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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara freedom be able to really hammer the Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah here and Ali was over Salam does live in Cathedral cathedra

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from avato.

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Neverland sisters, I'll tell you today, six things to do.

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Six things that will improve your productivity challenge.

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The first day first thing is sometimes people say I'm overwhelmed.

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The reality is you're not overwhelmed. You're, you're unorganized.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala gave 24 hours.

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Everybody, nobody gets one minute more.

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There are people who accomplish in that 24 hours 10 times what other people accomplish in the same 24 hours, why?

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We like to attend and run courses on time management, and we write books on time management.

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I also teach a course on demand a very, very famous course it's on the internet as well.

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And they begin that course by saying that if you want to manage time you will fail. Because time cannot be managed. You can manage time is a factor of the revolution of the earth.

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How are you going to change that? You can make it slow, you can make it fast. So how will you manage time?

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What we can manage is ourselves.

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So first and foremost, schedule yourself.

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I've said this many times before when you sleep in the night, make a schedule for the next day tomorrow. These are the things I need to do order of priority very important, not just a laundry list, or a priority. What is the most important thing, what is the next what is the next write a list of three things not more than three? There's no sense in writing 16 things because it detracts the value of it three things you complete all three then you go to the fourth one no problem. First tooth 123 in order of importance, importance depends on your own life goal definition. We won't go into details of that. But that is the first thing. Second thing is focus on one thing at a time.

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Our big problem today is so called multitask multitasking. Multitasking is the biggest scam after daylight saving time.

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Seriously, two big scams in our society. DSD and multitasking. Multitasking is another word for distraction.

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Focus is the art of ignoring fluff.

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Today when you are today we are flooded with information.

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Totally flooded. An average person today in one day average person with a smartphone or so called smartphone in one day sees more information then our father saw probably in the whole year.

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Right? Maybe even more

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than being sort of kindness a one year maybe maybe what they see more in one day than our parents or grandparents or maybe in 10 years.

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You got one newspaper those days right. And that news we're also nobody read it from front to back, you read some things in the news, but that's it or maybe you listen to some radio there was no television. Obviously there were no foreigners up there you talk to people face to face, that's how much information today we have flooded and that information which we are flooded with is not real information, it is targeted

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data to you based on what you have voluntarily or involuntarily communicated that you like to see. So the algorithm works in in favor of that. So for example, if you are if you are if you have shown interest in seeing videos about the operation that is happening in Palestine, you will get 20 of those

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if you want to see what's happening if you're if you're looking at political stuff, you will get Zelena that right depends on our sports, you will get all kinds of stuff on sports. So whatever you show an interest in this is not this is this is not object is not even journalism. This is this is really advertising in a different way because they are making money out of that from AdWords. So they are sending you their stuff. Now, our job is to focus focus means ignoring.

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And that is something that nobody can do for you. You you folk when you focus on something you are consciously ignoring everything else.

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What do we do and we sat in Salla Allahu Akbar, what is it called the first time we are what's it called? They were what

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the Harima means what?

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me it makes everything haram except Allah subhanaw taala is presence.

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So what are you saying? I will ignore everything except Allah.

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whether we do it or not is different, but not what we're saying. So focus is the art of ignoring stuff. So decide what you want to focus on, and then consciously ignore everything else. Number three, make gradual improvements. You know, people get very enthusiastic or use you you're you listen to a nice lecture or you read a nice book and you get Oh, Wow, fantastic. I'm going to revolutionize my life, I will change everything ever. You will not, you will just create unwanted chaos. Don't go that route slow. Start small, but because Baby Steps Start small steps. Don't get discouraged by slow progress. Everything happens in a time a chicken's egg takes 21 days to hatch.

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If you get if you get impatient with that, you say I want to stick it in the microwave, you will get a boiled egg or you got to cook that right. You won't get a chicken out there. You have to wait. There is an organic time of development, it takes that much of time. So small steps, and don't get discouraged. That is why it's called progress. If it was magical, it would be magic. Transformation. Magical doesn't exist in reality. Number four, a problem solving mindset.

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A lot of times people complain Oh, this is bad. This is bad. This is bad. Okay, this is bad. So what do you want to do about it?

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I always tell I also tell people when I'm coaching managers, I tell people, when your people come to you with a problem, tell them thank you very much. Wonderful, love your problem. Now tell me what's the solution.

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Do not take the problem alone, your children, your child comes with a problem.

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Otherwise, you will just create whimpers you will just create more or glorious, we don't want more of the growth you want you got a problem, tell me the solution because the problem is hurting you right? So if it's hurting you, You are the closest to the problem. So what is the solution? Think think it through come to me with a problem and a solution. I remember all of the wonderful story. One of my

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colleagues in GE

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was a Spanish guy he had our consultant together with to train Leadership Program programs. He told me a fantastic story he said that he was working in Argentina on a

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project building a dam it was a huge multi billion dollar project building a dam he said we had a project manager was a boss man for the whole thing. And that man was a he was very autocratic and he was like you know very stuck with the details that he started thing was you're free to do anything you want but tell me first

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which means what which means you're not so as so he said he used to have a long line of people in front of his office where they would go sir, sir, I want to do this Can I do this Can I do this this is where the obviously the project was not going very far with that kind of mentality. So the company changed He's the new one came that were walking around we met a few people and so on so on. After that he said he stuck a big chart on the outside of his office door a big sheet of paper on that big sheet of paper you took a very thick marker and in big letters he wrote on this sheet of paper every problem has at least two possible solutions. Do not enter this room until you have

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thought of both of them that he wrote the solving

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every problem has at least two possible solution I just want to pause was Do not enter this room until you have thought of both of them. So no and then he stuck the thing on the back of the door and he shut the door

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now you know human beings are perverse so what happens KNOCK KNOCK he has come in. Sir can I have a pro Oh welcome please come cavity. What's your problem? Sir problem is this.

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so what's the solution?

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What is solution one

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knows that I came to ask you. So what?

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Are you blind?

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Are you illiterate? One of the two things or 3d movie or maybe you're mad right? 3d? He was rude. He was rude. He will say Are you blind? Are you illiterate? Are you mad? One of the three things right? If you're not get out of this place.

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See what I wrote on the road get out. It's gone. Now next one comes. Now Glock come in. How's he? Yes. What's the issue? This problem? Okay, fantastic. What's erosion, these heroes now this is why the trick is the solution that the man is giving you know you because you have better knowledge, you know that that is not the best solution.

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So what do you do? You tell no, you're useless or you don't think God? Are you encouraging was a fantastic Very good. I'm very happy. You're thinking about that. Now. Why don't you go and look at this parameter.

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you're talking about this machine Why don't you go and look up what is the sourcing time for this bitch How long will it take because we have got to finish your work into a deadline How long do you think it will take? Does it make sense? Yes sir Go

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now He's enthusiastic right? He's thought about so you are not giving even though you know you know the answer you're not giving the answer. You're leading him in the direction where you find the answer himself. Now he comes now it is his answer.

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Sir I think this was absolutely fantastic. I love the love man, you are a great guy go implemented. Now the man is he's a dude yardstick is he's come to the solution he does it right. So, problem solving mindset. And the last one and most important concentration.

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I mean, I say this every few days concentration focusing attention attention span, the difference between monkeys and human beaks his attention span. The difference between winners and losers is attention span. If you have the concentration on monkey life will give you peanuts, nothing else. Monkey like peanuts, right? You will get peanuts. If you want more than peanuts, you have to stop being a monkey. You have to get an attention span and stick to something through find a solution. And believe me, success is inevitable.

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Success is absolutely inevitable.

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It just takes steps that's all you take those steps you cannot fail you cannot even you can't fail even if you try to fail.

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As long as you are taking the right steps. There is no way that you cannot succeed. And remember we are Muslims. We have the final the greatest biggest formula. What is the formula? What is it called?

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The T word

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though we thought

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Yeah. The worker

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formula thing you will do I tell you this all the temptation, you know.

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The head juth.

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The halogen our girl comes with that do

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the head

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the secret? If you say you want something and you're not playing Taj with my brothers and sisters I say to you, you don't really want that thing. Don't fool yourself. If you really want the thing you are praying. If you're not praying that you that means you really don't want that you're just saying nice to have no no. If you're serious, you will ask the one who can give who's that me know Allah.

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If you really serious talk to the guy who will give you he said he will give you is there anyone who wants something from me?

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Right the head you ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us firm in our deen and to practice our deen and to give us from sources we cannot imagine and to become sufficient for us was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was a remember article