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Episode Notes

Train and equip your children with skills and tools to help them thrive. Teach them to be the best and the most useful to themselves and society.

And don’t forgot, before you teach you have to have knowledge. “You cannot teach or share what you do not have or what you do not know.”

Our children will often replicate in their homes the examples they see set by their parents. We are probably doing what we saw our parents do. Sometimes our parents don’t get it right. We have to be able to recognize and not repeat with our spouse or our children the things we knew were wrong.

At the end of the day, we shall be called to account and held responsible for what we did or did not do for our children.
May Allah continue to guide us to raise our children in the best manner. Amin.

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About Maryam Lemu

Maryam Lemu

Maryam Lemu has a career spanning over 3 decades, she is an
international speaker and an adept seminar and workshop
facilitator. She is currently the Head of Administration and
Resource Management at New Horizons College Minna, Nigeria, a
faith based school. She is also one of the Directors of ProStart
Consultants, a capacity building consultancy firm based in Nigeria.

Mrs. Lemu has travelled around the world delivering seminars on a
wide range of topics including team building, leadership and
personal development. She is passionate about human
development and character building and helps her audience identify
a sense of purpose and direction in life and the positive impact it
exerts on both work and personal life. Also, she delivers engaging
public talks on Muslim Identity, Living a life of purpose, marital and
pre-marital topics and particularly enjoys relationship coaching and

She is a known face with regular television appearances in Nigeria. She
is the host of the popular Islamic talk show Sisterly on Alif TV, and
Ramadan shows on several networks. She also produces YouTube
video series and has a large social media following, as well.
Mrs. Lemu has a broad range of expertise including Public Speaking,
Mentoring and Coaching, Leadership, Management, Communication
and Negotiation to name a few. She also provides consultancy to
Islamic schools based on her strong commitment to character
development, social responsibility and values-driven leadership.

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