How to stop sinning when in private

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The speaker advises the audience to ignore fear when discussing personal situations and to use their own worth and responsibility to overcome fear and become fully present. They stress the importance of acknowledging and embracing one's own worth and responsibility, and to use that feeling to overcome fear and become fully present. The speaker also highlights the importance of taking advantage of God's teachings for personal growth, highlighting a book called "The Dispatch" that highlights the importance of fearing Allah's presence.

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How we going to stop these since Allah He, I will discuss it with you and I want you to implement it the next time. You're knifes calls you to a sin, listen to this solution

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as you approach committing the sin, right, remember what I'm saying? So now, a SharePoint has whispered in your mind, your desire is starting to build up bit by bit and you feel like approaching and committing a sin, especially the sins that are in private, watching something that is impermissible taking a drug for example, drinking alcohol in secret because your parents or your friends don't know about it, going through your spouse's phone also, that is how long and that's a sin. And that there's a desire to do that whenever we learn. When you approach to commit a sin. I tell you what, there is always always a feeling of fee in the heart of a believer.

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100% there is some feeling inside your heart.

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Obviously this is what makes us believe is that we believe that Allah sees us when we commit sins. No one denies this fact. Even in recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he referred to that feeling in your heart. When you approach a sin, He referred to it as wherever law he feels unequally movement, that feeling of fee, that alone is watching over you. That Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam referred to it as the Warner that is in the heart of every believer. So what I want you to do when you approach a sin in private, dude, ignore that sense of fear in your heart. Don't ignore that sense of Allah watching over you. Rather, I want you to do this. Take advantage of that feeling. And say to

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yourself, these words aloud, say Allah is watching me. Do it. Ignore the feeling. When you suppress and ignore the feeling that Allah is watching over you commit the same, rather what you're supposed to do at that moment. Take advantage and see the words aloud. Say Allah is watching me. Read the words of Allah in Sultan Allah, Allah Mere allambie and Allah Hi, oh, doesn't you know that Allah sosial is watching over you? And sit and answer answer the question of Allah answer and say, Oh Allah, yes, I knew you are watching over me. And I'm going to act by this knowledge that I know. And I'm going to stop the sin and what I'm doing right now.

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I'm ashamed of myself, Allah, I'm going to stop. Look use of Allah. He said, when he was in that setting, and the wife of Allah zS came and wanted to tempt him and make him fall into the scene. And she was alone with him in the room. Use of Allah He said, and the first thing he said was mother law. May Allah protect me from this, he mentioned the word Allah. Don't ignore the feeling of fear of Allah in your heart. Don't ignore it. Raise it, bring it out to your tongue. Say it start mentioning say over biller say Allah can watch me see the words you're stuck phone I mean a nurse what is the phone I mean Allah as Allah says in the Quran, say, say it Allah azza wa jal said in the

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Quran, they cover the sins from the people at a fee of being exposed. And they don't cover their sins out a fee from Allah wahoo my home and Allah is with them all the time he can see them and what they do.

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Take advantage of that feeling of fi in your heart when you're doing the sin and bring it up. Don't ignore it. If you ignore it, you're going to fall into the sin lamarca don't ignore this feeling Allah He my brothers and sisters in Islam, if you remember Allah, and you remember the name of Allah, and you see my or the law,

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just before you commit a sin, one law he, the mention of Allah will destroy the temptation and the desire instantly, instantly. And the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Well, a hollow mass may lay shape. Nothing is heavy when it's weighed With the name of Allah. So if you're mentioning Allah, and you'll see that over law, and you're seeing a fear Allah and you're seeing these words aloud, if they await with your desire, and your temptation to do the how long to watch the harm. If you're mentioning a last name, and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said nothing will ever outweigh your last name. Therefore your temptation and your desire will be shattered instantly. lockwiper Trust

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me, trust me Allah. He trusts me my brothers and sisters in Islam that

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entation will cease to exist, it'll go away. At that moment, at that moment when you feel like it's gone, congratulations. That's the moment in where you have defeated a shaper. afterwards. After you've mentioned Allah, and you feel like the temptation has gone away, remember, shubunkin come back, and he will come back. So what you need to do afterwards, move away from that place. If you're at a computer screen. If you're in your room with your mobile device, move out of that room, go somewhere to a public area, where your parents are sitting where your family is sitting where your spouse is, move, get out of a private space, Luke call someone do something, Luke Yusuf alayhi

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salam, when he was in that room with the wife of an Aziz, and she tried to seduce him.

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What did he do after he said my Avalon after he mentioned Allah his name, he allowed social said was a call and he ran towards the door, teaching us move away from the place that you were going to commit the sin. After Allah gives you strength, over your sin move away from that place was still condemned, Yusuf Alayhi Salam began to rush to the door. And of course the wife of analyses began to chase him as well. And one law he if you do that one law, relief will come straight after that. Relief will come straight after that, look at use of other his setup. As soon as he reached the door, what happened?

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The King, the husband of that of that lady, and Aziz opened the door. That's relief. That indicates relief. What I'll say either Hello del Bev Allahu Akbar, finally relief came. So when you're tempted by a sin, firstly, same either law, remember law, take advantage of that feeling of fear of Allah in your heart.

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Move away from the police of the scene, run, move estaba Al Bab run, and then the relief of Allah social is going to come so so so nice, straight after it's going to come and will lie he will lie he if you do this. You will never ever walk away empty handed. You will walk away with a man revived in your heart. Look at this, a lot of you are going to do a sin. You stopped it. You're going to walk away with a man revived in your heart. You're going to walk away knowing that you have genuine feet of a law that exists in your heart, and you're going to walk away with a house and a rhythm for you law.

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As a movie sallallahu alayhi wasallam said men Hammurabi say yet in film Jamelia, kuchibhotla, who has anyone who intended to commit a sin, and then he doesn't end up committing the sin. Allah would record it for him one has done a lot of work but look what you walk away with, when the genuine fear of Allah zosen shines in your heart. So we need to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala in order to gain the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala a lot of sosial he says in the Quran in surah 10 MOOC in the levina, shown above and below lahoma filler to add your own career massage. Well he says those who feed the Lord in the unseen

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meaning those who feed the Lord when no one can see them but Allah for them, especially his mouthfeel or tone, a forgiveness. That's why I'm telling you, in order to achieve the forgiveness of Allah, one must fear Allah when no one can see him. For such people Allah said in solitary diploma filter for them is a forgiveness, what as your own Kabir and a great reward. Anytime you see the word great reward in the Quran, it refers to the paradise and what is greater than that reward the paradise and the luxuries that are in an ultimate reward in the paradise and that is to see a loss of how to what the island