Ep 3 Unlocking the Power of Continuous Learning for a Thriving Mind

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Hi everyone. In this video, we will continue with our discussion on the mind mastery series. If you recall our discussion in the previous video where we spoke about the human brain as being the most important tool in the human body, and therefore, for the human brain to function properly, it is critical for us to analyze and understand what are the trainings that the human brain must go through in order to function properly. It's like your human body, right? For your human body, your physical body to function properly. And to stay active. What do you do, you go to the gym, when you go to the gym, you put strain on your muscles. This allows your muscles to grow, it allows it to

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remain fitter, and you remain more active for a longer duration in your life. Likewise, the human brain also needs to be stressed, it needs to be put under some strain. What is that strain? How can I go with gym can I go to where my human brains can be trained.

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You don't need to go to any gym. Look, right from the time a child is born till the age of 2123, or 25. When you're doing your studies, your bachelor's and your post graduation, you are continuously acquiring knowledge, learning new skills. When you do all of this, your brain is continuously being put to productive use, you're learning new skills, that's what the brain is supposed to do, right? Knowledge is here, it all emanates from here. So your brain requires the nourishment that the brain requires is knowledge, continuous learning, acquiring new skills, learning new theories, understanding the changing dynamic environment in which we are living. Because the environment is

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dynamic, new innovations are taking place every day, you hear of something new being innovated. So in order to ensure that you are abreast with all the latest developments and ready to take on this real world, you need to keep engaging your brain in continuous learning, acquiring new skills, learning new things. And in order to do all of this, you have to realize and tell yourself, that I have not reached the stage of perfection. Because once you feel you've completed a certain qualification or degree and you feel you're perfect, you don't need any other skills or knowledge, your growth stops, your brain ceases to function properly, it starts decaying, the productive

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capacity of the brain starts declining. So in order to ensure all of this does not happen, that thirst to grow, that desire to keep the brain active through active learning is extremely important and critical. Therefore, we need to understand that the human brain, which is basically the source from where all your thoughts emanate, whether they are positive thoughts, whether they are negative thoughts, whether they are happy thoughts, or sad thoughts, confusing thoughts, your entrepreneurial goals and ventures that you have, everything is clogged here in your brain. All of them are meshed up. They're all functioning simultaneously. And in fact, in many cases, it's all entangled together.

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And that's why I said in the last video, that you have a clouded mind, because there are so many thoughts that are happening at the same time, that you are not really sure what decision you need to take in your life to meet your goals and your aspirations. So now you need to start untangling them, removing all of them one by one, so that you can get a clarity in your mind.

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For that you need to start putting your brain through training to ensure that you don't have so many multiple and well opposing thoughts in your mind. You need to train your brain, you need to start acquiring skills and knowledge which changes your outlook towards life, which changes your outlook towards meeting your goals and aspirations. So the most important thing which we wanted to discuss in this video is the training of the human brain. And this happens through continuous learning. Now you need to put a pause to where you are in your life at this moment. With so many multiple thoughts happening in your life. There is some positive news coming in from negative news coming in some not

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so good moments in life, some very good moments in life. There are too many things happening in our life. You need to now put a pause or a stop. Like I said in the last video, you need to put a ban on information which you don't need which you know is not going to be productive for you. You need to identify which information is your brain going to process which will help you meet

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to your goals and aspiration, that clarity has to come in your mind. We will look into future videos, where we will discuss on how we can develop that clarity in our brain in our mind, but it will leave you with this message. The brain needs a gym, the gym or the training regime for the brain is continuous learning. Thank you so much for watching this video. I look forward to your participation in the future videos as well. Please before you leave, remember to like the video, share the video and if you're watching it on YouTube, please subscribe to our channel as well. Thank you for watching