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Why is it that a divorce he can't get remarried her husband and explain to somebody give me give me the scientific

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you see in Islam divorce is out

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but now so

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was the Holy Prophet Muhammad he said that one thing that is lawful but the most hateful in the sight of Allah is

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when when he was in his life metaphorically is that the heaven and beloved is such a horrible thing

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now that horrible thing

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it needs to be managed to take place here on Earth not 11 isn't contract and you can be mistake and if you make mistake no use your backing away to each other back nicely so now Islam lays down the system

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the system is the Quran gives you so what that means to us the whole chapter is on divorce

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but now we are not used to going to

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be used to observing the guy says well three times

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the Quran says another three times now you with your wife You can't seem to get together then it's called your editors and call her elders you know your nakedness in all your bloody shot

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her there's no shot that means they can listen to both your stories and you can read or not you and girls that gets it man you know we're even gonna reconstruct of yours, it

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still doesn't look

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So now is that it must be must.

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So it says now you wait for her to be freed from her menstrual period.

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Before you can say the most.

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As soon as she's free is 11111515

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now you wait for a month.

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You she stays in your house, she eats food.

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But she doesn't sleep.

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He she's afraid she hasn't got another guy

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play the food back again, you know, the bed that things can.

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But no, there's something more serious than that

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next menstrual period.

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Now whether you pronounce or not,

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second degree is pronounced.

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Whether you see it or not automatically now takes three months

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for the divorce proceeding to be complete. That is what the Quran teaches that the pregnancy phase means time the Quran says that if she's carrying within that period, she must tell the husband proceeding stops.

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That three business stops.

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She says I'm kidding. You wait for the time to do.

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When the child is born, the man you pick up the child you'll be able to do awesome. She's one of us running around media.

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You might you know, she chooses men in the medical market. She has some of the same value.

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Like this is everybody's prepared to go to bed.

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So both of you, you know that little child coming to life to change.

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reconciliation, reconciliation.

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Still it doesn't work.

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when you go through all that you don't have to take

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that means

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now that it's finished.

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She's your sister. She's your sister.

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Now if you want to marry her

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This is not bleeding that you know like eating peanuts to say that

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this is something to play with like every time

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this is a serious matter of life and death when you tell somebody

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that moment and you see that in my head

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maybe I'm gonna just pull the bloody trigger just joking joking. I can kill you. How do you feel?

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So now every time you talk about

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and now is

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So now

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that woman was asleep, marry somebody else in the normal course of things. And if that man dies or issues doors, now you can take it

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is not a joke. Once you have reached that stage, three shots are fired and you killed her. She's finished for you, man. What do you want to go to bed with her again. So this is not to stop you from doing that. But the guys the Bloody fools, they heard three tax videos. So he says

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you're not supposed to do that. Follow the system. If you follow the system is very likely that you won't reach that stage of wanting to be married

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three months, man you had that she had a time and all these opportunities are given to you that you would have made

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but you didn't then you don't deserve to marry.

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You don't deserve her she doesn't deserve you. Now she can marry somebody else. So this is trying to say kind of be serious before you

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even have to sleep with somebody else before you take that

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man before you do that.

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You want somebody else to purify for you.

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But she's I take it that nobody has she hasn't opened up to anybody. And now you bastard you're gonna make somebody else

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open to somebody else to make it valid for you.

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So I must think twice the easiest thing in the world for me to be was my wife.

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I just say to her and she'll accept it. There's no was a decision right? That she can go to Kwanzaa now I want to have this but once access

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is not right.

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I'm not supposed to fire three shots. But I do it thank you

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so she accepted in the whole community except

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you build it once

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you follow the system

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nobody really knows.

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we haven't been able to educate your community start to talk you see the only guy who's talking

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and I tell you so look this thing happened like this. This is not right man.

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This is what Islam teaches. But I understand

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that in internet gateway

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society they in India

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and in my top

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three place

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What happened? You What village that kitchen? Yeah, right. Yes. What is it that kitchen?

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So like you met him now. But you made it in exchange

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the other guys system and you and your sister married

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and now your wife was giving you trouble?

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Because she was

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did you

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like that guy sister?

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Two sisters,

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three divorces in one day, in one family. In

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essence now, the more we speak about this subject

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is not speaking about this at all.

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I see that I tend to pop this what I'm hoping is on the occasion of marriage.

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Taking place a little pop before this thing. This subject should be

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Spoken there then, as you see in Islam, it's time allows you to lock but now these are the conditions this is what Allah done for you

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in everything else slumming how to pray

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the Quran says look at the profit the way he did you

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look at the profit.

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How much

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do you have?

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He doesn't say the only subject in the Quran which is dealt with comprehensive because and that wouldn't allow his prophet to divorce his wife to set as an example our mother because the wife of the Prophet is our mother. So he must be a mother to give us an example how good he was.

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So he goes and spells it out for you as the only topic in the Quran which is dealt with comprehensively

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but nobody knows. Nobody knows. So now the right time is when you're getting married. I must tell you look you see when you speak at weddings Don't you

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see at the wedding like as soon as I speak about

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the friends and the family they think I'm suggesting

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that you see my son you know you got a chance

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of doing that which is nothing good based

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on you know, silly, silly bloody things, you know, but let's see if you want to then but I'm giving you ideas. So that guy doesn't like it. So I'd say nice nice nice nice nice things but that is the right time

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to talk to the people let them know when else can you talk about this

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Do you know when you're going to talk about this? So the subject is never discussed

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his marriage

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not to show all the pros and cons of this my son used to be on guard

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his feelings hypersensitive

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my daughter's getting a Bachelor's telling you that you know you can be asked and all that

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much. But individually the Muslim is

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he is

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the Christian. He knows his book.

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But he knows his book. We don't know.

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We are only living by what we heard.

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In correspondence.

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That's, that's one of the avenues you should use

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to teach

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teach the

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you know there's a moment Yeah, no, I'm gonna start a course I think every Saturday morning. Every Saturday morning in Ramadan. I have a two hour course. intensive course in comparative religion, free of charge. Two hours

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at your cinema.

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I might only 30 students. I just did the course in Cape Town. I call it

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like the book. So now I want you to do the exercise. Just like me talking to you. Although I spoke to this now.

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It's very interesting. You know this thing. Suppose I was interviewing the parent on TV.

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This would be lovely program.

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And enlightening the day and entertaining. My talks are also entertaining as well as enlightening. I'm educating you as entertaining.

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Me, buddy. Delicious. Whatever I thought

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he will nonsense if I taught you think

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you get the end of it.

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So I did, of course

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kicked up

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and I said I'd give an idea. lower costs every Saturday morning. You can also come and take for two hours.

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Just two hours. Well I keep all my faster. So I fast every gums.

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Because you see nobody wakes up when my mother

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You see but now we say the first thing you're done, you're gone through the middle. But intention is the thing that is acceptable in the sight of God. The intention. You've gone through the process, we paid the price, but you didn't have the intention of paying for the ticket you just like

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Due to that money away, you can't get entry

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into heaven. People say that I do it for this case accepted. You know, you have this

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intention is too fast

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because God wants me to fast. Why does he want you to fast the Quran says the fasting is prescribed for you, as well as those before you that he may learn self restraint. That's the purpose of fasting. Yeah, that's what I do.

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Now you touched him and you're thirsty.

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And this cool refreshing water in the in the face of

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the throat is one dry eye about

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was being that you can control yourself

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against what is lawful.

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She's happy to entertain you.

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Firstly, the water is there.

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The cook is the person that touches it makes it easy for you to restrain yourself.

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That's the discipline

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Muslim and you

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lost weight and you're thirsty, thirsty and you see a pool of water, you will go jogging for

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the Muslim

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he can still hold on because it's used

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in CMOS verify with who the author is, is pure like this and then before a drink, you will jump in it could be poison.

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So it says that that discipline discipline that is the purpose of fasting.

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So sit down I read for that reason. This

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not the reward.