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Hello my mother Eva hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shortfilm be able mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah hi to you and it was I will send them this demon because here on cathedra Mavado

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Hello sisters we are talking about as I mentioned to three voices that speak to us

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and what to do with them and how to deal with them.

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We spoke about the first of them which is the voice of shaitan

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who tries to mislead and guide and deceive

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we spoke about the different ways in which return does that and what is to be done in that context. Today I want to speak to that a second voice

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which in a manner of speaking is even more powerful

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and that is the voice of yourself knifes

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I wanted to share that I was rather sad has no power over you we can only whisper

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but the knifes

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and those around that I mentioned about the knifes is the reduce of

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in the NAFSA the Amara Don't be so Ill Lamarr imrb

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was well as Rob says very I'm truly my enough's leads me to sin

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does not lead me to goodness doesn't lead me to Salah does not lead me to the Cordoba leads me to sin in the NAFSA llama the lamb of the kid in the NEF, Salah Amara to be su Illawarra marami so there is a clause which is that except the one on whom Allah subhanaw taala has mercy we ask Allah for His mercy we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from ourselves

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so the first thing to understand about the nurses that were and this is a standard thing remember this is useful for a Salam speaking about his own knifes.

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So if somebody says you know what, I am a pious person I'm with Turkey well you can't be bigger with Turkey than they are be under the interview of Allah

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and then also very very special maybe this is the interview about whose story was revealed revealed also.

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So, it is a danger which is there for all of us that the knifes leads us to sin Illawarra hibi how do we get the Wrath of Allah

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second thing is to understand about the knifes is

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that if we give into the laughs Now again before that,

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which I thought for example,

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in Ramadan, Allah subhanaw taala genes are chatty.

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So Jatin are not operating.

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But do we commit sins and other

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May Allah protect us. So, who is there

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that is this knifes which is, which is misguiding us. So enough is with us with this is our the only time the enough's meaning and again novices

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in Arabic knows means life loves means breath not being self. In this case we are talking about we say an absolute it is in the in the technical theological meaning which means we really are talking about our own personal desires.

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You're not talking about breath you're not talking about life you're talking about our own personal desires. So when we say enough's means my desires.

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Now, Allah subhanho data when he mentioned is enough's in zero to Virkon Allah subhanaw taala said,

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are either money taka Illa, who Hawa?

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Under the Kuno IDE will kill

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Allah subhanaw taala said have you seen on me Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, the one who has taken his own desire as his ILA as his god is worshiping his desire.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada makes a statement, Allah says, Will you then be an advocate? Will you then be a

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walk heel, will you be a keeper protector over such a person? Meaning what?

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Will you do such a thing meaning don't do it. Do not intercede. Do not be that person. Don't be responsible for that person.

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Believe them, who the one who has taken

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His desire as his God

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now what is the meaning of saying desire as a god so for example, supposing somebody is addicted to alcohol he's not putting a bottle of Chivas Regal and making sentences that to that right. So, what is the what is the taking as God means what taking us God means where there is a Hong Kong where there is an order of Allah subhanaw taala. And

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opposed to that is the desire

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which do you give precedence to, which is more important.

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But that is that, that is worship.

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Worship is to do something, worship is obedience basically. So, when I'm obeying someone or something other than Allah, the inner way of worshipping that person, in this case, our is again another word, in the same meaning of no switches desires, Allah is saying, Did you see Have you not seen the one who has taken his power is taking the desires, as the object of worship means is worshiping a desire meaning what? Meaning it is shirk, and what is the shift the shake is the person has made himself share it with Hola.

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Hola. Hola. Hola. How evil is that? Right?

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So he's not now he's not making sherek with Allah something else a star Moon sun, He's making himself sharing with Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that is such a serious thing that Allah's rondalla use the word he lays it as God as the object of worship. And Allah subhanaw taala then one then we are a salami said do not intercede for those people.

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So the voice of the knifes How do you recognize the voice of the reps?

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By listening to it and seeing what is it doing? If it is telling me to do something which is against the orders of Allah? I leave it I don't say sorry. Sorry, I understand I know who you are.

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Again, the importance therefore of a visual know what is right what is wrong hamdulillah today, we are not in that situation where we don't know we know. But we still do and that's why it's very important not to do that. If it happens then immediately make us the current Allah has kept the door of is the foreign Toba open all the time. Now, third thing

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one of the friends of the knifes one of the biggest support of the nafs is our company

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is the friend we keep

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If you have the if you have people say you are you are a product of five of your closest friends. So ask yourself who are my five closest friends, you are a product of that who are those people are you will be like that.

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So it's very important to have the right kind of friends because if you have friends for example, who are doing things which are haram which are doing things which are doubtful and so on for you to go against that flow will be very difficult.

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Simplistic for example, if you are say, you know for the women, if you if you want to wear hijab, and none of your friends wear hijab, then you will feel odd, you know how can I wear this and they will keep putting pressure what is your backward your this your that

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if you want to pray on time and nobody is praying on time, or they are Muslim, but they're not praying on time, then you will feel hesitant in our knife to get up and go this is meetings it's just nice to be having good fun and so on I had to start up a

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company is extremely extremely important. The right company very, very important you be with the right people you will do the right things you be with the wrong people will do the wrong things, even if you resist or is for them after that you will fall into the same trap.

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So extremely important to be with the right people. Now, in that context, what is one of the biggest mistakes we make and that mistake is a very serious mistake. And that mistake is we pick and choose what we will obey.

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So if Allah subhanaw taala gave us three directions, we pick and choose I will obey number one, I will not obey number two, I will obey and number three,

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selective obedience. And I want to say to you that selective obedience is disobedience. Simple as that because if Allah subhanaw taala or Dallas Allah said yeah, you know, or the whole of is still weak. For what I thought that we would want the Showtime in the hula Komodo movie Allah said, Oh, you will believe enter into Islam completely, fully, totally, wholeheartedly. Not partially.

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Not partially completely

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every aspect of my life

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by domestic life like Islam, my business according to Islam, the way I deal with people about Islam the way I dress about Islam the way I talk to people about everything according to Islam Foodhall official me cough when I told you what was the shaitan Allah said do not follow the footsteps of Sanjay that has gone footsteps or that you are following you are responsible in our Komodo movie and he is your worst enemy, clear enemy.

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So what do we do we do selective obedience about select obedience. Allah is rather a specifically mentioned selective obedience in the Quran, and was rather said in 02 Bacara

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avato may not be bad in Kitabi what duck Fortuna we Brad Allah said do you believe in some of the Scripture and you disbelieve or you reject the rest? Select obedience you take something and you leave something

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and then Allah say and then others rather than format Jazza Oh my EF I know that he come in come in his une ville higher the dunya Well, Yo man, Mati Euro Dona Isla Asha de la Vega, warm Allah who we have our feeling Amata Allah's around that is it. Is there any reward? Is there any Java the word Java here is used in it in a psycho sarcastic sense?

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Loving, what is the reward? What should be the reward? Right? What should be the reward of karma? What should be there is a reward Maya phylogenetic for someone who does this does what selective obedience. Is there any reward for those of you who do this other than his Yun Phil had dunya disgrace in this worldly life?

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So first of all, right here this grace in this life

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but Yeoman Kia Murthy rot, Dona Isla Usha did not think about this not even ordinary punishment on the Day of Judgment, they will be directed towards they will be put into the worst punishment, the most grievous punishment.

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And then Allah says, Allah help What will my love will be alive feeling Amata Ramadan Allah is not aware Allah is not Garfield from what you do. The thing about that this is such a serious serious serious matter that Allah subhanaw taala is saying this in so many words that you if you do select obedience now why why is this such a big issue? Think about this. Well, why what is the big deal? Many people that are in order with Equus Tokara

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have to while I'm doing something.

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So I'm not I have not rejected Islam I have not, you know, gone out of his I have not become worth

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after and I'm praying. So what if I don't give zakat

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or after I'm giving zakat, so what if I don't first

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of all, I'm praying and fasting I'm giving zakat so what if I have you know, some haram in my life somewhere in one way or the other?

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Isn't that we hear these arguments right?

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You know, what you're really saying here? You're saying to Allah subhanaw taala by your action. So what if you said I should do it?

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I will not do it, I will do what I want to do.

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Selective obedience is rebellion.

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Selective obedience is literally covert. Selective obedience is you are picking and choosing and you are saying yeah, Allah, you told me three things, okay. So what

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I will only do

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that is the reason why for selective obedience, Allah subhanaw taala announced such a serious thing Allah said, I will make you I will humiliate you in this life, I will make your life very difficult and humiliating here before you die. And when you die, you will be put into the worst of the bad don't talk with your boss, not into the worst of the punishment. Not even smart by big punishment.

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So we recognize that UPS be this final point, we recognize the loss by another very important thing which is shaitan

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is happy with any kind of disobedience.

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If somebody is drinking, no problem, somebody is gambling, no problem, somebody Whatever. Hey, as long as it is disobedience, that's fine. Not the roughs. The knifes will guide you or lead you to doing that which it likes. To for example, somebody who drinks alcohol

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probably will not gamble.

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Right? They have they don't have that desire. The only wandering elbow, somebody who's doing a river. You don't want to go to alcohol and gambling. Well you don't do that. The

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about for example, right it's our social life may Allah protect us. Somebody who does riba they will not gamble. They will not drink alcohol they pray five times a day in the masjid. But literally

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you know what I was doing

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instantly starts

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eating the flesh of your dead brother cannibalism.

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Some of you tell lies who deceives you say one thing one thing there, but pray five times a day.

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But these are things how do you recognize whether the voice speaking to you is the voice of shaitan or the voice of knifes? Shetlands voice will take you to any kind of sin as long as it's a sin. That is good with that, but knifes will take you only to that which it likes.

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So when you when you hear this voice, recognize which one it is, of course we always do it both of them, we reject both point is at least we should know who is speaking. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to recognize these forces which seek to the end object of both of these is that you go to Jana,

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from that. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us and to help us to do that which pleases Him and to save us from that which does not please him was that Allah Allah Allah Allah Karim Allah Allah He was named erotica.