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It's alive on here. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala I shouldn't be them be able to sit in Mohamed are sort of nice are normally while he was have you sell them to Stephen cathedra

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from vado

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just coming from a

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conference on climate change and global warming. And I remind myself of you

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that although this does not usually form part of our conversation in Islamic fora, and in,

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in massages or in our hotel and so on, this is a very, very important religious obligation as far as we are concerned,

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because the last round that I said or otherwise Salaam in Niger, Island Ville or the Khalifa

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and I said I have planned to send on the earth, a Khalifa.

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what is the difference between a Khalifa and the mullet? The king? Yeah, there's we have to understand this. Allah did not say I'm standing on this earth, the king to rule the earth.

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And Allah denotes any child will very much have no, say in the giant Khalifa.

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There are three major differences number one.

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The Khalifa is the one who implements the law.

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The law maker is the king. Right? The Khalifa is the one who

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implements the law.

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Second big difference is that the Khalifa himself is not above the law.

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The kingdom of the law, even in today's world, if you take, say the King of England, the King of England cannot be tried in in in British courts. Royal family cannot be tried in the day above the law, the court cannot call them to trial. Right.

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The Islamic system was the only system where the

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the Khalifa of the Khalifa, Khalifa Muslim, and whoever was the nominee was also subject to the law, the Islamic system was the only one nowhere else in the world. We have the story of southern Alabama tied with the law no and many other people were people brought a case against the Khalifa and the case was tried by the kadhi. And the Khalifa was called to the court and he came to the court and whatever happened is the case was in his favor or against him, but this is unique to the Islamic system is no other system in the world. The King is always above the law, but the Khalifa is within the law, the Khalifa is answerable. And the third thing is that the Khalifa therefore is answerable

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for whatever he does the king is not as no there is no one to question the king. So in the Islamic context, Allah subhanaw taala isn't as human beings as qualified of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, that is where climate change, global warming and all of these things come in, because it is our job to ensure that this earth is maintained in a proper way in every aspect, right which is free from pollution free from mass exploitation, free from all kinds of negativity, free from wars, free from suffering, and actually act on it to do something about

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I will see what Rasul Allah is sort of did when he came to Makkah. If you look at it from you know, from even from worldly context, and say, what is it that ravioli Salah what is it that he that he brought, how did he change? What did he change? He didn't come with a new economic model, right? He didn't say you people are in an agrarian society, we are going to give you a model of government or a model of earning your living, which is industrial, it didn't come with that. It didn't come with a new philosophy, income a new political idea, for example, that you are let's let's all become communist or something. No, he came with a very simple but extremely powerful

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idea. And that was the idea of accountability to the one from whom nothing can be hidden.

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The essence of Islam.

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In my view, the absolute essence of Islam is

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accountable accountability to the one from whom nothing is you know, that is

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everything, accountability to Allah. Everything I do, will either be rewarded, or it will be punished if ALLAH does not forgive.

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So accountability to Allah subhanaw taala and this one to whom we have accountable is somebody from whom nothing can be done. What is in my heart, he knows I'll even be that this will do who

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Sammy obersee

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He is on here he's on who sees everything, nothing has been for him. And to him I'm accountable, every word, every deed, every thought every action.

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This was the this was the single pivoting

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idea, the single most powerful idea that also applies also abroad. And this is what completely revolutionized level revolutionize the society of the time and Hamdulillah. Its effect is felt even to this day and we are under law, may Allah keep us on the dean, with silk. And with Ivana until we until we are called to Allah, we are beneficiaries from this.

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The idea of accountability.

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Right? Now, so many times we hear these cases of people

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who are given positions of trust, and then they betray the trust.

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There is no, there's no, there's no central account, what happened to me who, because there is no in a worldly sense, there is no proof, there is no documentation nothing.

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Giving trust like that itself is wrong, you should document as well as Allah revealed either the Quran to document but supposing you say, oh, there's my friend, I trust him so much i. And next thing you your friend, your friend has gone with that

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account every two hours was there. For him? Nothing is it every single thing.

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Now this sense of accountability is amazing, because it gives us two very valuable benefits right here. Number one, it gives us on the straight path.

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Right? We are all subjected to temptation, believe me, anyone who thinks that he's not subject to temptation is willing himself. That is the nature of temptation, divorce.

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For somebody, it's one thing so somebody has done something else. So the nature of temptation differ, but each one of us has our own things which which we are tempted. Now, sense of accountability keeps us on the straight path, because at the end of the day, but the bottom line question is, Allah is watching.

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Allah knows, no matter what I think, no matter if I think I can hide this, or I can't hide it from Allah. So keeps us on the straight path. Second big thing which it does,

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is that it allows us to never lose hope.

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Because there is a day of judgment.

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Today, we see news after news, people doing all kinds of evil stuff, all kinds of, you know, pressure and all kinds of stuff. And that's what I mean by this social media stay out of it, it only depresses you does no good. But if you watch that, it's just depressing news. But if you understand this accountability thing, you know that they will not get away. Whoever is doing whatever they're doing, they will not get away. There's no chance of them getting away with what they agree. They will pay a price. There is accountability

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gives us hope. Today in America, suicide is the haves they have they will actually declare themselves it's just like an epidemic.

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The number of suicides.

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What is suicide? Suicide is the ultimate final expression of complete despair. no hope whatsoever. So the person next is like Hamdulillah. Think about this. There was this huge earthquake in Egypt, right in Syria and in Turkey.

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But 80,000 people died.

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After that, how many? Did you ever hear a case of family members committing suicide? Because everybody's dead?

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Did you hear any cases? I never heard because

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people don't know. For less than whatever is happening for 70 years. 35 years now.

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Do people want to say no.

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In bystanders huge flood. So many big disaster. The people left didn't even commit suicide. Oh, am I everything I have you gone? What's the point living No.

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Alhamdulillah I'm not saying I don't want to make the clip. I'm not a Muslim don't know whose lives also covered suicides. But the rate of suicides the number of people go into Al Hamdulillah hamdulillah among Muslims is very, very low.

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And the reason for that is believe Allah subhanaw taala. Our belief that there is that we have Rob general, that we have a return to him that this life is not the only thing even if I lose everything in his life. I have not lost everything. Because this life is not everything.

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I cannot lose everything. Because this life is not everything. Everything is in the Acura. If I lose my Acura then there is miserable.

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Hello, and I cannot lose my Astra as long as I'm alive because the door is the foreign Doughboys open.

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How do I regain if even if I lose something in the Astra meaning I do something wrong, I know I should not do it, I did it. Now I feel oh, I have a big loss in that what to do is the father of Allah subhanaw taala kept that door open until we see one of a month maybe is the word or whatever you did is replaced Allah's word, that he will change the bad deeds, the good deeds, he will replace them with good deeds, in other words, so very, very important for us to understand this beautiful concept and the truth of the of accountability.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to understand this and live by this. So that we our hearts are strengthened and our Amal are strengthened and that we our lives are beautified in a way that pleases Allah subhanho wa salam ala Nabil Karim Allah He was a visionary