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The discussion is moving forward and we're getting a lot of positive feedback and I think that's our moral ethical and religious obligation. Imam nawawi Rahim Allah had said that yunbo de la Lim it remains the duty of a scholar, a usek in a nurse in delfy tend to give a sense of comfort, solace and direction to the people at the time of trials and affliction. Yesterday we engage the very sensitive topic sensitive because it is delicate and intricate, in terms of the teachings of Islam and that is the concept of Qatar and Kava,

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finding the the fine balance finding the fine balance between precaution and destiny. And we concluded on the note and this is the beauty and the balance of Islam, that to abandon precaution is maxsea to abandon precaution is maqasid, which is a form of transgression, a sin a violation, and to rely on precaution is disbelief. And Cofer because your reliance is all the time on Allah subhanahu wa tada himself. I just want to expound on that further and, you know, give another

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example to further elucidate and expound on the balance between precaution and reliance. So we have the narrative of say the use of alayhi salatu salam in the 12th chapter of the Quran, which commences in the 12 Jews and and follows on to the 13 Jews. When say you deny jacoba li salatu salam had sent his children to Egypt, unknown to him at that time that the ruler of Egypt was his son. So he told them to take precaution he told them to take precaution and what was the precaution he told them letter the Holloman babinda hide what Holloman Ababa,

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water Holloman Abu Dhabi Mata Sarita that do not enter from one door do not enter because these are, you know, siblings clad in a common garb coming from a foreign place, you are going to attract attention you are going to attract attention. And in doing so you might invite the evil eye Alain ohakune the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the eye is a reality where sometimes a person casts an evil eye and the the man Lord la the person that you are looking at can become ill or unwell etc. So amongst the precautions that we need to take is we say Masha Allah Allah quwata illa Billah like mentioned in the 15 Jews of the Quran, Allah Allah is the halter genetec raccolta Masha Allahu La

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quwata illa Billah. Anyway, the precaution we focus in that it's necessary to take precaution but the Quran addresses both simultaneously. He said to his children that do not enter from one door enter from different doors. And the aim for this, this consensus of the scholars of the scholars of the feed by camouflaging yourself, nobody will tie you up as common brothers and siblings. So it wouldn't attract that extraordinary eye and probably attract a sense of jealousy etc. However, the prophet Yaqoob Allah is Salam also said wama over knee and camino Allah he mean shade, that this is a precaution I impress upon you to adhere to. But if Allah was something unpleasant to occur, then

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my strategy and my precaution cannot avert or divert the plan of Allah. So I think that is very key that a believer needs to know this year in the campaign have all heard in the campaign have or heard when the manavi teen felt that it should be fought within Medina and not outside Medina. And finally, it was decided that it will happen just outside Medina at the location of heard by the mountain or heard excetera. And they were obviously disgruntled this illusion because they felt that their sentiments were not honored and were not implemented. So subsequently, subsequently, when few lives were lost 70 lives were lost.

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But mostly baton sabaton mithila. And hence, the shoe has the Shahada of odd. So the morphine started saying, Well, if you had to listen to us, no one would have died.

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This is key understand is the verse of the Quran. Allah de Naka Lu, those who said Lee, whiny him to the brothers, what can I do and they stayed behind from participating in the battle low upon una Mancha de leeuw. If you obeyed us

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You would have not died you would have not died. So in other words, by staying away, it is an a guaranteed rescue from death. And by going forward, it is tantamount to death, considering that to be the absolute and the ultimate precaution has its role, but it's not the absolute it's not the be all. It's not the end all. And that were the sentiments of the Mona 18, which we contrast with the teachings of Satan I iacobelli. Sam, that's the precaution but ultimately the decree of Allah reign supreme, the decree of Allah reign supreme. So then Allah asked him a question cornfed Dora Oh, unfussy como de moda in kuntum sadati. Okay, on your appointed time, when death finds you at your

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private location, and there's no battle, there's no warfare, there's no virus, there's nothing, divert and avert death, divert and avert death. If you are true in your claim that by staying at home in the context of that discussion, that's an absolute rescue. So I think I want to be very clear, and I don't want to mince my words, we strongly advocate the need for precaution, and we also give a religious perspective to it that to shun precaution is an act of sin and vise and transgression, but with the same strength and in the same vein, we want to equally drive and impress the message that to rely on precaution is Cofer and this believe it is Cofer and disbelief. So under

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this verse in the 21st chapter in Surah, two such that Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about only at our Maluku remoting lady will Kayla become some in Arabic entourage our own, say unto them, yet our third con melakukan mode, the Angel of Death who's been assigned, he claims your soul called se yet our Falcon, you know that again, if you're going into the linguistics of the word, our fi has the meaning of death and also has the meaning of completion and culmination and conclusion. We're Wolfie at Kowloon FC mamilla right. Allahu yetta waffle enforce. So your soul is removed at the point of the completion of your stay on earth because Allah has decreed and fixed a time for each person. So

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Allah says, tell them yet our focal medical mode, the angel of death, who has been appointed, he causes your death to come to town, and then you will be returned to your Lord. And yet in another verse, Allah says, to effect hormonal melodica, that the angels, the angels, cause their depth. And the scholars say that the chief angel is Eli, his Salatu was Salam. He is the head in terms of

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inflicting death or bringing death upon the creation. While there is a large group of melodica that work under his command, and under his decree, etc. Now there's some great discussions and that this is in order to be and in other capacity as well I read it in module Quran with the reference

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that when say the na israa in alayhis, Salam was assigned the task of removing the soul. He said, Oh my Lord, I oblige and I complied. But probably your entire creation will hurt the most nasty things towards me, because every time someone's death will occur, then it would be Oh yeah, Israel came again and just abruptly cold blooded removed, mice removed the soul of my uncle, my friend, my you know, Li, my associate etc. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, then told Elijah his Salam that you will be blamed, you will be free of blame, you will be free of blame, and nobody will hurl anything towards you, because I will create external factors which will outwardly influence their death. So when they

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will pronounce death or death certificate will be issued it will be on factors of cardiac arrest, or in the current circumstances that many people have succumb to the Coronavirus and we know if it's in a pandemic as it's been declared the messenger sallallahu wasallam said the one who perseveres for him is the reward of a martyr and inshallah we will expound and and discuss those a hadith so poorly at our felco mallacoota mode that Allah subhanho wa Taala told the angel of death and it's also mentioned that the souls of the entire creation are like grains on a platter like grains on a platter for Is there a Illallah his Salatu was salam, and he can remove it with great ease. And it's

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also mentioned in the seed that he does not have the knowledge of the death of any individual in advance. So at the appointed time, that remains the exclusive knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when he is informed and with great ease, because it's just like grains in

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In a platter that he removes it out and you know, the scholars of the seed have written something so amazing.

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And I read this intercede Earth money, they say add me cubby goalies a budget, Ah, hey, are concrete samartha Hey, sometimes you survive a bullet wound, and you die with a cough or a sneeze, or a digest or a virus. And it's it's not that when you survived a bullet wound, that you your immunity was strong, or your resilience was great. It's just that your time had not expired, and we're not refuting the medical assessment of the situation. I think my message is very clear that we look at the situation both from a medical and a religious perspective. As a parent, you need to be a father, to your child, and a Muslim father. My duty as a father is to take care of the bills and the costs

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and to give him a good school in education. And my duty as a Muslim father is this and I can give you the best, but you don't leave home till you have not performed your fudger prayer you have not recited your Quran, you have not made your widow etc. Those are my obligations as a Muslim father. So as a human, I take the precautions and that's instinctive to us, we all take natural natural precautions and whatever is natural within us will be active in each one of us, when saving them and how I had eaten from the forbidden tree, and the private area got exposed but that lahoma so to whom Allah Subhana Allah under this word lahoma scholars say that it was only exposed to each other and

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not to anyone else in general. But at the level Madison's mentioned in the middle and I read it myself. Otherwise, it would be bad that means so it Hema and not better to lahoma so to Houma, but then the instinct was activated perfectly octophonic la Miami, what agenda they started taking the leaves and covering themselves up. So the angel of death, this is what this call is right? That he has the ability sometimes it's an earthquake, sometimes it's a catastrophe, and 10s of hundreds of lives are claimed at one time, and Allah has given him the authority to do so. But he doesn't have the ability to instill one soul in one fetus.

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Why because that's outside his domain that's outside his jurisdiction. gibreel Allah is Salam can traverse from the heavens to the earth and communicate what he and revelation layer only bar was the shortest independent revelation. And this is where Allah had tasked him and Allah had given him wings, the opening verses of surah farted in the 22nd Jews jarnail Mela aka to Sudan only a genie hottie mithuna wa Salatu, WA roba. But gibreel could not claim the life nor instill life into any person. So when Allah had given them them them authority, you know, this is where they could exercise it. In fact, under this discussion, the scholars have said also discuss is it Melaka remote

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that is tasked and assigned to remove the souls of other creatures? That means a dog in your house, a pet in your house, any other animal? Is it medical mode or not? So some argue that yes, it is medical mode. But the overwhelming view is that no, there is no intervention of an angel. It's the direct role of the Almighty. So even with with humans, it's the word of the Almighty and then Allah system is that an angel intervenes and the system takes place and the angel then removes the soul. But when it comes to other creatures, the preferred view of the Jehovah series is that it is direct by the will of Allah once Allah has, you know, declared the period of time on earth that has lapsed

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and expired then you know, that's it and then Allah causes the death. So again, we say that I jacoba Allah His salat wa salam told his children, that I cannot avert the plan of Allah now yours it

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they are obliged and complied. And they took the precautions and they entered from different doors, so nobody cast an evil eye towards them. So the strategy and the precaution of Yato Valley has Salam proved to be beneficial, but unpleasantness befell them on a different note. unpleasantness befell them on a different note. So you could sometimes strap your child up in a car seat or you know what, buckle up in the car and drive slowly. But then there's a hiccup and a glitch of a different magnitude. So you don't contend with an accident and the measures were in place and the precautions work, but Allah worlds something else and you know what the car the engine just seized, the engine

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just sees and now you were stranded and you were halted. And then now you needed some other emergency vehicle to come or to tow the car away. So what we are saying is that we encourage and exhort the need the importance, the balance of precaution, because it's part of the rich and pristine teachings.

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Religion. But the key thing coupled with that is that the reliance at all times will be on the Almighty. Before I commence, and I hope I can commence with the book today. There's yet another angle that I want to discuss in the current climate and the context of the COVID-19, and the Coronavirus. And again, it's just thoughts from Quran and Hadith that are coming up that I would like to share with the listeners and the viewers. So

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none can deny that if you drive a message repeatedly, you are going to play on the psychology of a person that this is a reality. And I'm going to share a hadith again. So let's again, be clear and not mince our words, that we say that you know what, if you are a possible candidate, you've traveled to areas where probably you've come in from abroad, or you were in close proximity to someone who presented with symptoms, then follow the necessary procedure and do the testing as the doctors and medical personnel will advise you. But if somebody has not traveled and he was not in close proximity, and he or she is not presenting with symptoms, then do not just create a hype and

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hysteria and a panic out there. No, no, I think you got it. I think you got it. No, no that that, you know, somebody said I received so much COVID-19 messages, my phone is coughing.

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Right. So what I'm saying is strike the balance and not trivializing the magnitude and the scale. I'm just trying to balance the whole thing out here that too just to create an alarm and a panic with a isn't panic is also not the right thing. Because the Quran teaches us in the context. This was again one of the traits of the Mona 15. What is Emerald mineral amny will hopefully ever Ruby as a Ruby, that whenever they received any information, they just started broadcasting it. And the Quran goes on to say whatever I do, who illawarra Zhu Li Illa will remain home lolly Maha Latina yesterday tuna whom in whom, communicate that with the people of authority, communicate that with an

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abbey of Allah, He will then advise you what is the right way to roll out this message. So my point here again, is that take the precaution but don't unnecessarily create or add to a hysteria and a hype and a panic. And I share this here just to show the human psychology that if anybody drives a message, there is a hadith in Bukhari, the context of it is different, but the message that I want to, you know, prove through it, we will just tie up with that sentiments. So it was the noble practice of our honorable master sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that after after prayer he would visit all his spouses and consorts just with a quick rotation, and then by night he would then devote his

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night to the spouse and consult or your loved one who for whom it was assigned. Without going into all the details. One day he was by our shadow the yellow bye bye bye Xena brother, Yolanda kanaya, shabu Aslan, Linda. So, he was by the number of your loved one and a half and one narration says by have sort of the Allah Anna and she offered some honey water which nobody is allowed is obliged and he drank and the stay there got slightly prolonged, the state got slightly prolong, which then inadvertently shortened his stay by the other consorts of your live one on one for the tour la you have the right of Buhari, reached out of the Atlanta said I became envious that she had a longer

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time within the view of Allah and I had a shorter time and the scholars say even that was fine because each woman would want her husband to be maximum with her more so when it is the Navy of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but then she earned in the sense that the plan that she had obviously caused discomfort to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so we discuss it with great sensitivity in the manner in which it has been captured in the narrations. So our era the Atlanta says the wild Part Two and a half sub then myself and have started the Atlanta hatched a plan we hatched a plan and we said that when then a B of Allah comes in one direction it hasn't drank the

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honey by hafsa so then it was myself and have sat myself and sold out of the Allahu Ana and and and and the other spouses so depending on the variation of the narration but both appear in Buhari so on the opinion that it happened by the number of the Allahu Allah myself and have said decided that when the Prophet of Allah Allah Allah sin comes to you for Cooney, Allah who aka thermography aka thermography, when it comes by you, and he enters in then say only of Allah, did you have some Mahavira and come Did you have some other feed and come now Mahathir was a GM and it gave Avira he had Carrie had in the footnotes of Buhari I just read it now. It was a type of a gum and it was

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pleasant in its taste, but it was found in its

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So he didn't give us the best of, you know, odor. It gave us a bit of an unpleasant smell and to be sterilized and was very, very sensitive to consuming anything that had a an unpleasant odor, because he obviously would communicate with the melodica etc. and the general hygiene of our Habib sallallahu wasallam. On a side note, I often say this year and I say this without fear of contradiction, that when our Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would rise from his bed in the morning, his blessed mouth would be more fragrant than our mouths after we brush our teeth.

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And, of course, he was pure, you know, the purest of the pure in every regard. So I'm just saying you drive in a message you playing on the psychology. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came to Isola Anna, and she said, I call it the Mojave, or the river like did you have some other fear income? So you said Well, I can share it to Aslan. No, no, I just had the honey I just had honey and came. Then he sallallahu wasallam went to have Serra de la occulta Masahiro su de la jolla. Did you have my coffee? No, I just I just had honey. So one of them said then probably probably the honeybee This is also in the narration of Bahari properly the honeybee set on the shrub of the mother field

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and and and and took some of the nectar from there and that diluted the honey that diluted the honey but I'm getting so nervous awesome said okay then I'm just not gonna have any the point I'm saying and I don't want to go into the detail of the narration beyond this point, a message and Allah speaks about it. This was an inadvertent slip up on our Isha and have sarathi Allahu Allah and Allah pardon them and Allah has spoken so favorably about them. And in this way Allah subhanho wa Taala had modestly reproach them in the Quran as well. And when he came over on me my aku mother Farah Coronavirus, boon Karim, Allah speaks about the wholesome sustenance and in the context of this

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incident, Allah subhanho wa Taala had had had

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you know what? impressed upon them the need and the urgency of Toba into tuba ilahi a firewall, a firewall wajib that it's, you know, you need to repent to Allah and they repented. So without going into the academics have the narration, that spouses of the Vla, salaam repeatedly impressed upon him, and they had hatched this innocent plan so that the time spent by all could be equal and no spouse could have maximum time. My point of deduction and reflection is the repeated impression of a message made an impression on the mind of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. I didn't have Mahaffey, but if you say I had my coffee, okay, well, then I'm just not going to have Honey, I'm not going to

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have any because I only had honey with you insisting and persisting that the honey gave off the odor of mobile feed, and then Allah revealed the verses etc. So we strongly say that if a person does not have don't unnecessarily create a hysteria don't create a panic. You know what address the issue with balance with maturity with calmness with integrity in sha Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the correct understanding and the balance between the adoption of precaution and the reliance on the Almighty. I mean, your balada mean, that being said, I'm going to inshallah now formally commence. So this book is called Shota one, that is the inclination towards the Abode and

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your abode is in the abode of Arthur because that's so everybody has a nostalgia to their birthplace. That's, that's everyone. You know what, you have a feeling you take your kid for a drive and you say, dad used to go to school here, and he's like, Okay, so what's so exciting about it, but for me, and then there used to be a shop here and there was an old man. Yeah. And he used to sell candy and sweets. And we used to come out from school and we used to do this. Yeah, so everybody has a nostalgia to their birthplace. But remember, for a believer, his real one is the place of Arthur. They'll cut down all around, they'll cut da da, da da da, da da da. Yuri do Naruto when fille de

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vida sada Allah speaks about the real abode of Arthur Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem and Abbey's led Nani Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call my UCB Muslim Amina sabihin when I was sobbing Well, I mean when a person well, then well amin had to show karate you shaka laka for Allah who be Harmon, hapa, Yahoo de la, se la Abu Salah, the Allahu anhu narrates from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the backdrop of this book was authored in the context of an epidemic that had broken out in India and it claimed many lives. And it was it caused a great sense of doom and gloom to people it had create a great sense of doom and gloom

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for people

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Believe as we will discuss whoa babe who babe Oh, man sandarac Itanium indelicately the first person who, you know what brought about the practice of offering two units of prayer before being executed on the name of Allah. He was so calm and so relaxed in his prayer, that he got so engrossed in it. I mean, if you have to board a flight, you have to board a flight. You know how that prayer is performed in absolute haste in absolute haste? And of course, if you honor the argon and the Ferraris then in principle, the prayer will be accepted and will be fine. And even if you read in the books of fiqa then the Judas tell you that a musar fear for him there's no prescribed amount. He

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just got to read Matthew Jews will be his Salah, and whatever mozzarella who because that's Islam is who was the tobacco? Who was a tobacco, Masha Allah, Allah confit dinheiro, in the footnotes of this ayah. in Galilee, the whole academic write up is that, that Allah hasn't made Islam complex for you. Allah hasn't made it complex. It's user friendly. But you're going to be executed. You're not hopping onto a flight. You don't have an interview, you're not waiting in the doctor's room or doctor's surgery. You're not next in line for your documents to go through at an embassy. No, no, you're going to be executed. And he's so immersed and engrossed in the prayer that he forgot about

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it. And then he's like, oh, okay, yeah, they execute me. Let me end my prayer. And then he ends his prayer. And then he says Lola and tavano and me in Amato well to JSON minimoto, Elasticsearch, Amina Salah, by Allah, I was enjoying my prayer so much, but I feel that you will potentially interpret the prolonging the nature of my prayer as a fear and an apprehension to death. So I said, Let me cut it short and let you know that you know what, I am not afraid of death. So for a believer, he knows that what lies ahead is far more great. And will speak about the aspect of the permissibility of desiring death or not. And the narration where this prohibition in it as well. And there's a

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beautiful reconciliation between the verse of the Quran and the Hadith. So anyway, here's the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu wasallam he sallallahu wasallam said any Muslim who experiences any hardship or discomfort or worry sorrow, grief or distress, or even a thorn breaking him? Allah will make it an atonement for hisense La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah

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which, which, which employer will give you coverage and pay you for the time I always say, I mean, go and speak to your employer and ask him to give you a 13 check or you need more perks or extend or give you a better salary or better retirement package and then ask him to include the time of negotiation in your working hours. Like I said, an hour with you, you need to include that in so you set when you sit and supplicate the almighty you invoke the Almighty and you ask him for your own benefit. he approves it grants it to you and he records the time of supplication as an act of worship. So behind Allah, so whatever pain I mean, there are so many people that are terminally ill

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there are so many people that are terminally ill that are critically ill. The Hadith says my use evil Muslim woman, NASA, voila was a tiredness fatigue. There are so many emotions in our life, you cannot share with anyone it's between you and Allah. Sometimes as a father, I would identify with it financially or otherwise, there are certain fields that haunt you, they consume you, they bother you as a mother, there are certain things that consume you. And each one of us they eat us up and within ourselves within ourselves. Allah says young and mo Sera,

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Sera, Allah knows your secrets. And Allah knows that which is more hidden than your secret. And the scholars say what is more hidden than your secret is where you sit in and you have an influx of thoughts. And your mind is just racing through 1000 thoughts, and then somebody nudges you and say let's go and at that point you find difficulty in recollecting the thoughts that crossed your mind, even those mind those thoughts are in the knowledge of Allah. So whatever your pain, whatever your distress, whatever your discomfort is, is it not comforting to know my brother? Is it not comforting to know Oh, my sister, that for everything, it will be an expiation and an atonement and

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compensation for your sins. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to grant us ease and alpha and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us the correct balance in adopting precaution and in having total reliance on him. Armenia ballhead Ameen.