern Oh Allah I do Rocha Vijay in lumea de roca Vijay in Kolkata, Allahu I Lake roof here and a color

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roof here till color Aquila. Whoa, whoa, Jeff, those were Jeff is on the authority of observing their boss or their law No, or the law anima who said one day I was behind as well. As I said, I'm riding on the same mount. And he said, Oh young man, I will teach you some word of advice. Be mindful of Allah. Remember Allah and Allah will protect you.

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Be mindful of Allah. Remember Allah and you will find him in front of you. If you ask, ask Allah alone. amateurism did not say if you ask, if you want if you need something asked me. He said if you ask, ask Allah alone. If you need help, seek help from Allah alone. He did not say if you need help ask me. He said if you need help, seek help from Allah alone. And know that if the nations were to get gathered together to benefit you with anything, they will not benefit you except with what Allah has already prescribed for you. And if they were to gather to harm you with anything, they will not be able to harm you, except with what Allah has already prescribed against the pens have been lifted

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and the pages have dried.

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Finally, the issue of saying, you go to a grave and you ask for this favor and so on and so forth.

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In the room, Allah subhanaw taala very clearly, he said, In Nacala to small motor while to spill some mud Medora either one no motivate him, he said so Verily you O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam remember this? It is going to rasool Allah Himself.

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Allah is saying so

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Verily you Oh Mohamed Salah cannot make the dead to hear nor can you make the deaf to hear the call when they show their backs turning away imagine this is being told on a resume send them that you cannot make them here. So you think you can make them here? Think about this. There is another VAT in Allah's vantara made it even more clear and he said well my Estherville haha oh well I'm worth in Allah yusmeiro been yesha warmer and the moose Marin Manville Cobo,

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not alike are the living.

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And in this case, the living is the living as in people who are alive and the living as my obligation believers.

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And the dead, not alike are the

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living and the dead. They're not the same. Verily, Allah makes whom He wills to hear, but you cannot make those who are in their graves to hear coma and Tammy Mazmanian Manfield KOBO. Now, this ayat is even more clear even more specific, the word Graves has been mentioned from the above it is clear there

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We cannot make those in their graves here as if we speak to them.

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Allah subhanaw taala Yun gave the example of

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the Deaf somebody was born deaf, who we are not audible to, even though they are right in front of us. Now, there are two questions that are generally asked about this.

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Right May Allah protect us from chitter chatter and gives on sowing doubts so do not fall into needless droughts. And that's why I want to clarify all this for you. There are two questions that are generally asked the first question is what about the Hadees where rasool Allah is Allah Salam spoke to the dead in the well after the Battle of butter and you know this or this say this there is also spoke to the to the dead and he said did you find the Promise of Allah to be true? And say then our the ricotta there are no way I love you please with him. He was such a man who was so focused on the result he gave and he said yes or no, you're speaking to the dead, they cannot hear you and

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those of us that have said, they can hear me better than you can hear. They say this. So people say what about this hadith?

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Now answer to that is that was one of the miracles one of the modules out of a solo Salah which was specific to him, it happened only to him. And it happened only that one time. As far as we know, that is the only time it happened. It's not a deli in India to say that we can do the same thing like ribs was split the moon, like he did so many other things. That does not mean that we can do the same thing. Like Husar is a lamb by the haka of Allah by the order of Allah, his truck, his staff on to the water and the water part. Right, if you are a strike, our stuff out of the water will get flushed in the face. Water will not pass apart for us no matter what we do. So it's very

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clear that this was a Majida it was a miracle granted resources Allah, the Quranic ayat, absolutely clear as far as

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we are concerned. So, let us not be confused about this in any way.

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Now, second question,

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which is also asked

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is, then why do we say a salon article via a local war when we go to the cemetery, like when you go to is ever to use your salon article, this is from this analysis has

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taught us to do this. Now, the answer to that is that when you say a Salam Alikum, Jacobo

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you are ascending, you're making dua for the people of the graves, you are saying, may peace and blessings be upon you all occupants of the graves. You're not speaking to them. You're not saying salam alikoum Yahuwah and waiting for an answer to be very funny. Dave, you Sarah, Sarah Marie COVID, locavore and then somebody from the graves, that valley goes Allah we have to go over and then you will be in trouble. Right? So all you're doing is you are using a salary value, you are making dua to Allah subhana dalisay. or Allah sends alarm on these people, therefore, anyone who goes to the grave of anyone,

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right? Usually people go to the graves of what they call saints are only Allah, or they go to the grave of Roscoe As Salam, and they asked for any favor and so on and so forth.

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This is something which is open and clear ship. Now we come to that. Let me explain to the issue of saints and ojala.

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First of all, in Islam, there are no saints. Saints hold is a Christian theological term is a person in Christianity becomes a slave, when after they die.

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Various kinds of things are reported about them. And people say we have we have seen this miracle that miracle involving that particular so and so person who died and the Pope of that time, then grants them what is called sainthood. Right He bestows sainthood on them, like Mother Teresa died after some time, she was given the central and she was called St.

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So it's a Christian term, it is centered is given by the Pope does not apply to Islam. So please don't use the term. There are no saints in Islam. But what about adiala? What about them? Very simple Allah subhanaw taala made it very clear Allah Subhan

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Allah in our Lea Hola Hola. Hola Ferrari him Baba homea Hassan

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lol Bucha

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Raphael had to dunya or Villa Kira lot of de la luckily Mattila.

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Allah said very on the earlier of Allah, there is no sadness and there is no fear. And for them there is glad tidings in this dunya as well as in the orchestra and the Promise of Allah does not change and is true. So who are these earlier?

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earlier? First of all, the word itself is again wrongly translated as friend. It is friendship in a very different way, just like everything to do with Allah, they're very different thing. So friendship. Normally, when we talk about friendship, friendship implies equality is equal to my friend, my friend is not superior to me, and I'm not inferior to him. In the case almost monetarily, there's no friendship. The Willa as far as Allah's was concerned means this is a person who Allah subhanaw taala is fond of a lot of this person. So the favorite slaves of Allah, right, they would be the holier of Allah. So first understand that, that when you say Allah, Allah, we mean the

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favorite slaves of Allah, how do become a vigorously overlap by obeying Allah by following this on off as soon as possible. So there isn't a cannot be any villa. They cannot be any earlier of Allah, or volley of Allah with disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala. So the first and foremost quality of the holy is that the person is obedient to Allah subhanaw taala Now who is this person allows me to be very clear again, as I'm saying to you, this whole issue of being obedient to Allah and so on, I'm not inventing it does Allah subhanaw taala told us that unless I say very clearly who are the audio of Allah, Allah

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and levena Amano Acharya Topo who are the earlier these are the people who are

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saved? I know in Alia Allah Allah.

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Allah Deena amaro O'Connor with the whole lower Bucha Rafi dunya villa, the lady very much Allah. So Allah, that as it was God, Allah said they are the people who are Imana, taqwa. So, so beautiful the Quran is so clear. Allah said the earlier do not need to fear anything. They do not need to breathe out anything who are the people of Iman and Taqwa people who have faith and people who have Taqwa meaning people whose sole concern in life is as you please Allah, does it please does my action does my speech does my decision please Allah or not? They are concerned with that if it pleases Allah, they do it if it does not praise Allah, they don't do it. If they are not sure they do not do it

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until they find out. So these are the only have now

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to say about the hula. Therefore who is everyone by definition, all Muslims are aware of Allah.

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Finally, there is all this and Masada himself said, Allah Who will you will live in a Amanu Yoko Minos Umatilla? No, unless rather than some other Bukhara. Allah says, Allah is the Wali. Allah is the Wali. Now in this context, the when he means the protector, the confidant, the this helper, the supporter of the believers, Allah will you live in Amman, Allah is the valley of the believers. So we know that all believers all Muslims in sha Allah, by definition, are the only of Allah to say specifically about a person that this person was a wali of Allah, and he was a great volley of Allah is to speak about Allah without knowledge. We can say this about NaVi we can say Musa Ali CERAM was

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an OB of ALLAH because ALLAH said so I can say that he said, he said I was an OB of Allah because Allah told me that told us this. I can say Mohamed Salah was the enemy of Allah was also of Allah was the last and final of them after all, there are no rules and no Ambia no messengers, no prophets, because Allah smart Allah told us this, but I cannot say this, about any value of Allah, I cannot name an individual doesn't matter who it is, I cannot name an individual z, so and so was a worry of Allah, the best I can do is I can say so and so was a volley of Allah insha Allah

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right. But even that there is no need because Allah did not send us to best overlap on anybody. Stick to what we have been given the authority about speaking about Allah without knowledge is the omole hub is it is the it is a mother of Oliver. So going to the grave of a person and saying this is a valley of Allah, first of all you have spoken about Allah with our knowledge, we start off with the device. And then when you go to the grave of the person, there are five things that you are doing there by your action, right. So by your accent, whatever the first thing you

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you're doing is you're saying that when you are speaking that you're going there and say, Please do this, do this, do this. Like this person, whoever it is, is ASCII is telling people when you go to the grave always ask, Oh, please do this for me. First and foremost, the person who's going to a grave and asking the person in the grip for anything, whatever you either have ever give me this, give me that or make dua for me, this person is doing five prohibited things, five things with amount open ship, number one,

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the person in the grave by action, they are saying that the person in the grave can hear them. This is against the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala said the person in the grave cannot hear you. You are you by your action you are saying the Quran is wrong? I am right. The person of the grave can hear me. This itself is over takes you out of Islam. Number two, you are saying by your action that this person knows you because I go and stand for example, if I go to the grave option of Abdulkadir, Gianni Rahmatullah, or I go to the grave of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah or I go to the anybody's grave right. Now, this person died four or 500 years over 700 years ago, this person Sheikh Abdul

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Hadi, John Antonelli was,

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what is very good about that. He, I, as far as as far as I know, he could speak Arabic, I go there, and I'm asking him, Please do this for me do that for me, in English, he never spoke English. Right? So he never saw me. He died several years ago, or whatever it was, he does not know me from, you know, he doesn't know me at all. So when I'm going and standing there, I'm saying to myself, and I'm saying by my action, that he knows me, so I'm going and talking to him, if he does not even know me, please do this for me, who are you? Then who are you? So, number number three, I am assuming or I am by my action I'm

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presuming and I am demonstrating that I believe that he can understand my language. So, whether I speak English or Telugu or Tamil or Korean or Japanese or whatever, this person in the grave can understand all the languages please understand this. This is open ship because

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the only one who knows every creature every human being and understand every language is Allah to believe this or to demonstrate this or to to presume this or to ascribe this to anyone other than Allah is open shirk fee as well. Was it like that is open ship mentorship.

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Number four, depending on what is asked, whether you ask for a waiver or you ask for the answer, it means that you are saying that this person actually can grant you favors again, major ship,

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again, this is major shake, and OpenShift.

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Finally, all of these amounts to going directly against the Quran and the Sunnah, and against the direct commands of Allah subhanho data and also a nice answer. So therefore, to believe that the dead can hear us and do something for us on the Day of Judgment is against the forearm, and I guess they had these and against reason. Anyone who asks dead people in their graves for favors, or to intercede for him or make dua for him out of ignorance must be corrected. Anyone who believes this to be true, is committing a major shift. And may Allah forgive that person is in danger of leaving Islam or has left Islam already. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us on the right path and not

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allow us to deviate and not allow us to go out to Islam. Because what we have is very precious. Let us not waste it. Let us not destroy it. Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was COVID main barometer of your whole life.