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Episode Notes


  • From Ibrahim a.s to Muhammad s.a.w.
  • The Call from Allah
  • Safa & Marwah
  • Hijr Ismail/Hateem
  • Rukun Yamani
  • Black Stone
  • Multazam
  • Maqam of Ibrahim a.s.
  • Lineage of Prophet s.a.w
  • Rulers of Makkah
  • Prophet s.a.w ancestors
  • Incident of the elephant
  • Birth of Prophet s.a.w.
  • His youth to prophethood
  • Marriage to Khadija
  • Prophet’s s.a.w. children
  • Rebuilding the Ka’bah
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I was relying on the rajim Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala chefin was an insane no Mohammed mala and he also urged My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam so now Malik Morocco Mahi wabarakatuh Al Hamdulillah Vladimir always and it will begin with the praise of Allah subhanaw taala hate Allah will be with us at none has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings and salutations to beloved me Mohammed salah and seldom is pious and pure family whose companions and all those who follow me soon until the end of time, Allah subhanaw taala blesses to be steadfast and tsunami Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam in this

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life, and he just companionship in the afterlife, amin Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we continue our series on Hajj and in the last two lectures we spoke about from the beginning of time from the Vietnamese Salaam, and before that when Allah subhanaw taala had designated and consecrated the land in Makkah, to be the place in which Allah subhanaw taala would make the Qibla of this this this planet will be the most sacred piece of land on the face of the earth and it's with the objective of the worship of Masada alone. And we mentioned how the message of tawheed moved from the title of the item and then becoming forgotten and then revived again by the father of the heat Navy Rahim Allah

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Islam, the patriarch of monotheism and even outside of Islam, he is known as being the father of monotheism and bringing mankind back on to the worship of one creator and one God. As we say, Allah subhanaw taala had instructed me Brahim to revive the Kaaba to basically rebuild the Kaaba after that we become forgotten and become lost, and he had lifted me smile is Salam in Makkah, and all the rituals of Hajj is connected to every Ibrahim the tale of the Sai, going back to hotjar. The slaughter of lovey is made in Mena and the jamara throbbing of the Jamaat all of this goes back to the the monastic rituals of NaVi but it was a solemn and it is beautiful when Allah subhanaw taala

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mentions the oma of Nabi Muhammad. Allah mentions us in the Quran. Allah says that the closest people to NaVi Ibrahim after NaVi brought him his own followers of his own people would be this oma that we are all people in the world. While Ibrahim is loved and revered by all groups, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, even the Hindus is called Brahma and goes back to Ebrahim. The people that emulate the beaver him the most is the other Muslims of this oma and that we follow his ritual every single year we follow and commemorate his sacrifice and commemorate his monastic in accordance with the duality he made. When Ebrahim as we said he would live in a basement in Makkah, A Tribe Called

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the Jerome tribe that will be added tribe, they would sit in Makkah, and they'll be smilie salaam would adopt the ways and the habits and the language and he'll become the leader. And so we brought him as his family. in Makkah, and ism Isla would marry into the family and you would have kids of his own. Then Allah subhanaw taala would bless them Ibrahim with a blessing. Unexpected something which he had not expected his wife sobre la Salam in Palestine in Jerusalem. She is given the good news that she will become pregnant and she will have a son that's part of law. That story is mentioned in the Quran in multiple places where she's an old lady, you know, basically in her 80s

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and 90s. And she costs her face in shock and you can imagine when she grabs her face, she's shocked and she says Am I going to have a child at this age and my husband My body is a chef he's a chef is this old man's panelizer really into within a weekend to have a child at this age and almost kind of a dialer and the angel gibreel system and blessings be upon you Oh albedo family of the of the Prophet you know Allah, mercy on you Our Allah decrees will come to pass and on such as Allah subhanaw taala that he gives you a blessing when you least expect it. And so the sobre la Salaam has a son of our own and this is the be his heart and from the line of NaVi is hockey will have a son

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Yaqoob and NaVi our cubs name is Israel el And so much of the Quran mentions the story of the progeny of Jacobo the Bani Israel you and Allah subhanaw taala would bless in this line of O'Brien's family. Nobu were many, many newbies one after the other. Nabil is hogshead and obeah. Now he had 12 sons of them is the use of an abusive as we know his story, his whole his brothers and his father comes to Egypt and they settle in Egypt. And then after a while they become that family becomes a priest. And so from the lineage of the use of comes to the Mimosa and maybe heroin and they remove the bunnies or ill from Egypt back to Jerusalem and Abuja, that small boy in SoTL calf that

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accompanies that be Moosa he is the one that brings them back into Jerusalem, and so many many ambia would follow libido Wouldn't it be so a man times when the bunnies are great and strong, they would have kins then they would fall into weakness, and they would break the covenant with Allah and they would go away from the teachers or Allah subhanaw taala. And he would send them reminder upon the reminder and maybe upon maybe until Allah subhanaw taala would send to them the final NaVi 20 sorry, the Messiah, the one that they had asked Allah seen as a Messiah, one who threw him would bring us honor and he will basically dominate

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The entire world and bring about mercy across the world. And with Allah Cindy the Messiah is seminarium they rejected him when they tried to kill him. And so Allah subhanaw taala saved dubby Isa and had been lift the bunnies, right you and panela this was about 500 550 years before the coming of knowing Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And if we look at history of the loveeeee, sorry Salaam had left, the Romans were ruled Jerusalem actually destroyed, the masjid measure luxotic was in Jerusalem, it was completely destroyed, and the entire bernisa evil were expelled from Jerusalem, they were not allowed to be even in Jerusalem. And so that is the combination of the

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the line of the monies that are evil, and SubhanAllah. We can then see just before the coming on a missile solemn, that humanity went in a state of darkness that Allah had stopped sending newbies to when he saw it anymore, and they had corrupted the teachings of the Gambia and they had collected the text. And meanwhile, the other family that cousins are the bunnies that are in Makkah. So what about the progeny of Lovie Smith, many, many centuries would pass from the basement all the way down to the time of Nagisa Salaam and the Arabs as well, they would forget the teachings of Obi Ibrahim. And in fact, a man called Mr. Bean, even Louis lived about the same time that we like to be easily

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set up, he would do something which no other man did from the atoms, you travel to Syria. And the atoms as we know, at that time, were not very advanced technologically, they had many qualities that were good. But they were not very advanced, there was still very much a desert focus video when people and when he came to these civilizations, these people that had culture and they had, you know, cities and monuments, he wanted to know what was the source of the power. And these people said that they worship idols and idols gave him strength. And so he was very impressed. And so he brought one of these idols back to Makkah, and instructed the people of Makkah that this is what we

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should believe and follow. And so the people of Makkah fell into idolatry. While the Kaaba was the use to make high journeys to follow the rituals of lovey Brahim, they then began adding idols to the worship along with Allah subhanaw taala. And slowly but surely more and more idols popped up to a point when the Kaaba itself was surrounded by hundreds of idols and inside and around it. And all of the people of Africa and Arabia basically began to worship idols. And even though the Hajj continued, even though people from all over Arabia would come to, to the Kaaba every year, and they would worship Allah subhanaw taala they would worship idols along Allah subhanaw taala. And so if we

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look at the two lines of NaVi Brian, very sadly, on the one line, the police royal had, had corrupted the books and turned away and on the other line, the line of NaVi is right in the people of Makkah, they had forgotten the heat and had gone to idol worship, and mankind was in a very dark, dark place. And so Allah subhanaw taala would send the final chapter of noble where the final chapter of Revelation and the combination of all the ambia in the coming of Libya, Mohammed solo and he will sell them and inshallah talk a little bit about maybe Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So the Prophet Mohammed Salim as we said, his lineage goes all the way back to the Reese Ryan. So he's of

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the descendants of NaVi smile, and as we said, Before, I lived in Makkah, and he married one of the Arab goals of Mecca. And so the descendants of many, many generations, we don't know all this the descendants of NaVi is made up and to a point, he had a great retreat many, many, many generations down at CNN called Adnan and from Adnan under the levees also, we have his lineage, we have the lineage of the Nabi sallallahu wasallam, and the resources of the sons of the Ebrahim. Allah selected the beast male, and then from the descendants of NaVi Israel. Allah selected a man called kin Allah, and from kin Allah, Allah selected a man called crush and from crush Allah selected a man

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called Hashem and from Hashem basically the resource alum would come in Hashem is the great grandfather of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So a little bit of history here. We sit the type of Jerome, this Arab time they ruled Mecca, and NaVi Ismail had sort of married into vim, and his descendants were not. They were part of the doodle tribe, but they were not pure Adams. Jerome's were of course, as we say, pure Arab Bedouin people with the misma he was aerobicized, he became an Arab. And so the people of Judah whom they eventually became bad, and they began to harm the people that would visit Makkah and they would extort the money. And so the Judo type will expel

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them out of of Makkah, by the descendants of obese right elbow, the people would call them the Eid nannies or the Edda knights, and they would expel the German tribe. And when the German tribe left Makkah, they did a very bad thing. They basically fold the well of them. So they covered it up to the what optimism was covered, and Subhanallah after they had done so the well of Zamzam became, it sort of sank away and no one could find that water was for hundreds of years, people were looking, they knew that there was a well here at the cargo, but they could not find it and he was completely lost. And as time went on, different tribes began to take ownership or custodianship of us of markup

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Then we get all the way to the point of the coming of interview Mohammed solemn his grandfather Abu Talib now to some we should know the lineage of Louisa Salaam we have many of us know the lineage going all the way back to to Adnan and if we if all we should know is we should know that the vessel Salaam his father was the law and of the law, his father was a Abdullah metallic. And then of course the father of the metallic was Hashem. And Hashem was this great man of Makkah, who, when Mecca was in a time of economic poverty, it was his idea. He was really it was his bright idea to say, let us begin a trade route, taking goods from Yemen to Syria, that Yemen is a great city of Yemen is a city

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of, of culture and civilization and it has it has goods Syria is a place of civilization and in between these two great hubs is this open, barren land of Arabia. So let us we live in the in the desert, we know the desert based with SB that Import Export people that take goods to the north in the south. The regulator is she thought he was safe, as Allah says is the ILA figuration, Allah says that the trade routes that you take in the summer and the winter, it is Allah subhanaw taala that protects you. And so Hashem the great grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was the man that basically began this journey and brought great economic prosperity to to the people of America.

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And so he was a man that would travel north and south and he would also Institute looking after the the Hajaj and feeding them some so maca became a very prestigious center amongst the Arabs, the people from all over Arabia would come to Makkah, the Qureshi became wealthy, they became prominent, but he had the spiritual leadership of the Arabs and they looked up to the people of the koresh as as you know, being slightly superior

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in terms of the senior in nobility and Hashem spinalonga interestingly enough, you know, this is a man that will travel a lot you know, as we say that his job was to travel between centers and Alhamdulillah Mashallah he had wives all over the place amongst the the places that he had a wife very interestingly and is the father of Allah. He had a wife that his people and his family in market didn't know of. He had a wife in a city called yes report what we would know as Medina. And this shows you the father of Allah that Allah subhanaw taala would allow a family member or a family to begin of the Prophet Salaam in Medina, long before the coming of Nabisco Salama, the city would

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become an important city in the life of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that you would have relatives that he did not even know about in Medina. And so Hashem had this wife in them in Medina, and he had a son called Shiva that again, no one knew about in Medina. And on one of these journeys, Hashem goes all the way to Palestine. And he died in a very famous Hospital in Palestine mala make it easy for the people of Palestine, that that's where Hashem the great grandfather of Islam passes away. And when he passed away, one of

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his brothers called with Polly, he came to know that Hashem has a son in Medina that we don't know about. And so he goes to Medina and he finds his boy called Shiva and he brings him back to Makkah. And when Mubarak brings shaver back to Makkah, so the pitch of this the man comes into market and with him is this unknown little boy and people's his arm with Felipe, you both a slave you with all that you went, you know, you went out and you did you think when you came back to America, you're coming with a slave boy. So this must be Abdulmutallab, your slave your abs, and you know, Subhanallah how it is a nickname is given to you once and it stays forever. And so shava became

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known as Abdul muttalib, the slave of Macaulay even though his name is Shiva, but he became known as the slave of Mubarak. And so this young Abdulmutallab would grow up to become a very important man. He is of course the grandfather of the Wii solo and he was a lamp.

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So he comes to Macau, an outsider to the family, not being Of course he because he was unknown to the family. He did not have the, the inheritance of Hashem he did not have the prestige of Hashem. But Allah subhanho wa Taala would make him a very prestigious man. And as when he grew up, one of the things that he happened to him, he had a dream, a reoccurring dream of digging in a certain spot outside next to the Kaaba. And, you know, the stream continued until he said, You know what, let me just go and do it. And so he began digging at the spot of the well of Zamzam. And the people of Makkah, you know, looked at him and they laughed at him and they said, You know what, we've been

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living here for hundreds of years, the tribe of Judah whom had buried the swell of some some it's gone. It had they been well, we would have found it by now. We've been being there all this time. We've basically given up looking for, for the water. And of course, Sasha, Abdulmutallab. He's he continues the enhanced Panama he strikes within gold, he strikes Zamzam, the well of Zamzam is, is revived. So this is one of the signs that something big is about to happen. The fact that Allah subhanaw taala had returned the one of them to the people of Makkah, and

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with that Abdullah metallic, now of course, is is in charge

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The world of Samsung, there's another incident that the people of Makkah tried to force the lives of some away from you, thank you take it away from him. And,

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and in doing so he was unable to defend himself because he was basically alone him and his son. And so he said, If Allah allows me to have 10 times one day and give me the strength of 10 cents, I will corbon I will sacrifice one of them. And so when you finance panel, Allah blessed Abdulmalik with a lot of blessings amongst that he had many, many sons, he had more than he had more than 10 children. And so the time came to fulfill that promise. And then, you know, he went to a soothsayer, a magician of some sorts, and of course, it's not permissible. And Panama something we don't talk about, of course, even the some of the descendants of an abuse of Salaam, upon the ancestors of

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abyssal Salaam like Nabil Ibrahim's father, um, some of them were not practicing a towhead as it should have been, and they did these things which are not permissible. This was before the coming of Nabisco solemn. And so,

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during this this process, it was what they would do is that Abdul muttalib believed that the promise he made that he has to slaughter he was he see son, he had to slaughter Abdullah is one of his younger sons. And so he went and he spoke to these

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people work with do combs and jeans and said, Well, what should I do? And so, the lady said, You know what, why don't you like roll a dice asking Allah whether he wants the sun or he wants instead of the suntan camels. And every time you roll the dice and it falls on the boy you add another thing camel so it says here Allah Do you want me to slaughter Abdullah? Or do you want 10 camels and you roll the dice and then says, okay, Abdullah, okay, Allah, you only have 20 camels. And you keep doing this until it falls on the camels, and eventually it fell on 100 camels. And so I'm doing Felipe slaughtered 100 camels and

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Abdullah was or saved, and that's why the Nagisa Salah very famously, he says, I'm the son of the two people that were meant to be slaughtered to where the two is my inverse was meant to be slaughtered. And then his father Abdullah was also about to be to be quarterback. And then of course, Allah subhanaw taala does not ask us to slaughter our children. And so a lot of which, as we know, would grow up and you would marry one of the goals of maca, Amina. And Panama Abdullah also followed in the family business of traveling up and down, and he dies. Panama on one of these journeys to Medina is panela. Again, this connection to a city that is not very important in the

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life of a musician. As a young man, you wouldn't even know that this would be my city, one day of the law passes away as we know before the birth of the Beatles alum, and even Amina gives birth to this to the prophet SAW Salem. And all of this occurs in a year called the year of the elephant. And this was the next big event that would, you know, symbolize something big is going to happen. So these are very strange things that are happening with a builder well of some zombies coming to pass, the slaughter of Abdullah was going to be so all of these things are an indication that something big is on the horizon. But of course, the biggest event and that was just before in fact, the birth

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of the resource column is the incident of the elephant and what is the incident of the elephant. So we all know the story of that the soldiers who could feel

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alumna Rockefeller Abu Dhabi is having feed Allah Subhana Allah says to us, Have you not seen how Allah has had dealt with the US hub, the companions, the people of the elephant? So what is the story?

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As we know, at the time of the coming on, the resource alumna Lisa's alum, came about, you know, 530 years he was born 530 years, 550 years after the the time of NaVi Salah Salaam, and at his birth, the birth, the time of nummies asylum, the dominant religion was the region of Christianity, the Romans had adopted a type of Christianity, which was of course not the same

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religion of Nabi sallallahu sallam, and so the many of the centers, Syria, Abyssinia, Yemen, and these are areas all around Arabia. They were all Christian. And the Arabs, of course, had not taken on Christianity or Judaism, but they worship the paganism. They worship the idols. And so the ruler of Yemen, a man called Abraham, he was the ruler of Yemen, he built a massive Cathedral in Yemen. And he wanted to spread Christianity amongst the Arabs. And so he told the people that you should come to our microphysical and you should come here and worship of Jesus and you should be a Christian, good Christians here in Yemen. And he said, we want to have a type of Hajj every year.

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But no matter how much he tried any book, as we said, the beautiful Cathedral, he had all the floors and fancies, the atoms would still go to this, you know, middle of nowhere, desert Valley Makkah to commemorate the Hajj and they will not come to Yemen. And so this, you know, he couldn't understand. And then, you know, to add insult, to injury, a Bedouin man went to the cathedral and as a way of this respect, he dedicated he, you know, he put feces in the jassa all over the the the cathedral, the cathedral, and

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He said that we basically we we go to the Kaaba, and we have no interest in your Cathedral. And so abraha very angry about this issue. He said, Well, the only way to solve this problem is I need to destroy the Kaaba, I need to go to Makkah, and demolish this, this this the structure, and so that people can enter Christianity. And so he came with an army. And with it on me there was an elephant. The idea of course, the elephant is to demolish the scab. And this

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occurred. Abdulmalik was the grandfather of Isa Salam was in Makkah, and he was sort of the chieftain of Makkah, he was the head of, of the people of Makkah. And so Abraham is in his army reaches, reaches, reaches the Mecca and they sit outside of Makkah, basically in in what we would see now in Mena, the foot of Mena, almost daily for actually. So, for those Hajaj who have been in Makkah, or who have been on Hajj, you will know that there's a place on the border of Missouri Lisa and Mina called the machete al Haram, Allah mentions and look around the mush, halal Haram. This is basically a way the elephant stops. And of course, we know the story, the elephant will not move,

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and abraha basically camps at that point about to enter into markup, and the people are mad cannot able. I mean, they're not people that have an army. They're not very sophisticated. We realize there's nothing they can do. And they turned to the leader Abdul muttalib, what are you going to do, you need to help us you need to give us some direction, what we mean to do here. And so he said to the people of the policy to the people of America, you leave the city, so that nothing no one gets harmed, go out outside, vacate macker and I will speak to Abraham. And so as part of our beautiful stories narrated by even a sham, that in the books of history, that the grandfather Nagisa Salam was

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a very tall man, a very striking man. He was very handsome man, he looked like a leader, he had all this, these leadership qualities, a very Cavalier kind of character, and one that was, you know, brave and, and, you know, no one what you couldn't intimidate him. He comes to abraha with this big army, and abre heard about adultery, but this is this is sort of the leader of the people of Macau, and he stands up and he meets him and they enter discussion. And so abraha begins and abrar sister of them without it. You know, I've come with US Army as you can see, your people can fight us. And I'm not here to harm anyone. I don't want to harm any of your people. Just leave Makkah with me Come

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and demolish the Kaaba and then we will leave and it will be over. I just was all I want to do. And so as abraha is talking about the storing the Kaaba, and it stops him, he says, Stop, stop, sup sup sup. I'm not here to talk about the Kaaba and you're demolishing the cop. I'm not concerned about that. I want to know what happened to my camels. Because when you came here to Makkah, my camels were outside grazing, and you took them. Basically you stole them. So I want my camels back. I'm here to talk about my camels. And Abraham was shocked and he says, I thought that you are a man of honor, that I come to destroy your basically your your Qibla your Kaaba, and you don't want to talk

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about that you more concerned about your camels, you are really a desert Bedouin backward person. And so Abdulmutallab just gave me back my camels. And as he leaves the tent, he says labra you know, the reason why I've come to talk about my camels is because I am the custodian of the camels. My job is to look after them. As for the Kaaba, my job isn't to look after the Kaaba. The Kaaba has his own rub, it has its own master, and he's the one that you're going to have to deal with. He's the one who will take care of the Kaaba and so on that you know, cliffhanger of nobody believes, and they make drama said, Yeah, Allah only you can save us. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala, of course, would

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would destroy the army of Abraham, we know from a certain field Allah says, Have you not seen what we did to the people of the camel? To the elephant of one, they cannot do it alone, not make the plans into Tod real misguidance all the plots and plans were of no use will answer that Allah He played on a Barbie and I will sing against them, flocks and flocks of birds, you know hundreds of birds.

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Tommy him, he remains in jail, in each of the claws of the birds of the birds in each claw. And in the beak. They had three stones, and they would throw these stones upon the army of Abraham. Cause FEMA cool, making them like eaten straw like cat wheat, basically, they will cut down the stones every time you hit someone.

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It will not only hit you, it will also have a thing we taught you that when he would strike you, it will cause a soul and that soul would face that and it would spread like a disease. And so every person of the stone heat basically died at the SWAT abraha survived and he went back to Yemen. But as he when he arrived in Yemen, he basically died in Yemen. And so this was a huge shock. Of course, this is something out of the ordinary. And it's a symbol that something be is about to come, something is going to happen. People always ask me what what happened to the elephant. Of course, Allah subhanaw taala had not caused the elephant to die from the from the pelting of the birds,

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although it is mentioned that the elephant did die because Sahaba were a year or two older than me, so maybe three or four years older. So they were young children. They would they they remember the incident of the elephant and they would tell in Haiti they the mothers would take the

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To the caucus of the elephant elephants caucus, we're still outside of maca. And for them, they've never seen an elephant before. So they would go and they would see how big the elephant was. So Allah subhanaw taala, calls the birds to kill it, but perhaps the army of abraha, because the elephant did not want to move, they probably stabbed or they heard the elephant. And so the elephant died outside of outside of Macau. But this incident became known as the incident of the elephant and that year, because they'd never calendar, it would be called the year of the elephant. Now, for people that don't have a calendar, they would commemorate amazing, you know, big events. So for

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example, we would, you know, our, you know, time would say 2010 is the year of the the World Cup 2018 2020 was the year of the pandemic. So you also between the year of the World Cup, and the year of the pandemic, there was 10 years. So even though you don't have a calendar, you market by big milestones. And this, the incident of the elephant was, of course, a major milestone. And it was in this year, a few months after the incident of the elephant, that Amina gives birth of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And of course, the final messenger of Allah subhanaw taala is born. And we know many, many incidents and events throughout the childhood of the Prophet sallallahu

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sallam. He was born according to the most authentic counts. We know that he was born in Rockville, oh, well, the third month of the egd calendar on a Monday on the 12th on the ninth and even Oh, below. Well, there's some disagreements we know he was on a Monday. As the prophets Allah mentions, He fasted on a Monday because he was born on a Monday, and he would make his hegira on the Monday and he would die sallallahu Sallam on a Monday. So a Monday very special day for fasti commemorating these important events in the time for NaVi Mohammed sallallahu wasallam. We won't go through all you know, this is not a biography of the abyssal Salaam. But throughout his life, he lived in

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Makkah, I mean, a very sadly, his he never met his father, when his mother had passed away. He would spend a few years with Abdullah metallic when he had a very special place with his grandfather, metallic, even metallic was sort of the chief and had many, many children and grandchildren. There was just something about this new grandson Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that really really touched upon polyps hot books of sera mentioned that of the metallic when he would have his his meetings, committee meetings, no children are allowed in those meetings. But Muhammad was allowed to sit with him. And then of course of the metalli would pass away, and his uncle of authority would look after

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him. And the person would grow up in the household who thought he would do this similar kind of job like his forefathers, input, export. And he would through that he would meet a lady hadiza, who would need a manager. And so the person would marry her DJ at the age of 25. But one of the big events that occurred just before the coming of Nabina Muhammad salam, something very interestingly, Musa Salam is now a man in his 30s. He had been married to her DJ for a number of years. He has a lot of prestige, a lot of renown amongst his people. He's a man known for his, his honesty, his character, someone that people trust. And the kurush now would go through a process of renovating

00:27:54--> 00:28:29

the Kaaba, the Kaaba, the center of Makkah got damaged, a lady was cooking food and the Kaaba basically caught a light the cloak of the Kira Kuta light, and so the carbon got burnt and got damaged. And then not long after there was a storm, and the rain basically knocked out the rest of the carbon, so the carbon was in disrepair. And the Qureshi were thinking, look, we need to renovate the Kaaba, and how are we going to do this. And so the entire market we caught together and they had sort of a building project that we're going to renovate the Kaaba at the same time. And this is again, the kernel of a lot that the emperor of Rome, he had seen a ship to Yemen, to build a

00:28:29--> 00:29:02

cathedral, again, another Cathedral in Yemen, and the ship had the best building material, you can imagine that the most powerful man in the world looking to build a church would seem only the best material from Rome, to Yemen to be built. And in this ship, somehow it went Of course, and in God's standard in the on the beach of gender, gender just outside Makkah. And so the building material was lifted. And so the people of the ship, they will begin they said, Look, we have no need for this material. There's no way we can take it now to Yemen, so we're gonna sell it. And so the people of Makkah said, Look, we're trying to build the Kaaba, and here we have this amazing material engender,

00:29:02--> 00:29:37

leaders put all our money together, and we can buy the material to rebuild the Kaaba as part of something of the Qureshi. Even with all the faults and all the mistakes, they say to the people. Whoever wants to contribute is welcome. You can all put your you can all join in and we can both Aqaba together, but people who have money from prostitution, from Harmer from gambling from Riba your money is not allowed. We only want clean money in building the Kaaba. So even in the fitrah they understood between what Allah accepts and what Allah is not going to accept. And so they put the money together, and they purchased what they could have the materials and they began building

00:29:37--> 00:29:59

the Kaaba, and they change the structure of the garba. The Kaaba, as I mentioned, was a rectangle. Instead the crush both the Kaaba higher, it was taller, and they made a cube shaped so it was more of a square. And then during the construction, they realize that they need to run out of funds. They didn't have enough money to complete the project. And one of the reasons why they obviously as this as if they actually raised the carbon

00:30:00--> 00:30:35

They made it a lot bigger, taller. And so because it was taller, we ran out of materials. And so the part of the cabinet was incomplete. They said look, we will just make a semi circle around it. And we will with the idea that we will finish this project in years to come. And so they had sold the car but as it looked at the time of the visa sanlam and as it looks now is not how it looked like maybe Rahim it is now it looks like a square, a cube. And you got a little semicircle on the side designating the this part is part of the Kaaba, but we have not yet finished it with the idea that we would finish it. And as they were building the Kaaba, right towards when they completed the

00:30:35--> 00:31:08

project. The last thing to be placed in the cabin was the Blackstone. So they removed the Blackstone, and now came the time to put it back in. And every time and every group of the crash every family said we should have the honor of putting the Blackstone one. So you know, we've contributed the most funds are the signal we are the bravest. And so they've been, you know, very tribalistic tribalism. The argument became so big and so severe that they started thinking about swords, they were about to kill one another to say we should have the honor of putting the Blackstone back into the Kaaba. And as the tension was high, one of the old men of Makkah, you know,

00:31:08--> 00:31:41

in the middle of the harem said, Look, guys, guys, let's not fight and kill one another over this. Let's just lit the next man that walks through the door, the next person that comes into the camp, let him decide what to do. And lo and behold, as Allah decreed Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam unaware of all of this, he walks into the harem. And they said, are Mohammed a sonicwall? I mean, the man that we touch the man that we love the man that everyone knows to be a man of honor and truthfulness. How about you decide what we should do? So explain to him our problem, we all want to put the stone in the car about the Blackstone wrecking, but who should have the honor, and you know what's amazing,

00:31:42--> 00:32:15

the other times would not have allowed anyone else to arbitrate, because they would have thought that look, any man would arbitrate in the favor of his own family, but they all knew that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and I said this is before we came in about five years before the Buddha, he would not favor his own family. And he had such a good relationship with everyone, that it seems that every person felt that he would, he's my friend, he's going to choose me. And so the prophets Allah and the shows you his hikmah and his wisdom, he says, all of the big booters all the chieftains, all the big guys, all of you come here, come together, bring the towel, and he put the stone the black

00:32:15--> 00:32:48

stone in the towel, and he said, all of you carried together to the Kaaba, so you all get the honor and the sheriff. And so all the chieftains together, took the stone to the Kaaba and the prophets, Allah himself with his own hands, he placed the stone back into the Kaaba. And so all this once again is a is a is an indication that something major is on the horizon, that after this event, Allah subhanaw taala would The next major milestone in the happenings of the Kaaba would be Allah subhanaw taala. In a few years after this event, Allah would send you realize soon after the measles alum to revive the last chapter of Ebola and the coming of the last prophet who speak about that

00:32:48--> 00:33:22

inshallah, next week, we have Neela. Before we log off just a few, a couple of announcements, the first one Alhamdulillah. And as we said, at the end of the month, perhaps the 31st of July, or the first of August, would be really, the eat of slaughter. And that is, of course, the eat that follows Hodge, and it is the day of corbon that is the day that you feel the energy, that is the day that you slaughter. And of course, you can continue slaughtering across the days of the shinnick. But it's the most important event of aid is to corbon is to slaughter. In fact, as I said, of all the rituals of Hajj, we don't make the off. We don't say we don't do any of those things Jamaat if

00:33:22--> 00:33:58

you're not not Haji, but we do slaughter. And this is the pinnacle of the day of aid. In fact, the holiest day of the year is taken to be evil at heart, it is holier than thou the day of evil fitter. And the best thing that you could do is to korban and the prophets of Salaam says that whatever what we could imagine whatever of here of that animal is for us, meaning vizury Award is to the extent that every he have achieved or every fiber of wool is a word with Allah subhanaw taala. And then the duck word he has a las panatela as Allah in the Quran. So we're always able to combine I know this is a COVID-19. And perhaps because it's COVID-19, we should make that extra effort to commemorate

00:33:59--> 00:34:30

these rituals. So the merchant would handle Islam, you would find that the form is attached, or whoever would like to remind you can fill out the form. If you're able to, you'd have you'd see we'll do a live uplink. So you can watch the caravan happening. Or you could do sort of a drive thru coupon you'd pass when you call, you'll get this time slot. So you can witness the coupon and participate and then Subhanallah continue on. So we will continue to commemorate this great sacrifice of NaVi Brahim as you can share this moment with the poor, the many, many poor people and so the quadband will be used. And then lastly, the last announcements Pamela mcdow. For all the

00:34:30--> 00:34:59

people that have passed away during this time what is very sad, we had some, you know, very senior people. Dr. Jacquard, for example, a sexy Raj malev mercy on them that have passed away and the sad thing is that they were not able to be in the masjid to have a janazah as they would very close to home on Monday and my neighbor when a wonderful neighbor go down and go down to st Sangha he passed away also amongst panela that day truly admired was in the mosque five times a day looking into my place in general, not being able to be in the masjid to have a janazah many people don't know who passed away. So we asked them this one time.

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

Mercy on all those who have passed away and Allah forgive them And grant them a high place in Jana. May we all continue to remember them in our do us and we pray for the support of the family. May Allah subhanho wa Taala count all of those who passed away during this pandemic, rightfully the reward of mushahid, Allah Subhana protect all of us and those who are sigma logarithm Shiva, Allah subhanaw taala grant is endemic to be removed soon, very quickly. Allah Azure brought it very quickly, may disappear very quickly, and may life go back to normal in a better way. And when we all return to the messages from Allah have mercy on all of us does. acolhedor was Allah said no matter

00:35:31--> 00:35:33

what and it also happy or sad, I'm sending a handler without me