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The speaker discusses two types of complain, extreme complain and complete complain, and advises the audience not to complain too much when it comes to venting to others. They also discuss a woman named Jesus who claims to have been killed by a shek-onsy woman named Hope. The segment also touches on the struggles of various families during the pandemic, including loss of family members and significant others, and the negative impact on people's mental health and relationships. The speaker encourages people to take the means and complain to Allah to get closer to them.

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One day as I got to work, I saw a document flipped upside down under my keyboard. So I went sat on my chair, took the document out, flipped it. And it said on that document at work, how Muslims did the 911 terrorist attacks.

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There's a lot that can be spoken about. But what I want to focus on is who to whom shall I complain? To whom should I talk to? And what should I do? The topic of complaining, a Shaka is very confused amongst our brothers and sisters to the most part. Some tell you complain to no one but Allah. Others tell you if you complain to Allah, it's hard on. Others tell you complaining to people as backbiting. Others tell you complain to family and friends only. What should you do and what's the matter? When we get the aspects of complaining chequered, done correctly, you will immediately insha Allah find the change in your heart in your well being and how your future will look like insha

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Allah and you will see, just give me just a few minutes of your time. When it comes to complaining. There are two types I want to share with you right now. One that is extreme can take you outside of Islam, Allahu Akbar, Nam a Shaka min Allah. complaining about Allah is a disaster. You're questioning Allah wisdom questioning Allah's mercy questioning Allah understanding Allah. That's the masiva and Allah subhanho wa Taala taught us through the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did he say? Everyone will just say ma Eva mil Bella the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the greatest of reward comes with the greatest of tests. Now continue. He says, either

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habibollah Omen epistola home when Allah loves group of people, may Allah make you all of them. Allah will test you and pay attention. Do not limit testing to hardship. maternal Bella that's the sorrow bad when Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah infinium testings through blessings as well. So if Allah loves you, he tests you by being a millionaire. It's possible. Now let me just pass a lambda. Then look at the ending colosso Assalam Monrovia Fela horiba whoever is content with what Allah is testing them with, then Allah will be pleased by them. Woman socket fella who sought and whoever is discontent with Allah, complaints about Allah, then Allah anger and wrath will be upon them. That's

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one side complaining about Allah, clear, simple May Allah not make any one of you be of that group. But there's the other extreme, complete extreme, that it may be not many of us do. complaining to Allah shekhawat illa Allah amishman and this is so lovable to Allah, that it brings you so close to him. And how can you attain it through a shekhawat in Allah and the greats have done it? Think of Prophet Musa alayhis salaam he was running for his life from must from Mr. from Egypt, for Allen was trying to kill him and he left his food he left his clothing he has only whatever he is wearing, left his family behind, just running for his life. Look how extreme that point is. Then he sees as

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many of you perhaps know a group of men trying to get some water from a well and there were two ladies on the side waiting for the men to finish to bring water to their cattle so mostly Salaam didn't want them to wait for so long. So he went to God the cattle and brought them water. What did musalla he said I'm do Allah says in the Quran Arruda Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim the circle Allahumma soumettre Allah la ville he gave the water to the cattle then he went under the shade of a tree for either Rob be in edema and delta A Yemen hierin faqeer I complained to you had an a viola Moosa, the prophet of Allah Moosa says Oh Allah I complain to you, I am poor, anything you give me

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will be great even the little bit a shade thenI Allah min higher in faqeer.

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Well was the Baraka the response to his complain. What was it? He became a prophet? He got married, and he got a job. All that Baraka from complaining to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yes, yes. Along with helping the two ladies. But there's a bollock of a Shaka in Allah. You tell me about Prophet iacobelli, Salaam jacoba. He said, I'm with the children. He had the start talking about their dad, you lost your mind by radical khadim. What did he saying? He says in a school bethey. We're Hosni Illa. Allah. He says I'm not complaining to you. I'm complaining to Allah. When Allah momina laheem Allah tala moon. I know about Allah.

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That which you do not know. And they take from it that the more you know about Allah, the more you complain to Allah. And the less you complain to people, that one more time, the more you know Allah, the more busy you will be complaining to Allah and less complaining to the people. And no, I'm not telling you in this hotbar to not complain to people, no complain to people. But I want to advise you with something when it comes to venting to others. I asked you for your sake, not to complain to someone who cannot help you. Because it will only add to your problem. How can the one who's drowning? seek help from someone else who's drowning? It doesn't make sense. Because many times you

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tell people Oh, I have my son. He's driving me crazy. You know, what will the father tell you? And come on me to my senator me crazy. Unless you want naziha. from experts, they know their, their know their thing. They know what to say and when to say and how to say they're trustworthy, educated, then that's understandable. In my story that I shared with you. I went to the management, I told them I saw this letter. You know, it's very shady. I'm not very comfortable. But I want to share that with you before it escalates. Because one day it's a note, Muslims did this terrorist attack. Maybe three days later, three weeks later, I will find a threat letter. So then I don't want my

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manager to tell me why did you not tell me from the first time you got the document? Nah. So you take the means, but you know who to talk to? And who to tell? So if I were to tell you phrase even in psychology, if I were to tell someone Oh, I have a really bad headache. Do you think this will make my headache get better or worse? Just think about it. I complain to you that I have a headache.

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You open up the books, that's negative vibes psychology, it makes your headache worse because you keep repeating I have a headache. I have a headache. I have a headache. Unless I'm talking to a doctor who can give me medication. Or someone who's talking so much was giving me a headache telling him to please stop talking. But anything that may be for a reason you complain to people and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Yes, he sought advice from people and complain to people when necessary, such as

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davia also Elisa Lai sallam, he tells us a harbor. There's no omala this year. So everybody needs to have a haircut and shave their head. Not one. Sahabi did it abubaker didn't do it. Aroma did not do it. No one listened. no one listened. So Rasulullah saw Selim, he goes to his own musella his wife Roger.

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And he says Masha Nunez. What's the matter with the people? He's complained to his wife. He wants advice. She has experience she has some nausea she can give. She told Rasulullah Salem, you go out and you start by shaving your head and people will follow suit as I said lumpy went out. Still no one listened to Mohammed Salah. Then he started shaving his head. Then everybody followed suit. And they said our own Salah saved as a hub. But you see who he spoke to? So even Mohammed Salah Salem Hello, what's your pain? What's your pain? Bismillah go through us our Salim and learn from him. He had his uncle Uncle Tyler pass away. He had her deja de Landa passed away.

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So what did you do just set on your job. He helped me a lot. He walked all the way through. As many of us know, he went to our path and he was disrespected and he started with Salon and he was treated miserably and they threw rocks at him and he started bleeding. And as he was walking, he made the very famous Allahumma in the ESCO alayka Botha komati you see that? brothers sisters, youngsters elders complained to Allah traffic complaint to Allah the one will Allah do tequila traffic complained to Allah internet slow complained to Allah. This is not a joke. This is real. This is real. And you see what Allah if the least Allah does to you is not feel pain. Well, like that's

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NEMA. If that's the minimum, Allah can change the world for you. Can he not? At least Allah because Allah Christian Kadir so what happened after Mohammed says Allah in the esqueleto Botha wati wa Killa haloti my resources are limited. Well how many Allah knows people are disrespecting me Allah? What happened after that yellow knows the sila it is and its raw evil Neeraj. Look at the Baraka Moosa became a prophet got a job got married, Rasul Allah as I sell him, he went to meet Allah Jalla Jalla, who after he complained to him, jacoba li Salam after he said this will happen. Yusuf came back, Binyamin came back and the oldest son came back to the name of Allah, not just that an Yaqoob

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and the family became of the richest of people in must. Then you go to your sister example will give you a sister example from the Quran, the mother of Maria alayhis salam

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She had a dream she had a wish. She had a wish to Allah please have allow me to have a child. in Science in Biology, all the books that very much we studied will tell you that the chances of a very old lady like the mother of Madame to be pregnant is impossible. But with all due respect to the doctors, Allah rasi you are nowhere near Allah's capability and Allah knowledge. She knows Allah and what Allah can do. He is elwha hub. Yeah, budimir Shah. He wants to give boys he wants to give girls so she prayed to Allah that she wants basically a child nother two lakh mfe botany Mahara Fatah Cabell mini Allah, please accept. Please Allah allow me to have a child her dream was to have a boy

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clear because she had a certain task certain goal is I want someone to run that temple to run that messy luxa and she thinks that the most suitable individual would be a boy. So since Allah made the miracle of her pregnancy come, then it's only common sense that she will expect it's a boy the miracle will continue as she prayed for but then a fella

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called rabine will talk to her. She's complaining to Allah about the gender of the baby. Is it haram No.

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complaining to not about a shockwave Eli amishman will tell if the coffee man for a man will be in the without to her own. It's a girl. Allahu Allah. You know what I said that Kuru callosa then she says we're in the samurai to her Maria. We're in new radio hobbico was the retirement Shere Khan regime. What happened for Taco Bell capulin has

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accepted her da accepted her complaint. Maria was not just a good girl la meridian became one of the top four women that the Earth has ever seen. She will Baraka check what your lines a panel with that one bilateral, thematic it does not lower your status no rather brings it close to Allah. If whatever I said, which should be very motivational from Hadith and I

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did not tell.

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Then there's some serious warning I have to share with you.

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For so ally sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Mandela manlam yes and Illa Yaga Baba Ali.

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Whoever does not go to Allah and ask Allah and beg to Allah and complain to Allah will be angry at them.

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And I got to really appreciate this hadith on a personal level. When I went through this. I was traveling along with my mom throughout the states, and then we stopped by a Masjid in that Masjid, there was a janaza prayer.

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What's that story? In summary, without going to details, there was a sister who ended her life may Allah protect us And forgive us nearby? Me. So when we went there, we saw the family that had saw the mother, the mother Noemi, what's what's the matter? How can we help basically in summary, this lady, she loved this gentleman or this guy from another faith, okay, and she went along with him, she got pregnant once she got pregnant twice, may Allah protect us And forgive us and guide us. Yaga Bella alameen. So then, because of that the whole family left her her marriage, even a marriage, also to child outside of marriage. So then, after some time, this man who she loved the whole

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family, for he ended up leaving her. So she lost the guy and the family. And she felt hopeless. He left her with two children, no documentation, no marriage certificate or anything like that. So then I'm telling you this from the family itself I spoke to then she wrote a letter to her children. I'm so sorry, I can't handle this. I feel very lonely. I don't know who to talk to. I'm hoping the government will take care of you after I leave. And then she ended her life. We saved me a lot of drama on her. We don't say she's a Catholic. But it's a major send me Allah protect us. Yeah. What's your point? When my mom heard that, and how she was struggling and says I hope the government helps

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you. She has to have financial support. My mother looked at me. She said magic. Well law, her loving, and she's angry. Well, imagine if you ever needed money. And you do not tell me? How. I'll be angry at you.

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This is mostly but as a believer, you know, if your mom and dad are angry at you for a justifiable reason, you will not go to Jenna. layer.

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So my mom is threatening me. May you go to hell? If you do not tell me whenever you need money. Why? Because she doesn't want me to end my life the way that lady did when she was struggling financially and being lonely and so on. There's multiple reasons. Allah is the best of examples. When Allah says manlam Yes. Allah says manlam Yes, la la, la. Allah saying that out of love. Then Allah you have book because Allah doesn't want you to humiliate yourself to no one. He doesn't want no woman to sell her body for no man. He doesn't want you to accept her arm job and you end up saying, Well, you know, because of jobs I have to work in this machine. I'd have had

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Store and sell alkali tequila. My name is Ella de ballet and unless threatening you one lie because he loves you. Just like how my mom threatened me because she loves me and Allah is Love is not comparable to anyone. So what's your pain? Go to Allah and complain and Allah Your life will change upside down. Let's go to Allah and take the means iacobelli salaam, said, a school bus you are hosting Allah. But you know what he said? Go for it. So go and find where Yusuf is. Take the means and complain to Allah. And may Allah lift your hardships. May Allah bring Rama to every one of you. And may Allah allow you to come closer to him. I mean, robola mean