Maryam Lemu – Marriage Gems #09

Maryam Lemu
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of avoiding secrets in marriage, as it is crucial for a healthy relationship. They also emphasize the need for women to be truthful and open in their relationships. The speaker also warns against hiding things from one's spouse, as it can lead to a "has left-backs."
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secrecy Yes, in marriage. And I always share that my husband and I have no secrets. In this marriage, we live a very open relationship. We have no passwords. And I promise you, if your spouse has to keep you out of something, because by putting a password then you need to check yourself and check your spouse. Because the true relationship should be very transparent. They should be trust, mutual trust. So our phones are left lying around because we have nothing to hide from one another. I tell people if they don't want to say to know Don't tell me because I always go home and I download whatever it is, I've gone through during the day or that I've been told. So it's so

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important you develop a culture of being truthful, being open, being transparent and not having secrets. Another area especially we women are guilty of is keeping secrets from our spouse to do with our children.

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Our child misbehaves or does something wrong or the school calls and reports that our child did something and we hide it from our spouse. later on. When it comes back. It comes out it backfires. It takes both of you to raise a child and especially issues to do with discipline when you have a child that's going off and is doing something that they need to have both parents involved in fixing. Do not keep that from your spouse.

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