Lessons from Hajj Love of Allah is expressed through unquestioning obedience

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In the legendary low salatu salam ala schizophyllum via Allah Allah He was heavy on Villa but

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nevertheless the

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time for Hajj is coming close and inshallah

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the judge are starting to

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to begin the year begins or they have begun the massacre of Hajj we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept all their Hajj

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to be pleased with them to accept their doors

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and hamdulillah several of our recently have also gone for Hajj, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make the Hajj easy for them

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to ease the path to his happiness and to His pleasure and to accept the Rebbe that and that was

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he asked Allah to accept withdrawals of all those women

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in Arafat inshallah and to include us in those guys

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for this reason, inshallah starting

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yesterday, we started that a series of reminders with respect to what hutch,

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had is the

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is a Nevada that is

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an expression of the love of the slave for is

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all about a is the expression of the love of the slave for his love.

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But especially

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how does the Nevada that was, that begins or began with the construction of the Kaaba by Abraham Maritza and his son Ismail Ali Salam.

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And in the Gita, Allah subhanaw taala the NABI about whom Allah subhanaw taala speaks

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and expresses and speaks and mentioned him in connection with his love for Allah.

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is the primary Ramakrishna

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obviously all the Ambia they loved Allah and Allah subhanaw taala love them.

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But Allah subhanaw taala highlighted different things about different Ambia

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and about Bramalea salaam, Allah subhanaw taala highlighted this connection between Allah subhanaw taala and his NaVi Ibrahim Alayhi Salam.

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And he called him a Hollywood Allah.

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And Allah subhanaw taala

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mentioned and connected Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam with Ibrahim alayhi salam directly and he mentioned and connected us as the Ummah Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam, as the millet of Ibrahim alayhi salam,

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we, we are the we are connected with all the Gambia of Allah

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because we are in sha Allah on the bottle Tawheed which all the MB have reached. But as I mentioned, there are special and specific connection and that connection with primary Salah was a very specific and special connection and Allah subhanaw taala connected us with and the root and foundation of this connection is the Hajj is the love of Allah subhanaw taala and Hajj is the expression of this love of Allah subhanaw taala

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and how is this how is this love to be expressed? And that is what has teaches us and the principal lesson that has teaches us is that the love of Allah subhanaw taala is to be expressed not as we wish, but as Allah subhanaw taala wishes.

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The love of Allah subhanaw taala is to be expressed through complete and total and unquestioning obedience to the orders of Allah subhanho there.

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These are the three conditions,

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total obedience

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and unquestioning obedience

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to the account of Allah. If you take the

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to take the logic of you take a logical approach to hedge for example.

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Then hedge is the most illogical authority to think about it.

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It begins with putting on an era which is a set of clothes that is neither graceful

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nor is it comfortable.

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It covers part of the body, it doesn't cover the other part of the body

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and it's difficult to manage

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in the call the doesn't protect you when it is cold, it's you feel cold

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normally in a way that we are it is recommended that we cover our head as a matter of respect for Allah subhanaw taala and

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For the weather, but in the hydrate is the opposite to take the headcovering of.

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Then we go and we make the half of the kava

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and even though Allah subhanaw taala said make Hajj to the by to Allah. In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned may catch to the house of Allah on the day of Hutch

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which is ninth of the ledger. Where are the objects

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they are none of us

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they are nowhere near the cup. And also Eliza IS LM said the one who has not stood in fact has not done much

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for all the other things if you don't do it and so on some things there is pardon without any them with some other cases you have to sacrifice and so on. But four out of five if you did not stand it out, that's why they have all those big boats saying out of the boundary ends here.

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And instead of being inside the boundary and the boundary in matches, the number of the boundary is through the margin. So if you are praying in some other stuff or the outside of the boundary, on the day of RFI, if you're not there

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then you have to come back the next year and do the whole hatch.

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There is no dumb to be given there is no fine to be paid.

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Your hand is not valid at all.

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So on the day of Hajj you are somewhere else you're not near the cover if somebody says let's run a hotel and his guitar we said make hydro the way to LA on the day of Hajj I'm going to make the off of the cover 24 hours no it's not it is not accepted it's not Hutch

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we're somewhere else

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and then you come and you throw stones at the pillars at the places wherever MLA salaam the shape and try to

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Miss Lee Deborah hemorrhage Sarah and this stones are symbolic to say that we still thrown with throw stones at the shutter hide what logic is there that

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we want to resist the shutter I'm so fine but why was to go to a particular place and throw stones

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and then we make the sacrifice odia

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forward even MLS Allah made the sacrifice.

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And then if you lock before that when you come to the Archon of Amara itself and Hutch, say between Sephora and Marwah

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has released the lab she had to do it or she did it because the sun was there and so on. There's some

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Why are you doing it? Why am I doing it? Why are we running between those two green lights?

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There is only one answer. There's only one logical answer to all this Illogical Behavior, apparently logical behavior, what is the logical answer? We do it for the love of Allah. Because Allah subhanaw taala set these as the Archon he said these as the things to do during lunch, and during work.

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There's no other logical answer to apparently illogical things is the most logical of all answers which is we do it because Allah subhanaw taala told us to do it, complete and total and unquestioning obedience.

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So heart is an expression of the love of Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla Jalla Lu, and the love of Allah subhana wa Jalla Jalla Jalla Allah who is expressed through obedience to Him, not through disobedience, not to disobedience today we have this very peculiar concept in the minds of people where they think they can disobey Allah and they know what Allah is offer right?

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Nobody denied that Allah subhanaw taala is for him, how can we deny when Allah is rather I mentioned it himself. But Allah also mentioned that he shoddy holy crap

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that is very severe in punishing. So if you are taking the delille of golfer or him from the Kitab of Allah, then how can you leave another delille from the same keytab

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where Allah says you do recap.

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So one must

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fear the anger of Allah subhanaw taala

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and that is why with respect to the Hajj nebi Salah Salam did not say this with respect to other things but with respect to the Hajj. So Allah is Allah Salam said the one who has the means to make Hajj in terms of his health and his wealth, the one who has the means to make hedge and does not make hedge and dies without making hedge on the day of judgment he will be resurrected with the Yehuda Massara

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such a severe why it's such a severe warning with respect to this why because the love of Allah subhanaw taala is the foundation of this deal. If there is no love of Allah then there is no Islam.

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And that love of Allah subhanaw taala is there

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Especially this habit of Hutch and that's why Allah subhanaw taala also made it for the only ones in your whole life. May Allah give us the opportunity to make Hajj again and again, but the fourth is only once and once the fourth is over, it's over Inshallah, if you would never make another hajj for the rest of your life, no problem. And that is the reason why this is the only word of course Allah subhanaw taala forgives sins and unless we look for excuses to forgive sins, you shake hands with the Muslim Brotherhood, ALLAH forgive sin, you smile at a brother, ALLAH forgive sins, you may go to ALLAH forgive sins, you know and so on and so on as on many many days, but Deva about which Allah's

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Valdez specifically mentioned and it sort of gives us this Bashara where Allah subhanaw taala completely and totally forgives all sins is the Hajj

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and that was that was an absurd the reward of Hajj is that when the person completes hajj, he is as if he was born from his mother's womb on that day

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completely clean

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absolutely sinless, everything has been forgiven. Why because this is the return

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of the one who you expressed your love for.

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And if Allah loves you, then what is the result?

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Yeah, for whom the robot home allow for him.

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So this is the issue of heart Inshallah, we will talk more about this. As we go forward. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to understand the meaning and the value of the hedge those of us who are doing it and 100 Allah may Allah subhanaw taala accept that has those of us who are not doing it this year. If we have not done it until now, may Allah subhanaw taala give us the toffee to do it next year, make the NEA and make the arrangements there is this ridiculous belief in the minds of some people where they say that, you know, a call has to come Bulava hygienic answer.

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This kind of a statement is actually an accusation of injustice on Allah. Please don't make this stupid statements. Allah subhanaw taala made Hajj for everybody. And now he's the one who does not make hajj when he can make Hajj will be resurrected with the golden Assam and then you say Allah you can only go if Allah called so Allah make something for and then you only call some people. So the other people who did not make hatch even though they could make Hutch now you want to blame that on Allah and say but you never call me.

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So then Allah is unjust because he's calling some people and he's not calling some people but he made forgot everybody. La ilaha illa Allah please let us get out of these ridiculous and superstitions and ridiculous nonsense, hedges fourth, whatever Allah made for ease responsibility is squarely on our shoulders. There is no Bulava and Java and whatnot right?

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It is our job to make much so make the arrangements go get a passport, go get visas buy tickets or whatever is required keep money and ensure that you make Hajj and the first opportunity which will be inshallah next year.

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He has colors well third view is health and wealth and keep us in that state so that we can we've had if you haven't made it, and for of course those are for those of us who have made her We ask Allah to enable us and give us the opportunity to make it again and again so that we can make Hajj for ourselves and for other people because this is another benefit of Hajj that you can make Hajj for other people who have passed away and so Insha Allah we ask Allah for this, and we ask Allah to save us from all sorts of superstitious and nonsensical beliefs. And we ask Allah to enable us to express our love for Him Jalla Jalla Lu, and to accept this from us for Salah Hello Nabil Karim

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Allah Allah He was with me when I heard the camera