Kamil Ahmad – Dealing with Atheistic Thoughts

Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The importance of responding to claims of digital age and avoiding false ideologies and arguments is emphasized. The need to equip oneself with knowledge of the deen and the whim of one's whim to avoid false ideologies and arguments is also emphasized. The importance of shrouds and materialism is also discussed, along with the concept of death and death. The segment touches on the theory that materialism is a fundamental belief and is attached to the real world.
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Now, when it comes to responding to atheists, and that was the title of this lecture,

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responding to the atheist narration, or whether it be responding to atheists, arguments, beliefs, and so on and so forth.

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As I mentioned, in the beginning, I felt that it is more important

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for us to address

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ways of warding off

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those thoughts in the first place.

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And so to counter the arguments of atheists, and to respond to their arguments, to analyze their arguments, and their proofs, and so on, and so forth. This requires an entire series of lectures. This requires an entire series of lectures. And I'm not saying it's not important, it is very, very important. Because many of us, we come across atheists in our day to day lives. And especially if we're students, university students, we come across, you know, and even many Muslim students are being affected by this by this new wave of atheism. And so it's very, very important to, you know, look at their arguments and counter arguments, and so on, and so forth. But in this, you know, 45

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minute or one hour lecture, it's not, it's not possible, it requires an entire series of lectures, and inshallah Tada, perhaps in the future,

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we could do something like that, an entire course on that. But for now, I just wanted to leave you all with

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a number of ways that will help us to basically protect ourselves or ward off those beliefs in the first place. And so it's more important to prevent the disease from being inflicted, than it is for these diseases to be afflicted. And then we go about looking for the cure.

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And these are only a few of the ways that I want to share and inshallah Tada, the shift can, you know, add,

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and put his input into, you know, more ways that we could help to ward off atheistic ideas and beliefs in the first place. But before we mentioned these, I just wanted to mention that

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there is a difference between

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a doubt that arises in our minds,

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and a belief that we become convicted in

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and so many of our youth,

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they may hear atheists and their arguments, and they may be affected by it.

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But it remains at the level of being adult.

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And so this is not covered.

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It becomes causal, when a person persists in it, and he allows that doubt to overtake him, until it becomes a belief.

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And so

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what we're talking about here are

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those beliefs, we need to ward off those beliefs. And these are some of the ways that and shout Allahu taala, we could, you know, help ourselves toward away those beliefs.

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First of all, we have to make sure

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what we believe in, is based on conviction, that it is based on your theory, and not an assumption. This is point number one.

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We have to make sure every single Muslim has to make sure that what he believes in,

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whether it be the existence of a law, whether it be belief in the angels, belief in the Acura, whatever it be, whatever it be about, we have to make sure that we believe in it with your key

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with certainty, and not an assumption.

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And so, there are many Muslims out there who don't understand this. And this is what causes them to become strangled by atheists and their arguments and their doubts that they shove at them. Because their foundation is weak. What they believe in about a lot about was existence is based on assumption and not a firm conviction. And that's why many ideologies and beliefs out there are actually based on assumption. I'm not talking about what we Muslims believe in, but I'm talking about

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the various ideologies that are out there, including atheism. It's based on assumption

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That comes to you in the form of certainty.

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In reality, it's an assumption.

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But it comes to us in the form of conviction that these people, they are convicted. And they are certain about this. And as I mentioned, the majority of atheists out there, they don't believe in it would with firm conviction, and certainty.

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And so, the knifes basically it desires, this assumption to become the truth. And so it turns it into certainty. And that's why a loss of Hannah who without it explains this to us. When he said, Well, not yet who, to whom, it Lavagna that most of them don't follow anything but assumption.

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The majority of people, they don't follow anything but assumption.

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In the vanilla apprecia, however, assumption, cannot avail, cannot face off against the truth. assumption is nothing in the face of the truth, and what is the truth? The truth is based on conviction. And so this is the first point that we have to realize that if we want to protect ourselves, from those atheistic beliefs and arguments that are out there, we need to base our belief and what we believe in, based on certainty, based on, you know, your cleaning, and conviction. And the very difference between the truth and false myths is what? What is the difference between truth and false myths?

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that truth is based on

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proof and sound argument and false myths, or what are they based on?

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assumption. And so this is the difference between the, between the two, moving on to the second point,

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to equip yourself, to equip yourself with knowledge,

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firm and sound knowledge of the dean before venturing out there, into the world of manmade ideologies, and trying to take them on. And so, false ideologies, false ideologies and beliefs.

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In many cases, they originate from ignorance of the truth, from ignorance of the truth. So how many do we know I'm sure each and every single one of us knows of someone who may have deviated, whether it be to become an outright atheist, or

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to end up having doubts

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in their mind about Islam, how many of us know of those who ended up in that state as a result of thinking that they had enough knowledge, and they could now take on these atheists debate them, you know, try to delve into their arguments and see how I can respond and so on and so forth. But yet they were not firm in their, in their knowledge of the deen to begin with, in their knowledge of the deen to begin with.

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And so to equip ourselves with knowledge of the deen and this is what each and every single one of us are trying to do, whether it be through this institute, or other ways of equipping ourselves with, with firm knowledge of the DEA.

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Moving on to the third point,

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and that is to free yourself from the whims from, or rather to free yourself from the slavery of your whims to free yourself from the slavery of your house.

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And so, our our is, our desires, and our whims that are always inclined towards evil, that are always inclined towards evil. And so the most dangerous kind of slavery, as we mentioned earlier, is our slavery to our desires, and the desires of our neffs and the whims and those desires that our enough's is inclined towards. And so, most of mankind are like this. They say they're free, but in reality, they are enslaved by their desires. And so, although the person is liberated, and free from worshipping

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rocks and stones, he may not be worshipping an idol in front of him. But he is worshiping something that is even more dangerous than that. And that is the very essence of what causes people to worship those idols and that is, the power

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the whims and desires.

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of the soul. And so he thinks he's not making cloth around an idol. But the reality is, he's making go off around his hella, without without even noticing. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to the Hawa as a deity, WA subhana wa tada referred to the Hawa as a god, that the people worship of him, and he talks about illa Huwa. Do you not see the one who takes His deity, his God, His Hauer. And so the atheists say that they don't worship any god, they don't believe in God, but yet, they have taken gods and those gods are their own desires, their power. And so, there are some

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there are some, whether it be Muslims or non Muslims, who

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may be indulging in sin. And they embrace ideologies.

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They embrace and take on ideologies, with their whims.

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Their backing, is their whims, that is a root cause of why they take on certain ideologies, whether it be atheism, secularism, liberalism, whatever it may be. And so they're indulging in certain sin, for example. And then that leads them to embrace certain ideologies. Why, because this gives them grounding, and justification for continuing in those sins. So they want to escape from being labeled as evildoers, as sinners. And they want to instead be labeled as intellectuals, free thinkers. And this is exactly, you know, bringing back coming back to the same point that we mentioned, of the root cause for the Europeans to rebel against the church and wanting to free themselves from the

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church, because they were considered sinners, and so on and so forth, because they indulged in certain sins. And so now they want to remove that label from themselves. And we find many Muslims falling into this same trap, we find many Muslims falling into the same trap. And that brings us to the next point. That brings us to the next point. And so this is point number.

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Point number four.

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And point number four is basically to control your shower

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to control your shower, shower water, basically, the lustful desires, that Allah subhana wa tada has created in each one of us, that we're supposed to, that we're supposed to basically go against. And so our desires, those evil shallot, and so we're supposed to, you know, stop our desires from chasing after those Shahada. Now, we find that

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we find that

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to fitness, the fitness of sherawat and the fitness of Sumo hat,

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or into locked, they always come hand in hand.

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And so resisting Our sherawat is a must,

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in order to prevent ourselves from falling into trouble.

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So we'll have to basically the doubts about rd that shaitan comes in whispers into our minds. So we have Shehata on the one hand, and then we have shewhart on the other. And so these two fitness shaitaan comes in attacks us with these two fitness.

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And, you know, no fitna exists on the face of the earth, except that they come in these two, they come in through these two doors. And as I said, they come hand in hand. And so

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if you want to resist the shoe hat from, you know, attacking you, the adults that shaitan comes and attacks you with about your deen and that and what is included in that is atheism.

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And the essence of existence. If you want to reward yourself away from that, then you have to control your Shahada.

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And that is because Shahada always lead to shewhart.

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And that is, as I mentioned, there is as I mentioned in the in the previous point, that

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people do not people want to free themselves, they want to free themselves. Or rather, what we're supposed to do is we're supposed to free ourselves from the slavery of our whims, right. So what we mentioned the previous point. And so those who do not those who do not

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free themselves from being enslaved to their whims, they are those who are

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Opening themselves to Shahada and indulging them. What this leads to is Shabbat. The evidence for this is

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that shaytaan drags people into the hermit into the prohibitions of a walk through Shahada. And so once they control the person once those sherawat control the person, he entices him, he places the person to now legalize those Shahada

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and so awesome Hannah, who with Allah has mentioned this loss of Hannah who attacked us said in Moodle COMM The suit was a sharpie that shaitan

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he entices you or rather he commands you to do evil and indulge in indecency in Russia and then what does the law say right after that? What does the law say right after that? Well enter kulu Allah He may Allah tala moon, and that you say about a war, that which you have no knowledge, what is this? This is super hot that you say about a war, what you have no knowledge of. And so those who

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legalize what Allah has made prohibited,

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what leads them to that?

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It is their Shahada.

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And so a fornicator he indulges so much in fornication, or someone who drinks alcohol, he indulges so much into it. And shaitan takes control of him with regards to that particular sin. And with regards to that particular show up to the point where this person is drowning in it, and now he wants to legalize it for himself. He wants to say that this is halal. And so now he says that this is halal. And this leads him out of the fold of Islam.

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Moving on to the next point.

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And that is point number five.

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And that is that with regards to any evil

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with regards to any fitna, whether it be the fitment of Shahada or the fitting of shubo hat,

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we need to seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from shaitan. Because reality is that, whatever shadow or shubha that we are attacked with it is from the whisperings of shaitan and so

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there are many ideologies, manmade ideologies out there that require an SD hada, seeking refuge in a law firm shaitan and not intellectual arguments

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and not intellectual arguments, nor even textual evidence is from the Quran, or from the sooner rather, all they require is

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seeking refuge in a loss of Hannah who would data from shaytaan and the loss of Hannah who without often mentioned, that remembering him remembering a loss of Hannah who had died and seeking refuge in Him so Hannah, who would Allah when shaitan attacks us with those whisperings it purifies the heart, from such ideologies, it purifies the heart from such ideologies.

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Moving on to the next point, and that is the sixth point.

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And that

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we need to attach our hearts to what is real.

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We need to attach our hearts to the real life that comes after death.

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And not the materialism of this life. Not the materialism, of dislike.

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And so materialistic deception is the very nucleus of atheism.

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materialistic deception, is the very nucleus of atheism.

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And so people they want to free themselves from the bonds and the restrictions of religion and enjoy their lives. And that is only because they are attached to the material world. That is only because they're attached to the material world. We find this in Surah tolka.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala told us of the story of

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the companions of the garden,

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and so,

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Allah subhana wa who without a said, of the one who was arrogant and

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he had two gardens,

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a loss of Hannah, who was

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Instead of him with the whole agenda, who Avante Molina that he entered his garden while he was unjust, arrogant, all Mr. Alou NTV, the head he

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he said, I don't believe that this garden will ever perish, it will remain forever one

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or even one out.

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And what did he say? He said, I don't believe, I don't think that the hour the day of judgment will ever come. Why?

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Because he's attached to the material world, he's attached to his garden, in the dunya. And so this is what caused him to announce his disbelief. And to claim that there is no, there is no asset.

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And so, we find that many people who, you know, end up being entrapped in adults of the atheists, it is because there came a time when their hearts became heedless of the era, and you know, what's going to happen to them after death, they became heedless and negligent of that. And so it was easy for those doubts to take control of.

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the last point I wanted to mention

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is that in the end,

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at the end of the day,

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what we're talking about when we talk about atheism,

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is about the world of the unseen,

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the hype, the world of the unseen.

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And so neither me nor you know, any other human being

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knows of that world, the world of the unseen. And when we talk about the world of the unseen, we're talking about what they refer to as metaphysics. And we're talking about the existence of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the existence of the angels, what happens to a person after he dies,

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the Akira,

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Jenna, the Hellfire, and so on and so forth. This is all part of the world of the unseen. And so neither me nor you, nor any other human being, who is living today can tell us anything, not even the smallest thing about that world, about, you know, what happens in that world. And so

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if you ever happen to be at a crossroads, where these atheistic ideas come to you,

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and now you're unsure, does the law exist does not exist?

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Is there life after death is there not life after death, and so on, and so forth. Remember that you're at a crossroads. Either you can choose to believe, or you could choose to disbelieve. But remember, that, if you choose to disbelieve,

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then basically what you're saying is nothing happens to me after I die, I'll just perish, nothing will happen, I'll die. And that's the end of the story.

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However, if you choose, however, the negative consequences behind choosing that path are severe.

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As opposed to, if you choose to believe.

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And you submit,

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you submit to the fact that Allah has told us of his existence.

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And he has revealed the Qur'an, and he wants us to follow it.

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And so to choose that first path, to choose the path of submission,

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it doesn't carry those negative consequences

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of what will happen to you after you die. Whereas if you choose the second path,

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it comes with those negative consequences. And so you're at a crossroads. And according to you,

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according to you, both are possibilities.

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Both are possibilities. And this is what they refer to as being agnostic. And agnostic is basically one who

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believes that anything is possible. God may exist or he may not exist. For me, I don't have any evidence to prove either, whereas an atheist, he's one who believes full on that there is no there is no god to begin, or at least he claims to believe in that. And so remember that if he ever happened to

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Come out of crossroads. Remember this, that it is a crossroads for you. You can choose either to believe or to disbelieve. But if you choose to disbelieve, it comes with those negative consequences, meaning that for you, it is a possibility. But if it happens to become a reality,

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then you suffer. Whereas if you choose to believe, what are you missing out on?

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You're not missing out on anything. And that's because it wasn't handled without as promised, that those who believe in do righteous actions, he will give them a good life in this dunya and also a good life in the US.

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And that's why I was born without a said, commanding His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why would you want

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to tell your wife to drop Dr. hedayati? karaoke, and worship your Lord until

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until eliakim?

00:25:56 --> 00:26:05

What is eliakim? In this context, it is it is depth. Why? Why has depth been referred to as eliakim? Here?

00:26:07 --> 00:26:08

It is for sure. But why?

00:26:16 --> 00:26:17

What did the brother mentioned?

00:26:20 --> 00:26:23

Because it's a little hype, because when a person dies,

00:26:24 --> 00:26:29

now he sees the reality of the hype that he was asked to believe in in dystonia.

00:26:31 --> 00:26:34

And so that's why a lot here refers to it as your clean.

00:26:36 --> 00:26:48

worship your Lord, until you see with certainty, what happens in the era, until you see the angel of death with your eyes. And that's why every single human being at that particular point in time,

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the moments before death, they submit, they believe even the most arrogant of disbelievers set out at that particular point.

00:27:02 --> 00:27:03

What did he say?

00:27:06 --> 00:27:18

He said at that particular point when the waves came crashing down on him, and he saw death before his eyes, he declared now I believe in the Lord of when we saw it.

00:27:19 --> 00:27:24

Why? Because now he sees with certainty. What comes after death.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:54

ask Allah subhanho wa Taala. To make us to have all benefited from these few words and ask Allah subhanahu without to protect each and every single one of us. From each and every single doubt that shaytaan whispers to us and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect our Muslim youth from the same subcritical la melby, Hendrik shredwell Aquila, healer and a selfie rocker or tubal la

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