Lauren Booth – Ramadan Reset – #16 Anisa Kissoon – Global Healing Crisis

Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of fasting and detoxing the body, including breaking out the body and improving mental health. They also emphasize the importance of healthy movement and energy during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as teaching oneself to be strong and positive. The " pest apocalypse" concept involves taking small things and making small items, and is discussed as a way to avoid waste and healthy movement. The speakers also mention a new village for internally displaced people and emphasize the need to educate oneself and redo one's health. They also mention a podcast and website that support Syrosis in need.
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Welcome to Ramadan reset with me Your host Lauren booth. This podcast series is sponsored by what handled delivering services to Syrians in need. May Allah Allah bless you and your fasting and accept all of your do us. Me. Well, we have a wonderful guest for you today sister Nisa kissoon She is our prophetic and holistic medicine expert and hijama expert Malika rahmatullah wa barakato. How you doing? Sis worldly Come sir l'amour of metallic brachetto I am feeling fantastic, Mashallah, how are you hamdulillah I was fine until about two hours ago when there was a bit of a beans incident where you know that the the type of beans that you have to cook folk soap for eight hours,

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oil for four hours, and then you've turned your back and boiling the burnt and so that all of that was thrown away. So it was a bit of a start over. And then I really had to make a lot of liquor because I thought well, if you're just if you're still getting angry about burnt beans need to be making more Vicar

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solution for everything on it.

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I mean, tell us about how you start your day basis and give us some clues about healthy habits that we can we can put into place and should be having in place by now inshallah, inshallah we'll look day 16 today. So we are more than halfway there. Right. And now we should be actually feeling energetic heart, our heads and our mind should be more focused. If we're doing things correctly, our bodies shouldn't feel fatigued. And our detox is going into another level now. So it's funny because I talked about this earlier on today. And the brothers that brought the use of chambers said, you know, I'm feeling you know, quite tired. And we analyze this. And we'll actually, maybe you're not

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exercising enough. Because obviously, now we're inside, we're not able to go out as much. But what a lot of people are doing is spending a lot of time on the computers, on their computers and on their screens. And this is not great, because with the detoxing and your body actually trying to read the toxins. Remember your lymphatic system, your trash system, then all your toxins and all the bad stuff goes, it doesn't have a pump like the heart. So our beautiful hearts has the pump, so it can circulate our blood blood around the body, but our lymphatic system, the trash system doesn't. So that's why we need to exercise we need to move on right now in Ramadan while we are fasting, our

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body is getting rid of all those toxins. So if we are not moving and pushing that all out, then there's a problem. We are going to feel more lethargic, we are going to feel sluggish, we're going to have foggy brains. So what does exercise do for us, it pushes all the waste out and it helps you to go to the toilet. It also helps you to sweat and these are fantastic ways of detoxifying the body. So even though you think okay, I'm fasting and fasting actually do you know yesterday? Masha Allah, Praise be to Allah. I did a five hour hike. And I know we only work one hour, but what I was doing was I was assisting some of the Auntie's and, and helping them to come and go, and we were

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going up and down into the forest and into the woods. area was this Where were you? So this was in London. This was in Yeah, but it's not honestly, it's not. It's not London, when I show you some of the videos, it is the most beautiful, beautiful parts of them. But I had to obviously collect them and take them home, etc. So I was up for five hours, and I wasn't thirsty. I wasn't hungry. I didn't have any, you know, fogginess or anger. I was at peace. Because we were earning, we were having the sunlight, the fresh air the flowers, it was beautiful. Mashallah, so, that's a good starting point, if any of you out there, and I'm Peace and Blessings to you all, if any of you out there is still

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feeling a little bit like, you know, maybe you still got some headaches, you are still tired, you're still feeling foggy in the mind, then that's probably indicating that you're not doing things right. So let's try and help you today to correct those in shutter love in there. I wonder sister in Isa, is it possible that our body's reaction to this big fast is in three parts. The way that the the the doors, the special doors and the special areas of this month split into three parts. So we're in the middle section now, which is where we, we asked we can be forgiven by Allah to Allah, we can be pardoned for everything. And then we go on to the final 10 days when it's rescuing from the fire. So

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I wonder is that how are fasting bodies work? Well, that's a nice way to put it. I think I think that's lovely. But yeah, it's very similar. Because in the first you know, maybe and again, maybe

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is not 10 days, but in the first few days, at least, you know, people do feel sometimes headachy sometimes they feel, you know, I can't do this and then moanin and they, you know, they can't cope with it, and then their bodies adjust, because we have to remember, our bodies are such integral, amazing machines. That just, I mean, it's, it's just phenomenal when I was fortunate to be able to study not just the normal biology, but when I studied from the ancient tradition, traditions, and the ancient wisdom of the people, this was when everything was just like, wow, for me,

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they teach you to respect your body in a different way. And with the fasting, it's a fantastic because yesterday, we'll go through, I call it kind of like a healing crisis. So it's our detox, where your skin might just start to, you know, break out. And you might even feel itchy, you might feel irritable. So you're you have a mental kind of attitude as well, where you're just not really with the world. But then slowly, as you're coming up to the 30 days, in terms of spiritually, in terms of focus in terms of physically, you should be going up and up and up until you reach this super, super, you know, strength where you don't feel like you need any food anymore, you know, and

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a lot of that let me add loan has to do with your mind, it has to do your thoughts. So and I know, again, I was talking about this earlier, saying that it is very difficult, because a lot of people are in this time of fear and anxiety. Because, yes, we want to talk about food, and we will, but let's look at the body as a whole we are holistic. So we have to move, we have to breathe, we have to sleep correctly, you know, we have to be careful of what we intake to in terms of our body spiritually as well mentally, what we're looking at what we're listening to all of these things incumbent's. Right?

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So when we look at us holy, we have to really take a step back and say, let's detox from everything, okay? And then go into those last 10 nights, which we are coming up to, then this time is for Allah. So in that period, we should be needing less food, and less water, and we shouldn't even be thinking about, you know, like, like, I know that one of my daughters, she loves cooking a lot, you know, Sophia, you know, your price daughter, Mashallah. And she's always thinking, Mom, you know what, we're going to cook and I'm saying, I don't care, I've got dates and water. And that's what the prophet peace be upon him, you know, and eat Alhamdulillah. And they were strong, they were so super

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strong SubhanAllah. So to think about dishes all the time, I mean, yesterday, I looked into the fridge, and I thought some of the broccoli was wilting a bit. So I sliced up some carrots, and some onions and garlic. And then I just made a plain broccoli soup. That was all I needed. I didn't need anything else. SubhanAllah and again, even savour time, when you're having your honey and your water and your black seed oil. You don't need much food. And I mean, I'm not. I don't have a lot of reserves. I probably got a little bit more than I normally have. But I don't have a lot of reserves. And am I feeling Am I starving to death? No. Am I feeling depressed? Am I just am I'm on top of the

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world. Why? Because I believe that this month, I'm being fed by the love of Allah.

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Honestly being fed by them. So my stomach, I have no need for it. Turn thing I've been doing a lot of things right by the grace of Allah. staying up late, playing in the light. These are all the great other great things. But if we neglect our body during the day, this is this is this is an Amana from Allah to Allah. So I did my Pilates today. And suddenly I'm like thing. are the two related? Well, of course, I mean, we were machines were made to move.

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And let me give you some some of your viewers some tips. Because, you know, I know that if there's any brothers watching, some of them have missing the gym. And some women are missing their classes and some people are tuning in to online classes. Well, I'll tell you one thing. I was very fortunate to go to Africa, West Africa, many, many moons ago. And I saw the fittest people ever that I've seen. And these weren't. They didn't have any gyms, they didn't have any machines didn't have any classes. These were fishermen who were going out there and they were paddling, and then they were bringing in the nets and they were putting the fish on the shore and the women were taking this fish

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for free, putting it on beautiful woven baskets on their heads and carrying them home. And everybody was fit. Everybody was smiling and everybody was connected. And I looked at that and I thought you see sometimes when we live in the cities, we believe and we think that

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This is we need these fancy equipments and fancy machines. And we actually don't. And for many, many years, I didn't have a Hoover, because I'm one of my children and two of them actually have dust allergies. So I had to sweep the whole entire house. And it's not the line or the kind of wooden floors, I'm talking about carpet every single day. And that was my exercise. So panela. So what I did was I just turned whatever I have to do.

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Let's say, like I said, sweeping, okay, instead of hoovering, I just did that. And then that was my form of exercise. And rather than taking the car to the supermarket, I would carry bags, or I wouldn't take the trolley right up, and then I would lift and that was my weights. And that helped me have strength. So you can turn anything into exercise because exercise is just movement. So panela, if you've got if you've been blessed with stairs, I know a sister who lives on, I think it's a seventh floor. So and she's not eight, she's she loves to go to the gym. And she said, Lisa can't go to the gym, I said, we've got great stairs there. So she goes up and down those stairs. And

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that's enough for her, you know, you can carry your children instead of pushing them in buggies. I mean, you know, I'm grateful to Allah, that my buggy was stolen. Because when Adam falls asleep, I have a two year old son and he's tired. Like yesterday, we all had to share him. And we were carrying him what but that's a blessing because we're actually using our muscles. So with health, you know, you don't have to be so strict, the less the better in terms of food. Okay, in terms of exercise, again, don't overdo it, make sure that you are resting, resting is very, very important, you know that it's so nice to have a nap after the heart. And so many of us are not, you know, then

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when we're staying up late, because we're doing our tahajjud or our tarawih prayers, then we are exhausted because the hole is so close. And then we go through the cycle yet again. I mean, we are connected to everything somehow, from the earth, you know, it's just all of it, we are connected to so our trees, so panela and we must take care of everything. And it's really important. I mean, I had a great look today, out when I was walking. And I saw the flowers have boomed this year, like, like never before. I think Han Allah is trying to give us more love. And it's trying to make us connect and you know, again, this goes for us in in, you know, anywhere in the world. Subhan Allah

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we must connect, we must do our best to connect, how are you learn? Are you? Well, you know, I'm sending my love and my daughters to you. And everybody out there. How are you in let me send my love and doors for you. This is connection Subhana Allah. So this is really important for our health. Because let's just remember again, that health is not just what we eat, is not just how we move. It's how we think. It's how we express ourselves. It's how we deal with stress.

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You know, it's how we connect with nature. This is all part of health. Once Allah has given us healthy mind and a healthy body, then for us, we must share it. And we must, humanity together.

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When you think about organizations you can trust it's based on making a real difference to the people that they're meant to serve. I support or turn UK because their programs lift Syrians out of misery, they've just constructed two new villages for internally displaced people in Kapha jealous, which is an ad lib sub district, these new camps. They have schools, clinics, decent accommodation, real sanitation, and educational opportunities for internally displaced children and adults. You can support the continued running of these services right now by going to what May Allah bless you.

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So Pamela, honestly, we just need to shift our mindset and we need to re educate ourselves. Because unfortunately, we have become a gluttonous society. You know, we want to use one chicken, let's say for instance, for one meal, even if you've got a big family, but actually you can make quite a few meals from that one chicken. It can. It can be like a stir fry. It can be small pieces of curry. It can be a chicken soup in the end, and then you can even make it into a stock. We can just, you know we can in terms of waste, there's no need for waste, and we need to re educate ourselves. We don't even realize that a lot of the weeds that are growing in our gardens which we call weeds are stuck

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for a lot. They're not

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They're remedies. They are medicinal, they are actually cures for us. Like the dandelion, the beautiful dandelion our children, they pick them up and blow them, and they produce these beautiful little yellow flowers. But actually, actually, there's a flaw in those leaves and they're edible. And all the parts, from the roots, to the stems to the flowers to the leaves are all edible Subhana Allah. So we have to re educate ourselves. And I think that's something that I'm going to advocate. Because we have more time now. Let's educate ourselves on how to eat properly, how to think better, how to manage our stress better, how to utilize our bodies better, because we have one opportunity

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on this earth. One. And then we shall all tests that tell us whether we are wealthy, whether we are poor, whether we are oppressed, whether we are have high status, whether we are educated, whether we are a street cleaner, we are all going to taste death. And for me as a Muslim, this is my first reminder, how are we going to go to Allah? Well, first of all, we make the art to him, please, Allah make us healthy. Why? So that we can pray, we can fast, we can feed the poor, we can deliver goods, we can check on people, we can play with our children. Health is so important. In fact, if you don't have health, what can you do? You can't do that much. So we should pray in this specimen that Allah

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gives us health, helping, healthy mind, healthy spirit and a healthy body. Okay, so while we are on this earth, that we can do extra good, because we are here. So Pamela, like I said, this one time to do as much good as we can for the sake of Allah. And we are caretakers of this blessing earth. And right now. People need healing. Our Earth needs healing survival. We have so many things against us, you know, whether it's that pollution, whether it's this radiation, whether it's chemicals, whether it's fear that's been put into us, we need to heal. If we buy just what we need, that economy will fail and check, it has to change. Now, I'm not saying we should immediately go and support the

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economy, we've got to save the economy. Why are we saving it? For what benefit is this system? Allah to Allah says, the system is this, I give you, you take what you need, you give the rest away, and it replenishes I give you you make dollar you give it away and it replenishes is that not the system? Subhana Allah, you know, I think we've lost our way. Honestly, we have lost our way And Allah is just showing us stop, stop what you're doing. You've you've got it wrong. It's almost like we are literally turning the opposite way. I wish we didn't need something that this pandemic to make us, you know, sit down and contemplate because we should have naturally been the forefront on

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on sustainability. And on on looking after the earth we should have been forefront. You know, Subhanallah I can't express that enough.

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We need to just take care of everything and be mindful not to take too much. Look in the beginning. I mean, I don't know how it was for you there. But our supermarkets. What a bear? Absolutely, Bear, you couldn't buy flour, for instance, for weeks and weeks and weeks. SubhanAllah. I mean, I don't even know because I've decided to not go to my local supermarkets anymore. I've just decided to just take small little things of what I need, and just make those panela so I'm not going to any of the big stores anymore.

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That's the end of it. Is there any sir? Is that? Is that the end of it? Yeah, I just I just don't want to I don't want to stand in the queues, you know, six feet apart and be wearing masks and gloves. I don't want to that's not me. Because I just feel that I honestly for me, I feel a bit like a robot. And I'm not going against anything but that's just me personally. So I'd rather just go to the farm, pick some few things up, and then just make very small, nutritious meals that have no and Baraka in it. Allah Akbar. And of course, you know, when we don't go to the big supermarkets, brothers and sisters, we don't get sucked into that system where they trick us into buying what we

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don't need. So so there are there is a science there is there is a science, a buying science, where people are paid, they go from university, they study marketing, they study selling, and what smells, what colors, what sounds, what aisles. What I hate will

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get you to buy the products that they want you to. So you're basically in a hypnotic state every time you go to a major supermarket, you know from the music. Oh, that's nice. I'm slightly switched off. I'll just grab this. Yeah, that's okay. I like that color. And you're not thinking and then always, you know how mean for parents? I've always thought this was rubbish, that as a parent, you've got young kids, what do they do? They put the chewing gum and the sweets in the last gasp of your money to get you at the checkout? You know, when we can I please have? And how many mums got all just have it, then? You know, and there's the junk. So I think you know, if you're taking

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lessons of this, this series is called Ramadan reset. Taking some lessons about avoiding the poison of a marketing system, which makes us wasteful by what we don't want. And by what is bad for us. Yes. And let's also go back and not just say, the big corporations, let's look at sometimes cultures as well. Because when I used to go into people's homes and observe what they would have, in terms of food, whether it was Ramadan, or not a lot of the cultures unfortunately, uh, so far from what we're how we're supposed to be living, and I'm talking about big meals with meat every day and rice every day and cook food every day and hardly anything raw, hardly anything raw. And then you have the

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drinks of fizzy drinks and things like this. And then you have the teas and the coffees and, and the sugars, sugar upon sugar upon sugar. So the fact that we have become addicted to sugar Subhanallah This is one of the biggest poisons. And what a lot of people and I'm sure loving, he did the same garden in causes me and I don't think we've caught up. I don't wanna spoil it yet, but I haven't done it yet. But I talked about about Yeah, so the beautiful, I think his name is Ron. And he's he's known as the gap got the gangster gardener, right, because he used to just take seeds, and plant them. And I love that concept. So there was a piece of land, and it wasn't being used. And he used

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to plant because he knew that there were single parents out there that couldn't afford food. So Pamela, also reminded me of in Spain, when the Muslims own Spain, and you can still go down and the last year and see that the Sultan's used to plant trees, fruit trees, so that homeless people always have food, so you can go pick the orange, and in that hot, you know, Mediterranean climate, an orange just tastes so beautiful SubhanAllah. So we have to really, I just feel honestly that I want to almost shake up the Muslims and say, what are we doing? What are we doing, let's go back to how we supposed to be Subhana Allah, we need to teach our boys to be men, we need to teach our women to

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be strong Subhanallah we need to fix and heal ourselves on so many different levels. And if that means getting rid of your culture for that little time, as in, stop eating these huge amounts of food and start again eating with your three fingers. I can't stress that enough. We see some of the cultures they are using their hand and then getting the rice in their hands like this and then

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while the profit people put in said it would be a free thing fingers like this because that's enough for your throat. So Pamela, you know not to eat these huge amounts and be scoffing than scoffing because then we lose, we lose all of our strength, not just our physical strength. We lose our Eman, we lose our positive thoughts. SubhanAllah so we really need to go back. Go back to our Deen and stop practicing it is beautiful thing about treasures upon treasures in our core and, and in our Sunnah. If only. We accept these gifts and we practice them Subhan Allah Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Allah, Laila hidden on love, please give us the strength and the guidance to be able to do your

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work. Let us help you oma, let us feed your own mind, give us give us the funds to be able to support these wonderful, our wonderful family because they are they're our family Subhanallah and let us let it be written in our book of good deeds and mean. Well, let's answer all of your doors tomorrow. We've got the Nasheed artists, Omar, Isa, Mashallah talking about his his fame reset. So I'm Ali Khan rahmatullah wa barakatu. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please take a moment to visit what to support Syrians in need.

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