This is the best definition of Taqwah

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What is the taqwa Yanni attack on my brothers and sisters in Islam? It comes from the word walk or walk out means to protect yourself. So, it literally means to protect yourself from the anger and the wrath and the punishment of Allah. And how do you do so? By implementing and adhering to that which Allah commanded, and keeping away from that which Allah prohibited? This is the best definition of a Taqwa

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of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allahu Anhu. A man approached him and asked him, What is a Taekwon?

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Abu Hurayrah said to him, Have you ever walked on a path full of phones and spikes? Is this stimulus? He said, describe how did you walk? He said, I walked carefully. I raised and I folded up my lower garment.

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And I looked at my feet as I stepped carefully between the phones and the spikes, so that I don't hurt and harm myself. abode audibly. Allahu Anhu said to him, till Dakwah that is what Taqwa is.

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So what's this attack way is to go through the day and through the night, being very careful and conscious and alert and aware of the commandments and the prohibitions of Allah. The phones that are on the road, or the prohibitions, and wherever there is no forms, that's when you should be which is implementing that which Allah is pleased with in the commandments of Allah. And look at this. If you step on a form, you harm yourself. Allah is not harmed.

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When you commit a sin, you harm yourself. You injure yourself. Allah he's not harmed. Minami la Saleh and funnily enough see you woman as a father Yeah.