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filler of our evil 100 Euro bill Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have freedom be able to mousseline

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was able to send them to sleep on Athena Athena

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other sisters we continue with our message in terms of how shaitan misguides and temps

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now shutdown temps and misguides and deceives in five ways

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five ways number one

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directly I will list them and they will talk about them a little bit detail number one he

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directly invites towards haram

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you know, it's Hara Bucha and we'll

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invite you to come to this.

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Second thing is he makes the Haram seem to be trivial small.

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Right? Okay. Small thing. Not serious. Number three, are you saying Allah will forgive? Don't worry. Number three, he invites towards wasting of time.

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Now we don't take wasting of time seriously. Right. But it's a very, very serious matter.

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He investors don't know before. He advises you this I mentioned before also advises you do something of less value compared to something of more value.

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And finally, he makes haram look good.

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He makes it look like something good. So let's see this quickly.

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Number one, inviting towards haram. In today's world.

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The most common thing in this is pornography,

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online pornography, on the phones, on computers.

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I was reading

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a research article, which said that in the United States,

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as young as 11 and 10 years old, are exposed to pornography.

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1011 years old.

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Number one, number two,

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they surveyed them in schools.

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And six out of 10, that is 60% of them said that they watch a pornographic film at least once a week

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six to 10.

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Now imagine what that is doing to the hearts and the souls.

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At a very basic

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material level, pornography completely destroys your future married life. Believe me, there is enough and more research to prove this. You get pornography is a huge addiction. It's like a drug.

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Major addiction and in pornography, there is huge violence.

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So it destroys you internally. Plus, it is something which completely destroys your actual married life. Because your mind is operating on a fantasy space. And your real life can be nothing like that. And it completely destroys your modern life.

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And this is a very material I'm not even talking about Accra and and you know, a lot of work that I'm talking about right here in this dunya

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and of course it is haram it is the equivalent of Zina. It is something which Allah subhanaw taala May Allah protect us but Allah that I can punish.

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Second big thing is drugs.

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Today we have made in this country, in Canada in a lot of European countries, recreational use of marijuana. This is a amazing thing.

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The creative use of language. Yeah, we call them wordsmiths.

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Every language has it, every language has it wordsmiths, they make something which is bad, look good. So recreational use of marijuana. I have a big laugh at all those poor guys who got jailed and there's some of them sitting in jail till today in the 60s and 70s. For exactly the same thing

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for smoking marijuana. Right, the hippies. What was going on joint is what is marijuana, recreational use of marijuana. Now you make this legal?

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They're actually class action suits going on where they are saying that how come Now those people are jailed. And what about those people who spent time in prison for something without users legal? So at that time, what happens then and the counter argument is when you're in those

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because it was considered illegal therefore they should be punished which is nonsense because either something is good or is not good. It can be good today and bad tomorrow. This is the problem of manmade laws compared to the laws of Allah subhanaw taala there's no change in the laws or laws around it what is haram is interest haram pug is haram addictions are haram

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you know all kinds of gambling is haram and alcohol and drugs doesn't doesn't change right this is what is bad is bad.

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So in veering towards syrup second thing is makes haram look nice. Take for example, most of our social life mela portfolios, what is our social life and social life is backbiting

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or talking all kinds of land is tough, you know, you're talking about bad talking this one that one's on gossiping, Nami, Reba all this right, lying.

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This is reward is so it. Allah subhana wa Coronavirus encircle Audra Allah says this is like eating the flesh of your dead brother for career to walk.

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Allah said you feel disgusted with this

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something we just saw see it as Allah he will Quran is normal as far as we are concerned in our in our groups and social life

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third thing is wasting of time?

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What is wasting of time

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Xbox gaming

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Watching any sport

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watching any sport whether it is

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you know who you you live it watching of any sport

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now you might say well, you know this is bad I'm making all these things and I'm no I'm not. I'm just telling you playing the sport brilliant. Most welcome please play the sport. Great, wonderful thing about why I mean it's a great thing we should play the sport play it at a national level international level fantastic. I mean, I sit in the in the

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stands and I will cheer for you. But watching it sitting in front of like our deliveries of like God put it on watching that thing while they will give you the gutter bagels.

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And your life is going down the road three hours, four hours.

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Whether we don't go noon, whatever, right?

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wasted money. And why is that bad? Because the first question on the Day of Judgment is about time Allah's rather than a visit What did you do with the life I gave you?

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What is life life is time.

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Life is a bunch of seconds

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so what what are we going to say? Y'all I was watching what do you want to call it? Which one

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Superbowl three hours the Superbowl and Okay, so what happened to the Senate on Monday was after I prayed

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is it even Halal permissible to deliberately make us Solokha does it happen is it possible

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wasting your time fourth one something of less value compared to something or more right I gave the example the other day was very simple example. Instead of bringing them in the masjid pray at home you get one out one Yogi I didn't even miss the prayer you got it. You got one reward in the budget you would have got 27 times the reward.

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Now today when we talk about these things, these are all just words right? But remember, I'm brothers sisters, one day we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala and on those skills, my scales and your scales that 27

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is going to really really come

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because one deed one deed is the difference between Jana and Jana wanted just one Hazara

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and this is 27 times the reward for Salah

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Now why would you give it up?

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I can understand if you are in school or college is under Uganda okay you can cupboard but when you can do it shatter shatter knows he can he can make you miss the Salah. So instead of them I pray here what are the matters you're not missing it pray

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Why should you go to the budget

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right. And the fifth one he makes haram look virtuous, believe me all shook and all be that is based on this

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last one I got I said, call Hello Nona. Bukhan will ask Serena Allah. So the governor in the end.

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Let's write that essay. Yeah, to an official service. Have you seen those people who?

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whose deeds are wasted? The thing they are doing good but they're doing evil.

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Was there an hour Satara delanco When he

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went to Jerusalem to take the keys after the conquest of Judah

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he saw Sophronius and the Bishop of Jerusalem and the other people that coming out of the church and says an hour of Delano had tears in his eyes. So they said, Yeah, we won't, why are you crying? He said, Look at his people.

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He said, Look at these people. I mean, these are pious people, these are good people. These are people who think that they are pleasing Allah.

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I mean, why didn't the church you know, why why are they not in a disco or a bar? They are a judge because they are worshipping.

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But what are they doing the accommodation

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so shaytan this is the thing back then people are for example, people go to go to grips, they want me to do to the gazebo and make the off of the grid does not agree with

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this or this and that and the other end you I don't have a job get me a job. Right? I need to I need to score a couple of

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you know, power dunks in my

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so give me that

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the HELOC whatever and the point is that this will shatter. Now, what is the cure against this? The Cure I guess this happens to people who have no knowledge or ignorance. The Cure against this is to get knowledge.

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Basic fundamental knowledge of Islam it's very very important for us to learn that and systematically spend the time to seriously I want to close with this. Inshallah, one of my photo is all this so I'll talk more in detail but

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especially with the parents, please spend time with your children, spend time with your children, you cannot you cannot outsource this to somebody else. This the masjid the Imam the maktab the share of olam they began all of these people will help you but the primary responsibility parenting is a contact sport parenting is for parents. That is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala put Jana under the feet of the mother and that will Allah said the door of the of the Jana is via the father, not for nothing is not because of biology is because of

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your role as a parent. Spend time with your children.

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Right get there. Today we live in a country where after the age of 18 if your son or daughter wants to take drugs, you cannot stop them.

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They can smoke in your in the in front of your face and you cannot stop them. If you stop them. They call the police the police will take you away because legally they have nothing they're not doing anything wrong.

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Right? I'm not joking, I'm telling you this is this is the state.

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So what are you going to do?

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What you need to do is to work on them not when they're 18.

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But from the time they are babies

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daily. This is where the mcta of the Sunday school, Hanukkah, the masjid, the JAMA, all of this is so so important.

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That is why it's so important.

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It is your daily conditioning which goes in and goes in and goes in. So when the time comes for them to take a decision, they make the right decision. They don't make the wrong decision. You can be policing the ball that began visiting behind your your son or daughter all the time. What can you do? Even if you're there do you even if you are there in this country after the 18th You can't do anything.

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So don't let it get to that level. That's your responsibility be parenting is your primary responsibility. This is what you are accountable to Allah subhanaw taala for. So make sure you spend the time with your children, give them quality time, give them give them the attention that they deserve.

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And then make a lot of dua for them. Cry for them in the night in the 100

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because the hearts are in the hands of all those around there.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us and protect our children from all sorts of harm and all sorts of evil and to be pleased with us and to make it easy for us and to make us standard bearers of Islam in the in society so people can look up to us as role models. For Salah Hala, we carry one allele he was

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