Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L244A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who went to Saudi Arabia Sudhi he'll get him and my birth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim labiche slightly aside the usmle, MD, ruler of letter melissani have kahuku li probenecid winner in Lesson number 243 serata Zuma is number 17 to 31.

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while levina and those who at tenable, they avoided

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the false deities and that yet will do her they worship it will enable and they repeatedly returned it Allah to Allah, the home for them, and Bushra the good news for Bashir so give good news, everybody, to my servants to my worshippers and levina those who yesterday meruna they listen attentively. Allah, Allah to the word to the statement, Fiat aviana then they follow by center who it's best to let those and levena or those who had their home he guided them, Allahu Allah, what will occur and those whom they are Oulu possessors, and of the intellects. fmM is then who have gone it was justified or lay upon him kalama to word

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of the punishment effort and will then you don't pay Do you save you rescue? Man who fee is in a now the fire Lakin. But Allah Vina those who eat the code they feared for whom they robbed the home for them. Vodafone dwellings or lofty residences, lofty residences, men from felt the hair above it will hold off on lofty residences mabuni, yet on one built their god it flows mentality her from underneath it, and how the rivers were the promise Allah of Allah. Let's not use LIFO he goes against Allahu Allah elmia add the promised time or a mere add the appointment alone did not die, you see, and that Indeed, Allah Allah unzila he sent down Minar summer from the sky map water for

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sonica who then he made it to enter or then he made it enter yanagihara as springs fee in of the earth, some of them usually do. He takes out V with it czar on crops most elephant different and one who its colors. Some of them yeah he do. It withers dries Fatah who then you see it most fallen yellow so much then yalu he makes it help Alma dry broken pieces in indeed fee in the liquor that lovely crow surely a reminder, Li Li for possessors and Bab of the intellect. FM is then who shall have he opened? Allahu Allah sallallahu his just lil Islam for the Islam. For who so he Allah upon Newton alight, mira Bihi from his robe for Waylon So, Lil casia for the heart Globo home their

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hearts, men from the remembrance of Allah. Allah aka those fee in Berlin in error, moonbeam open, Allahu Allah. Nasrallah, he sent down aksana best al Hadees the speech keytab and a book with a shabby Han, one similar resembling my Sania once repeated, Dr. Sherry, it shivers men who from it julu skins and Medina of those who have shown that they fear of the home there are some then telling you it softens julu the home their skins work on oboe and their hearts Illa to victory remembrance Allah of Allah there Lika that

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Who the law guidance of Allah yesterday he guides be here with it. Man, whoever, Yeshua He willed woman and whoever you believe, he leaves the stray, Allahu Allah. feminists are not law who for him, men from head in any guide. If a man is then who yet he saves big he with his face to evil, Allah are there the punishment, Yama on the LTM the standing, walk Lila and it was said literally mean to those who do wrong. Lou you are taste, man what country you were taxi boon you all earn cadabra he belied aladeen those who mean from cobbling him before them for attire whom then it came to them either with the punishment, men from Hazel were laying around, they do not proceed further go home.

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So he made them taste

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Allahu Allah, and his, the humiliation fee in the life adonia of the world while are there and surely punishment, and aphylla of the hereafter at pivotal is greater low, if only can they were here on the moon. They know what are called uncertainly barraba restruck leanness for the people fee in Heather This is the

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main from Cali every methylene example that are in the home so that they get other karoun they remember, they take a lesson for an apple an Albanian, Arabic, they are other than the possessor religion, any crookedness larhonda home so that they yet akun they fear or they become righteous. Baba he struck Allahu Allah methylene an example fraudulant of a man fee in him, Shoraka partners motorshow kissoon ones quarreling with each other.

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Why don't you learn and then Solomon submiting or Solomon belonging exclusively? lira juhlin for one man help our yesterday we n they both equal? My fella in example Alhamdulillah all praise for Allah by rather axolotl home, most of them left not here alone. They know.

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In NACA indeed, you may even want to die. We're in the home and indeed the mighty tune wants to die. Some then in a coma. Indeed you yolmer on the LTM the standing in the near Rob become your doctor Simone. You all will dispute will listen to the recitation.

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One Larry

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Az-Zumar 17-31 Translation 17-31

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