Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L057A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Rahim Karim amudha for the below him in a short line of rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim are beshara li slithery with save the MD

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milissa saniya Cody, Robin as you can see in

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Lesson number 57 similar to Nisa, I am number 26 to 35

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URI do, he wants Allahu Allah, the obey Hina that he explains clearly, law comb for you was and yes, Dr. Koh, he guides you sooner, two ways. And levina of those who main from poverty come before you. Well, and yet he accepts repentance or he turns in mercy are they come upon you? Will law who and Allah or Lehman always all knowing Hakeem on always always

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well level and Allah, you redo he wants and that get over? He turns and mercy are they come upon you? Where you redo and he wants and levena those who yet to be aroona they follow? A shaha worth the desires. And that to me, Lou, you're inclined, you all deviate Malan and inclining a waiver great

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you redo he wants Allahu Allah, and that you have fever he lightened and gone from you were Holy God and he was created an insane the human beings were weak.

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Yeah, Are you her for you? And levena those who knew they believed less do not the guru you all eat and wear the comb your wealth, buying a comb between you build up with the false ways with the wrong ways. Illa except that the corner it is TJ rotten, a trade on from the Robin mutual consent. Main come among you order and do not duck to do you all kill and forsaken yourselves. Enough indeed. Allah Allah, Ghana he is ever become with you for a Hema all resolved merciful

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woman and whoever you fall he does the litter that are the one in transgression willman and injustice. For sofa, then will soon Knowsley we will enter him to burn. We will make him burn now or in fire

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or Cana and it is ever Delica that Allah upon Allah He Allah yesira one very easy in a Dutch Danny boo you all avoid gather your big sins. Ma What? Don't hola you all are forbidden, and who from it? Luca fish. We will expiate and come from you. So you add the comb your sins, when you tail comb, and we will admit you mode colon and entrance Kereama one noble one respected

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Waller and do not determine No, you are long for man. What for Birla he preferred. Allahu Allah be with it baritone some of you either upon borrowing some of others,

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Lizzie jelly for the men, Nestle boon abortion mimma from whichever expressible they earned,

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or leanness II and for the women, Nestle boon abortion mimma from whichever excessiveness they have earned.

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Was Lou and you all ask Allah Allah min from from the he his bounty, His grace

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in Indeed Allah, Allah Ghana, he is ever

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We could leave with every shame thing, or Lima always all knowing

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only Colin, and for all Gianna we have made my way Leah is mimma from what taraka he left, a world leader the two variants will occur baboon and the closest relatives,

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one Latina and those who are coded, it died. A man who comb your pledges or a man who comb your right hands, for to whom, so you all give them nicely but whom their portion in Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever Allah upon Cooley every Shea in thing shahida always a witness,

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every journey, the men qalamoun our managers are maintainers Allah upon over and Nisa, the women, Bheema because of what for Birla he preferred, Allahu Allah Barba whom some of them are Allah upon Berlin, some of others

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were Bhima and because of what and for who they spent, main from and where to him there was

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for oily hair. So those who are righteous women carnita tune are ones obedient, ones devoutly obedient, have your word, once who guard, one to protect, little wavy for the unseen, for the secret

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Bhima because of what have you, he guarded, he protected, Allahu Allah.

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When laddy and those women who, the harpoon you all fear, new shoes, 100 their rebellion, their ill conduct very ruhuna then you all admonish them, what do you ruhuna and do you all leave them, you all stay apart from them, be in

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the beds

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and every bhuvana you will strike them.

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For in them if a foreigner comb they obeyed you further so not taboo, you will seek la hindlimb against them sebelah away

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in Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever early year most exalted Kabira Most Great

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War in and if system, you all feared shikaka separation by any humor between them to further our zoo. Then you will appoint hackerman a judge, an arbitrator, men from the he his family,

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work and hackerman adjudge an arbitrator main from A to Z her her family

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in if you read the day to want they to wish his or her reformation. You are he will reconcile Allahu Allah bainer humor between them too.

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In Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever are the man always all knowing for the urine, always all aware. Let's listen to the recitation. You read.

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Do come soon.

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You read

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one can

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Be Here

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a man

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can be your

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boom shaka

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laka man when

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the Euro

An-Nisa 26-35 Translation 26-35



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