Abdul Wahab Saleem – Working Against Each Other In Islam

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the theory that people who are at the same level in their field of Islam may become jealous of others. They explain that people who have a similar field may be more likely to become jealous. The speaker also discusses the use of shavon to trap people into jealousy and suggests that people who are working in the field may be more likely to become jealous.
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salatu salam ala rasulillah

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In this little video, these few minutes,

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I want you to take home, just two words and anything else that you take and remember, that's extra.

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The two words are the two prophetic words were the prophets of Allah when he was sitting,

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guiding all of the Muslims, he said, Let the hazard do not have jealousy among one another.

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So this is a rule that all of us can live by lambda has to do don't have jealousy among one another, don't have jealousy against your brother don't have jealousy against your sister. And so panela jealousy is such that it always usually occurs between people that are at the same level.

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Usually, that's how jealousy occurs usually occurs between people that are at the same level. So you have a person who has some money, and you have another person who has the same amount of money,

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you'll find that both of them will be jealous of one another. But then you have another person that has loads and loads and loads and loads of money. Another person who's got some money as well, the chances of them becoming jealous of one another are the chances of the person that has a little bit of money, just becoming jealous of the person that has loads and loads of money are fairly low, because he's like, you know what he's given up, he says, the person has too much, it's too far, he's too far, far down the lane, what's the point of me even being jealous. That's why jealousy usually occurs of people, among people who are in the same field. And they're at the same level, and be a

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graduate from one university and another MBA graduate from another university, both of them get a job, but because one has a better job, maybe the other person will be jealous. So you'll find that usually occurs between people that are at the same level and in the same field, however, this very MBA graduate that's jealous of his friend, if you bring them to a person that's a scholar of Islam, he's not going to be jealous because they don't have the same sort of field that they're in. And similarly, the scholars of Islam, in their art collars, all of these sort of people that are working in the field of a law are no different, because we're all human beings, and it's innate in human

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nature to sometimes be jealous of other people, and a loss of power. Though, we do have that feeling innately within us, Allah Subhana, Allah has told us to cure that feeling by different ways of cure that are mentioned in the Quran in the center. So as I said, people that are working in the field of Islam, they're no different.

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Rather, Subhanallah people that are working in the field of Islam may actually have more jealousy amongst one another. And this is amongst the traps of shavon she uses to trap the people that are working in the field of a loss of panel data and the path of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, this, we know this from

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the time of Adam, and he said until our time today, some kind of law one of the people that every single one of us knows till today.

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Till today, every single one of us knows his amendment Bahati and even the amendment Buhari was subject to jealousy from his peers, to an extended environment Buhari died on his mount by himself outside of a city St. Tomas pero de la homophily a lot more hilly, a lot massively all I make my decision for me make my decision for me make my decision for me, because at this his time, he had some problems with a scholar from another locality in a sample and the problems all occurred was because of the fact that they were at the same level and a lot of people will remember what he does, as opposed to this individuals dose rather when he started his does a lot of the other person's

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students they ended up going to a member party amongst those other person students. Was he by Muslim who started then studying with amendment bahagi elemental Mojito. So you know, and we see from this example that even Eman Bahati the likes of Imam Bukhari, who if there is any individual after the messenger and also however, that the oma reveals it has to be Buhari, even him, he was subject to this jealousy and these problems, and such as the case with the mammoth shaqiri, a man came to a mammoth and he asked him about him, I'm sure fury started saying good, very, very good things about him. I'm a shepherd. And then another man from the gathering, he said, what about you he had in mind

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Whatever What are they they say such and such about Jeffrey. So

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then he took that opportunity just as I'm taking this opportunity right now to explain to his students that look, look when Allah subhanaw taala and I'm paraphrasing here, when Allah subhana wa tada he

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gives us virtually knowledge to some people over others, you will find

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that other scholars and other people will be jealous of them and it's natural. And he said that this is a problem and evil character, a bad character in the people of knowledge. So just look past it and take from everyone and take from everyone that is preaching good. And this is my message to you right from over here. Article have said he was little Laval. Sad now Mohammed didn't like that.

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