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Sara mother here. Amino salat wa salam ala saline.

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Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Marathi who I'd only use over Salam just

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want to

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talk a little bit more about the issue of the knifes

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what we spoke about in terms of

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the NEF leading us to sin were a source of Salem know Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran

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in the NA Salah marathon de su Illa Mara Mara been through the use of ALLAH SubhanA DeLaSalle usable SLM says very mind knifes will take me towards in except for the one on whom Allah has mercy. Now,

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as I said, we when we talk about naps, we are talking about our desires. Because as I said to you earlier, the word NAPS it says Arabic has many meanings. It means soul, it means breath, it means person and so on. But here we mean in the Stella Hemara, and the technical meaning of knifes in the Quran and others, you're talking about? How are we talking about desires?

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The thing to understand is, it's not as if every desire is evil. It's not.

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If you didn't have desire to be dead, I mean, the desires are essential for life to continue, for us to recover from disasters, from personal calamities.

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For us to progress for the world to run, desire is required without desire, nothing if I say today, my all my desires are zero, then that's another way of describing a state of deep

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clinical depression. That's what happens when you when you are in, you know, in that state of depression, you have no desire, nothing's zero. I don't even want to live. No food, nothing. I don't need anybody, I don't know nothing I have so and is what suicide is. So obviously, desires when we say, don't have desires, that's actually impossible. And secondly, it's not even desire, but we're saying what kind of desires Now usually, when we talk about desires, we talk about or we mean, desire for possessions of different kinds, right? property wealth, jewelry, cars, planes, whatnot, it depends from age to age period to period all the time and people are their desire was the number

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of camels and cattle and whatnot. Today you might be talking about the kinds of cars and what and so forth talking about houses you know, I want to build a big house just to put something in perspective

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I get a lot of fun out of doing these kinds of little pieces of research which kind of put things in perspective. Just think about this think about it in our context right we talking about somebody who has a big house so when you say someone has a big house How big is the house if you just think about how many how many rooms What do you think how many square feet or square meters is that house? Just give me give me some number double the mind over how many rooms

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the average big house in America average the house you have in Beverly Hills. How many?

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Little bedroom 15 bedroom 20 bedrooms, right I mean our rooms total count 20 rooms 30 rooms, whatnot right? And square foot or square feet is about square meters How many would you say

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3000 4000 5000 Yeah

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let me give you some numbers here. Buckingham Palace

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has 775 rooms and is spread over an area of 77,000 square meters which is 830,000 square feet

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that somebody somebody's house right? When now King Charles the third if you say he says to his driver, maybe he's gone gone for a drive somewhere. He says let's go home. What is what is it? He wants to let's go to the Buckingham Palace that is that will sound silly if he said that right?

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Here's uh let's go home. So what's home? Home is 830,000 square feet

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7700 775 rooms. Now and if you think that is impressive, let me give you another

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Versailles Palace in France in in Paris, built by It was started by Louie the 13th then extended by his son with the 14th when he installed the court in 16.

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Versailles Palace today has 202,300 rooms Buckingham Palace 775 versus 2300 rooms and it is spread over 63,001 54 square meters

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No no no it doesn't it doesn't No no no it doesn't doesn't No no no no I'm not even joking. It doesn't include the stables believe me. This is the actual Palace living space. Right?

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Read for days, which was again if ya said let's go home What was he saying he's doing good go to read for it, he would generate food.

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They don't even have a issue of rudeness stuffing that is in acres. So

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it is added on three hectares or 254 acres.

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It has two and a half kilometers of defensive walls and whatnot whatever.

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I was reading history here, you know, as you know, is still my favorite subject

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Jahangir took over from his father Sharda now he's the son Jiang is his father. So when Jiang he took over from his father Akbar, Wen Jiang he took over

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the his coronation happened in Agra fort because Agra was the dead he was not the capital at that time it was in Agra fort. So once he got the throne, the his treasurer, he came to him he said, If you like please come and see the Treasury is your treasury so please come and see. He went down there and the historians say that he found

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in sacks, began sacks, rubies, graded by color.

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Now the Mughals were not great into diamond seven they Today we talk about the Kohinoor diamond for the Mongols the diamonds are nothing. They were in two colors of the lubi rubies emeralds sapphires,

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red, green and blue. So rubies graded by color. So dark red, Ruby, light red rubies, I imagine that the number is so large, that they have to segregate it somehow. So the graded by color, he said as far as the eye could see in the treasury, there were sacks of rubies graded by color.

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Now, even Jaga was impressed that this is the

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Emperor even he was impressed. So he said to his he said who is the Hagia ji said who is treasurer. He said all of this is by

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the man left

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my lovelies I'm Johanna yo that this

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shield of the world he's a Java to eek Khazanah he said delay maybe a Agra Lahore maybe a gobble maybe

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he said there's only one of them is that we have in Delhi, we have in our and we also have in cupboard

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and various things. Now the reason I'm saying this is where did all this wealth

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what did it gets?

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Not really this is this is something to think about seriously something to think about. And that's why I always say wealth adds cost not possessions, not possessions add cost not value.

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To give you another example, in 2015 in the World Motor Show in in Sweden.

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The prime exhibit was a Saab the Swedish car which had a

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very highly engineered carburetors, it was a very you know advanced engineering cover this was the price exhibit in the motor show 2015 2016 Motor Show in Dubai.

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The price exhibit was a Volkswagen Tarik

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with gold rims.

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So now think about this. A Swedish father takes his son or daughter to the Motor Show in Sweden.

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That child is going to come away

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with what in their heart what is the aspiration? I want to become a great engineer I want to do some fantastic engineer. All of these are desires believe me these are desires right?

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worldly desires you're not going to join I don't think I want to go to heaven. No, no forget when I went out my dear.

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His worldly desire is what I want to become a fab. The world's best engineer. I want to design a car which will go to make copies of the

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same Motor Show in Dubai. The father takes his son or daughter to the Motor Show. They come away with what desire

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right I want this car as gold rims I want a car with gone overboard body or something diamond demonstrated.

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So what are the desires?

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So desire for learning desire for knowledge, desire for creating establishments of goodness that spread goodness, all these are all desires and Islam does not prevent that. So please understand that when we say do not become a slave of desires, we're not saying my general statement, no desire No, of course not. What kind of desires do we have?

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And desire for Jana hamdulillah every Muslim wants to go to generals is good, but you won't just go there by wanting it.

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So let's focus on this word in this world. If we do things which are beneficial, which are value adding, right, then Jana inshallah is ours, Allah subhanaw taala will give the electronic data centers in this world to create

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examples of goodness.

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Jagger's son Jaga, when he was building the Taj Mahal, for example, incidentally, at the time of Sharjah, the Mughal empire in India was, was their GDP was 20% of global GDP of the time. So it is one family.

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And literally one man because it was shot. I mean, the family was the mother, but it was one man His word was law. I mean, there's whatever he said was, that's it, period, right? One man worth 20% of global GDP.

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Right, I mean, Elon Musk money Lucien in his pocket,

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when he was building a tomb for his wife, across the world, right here in our neck of the woods, in Boston, in Cambridge, was being built what?

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Howard College, which later became Howard University, right?

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Same period of time, same years, exact same years 1634 Or something like this.

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Both buildings exist to this day. One has two

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inhabitants, both dead Jagga and his wife,

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and the other has been spewing out global leaders

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for 400 years, plus,

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right. And as a has had a trust fund of 30 billion plus, is already the largest, largest trust one of any university practically one of many things that 30 plus 30 billion plus Trust Fund of Howard University.

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So ALLAH SubhanA wa jal with my point of saying this is not we're not saying this to bad talk, shahada or something, right. But my point is that here, my issue is, is not how much of an issue today we are live, that today, we are alive today, we take decisions at our level, you know, I don't have that money, you don't have the money. But whatever we have, the time we have the money we have the opportunity we have, how do we use that? That's the only thing which counts. We read history to get to learn lessons not to, you know, our problem history, either we take history and we exhort people and take them to the level of the skies. Oh, fantastic, as if they did nothing wrong, or we

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throw them down into the, into the dumps, but nothing changes with us. That is a terrible way of it's a complete waste of study history. History is for us to take lessons from and say they did what they did in their time. But this is a lesson for me. What am I doing in my time? What are my desires. So when we say don't become a slave to your desire, which we really mean is don't become a slave to negative desires. Because at the end of the day, whether you have seven rooms in your house, or 775 rooms in your house, in the house, in the cupboard, there is only one what is going on brother

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right? Is that one hole in the ground?

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No matter what, no matter where you come from just one hole in the garden. That's where we are. That's where we are going. So what kind of desires do we have? That's what we need to see and say, Well, how am I spending my time and my resources which include money is only one of them. I've got so many resources, our influence our you know, the friends and power and authority whatever Allah has given us to in the purview of our authority, how am I spending that in a way which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and which can spread goodness all around us? We ask Allah subhana wa COVID and enable us to do that in the best possible way and to be pleased with us and everybody's pleased

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was another hand on the bill Kerry Malati. He was a paid member of the government