Islamic Core Value – Incorruptibility – Istiqamah #6

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He was so happy hmm no bad, y'all really ma'am? Why do females study he was sent out in Hassanein and Aveda referring me that it'll be very yo the Allahu Anhu Pol Pot in the video so Allah Allah Who early was salam had eaten a collection and I've read and write to us by without the reasonable chain of narration, the theme of incorruptibility or anti corruption or st karma

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it's important for me that the younger generation understands what is still common is to have clarity on this pillar of or this core of Islamic values one of the three core Islamic values when we talk about how righteousness and ideal justice and and it's the karma, integrity or incorruptibility, it's very important that you understand this young so that you can basically figure out your life based based on it and what he said in this hadith Allah you salatu salam always thought was was it's an it's a beautiful Hadith in general surrounded next roommate nicely rounded Hadith, but it has the concept and he says Ali Asad was on the Alpha men AHA sallahu Baba who Lily

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Iman wa Jalla Powerbot who selima while he Santa who saw the car whenever sir whom Obama in welcome the cartel whom Mr. tema. So he said Alia Salatu was indeed the One whom Allah subhanaw taala has granted their heart sincerity, genuineness towards Eman are the are the ones who want to be successful in G li indeed, the ones who Allah subhanaw taala granted their hearts, genuineness and sincerity towards the man are the ones who are going to be successful. And then he clarifies what he means by the earliest Salatu was Salam because it's a little bit ambiguous, he said, and he makes sure that his heart is subconscious is selling, it's clean, it's pure, it's not filled with envy or

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hatred or

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any all of the all of the diseases of the heart that can that can ruin that can ruin the the validity of deeds that can take away your ability to cash in your microbiome or something beautiful that you did, where you were doing it for the wrong reason, and you had the wrong intention behind it and you saw things around you and you reacted, react reacted to it in the wrong way. So make sure it's calm is silly. That's what Abraham Ali said, I said, eliminate Allah, because I've been selling, neither Ibrahim ASAM was will ask Allah to bring me to you with a pure heart. Where I don't I don't have anything else in it. I'm not I didn't focus I wasn't obviously any of your occupation

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with creation is a sin, your preoccupation should be with Allah subhana without, but that's what the first one he makes his heart or subconsciousness appear when he found a hole saw defined the tongue for it to be to be truthful and honest, to speak only the truth. Whenever it's a homeless man for the knifes to be in a state of element none of comfort of a piece of serenity of tranquility, in the neffs can reach that the neffs can can be educated, it can be purified and taught and changed from a state of constantly and continuously wanting to be selfish and looking for self interest in everything around it and caring only for its own survival to a neffs that has serenity and, and

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tranquility and none where it knows what the truth is. And it's not. It's not boiling anymore. It's not unstable. It's not instability, really. And it's in the essence of the word and for enough to be stable. I think it's a really good usage of you know, terminology in Arabic and English, the concept of a stable Neff stable soul. Well, clearly butcher who Khalifa is character is behavior. Ethics. That's what Hollywood is welcome the actor who was stuck in Yuma and for the ethics and character to be incorruptible. To be on a path where you just you're not.

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You can't be swayed. You can't be I can't tempt you, I can't get you to maybe compromise an ethic or compromise a value or do something that is less than than appropriate in your eyes. Something you can defend legally for sure. But deep down is ethically like Yeah, that wasn't that was questionable. I know details that others don't know. So I can get away with it easily. But I know deep inside that wasn't the right way to do things. That if I was on the other side of this transaction, I wouldn't want someone to treat me that way. Right? That's really cool. Mr. Kramer Well, you know, that's that's the type of person you want to be around. Someone that you can trust.

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They'll always give you the best to always treat you fairly. They'll always be more than fair with you. They'll never they'll never bank on your on your back and they won't no benefit on your on your expense. And that's what the Prophet alayhi salam said, if the one whom Allah subhanaw taala makes their heart genuine towards Amen and then this would explain a pure subconscious and a truthful tongue. A stable enough stable soul and an impeccable impeccable integrity, impeccable character. That is what means to have genuineness and your Eman towards Allah subhanaw taala this hadith could be explained only from a concept of what Iman is but I I love the way it's the farmers put right in

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at the end and I think it's valuable for us to contemplate upon Yahweh the man was made with him was steady. He'd be centered in Hudson, and I'll be there in the livery it'll be Allah Who

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RuPaul Cole and Nabil SallAllahu ala who early he was selling them by the Alpha Man Alpha loss Allah Who by the above all in Imani or Jana caliber who selima Alesana who for the PA whenever homopolymer in were Khalifa whom was takim sort of Rasulullah he's of Allah Allah yo yo cyber sinister Bancolombia hamdulillah Illa inland Stouffville to be Google