Majed Mahmoud – What You Need to Know About Taqwa & Ramadan

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of taqwa, a term used by the Prophet, to avoid harms from the virus. They also touch on the negative impact of social media on one's ability to achieve dreams and the importance of avoiding harms from the virus. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a program called "ALLAH SubhanA."
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Why are we here?

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Why do we fast? What is Ramadan all about?

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Many times, Allah tells you to do things without telling you the exact wisdom behind it. And there are times where Allah tells you to do certain things and tells you the wisdom behind it. Alhamdulillah for cm, Allah told us the wisdom of why we fast. People say we are here to worship Allah. And you quote the Iowa Mr. Jinnah will insert inlandia Buddha and that's correct. We are here to worship Allah but why do we worship Allah? What is the goal of all goals may Allah to Allah yet?

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The goal of worshiping Allah is what Allah told you another Surah Yeah, you had nurse or people or Buddha or Beckham worship your Lord He will tell you now why are Buddha Rebecca Milady halacha Comala renaming public I'm the one who created you and created those before you why you're Allah. What's the goal of worshiping you Lakota? Takane. So you may be God conscious? Yeah, are you Hala? Dena Amma? No katiba Hola, como si and you have to fast fast is there a bad year Allah why should we fast? Come out cootie bear the name in public and fast like those before you whine La La Quinta taco. So the goal of all goals in your existence yes is to worship Allah. But why worship Allah to

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be of the MacGuffin. So Brother, please tell me clearly what is stuck wha. If it's that critical, and that's what we have to aim for. Then what in the world is taqwa? There's a lot of definitions that can be said. That's how rich Taqwa is.

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Dukkha comes from the word we hire. Protection. Taqwa comes from the word we acquire which is protection linguistically.

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When we tell someone in Turkey I'll Corona have Taqwa of Corona, meaning protect yourself from Corona.

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Know what's the taqwa method that you use, you wear a mask.

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So you have Taqwa of the corona. As a result, you wear a mask to be protected from the corona.

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But there's multiple ways the more Taqwa you have you were not one mask you were to know you don't wear a regular mask. You wear an n95 No, no, no, you wear a mask and you take a vaccination. No, no, no, you take a mask now. 95 you take the vaccination and a booster. Not just that there's a big gathering. I'm not even showing up Taqwa. The more Toccoa you have of the COVID the more precautions that you take.

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And no one will rebuke you for that. May Allah protect us era behind me.

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Or maybe some will rebuke you may Allah protect us.

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When it comes to Allah, you have Taqwa of Allah is the best of examples. They still can mislead Sheikh Taqwa of Allah, Allah meaning have between you and Allah has anger how Billa was Socrates? Have between you under punishment of Allah a barrier or a mask? You have a barrier and protection it tucked in law, but what's that mask? What's that barrier? What's that vaccination? What's that man? 95 What is it doing what Allah told you to do?

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Whatever Allah told you to do, you took another boost. You did another thing another boost and haram you avoided another boost protection protection protection, and don't be little a single boost. I really took two was appointed the third one Len Shafi elf 1000 take them on. Take him home. And that says that exaggeration, whether the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying

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we're stuck with tequila with tequila now we'll overshoot Kitamura

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he says protect yourself from the Hellfire even if you use a layer from a date. Anything you can do. Don't make something of a penny or $1 anything Don't be a little any good. Tequila Harper Takata May Allah protect us and make us of them with terpene immutable Eileen.

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Let me give you another definition. Abu Hurayrah Radi Allahu Anhu he was asked. Yeah, Abu Hurayrah what is taqwa? So the Abu Hurayrah Radi Allahu Anhu he answers in a question. He says Have you ever taken a road that has a lot of thorns? Shulk? He said yes, farmers are not so what did you do when there's a road filled with thorns and pricks and so on? What did you do with the title? I avoided it. I went a different direction. I pulled my clothes a little bit not to get ruined. He said duck a duck. Well, that's stuck. Why should I bring this example today? Can I do that? Insha Allah when you drive your nice car may Allah bless you all. And you see our pothole What do you do

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that tackle pothole you avoid it. And sometimes they get very honest. Sometimes we take the longer route to avoid harming the rim and the tire. I'm not taking chances on my car, not my S class. I'm sorry, maybe another car

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Are your heart is above an S class and X seven above anything in the world. This is the club. The Prophet says a Taqwa. Hoonah

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is a stock was right here, a Taqwa who know Ashara Illa Sodre.

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You know, why is it here? One of the reasons is we don't know who's the winner amongst us.

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Duck was here. It's a race to Allah as Alma chef teach us that we don't know who's in first place.

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You don't know whether you're the worst or you're the best. ibn Umar Radi Allahu Anhu. He was asked what is taqwa? Ibn Omar said? I love Pavan Nica, how you don't mean ad is for you to come to the conclusion that you're better than no one. Don't you ever sit in the masjid or in the lobby or in an office or in the hotel or in Macau or anywhere around your brothers and sisters and think I'm better than this person? Because tequila is here. And you don't know what's here. Except Allah Jalla Jalla a Taqwa Hoonah Akula commonly had was stopped federal law dia Willa confessed del futuro and no hula photo Rahim.

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Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam. May Allah make us among the MacDuffie everything Allah told you to do seek to do everything Allah told you to stay away from stay away from and Sydney Malika hola hola. I know he says you guys are tagged in the next generation do things

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that seems so simple. You don't see it as a big wrong by like it's not that big of a deal.

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At the time of the Prophet, we would feel that the mountain will collapse on us if we do it.

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So don't be little a single haram say okay, it's not a big deal people do worse than that. That's not the attitude of the McDuffie

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Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says a person can go to Heaven Heaven Jenna, because of a nice word that you gave a nice word that you said. And that person can go to the worst spots in *. Because of a word that brought Allah's Anger. One word like bro, what is gonna ruin his feelings? So what? You have to watch out why you said it? Was it worth it? Is it the right thing to say? One word can take you to heaven, one work and ticket to help so and it doesn't take things lightly. May Allah protect us era Bill Alameen one word of gossip can ruin your CM. One word of Riba and backbiting can ruin your deeds. These are not my words, but also Allah is sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, he says, fasting is not just the fasting from food and drink. This is not just the fasting. Not just that he said. They said there's no point in your fasting if you will not stop lying and bad language doesn't mean you break your fast but that's how much backbiting and gossip and these sins can ruin your reward. May Allah make us dakini you stay away from that which is halal, so we're better off staying away from that which is definitely haram May Allah protect us? What's the reward and the fruits of dukkha? If you live such a life, what's the fruit of people though? CDC says you're good to go when been indoor gathering. Oh, now COVID The numbers have decreased. But what's

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your fruit of still wearing a mask? There's fruits you don't do it just like that. Unless you're forced by someone right? Why extra protection because now it's not just about COVID Even if someone has the flu, I want to be safe, has a cold I don't want to chances have some disease I don't want to change it to do extra precaution. May Allah bless you and protect us all Europe and may Allah cure everyone who is sick.

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That's some of the fruits but know that when you wear a mask, some people will make fun of you.

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Somebody will tell you this whole thing is fake bro. I can't believe you're backwards. You may make fun of I'm not equating this with Dakota exact but just to bring the meaning closer to you. Maybe next year my hope will be something else. I hope not another virus may Allah protect us.

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When it comes to ALLAH SubhanA with others fruits thermadata Taqwa Allah says in a very famous I will mean you tequila, Allah Who Maharajah whenever you're cornered

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and there's no other option for you except to do the path of wrong. You're stuck. Like you don't know what I'm going through that in Magellan where hate hasn't majesta handle haram but that's my only option. If you're cornered and you fear Allah. Allah will open a door you never thought in your life before.

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Well Allahu Allah will open a door and I'm sure I'm sure insha Allah amongst your people that went through it before. You were told there's no way out and Allah gave you not one but two and three ways out. Not just that a way that you've never thought of or even dreamed of. Allah opened the door because you had Taqwa during your most difficult times at Babel haram have to buy a chose Babel halal. You chose that you know Allah will open because I trust him. I trust Allah don't you have

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are allowed yourself as elected below as electable law. I asked you by the one who made you don't ever allow a penny of haram to enter your stomach will lie no matter what the cost may be your license your family, whatever it may be. Don't lose your taqwa, kohona Taqwa. Hoonah May Allah make a sincere Yara Belisle me. Well, your resume in high school a Addison and Allah will provide for you in ways that you've never imagined a scholarship or promotion, something that would have been wrong, Paola opens the door for you. And I'm sure many of you have examples much better than mine. I remember when I used to work out not too far from you.

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At this engineering company, my manager came to me. And she told me magic, to be very honest with you whether it was a one on one private meeting, and she was very transparent, she could have got in trouble for saying what the following said she said to me. But she said the way you're dealing with the woman at work, puts a risk at you growing in the company, very frank with me.

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In what sense? You're not, you know, to communicating a little bit too much. You're not going outside of work hours Hangout. So every time like, I don't want to be in this location, and so on. So this issue and your avoidance of handshaking this before COVID is not going to help you grow in the company. I'll never forget this in my life. I don't want I'm not going to tell it was easy hearing that. And she could have went in trouble for saying that. But that's how much she can have cared for me. So I told her Miss Kim. But you know, some people are germaphobes, right? Like they don't want to shake hands with no one. But she said to me something that kind of cornered me because

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that's when we use our intellect. Sometimes we get in trouble, that they will actually get in trouble sometimes. She said to me germaphobes do not differentiate between gender.

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Just about you being the only two women that said you know what, let me go back to the basics. Islam encouraged us to avoid it. I'm not saying it's haram minimum mcru.

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Allahu Allah is my witness. Not about a month passed by except that I got a job offer from another company. So Miss Kim, that wonderful lady who passed away due to breast cancer, may Allah cure all those who are sick.

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She came in she said, what's up with the offer? I said, I got an offer. I might be moving.

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She said told us the number will match it said okay. So I showed her the number. I'm not making that much money. May Allah protect us, but just the relatively relative. People got nervous. No, right. I got nervous. No, perfect.

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So then she said, what's the number that you have? So I told her that's what they offered me. She said, There's no way I can match this. There's no way I can match this. She thought we can never grow if we have Taqwa of Allah Subhana Allah.

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That Allah is the One who provides not Miss Kim no Chrysler, no FCA no one. But May Allah grant us Tibet today we pass tomorrow we may feel and may Allah forgive us every time we fail. And that may or may not make us proud for every time that we pass

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