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Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The marriage of Islam is a secret and a blessing, with the sister giving the marriage. It is a secret to connect with the gods and is a source of wealth. It is important to be mindful of one's emotions and behavior during marriage, finding the right person to support them, and showing love and mercy in a situation where one is facing a difficult situation and wants to be a center Sallam.
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All praise and thanks belongs to the last part of what I made a piece of blessing of the Lord be upon the servant and final visit Mohammed sobre la mala, you know, some of my brothers and sisters in the animal just for those that didn't understand what just happened here in Arabic. This is how the Islamic marriage is conducted, basically where the father of the bride is sent to the group himself and I give you my daughter in marriage upon the keytab of a loss of Hannah who died and the tsunami also the loss of a loved Marlene, you know, Salah, and he responded by saying I accept that I'm pleased that I'm happy with this marriage, and there was a bad adultery that was set between

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them that both agreed to, and the Two Witnesses on our site have agreed toward also and they've seen it, they've witnessed it. And everyone else here is a witness before I'm also part of a dialogue that this was conducted islamically when humbling, often, I mean, just a short word of advice. My brothers and sisters in Islam, my brother Hamza Asst. Avila

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you know, that marriage this relationship is from among now more, more data from among the many blessings of Allah subhanho Medina, and it happened

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from day one, in the paradise between Adam alayhis salam and her work. This was the first marriage that took place in a took place in the paradise loss of Hannah Montana, you said, Amina Xhosa de la so he gave you how to add the money he set up as a gift. And from then on that blessing just continued in the sky it began. And on earth it continues. last panel Medallia it says

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Leah, a lot of stories in the system, some of us have a lot of modeling or send them in the lab that we have sent much before you prophets and messengers, and we made for them spouses, and we made for them generations, and etc. So not too long. This is also kind of what I was waiting for those that lived on earth, that they get married, and children, children are produced as a result of this marriage, and it continues until the last day. But then after the last day and when a person dies, and were resurrected. This relationship, the only so you can see how important and how much allows origin has admitted is that it continues in the paradise as well. A lot of soldiers he says he had

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never heard the name yet.

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He was where he was literally dealing a lot of soldiers he promised that those who enter the paradise so long as they are solidly here and righteous. Then they enter one solid I mean and that he and the righteous from among their forefathers and their fathers would enter with them one masala having a bet he was where he him and more spouses as well as the husband and wife, with the team and the generation the children for these relationships are preserved. These relationships are Holland, Yanni, it's a lot of social does not destroy the day you die. And it's all done. It's all over. If the goodness if you live upon witnessing this life, and Your Honor, this kind of marriage, this kind

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of nebadon law of social give you this number continues with you in the paradise whatever we need to understand that's what marriage is. It is a secret and it's a blessing. And it's an honest relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala in one of the many famous areas of marriage that we always read from time to time, a lot of sorgente said women, you know, only

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people make posters out of it, they hand it off, maybe sometimes in things gifts they give to the people on wedding days, it's written as a cover as a wrap on top of the gift itself woman AARP, and hello Calico Minh and fusi comm as well one liter schooner Illa or jollibee.

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The first before you run to

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these pumps that are in the middle of the area. Pay attention to the first few words woman

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from the miraculous signs of a love and marriage is an era from

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right now we witnessed an error from the legend handle more data, just like the moon is a sign from among the loss of Hannah who without his miraculous science, despite the sun needs an area from the earth of Allah, just like your creation and how you work and how your body functions is

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what just happened right now we just witnessed an empty land. You need to treat it and honor and respect the plank and air from the land.

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Says warming AMD and this air. It's yummy. You can see it's encapsulated within other

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spoke about many other signs of ease into the room. What means AMD? How do you describe this area here? You don't have a lot how does it live a life totally different to our system. Two different lives. What happened eventually How did they come together? How was this love and affection brought together

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You know getting this doesn't happen in any creation but human beings, Allah subhanho wa Taala made this possible. A lot of socialists this woman and he and

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he created this for you for you. This is

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creating for you. She also had a woman now be left for you how after this as opposed to level most of us before you love your wife or your love your husband or whatever it is, love and love so it shouldn't because he's the one who made this for you let go you see the polite if you have to follow the plan from beginning to end you find this word a lot sakala cool.

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Allah, Allah callicoon Charla come

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for you for you. What's up?

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Show so a couple of days.

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We are supposed to love a lot of social first first and foremost before anything from before URI for basically creating these kinds of blessings and mercy and to serve us that you can eat you ponder up this matter. You leave these these. If anything, they prove the existence of a pan of water before anything else. Can you just take an example he says

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that he made

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the sun and the moon is created for our service for our service. You see how big it is how big this is. That if Earth and everything was on it was to come close to the sun. What happens? It doesn't become charcoal, it will turn into powder, they will go God disappeared. It will finish

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and speed is huge creation in service of us. You know that means getting imagine you walk into a palace and there was a king and there's asleep and the king is polishing the shoe of the sleeve. Imagine this the what would you say the king is polishing the shoe of the sleeve, what would you say? automatically you would conclude that there is someone bigger than the king that may even polish the shoe of the sleeve. Even the ID when the huge Sun is working for us and it's in our service. This is enough proof that there is a being greater than greater than the sun that put it in our service. And this beam we are seeing a lot more than 300 times a day in your learning the

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movements of a salon all of them alone

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enough to teach you

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when you look at this marriage either between our brother and our sister, this is a another sign of a lot of solutions.

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The screen and then all of this and he's the one who made this possible women

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of color color coming ecommerce version one the understanding is not a woman. He These are from a lot of solutions miraculous.

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And what's the purpose of an hare? What is the purpose of an area a lot of social media says

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he loves the content. A lot of social issues you the area. He exposes them he shows them

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so that you may become guided Heather this this event today is supposed to bring us closer to guidance, not the knowledge just the amount of people get married and move on and live solo. This kind of relationship is supposed to bring us closer and closer to Allah. How do people make marriage a reason to go far away from alone? When problems happen in a marriage when divorce occurred, divorce rate is higher than marriage rate. How did this happen? The people that understand what marriage was for to begin with, would mean a D from among the lowest

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honor and respected blank and a of a loss or a he said I'm holla callicoon mean unfussy can

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lead the school, which are the

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three things the marriage is supposed to be built upon later school later. What

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he said the titles of marriage, if this is not the theme of your marriage, slowly and slowly will die. If you're not able to revive your marriage with these three things, divorce will happen. A separation will happen, troubles will happen. You're supposed to have these three matters in all of your days of marriage, in the good times and in the bad times. What will save you in the bad times if you were to implement these three things? This is the title of marriage. If you don't know these three things you're not earlier. You haven't understood the concept of marriage. Lita scudo, la Lita scudo La Jolla so that you find tranquility among yourselves. You find tranquility within yourself

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with the school comes from the word Sakina. Sakina comes from the word second or second.

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Use a place in where you don't have a place to live a second, you know the feeling that after a long day of work, you go back home. Finally, you can put the clothes that you want, and you kick back, and you do what you want. And there's no one to cause you a headache and stress you out. You've disconnected from your work and your life outside and the people and you've come back home and you've set in your life. That kind of feeling is supposed to be similar to that feeling when you see your wife, or when the wife sees the husband. Leave the school you're supposed to find Sakina among each other.

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That you got sick in your house for those that are married, sagginess next to how do you go around and search it somewhere else? It's there if you haven't found that skip searching for it. If the wife hasn't found it, find it in your husband. If the husband hasn't found it, discovered in your wife, look for it. He scudo Ilya delamar associate he says jyada Bina COVID He is the one who leads between us have a lot more debt than love and affection and mercy. mode there is different towards muhabba mode there is like a degree above Mahabharata, more days translated like practical love,

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is practical love, that you prove your love. In words in actions. Husband and wife are supposed to prove their love to each other, in words and in actions, in dealings in time of difficulty who can stand with the other in times where one has wronged the other who can forgive and show affection and mercy and just move on? Giada Vina como De La Hoya and mercy deal with your problems with no dental Allah, you find that the problems going to go away. Because why you dealt with them with what a lot of assertions made the marriage for which the nicoma

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my brothers and sisters in Islam, I'm going to conclude that I just want to give you a few examples of what this

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was all look into the seal of the companions, all the above on them and see something, you know, there's something incredible, and I've read this hobby more than once, whatever, you might have heard it more than once. But there's something inside that's interesting

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is the hobby for whom

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she directs the hobby. She says one day she was at home and Abu Salah came and he said to a cinema, I heard something severe pushy, anonymous, really late

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in the year and

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he said to me coming excited. He said to set up I heard something from muscle muscle. The Lovato said that it is much more beloved to me, then, in the end to own the most expensive of assets at the time. A nice camera was the most expensive of assets. He seen this what was what what we heard from them is much more beloved than that. So she said What is it? What did you hear from him? He said, Samir

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to see that we will see that in

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a moment shoot me famously but do fluidly hi Amina.

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She said Oh, he said

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anyone who was afflicted by a disaster or calamity and Raja meaning he said in LA you are in a yo yo and then he followed it up by saying Allahu mushroomy few mostly but Allah compensate me for my difficulty and hardship and trial and tribulation with some reward you give me what roughly five Amina and give me replaced this difficulty with something better than except the law would give him what he requested. Meaning a lot would give you a reward for that difficulty. And a bonus he'll give you something better than it they'll replace it with something that

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so the hobbyist goes on to say that see but almost almost Salama, she had this hobby from house but

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and then a while down in life. She was afflicted by a calamity. Her husband Abu sidama died.

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So she remembered this hideous calamity. So she said she said

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Felicia, I said in LA you were in LA you're here.

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Now she's going to follow up with this hubby is gone. So she said a lot of new people see Betty all like give me reward for my masiva my husband had died give me reward that I remain patient and

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and then she said

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she said I was just about to say Oh Allah give me someone better than Abu Salah. Can you replace Michael CBOE with someone better? So did she stop and she said woman

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In Abu Salah, she said and who's better than Abu Salah

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my brothers and sisters, he said the point is

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Who among us now that's married would ever even think that his wife would say, woman Holloman for them. And I, just before I came

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before I left my wife in the house, I said, Would you be able to

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adopt me? I'll keep the answer with my cell phone and

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he is

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what did he do for her to say?

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It's no problem.

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He said,

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leave with him in goodness.

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the best of you are those who are good to their family and I'm the best to my wives. Get me there's no embarrassment in this, that you go overboard. So that one day your wife can see a woman named Mohammed, Mohammed Ibrahim. One Hello, man. How's it

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going? You have a lot of money to disaster. If people around you can see

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all of the brother we only know good of him down to earth, humble, generous kind in the heart, heart of gold. But when your wife is asked to give us a character reference about you, and she hesitates, that's a problem. Like it's a problem. Wouldn't it be something that was once approached by a man? And he said,

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Tell me something that if I do I enter the paradise for dummies?

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be a machine. be excellent. He didn't tell him be excellent in what? In other words, be excellent in everything? In your dealings with everyone in your worship with a lot more sin? be perfect, be excellent. try as best as you can.

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For them, this many central homosassa working for our

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society. How would I know that I've reached the level of success and become

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a center Sallam he said to him in the authentic hadith. He said things such as Yoda, in Pali, will enact a massive fundament what you call inaccuracy for intimacy. He said, Ask your neighbor, your neighbor, what do you live with every day you see him and he sees you every day. If he can see your wife's in your good, good manner, then shall avoid him. And if he says otherwise, than you otherwise, that's a job getting from time to time, the people you live with, ask your children from time to time for those that have children. Ask your wife asked your husband from time to time.

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Do you see me as

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if they say no, let's start working on something. Start working on reforming your character, your attitude, your words, your dealings. Otherwise, if they say you're bossy, and that's going to be a genuine answer, because I'm not going to lie, they're going to give a genuine response when they know you more than anyone else. If they find it difficult to say you're my sin, you're in trouble. Work on your character, your dealings, told us already how you're gonna do it. Leave the school no more.

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go out of your way to do these things. This is how we understand the homosassa when for example, he's coming back from a wall and he told the army go ahead, and then he began to resign he shall be alone. You notice how he

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write this is the ideal whenever you suffer.

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From a cup, and then she narrates you see how important and how much of an effect what consumers are selling is about to do. It had on her life to the point where she shared it as a hobby. didn't just dismiss it. She said and I would

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take that cup. And he would drink from where I put my mouth on the cup and he would drink

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these little things make

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these little things make you watch him get to that level where your wife or the husband would say ma'am hi Roman.

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And my story between our

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beautiful companions lovely I love it so much. Marian read the story about the devil.

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But that woman had something special along the same lines that he once heard his wife making.

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She said

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I married in this life first

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Through gender, our law, I request from you, that you also get me married to that in the paradise of that.

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So he said, that's what you want. Then in the recent Obama radio system, you said, a model utterly empty as well as yet that the wife is going to be with the last of her husband's in his life. So he said, if you want that wish to be fulfilled, and I die first, then don't get married to anyone after me.

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That died before.

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And then a few months go by and while we all be a loved one who came to request the hand of modem,

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so she said to you, sorry, I have already made a contract with Abu Dhabi, that I will not get married to anyone after him, because I want to be his wife in the paradise. So he said, are the cables sold? Then you better commit yourself to fasting? So how long have you done that? I would love that long dead gone. Finished. She's still

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How did you live? And how can you deal with it to the point where I'm not interested in anyone, anyone? I need this relationship with the guy in the paradise and I'm looking forward to it. And he's dead. And young people

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look forward to seeing each other

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while he's dead and she's looking forward to seeing him isn't that's how the relationships are supposed to be. Allah subhana wa tada concluded the interview that he can

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sit down and ponder, ponder over this area. ponder about the relationship of marriage. Where are you supposed to be and where are you now? ponder and then start joining the planet. Husband and wife in on the plan together so things and fix things properly. And all of these areas are law so I can give you people are struggling to get married. While social is giving you married maybe they already married you got children preserve this relationship a lot. He never people don't have children, you know, for those that got married, but before you got married, that was the agitation. I want to get married and where is it that unlucky? And what made it easy for them? How did you think the only way

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you're going to thank one is by respecting this relationship in them saying that at all a lot wants to be a screw they have a shot of a document that was colossal Egypt that he except from us all. He forgives our shortcomings our sins, baskets of Hannah Montana that he liked between Hamza and assistant Avila, upon taqwa upon goodness upon righteousness and sincerity, and upon love and mercy and gentleness and compassion and respect for one another, or else the most have had the more data they make us people of the blind and people The sooner possible muscle the lower body muscle

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