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Two Prophets of God, Isa and Yahya


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So that might have caught up with the law here but a couple of my brothers, my sisters in Islam, welcome to the seal of the Quran Al Hamdulillah in this beautiful month of Ramadan, we finished Surah Al Hamdulillah and we have some really amazing parts of the of the suit Alhamdulillah and perhaps you can catch on my, on the microphone some thundering that is going on here in Malaysia will hamdulillah a beautiful weather in this beautiful month of Ramadan.

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We have with us to the millennium. And it is a sutra that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just before the migration to habashi. And how do we know that? Because

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Jaffer, Natalia, who was reported to have recited the surah, or parts of the surah, to the Ethiopian King, the joshy Rahim Allah. And because of this, we know that the hedgerows to have a show took place in the fifth year, which is the third stage of the Prophet Solomon's time in Makkah. And at that year, of course, a lot of persecution, a lot of trouble, a lot of torture, had started, people would, whoever did not have a clan or did not have a people supporting him, then people would persecute them, people would not pay them, they took their services, people would keep them without food, if they were in prison. The doll was, as you know, had a big stone put on him just because he

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said I hadn't had. So all the persecution had started. And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had encouraged people to go to barber shop. And initially, the number of people that went were about four women and 11 men. And then the number reached about 83 or 84 men and 11 women. And the numbers were then removing and there was only about 30 or 40, about 40 people left with the profits of the largest lm after all these Moha Julian had made his euro to habashi. And so as a result,

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the Quraysh were very, very worried. So what did they do? They sent off an emissary with smart talking people. And the son of Abu Jamal and few others went all the way to have a shot in order to convince the king to return these people back but we'll have the Rila that joshy was wise and he didn't fall for it. And he didn't listen to his people in the courts because the people in the courts were bribed by the kurush and what did they do? They said okay, let me hear both sides of the story. So he said to the other side okay speak up and tell me in what is this so called new religion that you have come along and so they decided to the medium and that is why after this and the Joshi

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Rahim, Allah took the straws that were on the ground and he said, Well, he, he said no Maria malissa salam is not more than what you have said about him. To the extent of the straws, he's not more than what you've said about him to the extent of the straws, meaning you have said exactly what he said the medium as he was Mashallah can imagine how Allah zildjian has changed situation. Today, Ethiopia is seeking or its refugees are seeking refuge in other countries. And we look at Ethiopia as a poor country, but at that time, your college you know, was doing hegira or people in, in the Hejaz were doing hegira to Africa, because of its lush green forests and because of its produce, and because of

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its wealth, well hamdulillah and this is how it will kill Yamanaka will have been announced. These are the days that Allah changes around that country that is supreme today will be poor another day and that is poor today, maybe supreme another day. So Panama. So this is what Maria Subramaniam is called Maria because of the story of Maria manasota salam in the first few verses will have the relapse. And also what is amazing is to note that the sutra talks about Maria but there is no sutra about let's say the mother of Bahamas SLM. Just to show you how the Mother Teresa Alice with a celeb is more regarded than the mother of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the Quran. Also to show respect

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that Islam respects other religions and and therefore Christians should not take Islam as a mockery or or with hatred, but should genuinely look into Islam and really find within Islam, some of the answers that they are actually missing and some of the distortions that happened in the Bible, they will find it purely presented here in the Quran will hamdulillah Okay, so let's get started in sha Allah with Sora Maria Subramaniam First we'll talk about the story of yahia was a career as a career as one of the prophets of God they came to the the Jews at that time, and he was a prophet of God, not a messenger he made to Allah for Allah gave him another prophet as a son, who was yahia, who

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also lived at the time of peace of the millennium, and was a disciple and friend of Isa memorialize with a Salaam and helper and both Zachary and

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yahia were killed by the Jews, and they tried to kill each other manually so the celebrity could not do so. And Allah raised him up up unto him. There are Muslims, we'll talk about some of the other prophets of God, Ibrahim went to the salon with his vine, some of the other prophets of God, a little bit about masalas of the Salah. And then thereafter Allah will finish of surah Maria, by talking about those people who have taken other gods, Allah and Allah will test them and punish them and will judge them for what they used to do.

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Yeah, so on hindsight, Allah just starts off this miraculous suta by mentioning some of the miraculous words of this surah Izod. And as it as you can see, Rahim Allah talks about 15 opinions of other scholars on what these words mean. The strongest opinion in Sharla is that it refers back to the poor and because right after this verse, right after it comes I mentioned in the Quran and Islamic radical Kitab

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coffee I inside the chromatherapy kapa haka meaning in this book is the remembrance of the slave of Allah Zakaria has mean 10 zero kitabi mina Mina, la Hill as is in Hakeem. So, we find the right after these miraculous words, comes the mention of of the of the Quran itself. So the next verse, Allah says the CRO ratnapura big. This is a part that contains the the crew, the remembrance of raw material at the mercy of your Lord Abdullah who Zakaria his slaves are Korea meaning the mercy of Allah azza wa jal in the form of zecharia, or the mercy that Allah gave to his slave by the name of zecharia aresko sola Zakaria was a was a young priest, and he was a prophet of God. At the same

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time, he was ahead of the priests. He was a prophet of God. And he came to a time where the Jews used to live in Jerusalem.

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And these Jews had,

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I guess, places of worship, which were their temples, and the Curiosity Allah was sent to them to confirm what was already set to them. Right. So the difference between a prophet and a messenger so Zachary and yahia were prophets. But he said the Maria was a messenger. The difference is that the Jews believed in Zakaria they believe the Zachary was a true prophet, and they believe that Yeshua was a true prophet, but they still kill them, right? They still kill them because the courier yahia told them not to do the excesses and the harm that they were doing. But the carrier and the carrier did not come with a new carrier. They came with the same shery or musala supersalon. And the reefer

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was in the Torah and what was in the that was the zabuton Torah. Whereas

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he said the muddy waters of the salon was a message because they did not believe in Isa, why did they believe because they said, How can this be a true man must have been, you know, Maria must be unchaste How can a person be born without a miraculously? So they decided to not believe that luck would create someone recklessly. So as a result, they believe that a Santa Maria was actually an illegitimate child. And as a result, they said, No illegitimate child can ever be a prophet of God. And so they decided to disbelieve in him even though they saw righteousness, and this are miracles and this all of this and even the other prophets of God of zaccaria were their friends. So even

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then, they believes Panama

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is nada Baba and huffy when he called upon his Lord, the DA I call it which is happier which is quite an in secret and this shows this verse shows that when we call upon Allah shouldn't be

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you know how sometimes you know you know to be in arafat, you know, it's a madness sometimes, you know, and sometimes I have to put things in my ears because I've tried in the last hour trying to meet people out there, you know, microphones

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what sort of noise disguise This is not a dog. This is a stunt performance and acting drama, and it's very disliked very disliked to behave like this. You want to make the law say the unhappy that's why it was once reported that and you know, it happens when people are making the other like they're getting mad.

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Now we are big now. So because of that their voice raises up and emotions are heightened. However, it was also reported once the profit center monsters with the Sahaba they also raised the voices

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Do up so the profits emotional toll that via your elbow and physical or people take control of yourself feel neglected as a Manuela Eva. For indeed you're not calling upon someone that is assignment meaning the one who cannot hear or even meaning someone is absent in the owner semi an urban mageba various verily you are calling upon someone who can hear someone who will answer and someone who is

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able to

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and he is close to you. Then he said he continued this hadith in Bukhari and he said, in Medina, the owner who is the one that you're calling upon, which is Allah is operable, aleikum. minocqua. helvetic, are closer to you than even the neck of your riding beasts, as you're riding on the beast, how close is the riding this this is how close Allah is to you. Meaning when you close according upon Allah, Allah comes closer to you with His essence. And so as a result is close to you. Whilst with his knowledge is everywhere but with his essence. He's close to you. And when you sin, He is far away from me. But when you're making dua to Allah, you're close to him. So as a result, if you

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hold yourself You don't have to shout and scream, Allah can hear you and allies close to you. Like so he called upon his Lord NIDA and he, he called up his Lord in a very soft, gentle way. He said, Allah, what did he say? Now Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to teach us how the prophets of God made the app and the prophets of God made excellent because it knew what Allah wanted to hear and how Allah will accept and that is why here, Allah's Messenger is going to is going to tell us Allah prophet is going to tell us how to make dua with tawassul through mentioning your situations, it also does have four types, four types the fifth one is haram. Okay, which is to do tawassul someone

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who is dead, but four types of tawassul is allowed number one tawassul were mentioning last names and attributes. And that means Oh Allah Nana Rahim Allah for Al Karim, Al and Avi will

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probably have a heart. So all the names, names and attributes of Allah. That's number one. Number two, is by mentioning your difficult situation Oh Allah look at me and I become all the bones become weak. My wife is buried, or Allah I don't have a child or a lot of people are insulting me Allah, look at my situation, I'm in prison. While I don't have a job, you know, this is how you gain a lot of sympathy and his mercy by mentioning your miserly state and how high Allah is and how low you are. Number three is mentioning your good deeds or Allah.

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Allah Allah we believed, so forgive us, right. So therefore, the fourth The third way of permissible tawassul is to mention your good deeds is to mention your good deeds and ask Allah that if you did it sincerely for him, then to reward you number five, number four. Finally, the fourth way is to ask a righteous person to make dua for you. So someone who's righteous a scholar of Islam and developer of a Masjid ask him I can carry my gun for me someone going for ombre someone who's been for Hajj may go after right. So this is permissible inshallah. These are the four permissible ones the fifth one which is impermissible is to make the muscle through a dead person and this is impermissible and

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there's no evidence for this at all

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of the prophecy by

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Rob bahuvida and Sophia when he called upon his Lord, a silent in in silence in silence. In the movie, he said, Bobby, my Lord,

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my bones have become frail

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was to shave and my hair has become great meaning I become old when accompanied by a corrupt bishop. And you have never ever rejected my daughter. You always answered my Robbie, you are so generous so kind. We're in the fifth column Alia nuwara II and I am afraid of my wily I mean what are those who will inherit after me that they will not carry on this message after me I'm genuinely afraid Europe. My my

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companions are not strong. The people around me are are evil. There are people here who changed the word and who will destroy the message so I am very afraid that my legacy will not continue well in the physical Mohali. I'm afraid that I will be buried and no one will inherit after me.

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Well karate maratea Kira and my wife is bearing, right? So he's telling Allah secret and this is why, you know what, when I read this, it reminds me of us needing to have a conversation with Allah Oh Allah to be You are so great. You're so merciful you so kindly Adam, thank you for everything that you've given me online every good that has touched me or anyone else this is directly from you there is no partners associated with you or Allah.

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I don't have money and wealth or Allah you know what has happened to me I lost my job or Allah but I mean, I don't have a family where children that was from the other family have left me Oh Allah. I am also diseased. I have cancer. I have this I have that right. So this is we use having a chat with Allah. have a chat with Allah which by the way, those that do ours is not me come to LA I don't have cancer and unwell.

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But you mentioned your specific things, and have a conversation with Urbana with Allah subhanaw taala that is exactly what the career is teaching us here. We're in a fifth OMalley and we want to brag

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about wife is definitely barren, so heavily Mila don't Qawwali so please from yourself. Happily give me a hibbott Heba means choices gift, HIPAA as like, for example, you know what I can give my brother here Rehan I can give him a gift. But then HIPAA is like, don't worry hard for you, your special friend, I'm going to give you a special gift. So you go into my room, and I bring a very special gift that is covered and in presence. And I bring that out and I say hey, that's for you. Right? So that's a bonus a special gift. Whatever. 18 are you guys are not eating it Come with me. You take them by the hand. You take it with special agreements, and here is a banquet for you.

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special food for you. Yeah, because you are special friend for me. This is called a hippo. So for hubballi we'll have Alia so give me a present a special gift from you. Walia someone who will be a Wally for me, a a friend and a

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close companion for me, URI Sunni, and he will also be my inheritor. He for me, he will inherit from me. Well, yeah, he's coming early. And he will inherit from the family of what will they inherit? Though he, what will they inherit? What will inherit rissalah the messenger ship. So they will inherit this. And so here Zachary is asking for his son to be a prophet. And he's asking for his son to be upon the same guided path as himself and as his forefathers Jacobi and others. They, so he said to me, are you ready to meet Ali aku what

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are the and all and oh, Allah make him well the make him very, very soft hearted, beloved to me, my beloved Son, yes, Allah. Allah. Yeah, Zachary. So straightaway I was answer comes and so that's why brothers and sisters, we should be making. If especially if you cannot have children and even if you have children we want more make, like Zachary, Alyssa Priscilla baby said Yeah. Zachary, Zachary. In Nova Shiro Camila barely Give me the glad tidings of a villa of a young boy is here His name is Dahlia Lam Naja Allah home in Abu semiya we have not put anyone who has ever had that name. Yeah. What does it mean? The one who Yeah, the one who is alive and the one who gives others life right?

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What was the life that he was giving the life he was giving was that knowledge, the fact that he was begin bringing his idea and this hedaya his knowledge and his life It gives lives to people who are dead. It gives guidance to those people who are who are misguided by

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lambda and then lambda level makapuu semiya. We've never ever called anyone by this name. Call Robbie. Cooney will call he said. So the carrier surprised because he said how am I going to have a son? Because he thought that Allah would send him perhaps you know, a little boy. But now unless it's going to be in the belly of your wife. So is the color of the Lambs? How will I ever have a son Wakanda Tim, Rocky Apertura and my wife is barren. We'll call the Bella to middle Kibera Tiana in old age, I'm hardly able to impregnate my wife, how am I going to have that? Right? So here I was gonna say it's going to be the same miraculous way by which we're going to give the miracle of Isa,

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we're going to give the miracle of yahia colloca Carla rabuka hualian in the same way as your Lord said this and he says who hired this affair is easy upon me. Easy upon Allah. What about the Hala portacabin palolem takushi and we have created you

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The courier wants you and nothing, Paul are a big hug the I II said Oh my Lord, give me a sign of acceptance. Give me a sign of this call to say your sign is led to Kalima, NASA salata, yaman illa celebrity, amen. attract the lions of the year. And your sign of the courier is that you will not speak or be fasting from speech, you will be unable to speak for three days except for pointing. So this will be assigned to the people, the courier will be having a miracle from Allah subhanho wa Taala for hora, Jana tominaga Ravi. So he came out of his murghab to his people for our ha la and subito bukata mushiya. So, it was revealed to him to praise Allah book Latin, after the fudger

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prayer before sunrise washi and once the sun is going down, which is the evening and at night, so here, the courier has been asked by Allah azza wa jal to keep on praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and sort of talking to continue to praise Allah so that Allah favorably comes true for him. So that in sha Allah, He truly becomes worthy of the miracle that he has asked for. Yeah, Fujian kita, who was born now. And now he begins to grow up so Allah tells him yeah, oh yeah, who will kita who will take the book in strength, meaning, take this path to preaching make sure you become a preacher to the path of Allah. And some said this book refers to the NGO that is sent to insert the Marianas

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with Islam. Other said, The Book of that was said before already the book of

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the Torah and the

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other said, No, every prophet was sent with a with a book. And here what is meant is the book of self, the command of Allah azza wa jal to you here and this is the book. So who will kita who

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will hook wasabia gave him wisdom once he was a sabi wants to was a young boy whilst he was still in the in the, you know, suckling child and he was just becoming a young lad, what,

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what Hannah milda done, and he would be hidden, meaning a very beloved person, very beloved child, from us, was the curtain and he will be pure, and he will be able to grow because his purity will cannot at the end, he was indeed God fearing.

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The early days, he and he was righteous with his parents, one year could Jabbar and as he he was not Jabara, meaning he was hottie and proud, and I'll see ya meaning disobedient to his parent. So the courier was a perfect lap. with Allah His relationship was strong with his parents relationship was strong, and he was perfect in his ability to know what his role was and to carry out what Salaam una de So peace be upon him yo ma Khalid, on the day that he was born, or yo Maja Moto, and the day that he will be raised up again, or Yama, Yuba higher, the day that he'll be brought back on the Day of Judgment Alhamdulillah This is a story of yahia would have done that was fulfilled.

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And remember in the book, Maria, and Maria was the daughter of the wife of Enron, Enron was one of the head priests of the Jews at that time. And she was very righteous, the daughter of Iran, the wife of Iran was very righteous. And so as a result, she decided to consecrate whatever is in a belly to Allah. And so she had a daughter, and she was surprised because she thought she would have a son. Because how much can girls do but then a lot harder to prove the girls can do a lot. And so as a result, allows us to make money and very righteous accepted money and into a fault into his fault, and made money and very, very righteous. What fulfill kitabi Maria and remember, in the book,

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Miriam integridad, early harmattan and Sharpie when she took away because she felt some pains in her in her body. And so she took away from her family a little bit botanischer tea a little bit to the west, why'd she do that? Because she wanted to remember Allah alone. She wanted to remember Allah with herself without any further any nonsense from the people. And she wanted to make Vicar of Allah and the end and praise a lot on their own for the 100 mil loony him hijab and so she protected ourselves and that's the state of Muslim woman She protects, she took the job. And here the job is not meant by that the covering of the body. What is meant is that she took a hijab which is the

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house she protected herself in the house, and that shows it when he

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That job is actually a way of life. The job is not just a dress, it's a way of life. If our sister is wearing a scarf, but then she shaking hands with the man, that's not the job, the sisters wearing hijab, but that she's in a disco or she's, you know, frivolous and she's speaking to the other gender as if there is simply no other barrier sitting on a table with alcohol is served going to pubs during business meetings one to one separately secretly, in a one to one with a man that's sucky job. That's not the job. That isn't the role of a Muslim woman whose job is shyness. He jobs shyness it is a barrier is shyness, and shyness is clothing, shyness, shyness is behavior shines,

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right? And that is what his job is. So let's redefine the job and ask our sisters and we know how difficult it is will lie sisters in Islam, so we we only take a little bit of it with his beard, but I know how difficult it is to wear the hijab and keep it covered in the heat and the sweat and the difficulty and then the abuse of the people because if you're wearing a hijab Subhanallah only a Latin root word my sister's Islam for for tolerating the sun and having suffered with the persecution of people about women wearing Hijab play. Indonesian pajama father son la Haru Hannah, so we sent to her Our room meaning jabril is with us. And he was called for HANA that means

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therefore Allah is praising God and honoring him by calling him our special spirit. ru Hana Fatah masala Sharon severe. So the spirit did not come in the form of angel came in the form of a man in every way. Thomas Sol, Allah Bashara sabia, a perfect human being and in a male form.

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Carla in the hours were Rahmani mentales. She said, I seek refuge in Allah Minka from you in Kuta Pia, if indeed you are God fearing?

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caller in

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Arabic, what did she say? And you know at that time, can you imagine how righteous they were? And she was screaming? What did she do? She just said out loud.

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And that shows that this is how we should be. We should be seeking refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from all evil, and that is how Marie was teaching us. Call in our man. I mean, when Paula innama Anna Rasulullah bakery I have Allah 11 Zacchaeus who said, I am just a messenger from your Lord the habit, so that I may reward you and give you the knowledge of hula and the key of that you will have a lamb a son, which is the key, which is indeed righteous quality and a pony. Allah says How can I have a have a son while I'm young, zesty Bashar and no human being has ever touched me while I'm a poor body I am nor am I ever a a prostitute. I'm not a prostitute. How can I have and so therefore,

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what did she say for the color of Bukavu? Allah Hi this is the same that Allah has said it is Allah says it is easy upon me what is agile and who is liveness so that we may make him a sign for mankind or Mata Mina and a mercy from Us work from the and this is an affair, which has already proceeded and has been already decided. Brothers and sisters he was a virgin is showing the miraculous birth of Isa how he was born without a son not like the lies of those people who lie and say that she had actually not been totally virtuous and that is not right at all. Miriam was a virgin birth and she gave a virgin birth of a Santa Maria Santa Fe we run out of time inshallah Allah for today,

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inshallah we are going to stop here it's a short sale. today. It's only about half an hour. So inshallah when we come back tomorrow will be greater details about the money of zachman l'affaire. Please tell everyone about this succeed in sha Allah you're benefiting and enjoying and learning at the same time. salaam aleikum wa