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smilla salatu salam ala rasulillah alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam rubbish to holy soldering yesterday. Emery Wadler, Dr. melissani Yokoyama, but we begin by mentioning the name of Allah subhana wa Taala and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to send us peace and his blessings upon our beloved our Hubby, our role model, or give up our mom and dad for his sake Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And before I jump into my topic, I would like to thank all of you for attending Zach mallow here on May Allah bless you, may Allah make you happy. May Allah lift your hardships coming on a Saturday morning, were you already in school all week? Then you still come to school today. 100 lab, the best

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school in Sharla where Allah is being glorified, and we say sobre la la was salon and we talked about the greatest generation that's the best school in the world, yes or no? Allah says in the Quran, and who is better than the one who calls people to Allah. So May Allah make us all callers to Allah subhana wa Tada. And I'd like to also thank all the volunteers, those behind the scenes recording teams like molucca, everybody, thank you so much. And before I jump one last comment in sha Allah, thank you so much for the introduction, solidity of an overpraise, nothing special about me, first time to meet me, nothing special about it at all. Whatever success is from the hands of

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And if we ever if any one of you including myself, once again, anyone in this room, including myself, you attribute your success to yourself, you're a loser.

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I'll say one more time. If you ever attribute your success to yourself, you're a loser. Success is attributed to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we make a mistake attributed to yourself wonderful job.

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When qarun he says in NEMA ot to Allah in the Quran said I got my money, I got all the luxury I got all that stuff from my own wealth, will Allah do to him for herself maybe he will be dead if we destroyed him and his wife. So we pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala to always remind us where we came from an egg and a sperm, we have to remind ourselves that the end of our life is a dead body that not our own families will be able to withstand and they will bury us and in between some scholars have said we are a bucket the holds waste. May Allah keep us humble and keep us sincere all of us. I mean, are you guys ready to go into the topic inshallah. So we have just a few minutes and shovel

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You know, there's no bright future to a nation that does not know about its bright past. Correct. There's no bright future to a nation that does not know the bright past, nation after nation seeks to have inspiration from its previous heroes and previous role models and those who brought dignity to that nation, correct. There's no nation on the face of this earth that is far more deserving to be proud to be inspired, to be motivated to seek honor, then our nation of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because this is the best nation of all time. And this is the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala when he said, Quantum hydromet in order to know that's what he said, Allah, you

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were the best nation ever came to earth. And that starts with a batch of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and all his companions and all those who follow in the footsteps May Allah make you and I among those on the footsteps of the Prophet sallallahu it was setting up the best nation ever. But why are we the best nation? three elements? You take one out we're we're not a best nation. We're probably the worst nation May Allah protect us three conditions. Number one, you tell people that which is good. Hey, listen, do your prayers. With the respect your parents, you tell them that which is good. Number two, you warn them of that which is bad. And you shouldn't be talking like that to

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your neighbor. You shouldn't be doing that to your colleague. You shouldn't be looking at that person of the opposite gender like that. You shouldn't be saying these words you do these two things. You tell them what is good, you warn them of what's bad. And number three, you believe in Allah subhana wa sallam to Muna Billa brothers and sisters, when we talk about this nation, and how it was risen, the greatest generation of the Sahaba correct. Now all the Sahaba are out there, there are over 100,000 of the companions and what's the Sahabi? What's the Sahaba companion? Someone who met the prophet who was a Muslim and died as a Muslim. Fair enough. So out of the 100,000 plus

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companions, I was honored. Yes, yes, I am honored to bring up his name. I am honored to speak about him. It is none other than the one who was promised Jenna even though he was still alive walking on Earth. Earth man been affirmed a lot a lot how on earth man been a fan was born approximately five to 16 years after the birth.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam some Allahu alayhi wa sallam or a man on the long run. As he was getting older and older he had such a great character he was so loved by the people love well mannerism with his parents, neighbors, people never cheats never lies in what people used to say will lie this statement will shake you to show you how much he was loved. The mother, the mother used to tell her baby the mother used to tell her baby the following check this out. She said Oh,

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man, hope decoration years man. She tells her son in law he I love you all my son or my daughter or my baby. I swear by our rock man, I love you the way the chorus they love us man. Allahu Akbar. That's how much this man was loved by his people. I've never been a fan. His nature was pure and he grew up with that pure nature and authentic narration he says well law he I never committed Zina, none of these major sins May Allah protect you and I from it, and if anyone felt to it, may Allah allow us to return back to him and repentance that is truthful. But I mean, us men been a fan

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of ibaka severe accepts Islam. I live in Abuja, Pilate accepts Islam. zaidan Hadith accepts Islam, three men. The fourth one

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goes to a snipe and tells him about Islam. Allah is one this man is the Prophet of Allah and matter of minutes or so the same day he accepts Islam, Allah Akbar, no argumentation, let me go play staccato none of that stuff. I accept Islam right? And then we went in May Allah make us steadfast and you know, by Lenin, may Allah make you all to snap and I found a lot. They're low on us, ma'am. And I found once he accepted Islam, he was very steadfast. Nothing will shake him his own uncle al hakam. Allows al hakam in MPLS, his uncle when he heard earthman accepted Islam. He did not accept that as an uncle, he tied up with Nan and he placed him he says a total Who are you willing to let

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go of the religion of your forefathers and accept this whole new religion that is coming up? I will never untie you until you let go of Islam. as men men are fun. He's one law healer, a DA who didn't wander off. He told his uncle, voila, hell of him. I will never let go of Islam. May Allah keep a strong people. None of us are tied. Are you tied up? Should we shouldn't be so laxed with leaving the rules of Islam, yes or no? You have a government in a way that helps you yes or no, we live in a in a way a peaceful land. You're not being tied up. He was tied up. And he says, Well, I will not leave a single part of Islam. May Allah keep us strong with every part of Islam. So at the moment,

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when he was so steadfast his uncle realize there's no point of keeping you here. Then he untied him and he left Islam was being prosecuted, if I can you appreciate us may have been a fan. At one point, the Demographics The population count the males, there were four Muslims. Yes, he was the fourth one. He himself was 25% of the population count a long

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time and I found as Islam was rising bit by bit, people sought to ruin the life and the family of Mohammed Salalah. And he was saying yes or no. Now two daughters of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam were engaged to two sons of Abu lahab pressure from Abu lahab pressure from the evildoers towards the two sons of Abu lahab to cause what cause turmoil cause ruin the emotions, make a chaos in the family and make the two engagements broken, and they were forced and they were pushed, and they ruin the engagement of Rokia and Mickelson, the daughters of Mohammed Salim who comes again, as man didn't offend. The father thought the people we ruin the family law will law you're wrong. You made

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the family stronger Guess Who is it proposing to marry Rokia or ceman been a fan in the marriage the daughter of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam time passes by and passes by and they do the first emigration ever of the Muslims from what from Mecca to were a bit senior May Allah protect you Allah May Allah guide that people are senior today and keep them steadfast upon the truth. So they went then they eventually came back and they did the other immigration to Medina Allahu Akbar. When they went to the Medina, the first major battle the Battle of major better, Osmond in our fan wanted to go and join the Rasul Allah sallallahu wasallam. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to

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him, listen, your wife What's your name? Rukia May Allah protect us? Rukia May Allah allow us to see her? Rokia the prophets Doris as a lamb, the wife of first men is very sick. She's so ill. So the Prophet told her as men stay behind take care of

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Your wife, this is a nice lesson to learn from the seller. And the prophet will never tell you to do something except that it's more rewarding than the thing that you left Yes or no? Correct. So him taking care of his wife was more rewarding team than going for Jihad with the prophets. I said yes or no. I tried to tell it to myself. You know why? Because I was asked to leave the Hydra group this year.

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My wife three kids expecting a child the fourth one, sometime myself in Islam and offended Naga, the prophet so I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm just saying this as a lesson, I pray to Allah that whatever reward I get by staying in Dearborn, Michigan will be more than going to hygiene Mecca, Allahu Akbar, right. You have to see the priorities the reward is there in sha Allah, Ramadan is coming up or as many as teaching me priorities, but also a lifetime is teaching me priorities. Ramadan is coming up in sha Allah, may Allah make you all witness the month of Ramadan what happens Ramadan mama keeps inviting people right to keep calling everybody a couple phones even one phone

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here one phone there inshallah 6pm on May 22 may 23 for you and like mama Come on right it's very difficult I want to go pay Tara we I tell you and Allah is gonna hold me accountable your service to your mom and dad for afar will be far more rewarding insha Allah than your praying over your Torah we I guess with me priorities people family comes first our constitution in Islam number one constitution is what other Buddha Allah Buddha Allah worship a lot alone constitution number two what is it? What bill worry they need a whopper mom and dad come next right so we learning then the spouse comes into picture. So it also told us man the following and look at the honor look at the

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honor. He says in Malacca, Gerardo juden min min shahida rossana decide Buhari, the province acident told us man, you care for your wife and you will get the same reward as the ones who went to bed. Now some of you may not know the reward of going to bed and I'll give you just one. Those who went to bed that amongst the companions may Allah be pleased with him are ranked amongst the best group of companions remember at the beginning of my talk over 100,000 plus companions? Yes, the best of groups is the ones who went to better service man as part of that. Service man is one of the greatest of the greatest of companions may Allah be pleased with him even though he was still in

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Medina caring for his wife. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comes back from the Battle of bedroom, but he has the tough news. Rokia has passed away as men is very sad. But once he passed away when she passed away what happened after some time later, another connection of enlarge yes in last minute rasulillah how Roca passed away but have not been affirmed the prophesies and accepted the marriage between the man and Uncle whom Allahu Akbar hassel Bosley said the we do not know of any human being on earth that ever married two daughters of a prophet Allahu Akbar. One passed away marry the second one. How honorable is that status? My father in law is Mohammed masasa lamb that's

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Horace Mann, Roger Martin, who was moving on. When when Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu aalihi wa sallam said the following authentic narration activity. He said the ash rotten Phil Jenna, y'all are ready for the quiz ready for the quiz? He says 10 are the people of Jenna. I'll give you the first fork of this easy.

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Allah give me the first one. abubaker were oma Roseman

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Wiley rajala on number five

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was rebellious

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wa, Abdur Rahman

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Abu Zubaydah was seven Abby waqqas and the last one say you've been saved in the car no till the watch the video maybe when it's uploaded in sha Allah May Allah bless y'all see, I mean, may Allah make you all people have a genuine look at the man still walking on earth like and you're like, Oh my God, this guy going to Agenda How do you know the Prophet sets of salado setting right? You don't go you know we discuss who's the greatest of all time who's the goat LeBron or Michael Jordan de la COVID la Shaquille O'Neal? Do you know that the Sahaba authentic narration had a discussion of who's the goat for the elders goat is greatest of all time? There's no offense here. All right, who is it?

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They actually discussed the Abdullah bin Omar, may Allah be pleased by both of them. He said we used to talk who's the greatest companion ever. So they said by consensus. It's a worker so they don't talk too much.

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then number two is on top of the line, even more than says, US man been found on the line. This is the order. That's how we see a Sahaba. He said then after that, we start really looking into it and we think you know the difference of opinion, a lot of activity. So all these things to appreciate. That's our discussion.

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As a 15 year old 25 year old or whatever year old you may be the real goats that talk about Allah Sahaba and that's how you should know their names like that. May Allah protect us and honor us. They've been a fan. They go to Medina look what happens. But also la salado cinnamon the Sahaba are struggling very much the water in Mecca and Medina is not pure and clean. May Allah grant us pure and clean water say I mean and our brothers and sisters in Flint as well Amira, but I mean, so they went to Medina no pure water. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you know there's only one main source is called the rumor, the well of Roma. If we are able to have this well, they'll be

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fantastic. But the one who owned that well was stingy. The one who owned that well was abusing people's hardships and charging big money. May Allah protect us, our pharmacists, even doctors, please don't abuse us. May Allah protect you. Our mechanic says that. Don't do this to us. We trust you the only source perhaps May Allah keep you using you as means of assistance to the people. So there are certainly some Allahu Allahu wa sallam says men yesterday the Aruba geography had Alba Houma de la Al muslimeen, the higher and lower Manhattan This is authentic, and you say he Salalah alayhi wa sallam said who is able to negotiate and purchase that well, and we will be able as

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Muslims to benefit they're struggling, the guy is abusing the life out of us. We can't pay all that money. So who comes? Who is coming to the shortage of the water issue? have not been fun? Does this negotiation so what's the deal? How we can do this? He's like, I'm not selling you anything. You know how much money I make out of this? I'm not selling it to you as offensive. Okay, how about we make a deal? What is it? I buy half

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the world do you buy a half a half a well? How can you How can you buy half a well, it's a simple one day that was mine one day that was yours? Pretty cool. skin doesn't always do it. Right? He's like, sure, we'll do that. Guess what happens? He pays big money, big money for half the well. So all the Muslim schema which day is man's day, and the Muslims Dhamma locker since back in time, they filled the jugs for both days. Because the next day, I'm not going to the other guy. So I feel enough from the day of Earth man for and he's not looking for compensation. No, no, no, no, let me rephrase that. He's looking for compensation but from Allah subhanho wa Taala because the Prophet

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says whoever buys it, they will have a well in general. So then the other man he realized no one is getting water from me on my day. Everybody is going on earth man's day. So he tells us man, how about you buy the other half? Can you buy like the other half bro? Like I'm struggling? So a man buys the whole world with big bucks. And he was promised Jenna once more. He didn't say I got it once people can anybody go for buying the well? No, I'll go again and again and again and again and again. So don't ever be bored the fundraisers donate every good cause and Sharla May Allah bless your wealth. And remember this lesson, there's no better investment in your life to bring you more

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money. Yes, cash, cash, more money. You're looking at what stocks you're looking at Bitcoin. You're looking at investing in cars looking at investing in here and there. There's no better investment I'm talking even financially not just a Senate. Then you putting your money away for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala give it to the right cause May Allah grant us wisdom and allow us to know our priorities right? I mean, Robben Island and then what happened? Brothers and Sisters Muslims are coming to the deen more people accepting Islam to the extent that Mohammed Salah Salem now not just shortage of water, we have a shortage of prayer space. Can you believe that message was packed,

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people accepting Islam, people praying in the road. So Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Andaman Missy de de la when the message was so crowded, you know, the fire marshal would have made a big deal out of the messy media that they allow Adam. So what happened? Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam said this. Did you guys get tired of seeing Salaam Alaikum Salaam Salaam. He said many asteria bukata any Fulani who would buy the land adjacent to the masjid happens today doesn't it? could buy the land you know could buy the warehouse next to us. Right who would buy the parking lot who would buy the apartment building this happening from the time of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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This is a determining who would buy it and what happens and Allah will give him a land in general who comes again

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have manually gone to gender. You already got a well and gender. You said bro 100 Allahumma barik is that? No, I'll take care of it. So he buys the land and that mission is expanding Allahu Akbar. Then there's another shortage. Another fundraiser again, what's going on. But this shortage is for security. The Romans are realizing the Muslims are growing here often. The leader of the Romans has suggested we have to go into Medina and attack them.

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Go to their home court and ruin them all. sosua wise Assalam wants to make a statement. No, you're not coming to us. I'm coming up to you north. So he calls all the brothers of the Mujahideen as many as possible to join the army. But eventually what happens? We don't have enough assets. I got enough bodies, but not enough weapons. I got enough people buy enough rides, I got enough people borrow enough food and drink. So who comes?

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Vanessa, may Allah be pleased with him. And he came, and he dropped 1000 dinars of gold? What is that worth? Allah knows best. I tried to do little calculations, but just to make it simple. It's within the millions of dollars today. Millions of first $50,000 alone worth what is the doctor who makes 2.5 million he thought it $50,000 alone, which is great. I'm not believing in an absolute and relaxed, rich people. Okay. But what I'm seeing is that he gave multiple multiple millions of dollars. So he is your role model or rich people yes or no. We want religiosity like Horace Mann gives the money and he's the one who taught you and I have to make will do By the way, what do you

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mean? Much of the Hadees that tells you how to make who's the narrator or smen bonython he says whoever makes will do properly follows it up with touriga Allah forgives all their sins Can we do it today in honor to us men and hoping he gets the reward of what we do and find the sin of Mohammed Salah Miku pray two rakaat whatever sin you made will be forgiven inshallah fair enough. And if men comes and drops all the money, you know what the prophet says, look at this. Well life all what I said in the lecture is this Hadith, I am done to show you the status and the honor of commandment. When the Prophet got the money

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he started getting the coins and he's shaking it like die and he says ma menma Mula Bandha Leon will law he basically whatever it was man does wrong after today it will not affect him it's over. And you know when you get your acceptance in university, then your grades drop at the finals. I just got acceptance. So he's he's all good it's over as much obviously not a green light to do harm me Allah forgive us and protect us. But you're all set. You're all sent me Allah be pleased by you. With the last few minutes that we have abubaker sub D comes as the highest after the death of Mohammed Salah burger. So because the leader is pleased with us man, he dies on top of the law and becomes the

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Khalifa pleased with us man. When he dies, and I've never been a fan in his 70s accepts the leadership positioning becomes a third party for the Muslims. And the people from the east and the west and the enemies of Islam. They thought Mr. Deitch thank God, we got a guy in the 70s right miskeen guy can't control anything. Well let us know when our friend got his youth back in a way that you know imagine Islam expanded in the time of man more than a booklet of different armor for your information. In case you never know. Man been a fan of Islam from the west side reached to Sudan and at the senior from the east side, it went as far as India and China that's a phenomenon

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you mess around with 70 year old guy. That's another lesson I take from it. Who's pious May Allah allow to bless all our elders say I mean, we know for the eldest one Hadith for you, may Allah make you happy for the weitere that you have. Brother Watch what you say I got you. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that Allah with to honor along shows respect to the people with white here. I had one Yesterday I saw it and I said you know alum keeping it hot. See the dean makes you proud that you're getting old Allahu Akbar. The Dean makes you proud that you have daughters yes or no alone. But this is our Deen to be proud of that hamdulillah because what matters is not the outer

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appearance as much as the inner appearance. May Allah make us beautiful inside and outside Yella for your sake as well. All right, so moving forward as Islam is expanding and about to end in sha Allah.

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This is the sun of life.

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The stronger Muslims become, step by step, hypocrites pop up. Remember that? When do hypocrites shine, the more than Muslims get stronger. So this means the stronger Muslims become, the more hypocrites pop up from within a lie. The fear brothers and sister is not from the enemy that comes from the front. The fears from the image that come from the back, may Allah protect us. There are enemies within we lock our masajid Everything is fine, whatever the case is, but the enemy is within the message itself. The enemy might be someone behind the beard, just I'm not saying I'm the enemy relax, okay. But just like this right? The enemy can behind the hijab. May Allah protect us, which

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is the level of hypocrisy May Allah protect our brothers, sisters myself from hypocrisy. Even Omar Rowland was nervous. Am I a hypocrite? So you all have to kind of wonder about that. May Allah keep you steadfast, and they went and it's a long story. My time is pretty much done, but to let you know that the people sought to make accusation.

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At the end of man's life, he is in his 80s 80s. After all, the honor that he has done all the reward all the praise from Warhammer sanlam guess what happened at the day brothers and sisters, they went around him to go and assassinate him. It's a long story. But the end of the day, hypocrites have risen, but will lie, they will eventually go away. And the band will be with the believers in Sharla at the end of the day, and there's never been a central de la on the last of narrations that we have. He woke up in the morning and authentic narration and he said I'm fasting today. They say why he said I had a dream last night on haematoxylin abubaker. Andromeda, they told me you will break

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our fast with us you will break our fast with us. So as men knew this is my time, my time is pretty much up. So he covered himself why because he knew you will be killed, did not want his hour to be exposed a lot covered our of our sisters and brothers. I mean, they've been I mean, he's about to die and he's worried about his body showing and he's not gonna be held accountable, but let me tie up my clothes not to show and then they came and he gave the Quran and he was reading the Quran and they came and they killed them at that point. May Allah be pleased with us men are the law and may Allah be pleased with the idea of the law and may Allah be pleased with the Sahaba all of them

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brought the law and Jackman Latina for your patience. May Allah bless you protect you with Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh