Difference between Zakat and Zakat ul Fitr – Ramadan

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So there are differences between the cattle and the cattle further when it comes to the amount when it comes to who receives them when it comes to the time. So as a cattle male is for wealth, accumulated saved wealth annually 2.5% of that wealth. This is a cartoon man. And there are eight categories of recipients. And now there is no specific time for it. So if you started to pays a cartoon mal Sagarin wealth on Muharram, suffered January, December, whatever it is, then that's the due date for it. That is a cattle Well, there's a cat element. Now the cattle federal is different because it's an obligation on all Muslims. So you pay it for yourself and all your dependents, your

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wife and all of your children, that is due at the end of Ramadan and has to be paid before a prayer. And the prophets of Allah wa sallam said that it is a slog. So this is a mud

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staple food. So for instance, let's say wheat rice, or what have you, four of these scoops would be sought. So you would give this to the poor specifically, the end of the month of Ramadan, but definitely before Salah too late