Marriage Gems – Reduce Your Excess Baggage and Be Flexible

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The speaker describes his experience during their divorce and the struggles they faced as a couple. They discuss their experiences and how they rehearsed to create a home for their children. They also mention the importance of having a strong relationship for one's personal growth.

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One of the things I did during the courtship is basically to say, say, Ah, you have skeletons in your cupboard, you need to clear those skeletons to be able to be the best husband, you can be for Marian. So there was a lot of introspection, there's a lot of going into the self, a journey into the self genuine discovery. And what I had to confront, were a lot of what I consider my weaknesses, that would become problematic for me as a husband. And I fought, in all honesty, that the time that I had, with all the introspection have done, that I figured it out, and I found the answers to all those questions, until we got married and moved to the States. And within two weeks, Marian asked me

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for a divorce. And I was like, what

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many of you have heard this story, but I was shocked.

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And I was like, No, this is not gonna happen. I have done all the introspection, all the self analysis, all the self criticism that I needed to do to be what I thought was the perfect husband. I think even in that attitude of mine, there was an element of arrogance. And

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we started having problems the first fight very simple. You know, I worked very hard, you know, and among the dowry that was put together, I got a very expensive watch, of course, was waterproof and everything and, but Maria would do everything with the watch, she would do the dishes, she would, you know, even go to the shower with the dishes, and whether with the watch on her hand, and I was like, wait, wait, wait, I suffered to buy that watch country, just respect the watch, take it off, put it down before you go into the shower, or do the dishes and I told him, my mother's in my family, I say my family. This is how quick watch us watches all the time. Believe me, ladies and

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gentlemen, that is the beginning when you start setting the rules based on how you were raised, you are setting up your own home with new rules. But when you say in my house, which I had an attitude, and she said, well in my house, and here we were

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two stubborn people. I am the eldest of the family, very pampered kind of privileged, she was the baby of the family kind of swelled also a privilege. And nanded we clash, but I wasn't as stubborn as he was so okay, well, what are you on that point, but let's go.

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That was the beginning. That was where we just were not here. We were madly, really madly in love with each other. But these experiences, which was what I said in the first episode, that we are the sum of our experiences, kept rearing their ugly heads in the home that we were trying to create. And I wasn't able to say you didn't cover this area. And I think that was a problem. I covered a lot about myself but never thought about what those experiences were doing to me and what it was doing to her. And it went on now that particular

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problem. The fights were in love where we have fights we're in love now. Right? And I said you know Maria, I don't think it is the right atmosphere to bring a child into the world.