Ambition or Contentment

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Aloha Rahim Al Hamdulillah ittle bit Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be able to move city

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Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah who are us, I will send him this demon cathedra because it Hamato

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morons he said yesterday, one of our brothers asked me a question

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about content what we were talking about

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access and and you know the fee desires and so on.

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So you say what about contentment?

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It's a very valid and good question

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UN it's very important to understand and answer it because on the one hand, there are two two concepts which

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are juxtaposed. They don't say they are against each other, they're not against each other, but they are facing each other one is the concept of ambition

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of ambition of growth of you know, doing something and the other one is that of contentment cannot.

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So, the question to ask is in Islam is ambition

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may not be haram, but is it something which is good? Is it something which is promoted? Is it something which we should have? Or is something which may or may not be haram? But also it's not something which is, you know, better not to have is it which were?

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And when we say contentment

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if I am happy with what I have, but I would like to improve? That doesn't mean I'm not content.

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So what is the story? For example, if I if I have a job, right? And

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I'm happy with the job, I like the job. But do I want a promotion? or No?

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Of course.

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So if I say that I would like to have a promotion, does it mean I'm not content

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is very important to understand this.

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To give you a let me tell you a story to illustrate this as an example. And then we'll come back to that stories.

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Say the number dropped out of the law.

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And we go all the way back there because this is the best example the surah Salam said

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take from my sunnah and the Sunnah of the whole of Arashi. So, say the number of delicata villa.

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If I asked you, do you think he was content with his with whatever Allah gave him? What is the answer? Yes or no.

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He was content. Obviously.

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He was condemned to the extent that

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one day Salman al Farsi or the Law No.

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Brought a bolt of cloth to the daughter of Omar Katara

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humara Hafsa with Omar Abdel Fattah mother Hafsa Avila

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and gave it to him give it to her and said please give this to your father

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and ask him to have some new clothes made because his clothes are so patched there are so many patches on these are and on the clothes.

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But don't tell him who gave this

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so when said an hour of the lotto game, so the other half of the Alana gave him give him the cloth.

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And you said your brothers have sent this for you

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to make clothes because your clothes are so patched.

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So he said who gave it?

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Which brothers surgeries and why? I promised them not to reveal the identity.

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So he said tell me

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what was the clothing of your husband? Like? Who that was what was what was awesome

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and what was the clothing clothing of his friend like, who's the front of the Rosa acela overseas

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he said I do not I don't change this. Why do not you know change my clothes, I don't get new clothes because I'm afraid if I do that, I will not be allowed to be in the company of my closest friends, which is Muhammad Rasul, Salah, and our workers.

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So here you have a man who is completely and totally content with what Allah has given him he does not want. Even if somebody gives him a gift, he is not taking it. So he's content to that extent.

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But the same man,

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fast forward.

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He is entering Jerusalem as the conqueror.

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So what happened to the content? What is the content when

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he entered Jerusalem? So Ferrania is who is the Patriarch of Jerusalem. He is the Eastern Orthodox Pope.

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He welcomes him. He takes him into his church, which is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

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And he says, Please pray here, says Anwar says, No, I will not pray here because I'm afraid that if I pray here, then my people will take over your church.

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So then soprano says Well, how about we pray in an open piece of land which is does not belong to anybody. So that was a yes. He said, Are you Are you okay? Will you agree that you and I pray side by side, you pray in Your way I put in my way, so there was an oral so they prayed outside the Church of the Holy Holy Sepulchre, where today is the masjid Omar Nakata Villa they built a master

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On a sidenote think about this say that Amara there are no did not take over the church and convert into a mosque.

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To really make a big song and dance oh, this

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is not this is not the Sunnah, this is not the Sunnah of the Rosary salah, which is not as of now the Sahaba people who are doing it I Kings

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and they are rulers who are doing it for their own reasons. And for and that has created so much of unnecessary bad blood in the world. For no reason.

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who stops you from you just conquered the place? Build not one Masjid build 10,000 massages, who stops you?

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It is your country that uses

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you got the place right now.

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Why must you knock down the church and make that into a mosque for what?

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And have the time the direction also is not correct because now you have to have the direction in the sight of the Qibla the church has no direction it can be anywhere. So now you have serfs, which are all you know crooked because of it's a different building for what? Build a mosque who stops you and you are the ruler.

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This is the Sunnah of the sahaba. the sunnah of Prophet says Allah is not to knock them or to convert other people's place of worship into massage. This is against the Sunnah. Whoever is doing it, they're doing it for their own political reasons. So anyway, to come back to the story says a number of them cadaver the land does this.

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And then he says to Sophronius.

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So who are here? So he says, These are his we are all Christian and nobody here when other other Christians.

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You know, nobody's here. So now the Muslims came. And the robber asked him, Where are the Jews?

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So if Romney says there are no Jews, I mean, when we came here, we killed all of them.

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Nobody left. So then our Adela says how can you have Jerusalem without the Jews?

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This is holy city for

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all of us. How can you have Jerusalem without the Jews? Well, he says there are no Jews. Now what to say Rama Galarneau asked Is there any Jewish person or ex Jewish person, somebody who converted to Islam and there was one man in the army of the Muslims. He called him he said to him, go and bring 40 Jewish families

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and settled in here.

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And that's how the Jews came back to Jerusalem, because of the number of 40 Jewish families was settled there.

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Now, my point of this whole thing is

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contentment is to be happy and content and full of sugar for what Allah has given.

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Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah, whatever Allah you hamdulillah

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but this does not stop the Muslim from ambition, it does not stop the Muslim from wanting

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something better for himself or his family, for the community for the country for the Oba.

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He does know that these two are not opposite to each other.

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So when he this Muslim Now, he or she when they are

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doing something, now that their goal and aim is different, they're not doing it to accumulate more property accumulate more material wealth, they're doing it for a higher purpose. And the higher purpose is acquisition of knowledge. It is it is

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increasing the influence of Islam in the world. It is to showcase Islam for the world to show what an Islamic

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government looks like what a reselling business looks like, what Islamic society looks like. That and all this has to be effort is required. It won't happen automatically and you I can't do it in my

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House it has to be done in public. So therefore, all of these things are highly recommended. This is what our sulfasalazine did.

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But none of those people if you look at their personal lives,

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they didn't love you know, like,

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the terrible thing yesterday, the

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toilet bowls of gold. There are people who have been palaces, toilet bowl of gold in a realignment, what is the word of the toilet bowl of what are you putting? You're not eating food out of it? What is it for?

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They never, they never did these things. Right? They did not be big. They didn't build. All of the big palaces and whatnot started much later. Even among the Muslim Qing Dynasty is much later when people move away from Islam. But if you look at the whole of Rashida, Southern Amara gala dinner live in a palace, our considered renowned developers of Milan who write simple, including, for example, somebody like was Barbara Ferrara, who was personally wealthy, he didn't live in a palace.

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The money they had was for doing good across the water, doing good helping people and you know, spreading knowledge spreading Islam,

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creating a beautiful society this was the purpose of, of the wealth, so ambition for the benefit of others for the benefit of the community for the benefit of the Ummah to please Allah subhanaw taala Alhamdulillah very good, very important, we should have.

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But this does not mean that we should not be content we should be content with what we have no greed, no desire to accumulate No, no desire to have more and more and more No.

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But for the external world Hamdulillah we need to ambition so these two are the so let me clarify that Hamdulillah we want people to have great goals and wanting to do good and better. You know, new inventions and whatnot right? But at the same time, we are hungry Allah say Alhamdulillah May Allah be happy with what Allah has given me content with that, be willing to share it with anyone? But even one, one piece of bread? Shall

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we ask us rather to help us to have the arena of the heart where the heart is big enough to accommodate whoever comes? And to have give us generosity through generosity in the sense of the word where Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with us, wa salam ala Nabil carry Marathi. He was a weird member Africa