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set out to live cattle Smilla shuttler are salatu wa salam ala Rasulillah, continuing our journey, learning and living the lives of those woman who build and help to build

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our nation. And today is another woman who was blessed and fortunate to be one of the wives of rasool Allah, His salatu salam, a very unique story. This is the daughter of one of the fiercest enemy of rasa, his salatu salam. This is a woman who accepted Islam and tested and tested. This is no one else other than Omar Habiba. Arambula been to OB cin.

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This is a woman who grew up in the house of Abu Sufyan is one of the leaders of Quraysh and a fierce enemy of our Swati Surah to Sarah. And she was one of the earliest woman who accepted Islam. Her husband, Obaidullah IGNOU Josh, the brother of a Seder, Xena, Ben to Josh also accepted Islam. Both of them left Makkah and went to have a senior and the second group of the Muslims who migrated to the senior, the first tests came in there where the husband actually rejected Islam and changed to Christianity. And he was forcing her, convincing her and forcing her to become a Christian. As she declined and stayed a Muslim. Soon, he died actually. However, at that time, she already had a baby,

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a girl Habiba. That's the most common name she's called OMO Habiba the mother of the Beloved. So she stayed. And now let's feel this single mother in a strange country. No support, knows no one. But she has the faith and the reliance on our last panel. Tyler. We're not a Swati salatu salam heard about that. He sent a message to an A Joshi the Nagus and says, I want to marry her, send someone to her and ask her, does she want to marry me? What a question. What woman doesn't want to marry or Swati saw to Sarah.

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She actually was described as the following. She was described number one as being patient.

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And you can imagine from what we learned, what patients she had to live all this difficulty and stay firm, and stay a Muslim with a strong belief. Second thing she was well known for is that she sees dreams and the dreams comes true. And another unique one for her. Among the other wives of rasool Allah salatu salam, she was actually very knowledgeable also, she was the third one in rank from the wives and the woman in that time, who narrated hadith of rasa risotto Surah she actually narrated 60 Hadith. She was very brave. She openly declared her faith Islam, and her father was the fierce enemy. She was brave, to leave everything, and to go to a senior with a husband. She was brave to

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stay firm on her Dean, although the husband pushed her

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to change her Dean, she did not she stayed.

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She was brave. She became a widow in a foreign country stayed Muslim. And single mother stayed Muslim, stayed strong with the form believe that Allah will never let her down. She was a woman who her dreams become true. And her marriage actually, she saw it in a dream and she said, I heard someone in my dream, saying to me, Mother of the faithful. Now Mother of the Faithful is a title given only to the wives of Roswaal is Salah to Sarah, and she said I understood that I will marry or Swati Salah Tosa they tell time pass. The proposal came and the other Swati sought was salam was in Makkah, she is in abyssea and he send it to a Niger she says I want to marry her and the Negus a

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Joshi sent to her someone and says you need to open

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meet somebody who will represent you. And this marriage. When the messenger came to her she was so overwhelmed and you can imagine and happy within us that she immediately gave this messenger a lot of gifts of what she had. All the Muslims of Messina were called for the marriage. She stayed married to rasool Allah salatu salam, although they did not consume the marriage because she stayed in Abba Samia, one of the uniqueness of this marriage, although the the groom was not there, the neighbors did something unique. He invited all the Muslims who lived in Abyssinia to the walima, which is the celebration of marriage, and even made sure they stay and they eat, he served food. And

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he told them that's what is the Sunnah of Rasulullah salatu salam that you celebrate the marriage and you eat and you drink. She received gifts from the wives of an angel she for her marriage. And she again gifted those who attended and the people who took care of her also money, she was very generous. She was very happy with what Allah subhanaw taala blessed her Abu Sufian at that point, her father was not Muslim yet. However, he was so happy when he heard the news that his daughter married are solely Salatu was Salam. And in fact there is a verse in the Quran was revealed. For this occasion. It's an Surah to move into Hanaa or the chapter 60 and the verses seven Isola who a

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year gyla ballyknocken obeying the Levina are they to Minho mode may be Allah subhanaw taala will bring the horse together he will put love between you and those who are your enemies. His abusive Fianna at this point was still fierce enemy. terasaki salatu salam, when our soiree salatu salam migrated to Medina, she finally moved to Medina. She lived very happy life actually. There was no tests for her after she lived with Rasul Allah Serato. Sarah, very strong and brave as we said, so her father came to her because he wanted her to intervene between him and the rasool Allah He Surah to Sarah, as he came to visit her, entered the house, and he wanted to sit on a couch and she

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removed there was a blanket on it, and she removed it. And she said to him, don't sit there.

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You are an Intrado and this is where Rasul Allah is, salatu wa sallam said, you can sit the same place where the most honorable, pure human beings sit.

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Brave, full of certainty. Finally, Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed her with her family, accepting Islam, and this was at the time of atomica, the conqueror of Mecca, the 10th year after he dropped when Rasul Allah salatu salam entered Makkah, Abu Sufyan became a Muslim. Now you can imagine 10 years after all the struggles, her father became a Muslim. And now she has not only herself and her daughter, but also her family and her father, she was described as knowledgeable third woman in the rank of the Hadith, and again, shook her ruling was actually taken from her action when her father died. And the news came to her.

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After third day, she made it a point to make it publicly to put perfume. And she looked at people and says, I don't need to put perfume. But I have heard the rustling salatu salam said that a woman is not allowed to mourn for any member of her family, other than her husband more than three days, and for her husband, to mourn for months and 10 days. And that ruling now became a legislation through her. We all know the virtues of praying extra prayers, specially the 12 Extra Salah every single day, and we know the virtue of them. And we know that the reward of performing 12 Extra AutoChart as all units to before Fajr four or two before the horse, four or two after the horse, two

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after maghrib and two after Ayesha if a person does that, on daily basis, our loss pantalla will build the house for him or her in Jana, and who reported this hadith on the Habiba si Daramola. She died 44 years after the migration to Medina at the time of her

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Brother, Malawi, may Allah be pleased with him was the leader of the believers till the last day in her life. She stayed courageous, face full. And she asked almost Sonoma and said to her, there was something between you and me, and that time and as I am departing, I want you to forgive me. And I already forgave you, and almost Salama said to her. I want you to forgive me, and I already forgave you. May Allah be pleased with her. And may Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to live a legendary life, like the life of this woman.