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Alhamdulillah in Idaho and I start in Ohio and I stopped

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when when we went to tobacco rally when I was we live in Julian for cinnamons a year Dr. Medina my year the Hilo phenom Lila who warmer you drill further Deanna want to shadow law why should you

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want to shadow number hammer than I do also? Also Allahu Allah William P was you know one of

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the iron in Allah He then he was Roger Munira

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from above Akana. Talia you and Adina. Amanita hola Katikati Welcome to 911 The Muslim of all year un Lavina Amanita hola hola valance and either you say hello mr. Milan home we have a lagoon

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but my uj la also further further falls on acima mahalo interview in our Mohamed Salah Allah Allah He while he was at he will send them in Dallas in the fall at EC kita. Allah Will Ferrell had he had the Mohammed bin Salman law Riley who said for shadow Rumery more than a coulomb or the 13th be that Aquila without Ebola, Ebola them nothing now.

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My dear respected relatives and elders,

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I want to remind myself in you that the meaning of being Muslim is to submit to Allah subhanho data without question, without argument without reservation or hesitation

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to submit joyfully and eagerly,

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that is as is the symbol of our trust in Him.

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And that trust is what earns his pleasure and his health.

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And that is why the topic of my papa today is Muslim is a verb

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and that is why the iconic symbol of Islam is the such that a state of total submission and helplessness, a symbol of complete unhesitating obedience, a symbol of total trust and faith.

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A Muslim is one who submits and that is why

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there is no such thing as a non practicing Muslim.

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The word Muslim is a verb, like the word Musa li

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one who prays not somebody who knows how to pray or, or knows about the Salah and doesn't pray, or the word Syme one who fasts not someone who knows about fasting but doesn't fast, or the word having one was done or is doing much, not someone who went there to help the hedgehog or to make a movie about hygiene or journalists to report what had your the bus driver who's taking people transporting them from place to place. All of them go to all the places that they had he goes to, but they are not considered to have performed the Hajj because they didn't fulfill the rituals of Hajj. To be a Muslim, we must practice Islam and that means to submit our will to the will of Allah subhana wa

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Taala direct

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and immediate topic that is before us today is that are women going for Hajj on their own without Amara?

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This is not restricted to hatch but to women traveling with autumn harem. Is this permissible or not?

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Let me share with you what our scholars have said and leave you to take your own decisions. I asked ultramarathoner to guide us to what pleases Him. I remind myself and you about the basic principle in Islam, that whatever Allah subhanaw taala commanded directly in the Quran or through his messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is good for all time, because Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge is perfect, and is not based on the times. And that is what makes the Quran and the Hadith of Rasulullah Selim timeless and relevant across the centuries. I must remind myself I knew that to open the door of expediency or modernity or present circumstances, is to open the door for the

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eventual destruction of Islam.

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This is nothing new. We have seen it happen in other faiths, which also have the same divine origin. But where the leaders decided to change the law with the messengers brought and substituted it with their own understanding and desire.

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Every time an age will be faced with the same dilemma and challenge, the answer is also the same. Allah knows and I don't know.

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So I do one on one with Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu Sallam told me to do whether I understand it or not. Whether it within quotes makes sense or not.

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Because I have limited knowledge.

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I do that not because

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I'm obeying blindly. But because I'm obeying with knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala knows more than I do, knows the future. And to him is my return. And I do it because I trust him completely and totally without any reservations and know in the depths of my soul that whatever he ordered jelajah do without qualification is good for me. So I obey, and ask Allah subhanaw taala, to be my witness, and to forgive my shortcomings.

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Let me remind you that we apply this principle in our lives every day with respect to any expert or specialist that we deal with. We obey without question, not blindly, but because we respect his or her superior knowledge, and trust their judgment and believe that they have our best interests at heart, in suggesting whatever they suggest. I ask, Do we have the same trust in Allah?

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There are two opinions regarding whether a woman is allowed to travel without Amara and as you know, a Muharram is a husband or any male relative that she is prohibited from marrying.

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First opinion, it is not permissible for a woman to travel without an IRA. This is the Hanafi of the humble opinion and is based on the following a hadith and others like them. First one about what are the Alana reported in a hadith Buddha Hanalei agreed upon Bukhari and Muslim that Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said, it is not permissible, it is not permissible for a woman who believes in Allah subhanho data and the last day to make a journey of one day and night unless she is accompanied by a man and that is her husband or relative that she is not permitted to marry. And as I said, this is agreed upon with the governor in Bihar in Muslim second Hadith Abdullah bin Abbas of a gala. Anima.

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He reported that so Allah is Allah is very seldom said no man must be alone with a woman except in the presence of Muharram. No woman should travel except in the company of a man. So these are these two commands. No man must be alone with a woman except in the presence of a Muharram and no woman should travel except in the company of Amara. A man asked him SallAllahu Sallam Ya Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. I've been enrolled for certain certain expedition he was going on to Surya but my wife has gone for Hajj wrestlers and has answered go and perform Hajj with her. And this also is Mustafa Ali Baba didn't Muslim.

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Now both are very clear and direct commands. The second one includes the command for a man to be not to be alone with a non Muslim woman. In another narration on this subject, a man asked Rasulillah Salam Yasser Allah What if the woman is pious, and He is Allah Salam said to the effect even if it is Marielle, the mother of Isa

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you still cannot be alone with her without tomorrow. I remind myself and you that if we accept one part of the Hadith, we cannot reject the other part. If it is not permissible to be alone with a non Muslim woman and we accept that then it is also not permissible for a woman to travel without a Muharram because there's a modest second opinion it is permissible for a woman to travel without him or her and this is the Shafi Maliki opinion.

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And also held by many of the contemporary scholars including chef use of Ankara, Vera, Talalay the European fatwa Council, Doublelift of Egypt and the Alama of Assam. Now, obviously, these scholars were aware of the existence of the Hadees I mentioned above, and the opinions of Imam Abu Hanifa Imam Mohammed bin humba. These scholars they looked at as Baba guru, which is the circumstances and the possible reasons for the rulings, the snap, which is the chain of narration, the law, which is the effective reason why the ruling was given. And this is the scholars understanding of that, I mean, none of them doctor visits me directly. Now, they decided that the effective reason why this

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ruling was given was because in the past, it was not safe for women to travel alone. And so I'm prohibited. Now since times have changed, in the opinion of these scholars, this ruling does not apply any longer.

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Now, I'm not going here into what the data tells us about the safety of women traveling alone today. But clearly that has relevance.

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To support this ruling there is adenylation in phulbari

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which is the book by Imam if the ledger or Scala era to era is a great Hanafi scholar who quoted a Hadith from Buhari where I've even had him apply Raja Ravi Allah no

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said that Rasul Allah is the reason I'm told him. And if you live a long life, you will surely see women traveling from Hera till they make Dawa for the Kaaba fearing no one except Allah. My mom had a quarter this hadith in his Muslim and his words he said, Bucha Salam said bye He in Whose Hand is my soul? Verily Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will bring this matter which is Islam into Completion, until women traveled from Hera and make Dawa for the Kaaba without being accompanied by anyone. The scholars have said that, that this is a form of Bashara, which is good news about the future. It's not a permission to do this. And it does not negate the clear command in the Hadees, which I quoted

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earlier. Also, if I were to ask this question regarding this hadith is today, the time when Islam has come into Completion and dominance all over the world, were to use a term from the Roman Empire. They used to call it back Romana, the piece enforced by the Roman Empire if I say is there a Pax Islamia in place? What's the what's the answer to that? So let me leave you to answer that question. The scholars who permitted a Muslim woman to travel alone without a Muharram the following conditions is not unconditional. And they said that it is permissible for a woman to travel without a Muharram if she can ensure if she can ensure the following two things. Number one, she ensures

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that the paths towards her destination and on her return journey are safe, and she does not meet with any harassment and chaos, which can jeopardize her safety. Number two, she has trustworthy companions throughout the journey.

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The majority of scholars such as artha, Seidman, Jubei, feminist theory and Hazara bursary. Rahula, in my domain also permitted women to travel for obligatory hij for Hajj without a madam if the woman is accompanied by trustworthy people. Imam Ahmed Hassan Al battle

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is the battle mentioned in Shara Bukhari. He said the Imam Malik Imam Al Jose Manuel Shafi said, a woman who does not have a Mahara may travel for obligatory Hajj with other women in trustworthy company. These scholars base their opinion on a precedent where the Mothers of the Believers who Maha mumineen performed Hajj after a surah Solomon passed away and during the Khilafah Omar Abdullah Delano, in the guardianship of Osman been a fan of the Alana who was not there madam.

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Abdullah bin Omar Abdullah anima also accompanied some women from his neighbors for Hajj. Now the key question to ask is, is the travel of the Mothers of the Believers from Medina to Makkah. During the Khilafah, Omar m&r saatavilla Golan who accompanied obviously not just BioMart BIOS man been a fan of the law no but by a whole entourage and military troops and everything else.

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traversing a journey every inch of which was under the rule of Mr. Malhotra or the law. Is it the same as a woman traveling for lunch today?

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So let me leave you to answer that question. Also, history must be understood in context. You can't just take one line and read it.

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The famous Maliki scholar Imam, Abu Walid al bargiel, Andalusia al Maliki, who was a contact a contemporary of Imam even that has come around to rally him. He mentioned in Alman, Taka Shara al Murata that a woman's travel without a Muharram is contingent upon the number of people accompanying her. It's not permissible for her to travel without a Muharram if she is with a small group of people, however, it is permissible for her to travel without a madam if she is accompanied by a large group of people who can ensure her safety. Now please note that being accompanied doesn't mean all the people on the plane it means those she knows and who she is going with for it and who are

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bound to take care of our safety argument your body opinions and ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide you to do that which is most pleasing to Him. Apollo holy Hadassah for Allah Khalifa boom Melissa l Muslim infrastructure in overhaul for him.

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara philam bia Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He had it he was amused from the stream and because he didn't hear from Abba haka Allah Tala in Allah wa Mala he got the whole saloon Island maybe. Yeah, you are living on Musa Valley he was suddenly moved the steamer along with Mohammed Ali Mohamed Kamal salida de Rahim, Allah libera him and my grandmother Majid Aloma budding high level harmony my daddy Mohamed Kamal Rahim Allah

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Hello Abraham, I'm like

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I remind myself I knew that the basic principle in deen is that the deen is easy at the end user. We know the hadith of Ayesha Ravi Alana who said that also Allah is Allah Salam always chose the easier opinion. If it was not something Haram as our scholars a wonders, you're not better than the Rasul Allah Esalen. We know the hadith of Aisha says the hara Bella Anna also where Abdullah Omar Abdullah Radha Alana, and two of his companions came to her to ask about the life of Rasulullah Herzl. Now after they listen to her. They said, If rasool Allah is Allah Salam did so much worship and made so much effort, how much more should we make, and so we will fast every day, we will worship Allah

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subhanho wa Taala all night, every night, and we will never marry. Now when as soon as I sort of heard this, he was displeased. He called them he summoned them and he said, I know Allah subhanaw taala more than you. And I have a relationship with Allah that is closer than your relationship. But I fast on some days, and I eat or other days, I worship Allah subhanaw taala for a part of the night, and I sleep in the other part, and I stay away from my wives sometimes, and I'm with them at other times. It's a well known and respected position and fifth of all the mother hen, that when Allah subhanaw taala has given us a rasa. When he has given us His permission in a situation, we

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must express our gratitude for it by utilizing it. For example, Allah has granted us the rasa for shortening our salah, and break us up during travel to avail of this benefit is to show our gratitude or not to handle that to say I don't really need it because my travel is comfortable. And so I will pray the whole Salah is to show that we do not appreciate the ease that Allah gave us. And that's an extreme position, which Allah Subhana Allah does not like the Salah is valid, but to pray Huzar in that situation would have been more pleasing to Allah subhanho wa taala. Inshallah, for Hajj, Allah subhanaw taala made it conditional upon two requirements for men and three for women.

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For men and women, the two requirements are the charges for if the man or woman has material and financial means and is healthy enough to do it. Obviously they have to be killed by them and I'm not going into the list of them. For me for women in addition to these two is the requirement of Amara to accompany her. This means that if these conditions are not satisfied, then the Hajj is not far on that man or woman and they will not be questioned by Allah subhanaw taala and will not be liable for for this before him inshallah.

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We may want to go watch that is our desire hamdulillah good desire, but to make the desire subservient and subordinate to the law of Allah subhana wa Taala is the essence of Islam. And that is what Islam is to submit the will to the will of Allah. to insist that one must fulfill one's desire is a form of rebelliousness, about the will of Allah. We know the hadith of Rasulullah Sallam where he said that if a person has a jet has a genuine desire for shahada, and makes dua for it. Allah subhana wa Taala will raise him with the shahada even if he dies in his bed. I have the same posters on about my rug gelato concerning the woman who genuinely desires to go for Hajj, but does

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not do so because she does not have a mme and she wants to obey Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala told us to take unconditionally whatever his messenger gives us and to leave whatever also sort of certain orders us to live in sort of the naturalist router as no matter what sort of a photo well man I have a woman who Fanta Whoa, what Ebola in Allah Harsha De Luca mellows right and help us to do that and remain in his Amana in his in his production and safety. Talking about obeying unconditionally the Sahaba accompany Rasul Allah is a solemn for Amara, but was stopped at today via the desire to make Amara to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala to make the off of the Kaaba. But when

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the socializer Selim commanded them to shave their heads and sacrifice their animals and return without doing Amara, they obeyed. That was in my view, the qualifying exam if I can use the term, after which Allah subhanaw taala gave them Makkah in two years.

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Allah subhanaw taala called it Fatah Mubin great victory. What was the victory? They had just signed an unfair one sided treaty. Where's the victory? Southern our Katara Golan was questioning at that time, and he was literally the spokesperson for a lot of people. And later his regret about that. He's an indicator of the mental and spiritual anguish that the Sahaba went through the that this test presented Osama yet they obeyed. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala call it a victory. The victory

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is the fact that they obeyed Rasul Allah is Allah SLM even though what they were being stopped from was by itself righteous and virtuous, yet they did not insist on doing it, but followed the command of Rasul Allah, He Saracen. I remind myself I knew that Islam is all about obedience. And that is why Rasulullah sallallahu said your iman will not be complete until you make your desires subordinate to the deen which I have brought. Please note he did not say haram desires. He said desires in Ramadan, we give up our Halal desires to please Allah subhanaw taala and that is because obedience is superior to whatever we may want to do, even if it is virtuous. In Islam, what is

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virtuous is not to do what we think but to obey Allah subhanaw taala generated as scholars rather to guide us to do what is pleasing to Him and save us from that which does not please him. Robin of Aquila, who won our coffee run as a yachtie now with off on Alibre Robin has run and for Santa will fill in our handle and abundant mineral city, Lila Highlander Subhanak in Abu Dhabi, Noseworthy been robbing for Warhammer on the federal Rahimi La Ilaha illa Allah subhana que yada yada you we recommend Tikkun esterase Aslan and Shannon Abdullah he length

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about Allah Rama Gula in the LA Yama would have given a certain way Eater is a hobo and Han in fashionable mocha Verbling yeah is a boom La La boom de la karoun was go to lions guru calm or the ways that you block him well as equal Allahu Akbar, Allah Haryana mama just known as he was set up