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Maryam Lemu – Shine Your Light Brightly – 1

I am extremely passionate about character development and ensuring ones moral compass is facing qiblah.

I also love to talk about leading a meaningful life and finding peace and contentment in all we do.

I have been married for 26 years, alhamdulillah and love to share tips on my best practices and what I know for sure. To all the singles out there, you are not left out. I share tips on what to do before the marriage, finding and being the right person and things to watch out for.

We all have people we admire and look up to. We all have role models. The truth is, we are also role models. People are looking up to us and copying us. The trouble is, what are they copying?

Are we using all the tools and gifts that Allah has blessed us with, are we representing Allah as we should, as His ambassadors?

In our thoughts, are we conscious of Him? In our utterances, do we speak in a manner that He would be pleased with us? In our actions, do we remember we are His khalifah’s and act accordingly?
Are we consciously, deliberately behaving in an exemplary manner?

What are we and who are we to others?

Who are we to our colleagues, our neighbours, our children and to those who are looking up to us?

Are we shining our light brightly for ourselves and for others or is our battery getting dim or needs replacement? Do we need to turn over a new leaf and start a fresh with new intentions and a new purpose?