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Clara mother Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa

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salatu salam ala shampoo them be able will saline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa, he was ever sent them to sleep on the scene.

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From Abbado,

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my brothers and sisters, we were talking about the three

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voices that speak to us, and which is important to recognize and respond.

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And that is the three voices voice of shaitan virture that tries to deceive us in different ways.

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And the second one is the voice, our own voice, the voice of the knifes

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and how the nurse tries to deceive

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and take us towards sin.

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The third voice is the voice we should listen to and that is the voice of goodness,

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the voice of our man.

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And when I say the voice of Iran don't take the literally it's not as if Allah gonna talk to you or me.

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But it's the voice of goodness, the voice of our fitrah which is Islam.

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That speaks to us. And always, you will see this. Every time the negative voice speaks to us. The positive voice also speaks to us.

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Always there is one there's no exception.

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There's absolutely no exception.

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The problem is that

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the positive voice does not shout.

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who does not compel. Allah doesn't force.

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And that's why I tell people it's not difficult to see the truth. It is sometimes difficult to acknowledge the truth, to accept the truth. The truth is clear. The truth is like the sun.

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absolutely clear. There's nothing hidden about that.

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What is difficult is what we make it for ourselves, which is that you want to see the truth with your eyes blindfolded.

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You want to see the truth wearing you know, very black Douglass's.

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And then we say, well, I can't see the truth. Of course, we can't see the truth, how would you see the truth? Because you are choosing to blindfold yourself, take off the blindfold, you see the truth.

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So every time there is a vice versa, every time there is a vice versa from the from shaitan or there is a tendency towards doing something bad from ourselves.

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There is the voice of goodness, that also speaks to us.

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Very easy to recognize, because it will tell us the opposite of whatever there was was I see.

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So if for example, in the morning, you don't feel like getting out of bed, you know and you want to sleep

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and you don't want to go to the masjid

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to pray.

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And there was wasa shaytan will tell you it was okay one day, what does it matter? Just pray here right next to the bed stand and pray

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and the voice of positivity, the voice of God as the voice of Iran will tell you go to the Masjid 27 times this hour.

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Voice will speak

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which one will be

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listened to?

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They one of my good friend said he said you know people are there are people, Muslims who are very physically focused on their physical development and they go to the gym and they they lift 200 pounds and 300 pounds. But they cannot live the blanket of their face for Serato.

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So how strong are you? I can live here already 300 pound the blanket weighs more than zero pounds.

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How come you can live with a blanket of your face? That is the problem. It's not the question of seeing the truth tell me which is today I was having a conversation with a

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friend of mine or somebody not to a friend of mine who's gone is looking at Islam and asking questions. And so he asked me

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so you don't read what is telling me what are the things which are the most difficult to practice today?

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In today's world, so So I told you who told you that Islam is difficult to practice?

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He said What do you mean I said tell me in Islam, everything that is ordained everything that is ordered everything that is the woman Islam is according to human nature.

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There is nothing in Islam which is against human nature.

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Now question is when you say human who you're talking about. When I say human, I'm talking about a

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intelligent moral ethic.

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equal, human be

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right? This my condition must be intelligent guy. I'm not talking about somebody who said you're not talking about somebody who is morally corrupt

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you know some powers individual No, we're talking about somebody who is ethical, moral, intelligent, sensible person.

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If you take that person as a normal person, that every single thing in Islam is according to what this person will do anyway

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find me one thing in Islam anything. One thing in Islam which goes against normal human nature, I'm one thing

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it's a challenge. One thing which goes against normal human nature.

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It's not normal human nature, for example, to put

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drugs into your body.

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Whether it's alcohol, whether it is marijuana, whatever drug right alcohol is a drug we have we live in a society where we have chosen to move it out from there known as our drug goal is social drinking, it's okay. You can also write it off as tax.

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If you have a party for promoting of your business and you can write off the alcohol expenses in your tracks.

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That doesn't change anything rather.

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That doesn't change anything.

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Alcohol is a drug. Alcohol is a chemical that has no business in a human body. Simple as that.

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It's not natural

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Tell me which what Islam is not. It is What is Islam says. Tell, speak the truth. Don't deceive anybody have good relations with people? Smiling, just smiling at people is sadaqa. Imagine this is the beauty is right here. If I smile at you, you smile back at me so you feel good. I feel good. We make friends. And for both of us, this will be there on the day of judgment on our scales. Can you imagine just just one smile is going to be on my scales on the Day of Judgment. It is a Hazara one Hazara.

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Be clean, okay, we have a we have a way of doing that called Whoo. But basically what is the what is the thing be clean, you know, wash, wash your hands, wash your face, wash your feet

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Mercosul we have a have a bath our shower. When you eat, eat with moderation.

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Don't don't eat like

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crazy, do something with it with moderation.

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What is difficult is nothing. It's natural behavior.

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You marry somebody, be faithful to them, don't don't marry someone and then have an affair with somebody else. This is not natural. This is this is corruption. Today we have made corruption as the norm in society. And if somebody speaks against the corruption, then you say, oh, this person is an extremist. He's not an extremist.

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So listen to the voice

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of goodness, listen to the voice. And that's why I call it the voice of Rama. Allah subhanaw taala. Not literally, but meaning that this has been the LIDAR.

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Your heart will tell you if you're doing something wrong, your heart will tell you. This is what we saw. With Hades. He said your heart is the best Mufti. He's not talking about a corrupt heart which is full of garbage. He's talking about the heart of Turkey, somebody whose character to Allah subhanaw taala his heart will not mislead him. Your heart will always tell you if you choose to do against that that is your choice.

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That is your choice. But the heart will always tell you what is the right thing.

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So follow that.

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Follow that many times people come to me with questions. They asked me

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about interest or various things right? They come to me and they asked me what do you think I should do? My first question to them is, you know, I don't you know, I'm not a Mufti. Where do you come to me?

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You know what is the fatwa today if it was available, you know the only available anywhere? Why are you going to I just something in your heart is telling you.

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So respect that that something is there in your heart, something is there in your heart respect that don't violate it.

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So very important for us to be connected with ourselves. Allah subhanaw taala will guide Allah subhanaw taala wants to guide that is the reason is that this gap that is around

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reason he sent his heavy Muhammad Mustafa SallAllahu Sallam to teach us the Kitab and to show us how to to implement that in our lives, let us respect that. Let us follow that in sha Allah, this life is short my brothers and sisters it is very, very very, very short. How many generals of the bread in the masjid

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so let us be clear and live our lives in a way which is pleasing to Allah subhanho You ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and help us to live in a way where he's pleased with us was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was avid member hortica