Ebrahim Bham – The smiles and tears of our Beloved Prophet SAW

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The "monster" mentality is a common experience for Islam's success in society, and it is not just a coincidence. The "monster" mentality is linked to the "monster" mentality, and it is not just a coincidence. Different examples of sadness, including woman crying during a time of crisis, woman who cried during marriage, and woman who cried during a time of crisis are discussed. The "monster" mentality is linked to the "monster" mentality, and it is not just a coincidence.
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At hamdulillah was Salatu was Salam wa ala Mala

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Mala dofollow Villa internationally you don't just walk around and walk the

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Pentagon or solid line you also work on the center for color

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coding. On our show we make local video at your ha

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Camila who said hello

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my dear respected elders and brothers we are in the month of review over the month of February is the month in which our beloved Karim salva Bonnie who was still on was born and also the month in which our beloved Maria Teresa Allahu alayhi wa sallam passed on. We believe that we speak about any aspects of the life of our beloved Maria can install sort of any time it is full of virtue and blessings. It is not tested we have to speak about military install Islam only in refuge away. We are supposed to speak about the greatness of the life and every aspect of the life of money I can install Salam on all occasions and every time you speak, irrespective of the time it will be full of

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blessings, it will be full of virtue it will be full of rewards. However, it is natural that in a month in which our beloved highly acclaimed saucer was born and he passed away we tend to remember him and in that particular regard we speak about certain aspects of our beloved Korea Korean salsa and even euro will come in for years Rudy media review our may have many uttering saucer of Kibera man cooked by anchoring Lakin near cream sauce key will added to the salad we see made any hanaki which I said um after test your content um Can I smoke combined for death? Now one of the things that is at the highest which I recited analysis, will in shadow mythical come say unto the people Oh

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prophet of Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. I'm a human being like you are a human being. I am a human being the way you are humans. We share the common attributes of being humans, doesn't mean we are in the same category doesn't mean we are in the same category. We can never be in the same category. We can never be in the same status. We can never be in the same rank. Libya, crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam is far more greater than any other human being created by Allah subhanho wa taala. And they had a report I think it is a salad The Sabbath was made mentioned he was saying that Mohammed Abu Bashar Bashar Al, Mohammed dunya, total oneness to Kalahari, Muhammad, peace, a human

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being in terms that he is not dividing. But he's not like another human being. He is like a very rare and a very expensive stone. And we are like ordinary stone that you find on the road. So this is something so that Allah in the Quran says fools say unto the people, in nama shadow mythical, I'm a human being like you, you have Allah, like, you doesn't mean that we are insane status, it means in terms of humanity. Now, just to give you an example, the alumni have given this example and any people are making spoken about this, that you see that diamond, diamond is pure carbon. Diamond is pure carbon, but it is a very expensive stone. Diamond is carbon. Charcoal, is also carbon. The

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charcoal that we use in the brine is also covered. But the difference is only the frequency of the vibration of the molecules in the two carbons that make them different. But who is going to equate charcoal with diamonds? he's ever going to say that charcoal and diamond are the same, but they both God they are both carbon. So there is a way our beloved Kareem Salah while he was selling his, his great great, but he's a human being and one of the reasons why Allah Allah says in number and abbatial Matthew from you. Hi, Les.

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Is that because of his greatness? We must not attribute divinity to our beloved maybe occurring sorcerer. We must not attribute the qualities of Allah to our beloved Talia Kareem saw Salam was always very careful about this. One day when a person made dua, and he said Ma sha Allah Allah Masha, Allah Muhammad, what Allah wishes and what Muhammad wishes and then we saw some said attachment

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Linda and Linda

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have muda under Tanaka barraba alternative to the how is this possible? So this is also another la forma de por que up our school will say Gandhiji can make to monitor in San Juan yeah if is bad kita Utopia Piazza Allah while he was set up Bucha Nokia,

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Hulu we aapke in Korea, Nokia Marathi kiss him or 800k has yet lifted yet Berseria for sure himself Mombasa pusher, Hulu we are.

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Now part of humanity. Part of humanity is that our beloved Nabil Kareem saw Selim was you may compassion he made every effort from every time to show his humanity as a servant of Allah. Look at the way of our beloved I shall not be allowed and I was asked what it may be a cream sauce lived at home and you said maybe a cream sauce salaam used to clean the house used to even get you know patch his own clothes, and even his own shoes, maybe a cream sauce them used to do that. Maybe a cream sauce Salam used to show his his servitude to Almighty Allah. The greatest time when Allah granted him the greatest honor Allah Tala when he referred to that honor, at the time of Mirage, Allah

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Subhana Allah the ASABE the Abdi Glory be to allow took his servant so this is another aspect of himself Salam Allah Tala Cuban day this man Alana with a latrine Matamata for Maya or couldn't keep Usher yet me up shaman, cohosh Horner are hanging on a part of his humanity and that is the plan for today. Part of his humanity was getting happy, smiling, laughing and sometimes sadness sometimes his tears now in that is a great lesson for us. When a person gets happy when he gets happy, how he gets happy, these great lessons when he gets saved, how he gets saved, how he displays his sadness is a great lesson for us. Admin cup push for Dan or Geser push water or reschedule enable most healthcare

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sector time is made to any port sorry, shall not have or hamari IATA or is it Jeff admin from getting water coming from drinking water or cases from pinata toes, maybe hamari Lea reshammiya there is so much of lessons when a person gets happy how we get happy, how he displays his happiness. How we get said when he gets said he so much of lessons for us. One of the aspects was how our beloved maybe a cream sauce sort of got happy when he got happy and how he displayed his happiness. And in that case, so much lessons one of the great things about nisource alums happiness and sadness was the dignity that he displayed

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when he was happy, and when he was said, in that there is great lessons for us. When we occur himself. He was happy, he smiled

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maybe a creamy sauce and never laughed loudly. His smile was subtle. Sometimes there was a slight smile. Sometimes there was a more broader smile. And in a broader smile, you could see he's seen, sometimes you smile more. And you see the inner portion of his mouth. When he used to show sadness, maybe uttering salsa we used to weep. Sometimes when you used to weep. That particular weeping used to be sometimes with a trickling of some tears. Sometimes he used to tear profusely that the tears used to be flowing from his eyes. When did our beloved to be occurring saw slim show happiness? Sometimes they were like most moments, maybe occurring so cinnamon Aisha Radi Allahu Dona Nebia

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crimsafe Slim, just push for the day to be occurring. So as salam zoar cine est

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Libya crimson there was some fermata Kumar SAP water tables from Cuba Jessie Afghan, Mubarak some datatable someday the country anyone Zorzi asna yes Savigny Yes. So, in this particular way, we find that it will never be a cream sauce will one day head some dispute or some minor argument with us I shall not be allowed. So when this was they said alright, let us get a mediator amaretto tilava was Killian kisi kasi Kuya kisi populi taki hamari or Amarinder Mian man will face letter to the court Abu Bakr

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be allowed to run this is very amazing. Let me see I will look at the Ultron who is the father of Aisha but it is the loyal Murthy of the via cream sauce yum. Now in there in there is a dispute so as an eyeshadow the ultimate started speaking about a visa or maybe a cleaning service in the UK I woke you up to hazard a

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child, Mary Beatty Hey, Nikki Nibi kibarim SAP Antara to hazard a woodworker got so angry that he got up to be desert I shall be allowed Santa. How dare you speak about maybe appearance or something like this? And as he got up the VA Kareem sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam was standing in front of Abu Bakr and Aisha

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is carrying like this so that I shot but we saved from our workers Edgar so nebbia can himself Salam dole as a worker Oh, can I call you for this ministry today when a manifester can they can do

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so hasn't

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said go away now. After a while. I said Abubakar came, and I said Aisha and Libya Kareem saucily were laughing.

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And as I said, Can I join your happiness? The way I was, when you probably were arguing I came last time you were arguing now you're probably happy so and then the military was awesome tourism I shot see how I saved you from your father. And then we saw some smiles. So see sometimes even in the family situation, maybe a cream sauce don't smile when Jaffa the Allahu Terrano came back from Abyssinia. So Jaffa the ultimate state many many years in ever Syria, sometimes like some close to maybe maybe even more than 1314 years but many years. So when he came back, Libya three we saw Salam got up and he was so happy because he was a cousin. And he was the same age of maybe utterings

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awesome. What did you be entering? So some say that the behavior of people be people who me Jaffa oh fuck Haber. I don't know what gave me greater happiness, the coming of Jaffa or the victory in a fable? Can you imagine equating his happiness by Jaffa coming with victory the battlefield maybe a cream sauce that showed happiness at that time? Maybe a cream salsa many times when he used to come in a gathering. All the Sahaba out of respect was to keep their gazes down only to Sahaba used to look up at near cream sauce share Hi, I will worker in Houma. And when they used to look up at Nabisco Salam, the visa slam used to smile at them and they used to smile get maybe a caramel sauce

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from Chef and projector up to any whatever some format. Or woo or Abu Bakr Omar, he said there are maybe a cream sauce from Cassandra or whatever supermarket so this was a smiling of nebbia carrying salsa. One day he was an occasion that O'Meara Viola who tried Okay, now that time some of the wives and some of the women were complaining and they were in some way speaking to our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when they came, you know they started you know speaking now you know they were making certain demands. So in the demands

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you know, there were certain words spoken and then tomorrow the allow term, okay. And when Omar are they allowed to keep all of them went away? They went into hijab, they went into production. So when Omar are they allowed to ask permission indicate maybe a cream sauce slim was broadly Smiley. Soon to be a cream salsa was smiling. She said Allah was saying that we are not always keep you smiling. Jana Solinsky cambogia Kiana mascara. To the bakery. Michelle's mom said, I am speaking about this particular woman. They were speaking to me and they were making demands. And they saw you if the ternal hijab or baggy acid for the Muslim Yashoda the moment they heard you, they went away. And

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they went into and they kept quiet. So Marathi Allah who said Yeah, and you're worthy, unforeseen, hinder, or enemies of your soul? You speak loudly to the military in sauce, women, I come here and you keep quiet. And they said put into Office for others. Over after Nebia cream sauce from Surrey, burka, you know you are also more harsh than to be a crimson He was compassionate. So it'd be a cream sauce and have a smile on that occasion. And then maybe a cream sauce and said, Oh Maura, leave them alone. You are such a person when when shaytan sees you, he also goes away. She can accommodate everybody. So allow yourself a smile on that occasion. Sometimes whenever there was

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something that was pleasing and great tidings for the Umut let me a cream sauce. Smile

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Ventura alumna Shura was revealed Libya Kareem saw Salam was so happy he came out of his house and he said, Look at what Allah has revealed that foot in fame, you know, there is a technicality I don't have the time to go into the technicality. And he made mentioned with regard to it, that to deaf to ease as for overcome one difficulty, the meaning of easic the ayat is one difficulty and to ease and to be occurring. So some said that one difficulty will not be overcome, able to overcome to ease and to be occurring SoundScan was fine. One of the really amazing things too very important I really you know interesting incidents one day maybe occurrence awesome said about the accurate,

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accurate environment we are getting sosman But after that Allah will tell a person on the day of Tiamat Allah will conceal his major sins on Caitriona Whoa, that is

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or cookie Sariah poor Samaritan Jana will put forward is minus six. And when Allah put forward these minor sins, Allah will tell the angels

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that change his minus sins to good deeds, change his minor sins to good deeds

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or work by Antonio pushing errata he kept that particular major sense concealed and we're happy to hear that person was saying your level of detail will be

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will be

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changing also into good deeds. And there is also smile that okay, this person, Allah concealed his his sense. Now he is you know, telling Allah that Oh, I read this that was so big I made this and also change it into good deeds in one area last one and I will go to the next portion, you know, one day so Hey, roomie Rafi, Allah with that

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he had, you know, a pain and there was, you know, tears coming out of one of his eyes, you know. So, at that particular time, it's not good to eat certain foods at certain illness. So it was good to eat dates when your eyes are painting.

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When your eyes are painting is not good to eat, and it's so nice

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to hear. Your eyes are painting and you're eating dates. So Suebi rubella, the ultracet era thriller and it it deals with the other eye.

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The other IRA does not pay you every day to the time that we agree Mr Allahu alayhi wa sallam smile. What does it tell us? That we are getting this awesome hit that type relationship with his companions? Quote, setting sulky road broke booty, no smiley, no intention. You make a joke you say you know you are fast into making a joke. What is this?

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Joke should people look at how can you sell slim integrity with people? But you also sometimes he cried. He cried profusely and some of the reasons why he cried. Mostly he cried out to the fear of Almighty Allah. I made mention of the internet of Boolean Massoud many attempts to do that, when the time the eclipse of the sun happened.

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The eclipse of the sun happened in a time of preparing saucer. Let me tell you Mr. Slim performs Salah and in that salad Sahaba said nebbia cream sauce Allah made such a long Koran that we thought he's not going to go into into

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such a long carrot.

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And he went into ruku NCTR he made such a long ruku and sister we thought that maybe maybe a cream sauce limit passed away.

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And then after that maybe occurring saucer make dua and what

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you ever revealed milk and Allah Who knew you as Eva who wants to feed him, you would not punish my own much when I'm alive.

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Suraj Guillen Hoonah kebab happening to offer the

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community more to give

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me credit. You can't go

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live you can miss La slim cried out to the fear of the punishment of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. Sometimes he cried at the death of family members. One example amongst many examples was sama bin Zayed the ultimate said as the Zener of the Allahu Donna sent a message that my child is on his last stages of his life. Maybe a cream sauce from first excuse himself said certain words of sub. Then she insisted and she said Someone please come maybe a cream sauce from when Sahaba said that maybe a cream sauce. Slim was getting his grandchild and he was crying. Sahaba said Yasunaga you also cry. They felt it was against the bill and maybe a cream sauce and said this is Rama which Allah subhanho

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wa Taala had, you know as placed in my heart when his daughter passed away, maybe a creamy sauce to them was crying when he entered into the cupboard, crying profusely. And then when he came onto the cover, he was smiling. Saba said at a mantra up

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to up read

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commercial. I personally have to be entering sa seven that is BT near hamari team Killian board sorry Masha cucina that my daughter spent a lot of sacrifice for the sake of this D. So I made dua ALLAH forgive my daughter. When I went into the cover I mean, why wouldn't I forgive my daughter because of a great sacrifice when I came out and when I was in Kabul, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed and said, I have forgiven your daughter that's why he came on you know, smiling sometimes the mere cream sauce and cried at the passing away of his close companions

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those are as have killed me It killed on TNT Kalki with Nebia cream sauce from boyhood router technique by as it was man when must Wonka in the culture for the vehicle Mr. herstellen because he was a Sahabi who made a lot of effort and went through a lot of sacrifice Sahaba said he cried so much that people saw Libya Kareem Salah with tears flowing down his cheeks

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can be covered when he used to go to the to the family members of people who had passed on let me a cream saucer Mr. Krei he went after Jaffa the ultimate was martyred maybe a cream sauce and then went to the household Jaffery

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so Japanese children were paid outside

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so now when a parents passed away you feel naturally inclined towards the children so they'll be occurring so slim have the children tremendously

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let me cream sauce and I'm have the children and he started crying. And when he started crying, sobbing to miss felt something he said the other Sula Yahuwah Catholic Jaffa kibarim A call tonight did you hear about tougher than we are cream sauce from said Jaffa the Allahu Corrado Shaheed way and the via Kareem Salah Julio Salam cried sometimes maybe occurring Salah while he was set up cried when he saw the difficulty of the Sahaba when you saw Musa peed oh man when he close when you do something we're used to we're so expensive clothes and the time yet pitches. The business long story maybe sell some started crying, maybe attend himself so I went to visit sofinnova Vinoba will be

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marketed to he was in great difficulty, great pain.

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To Dicker to ksrp. Barely creates Harvey. Among the first answers and sorry, who pledge allegiance to the miracle. Ipsos said have i to be Martin to belly up the puja to kill the Conqueror again to recovery. The Killeen after he walked in to Libya crimson was salam they won't go Decker will keep America naked maybe a cream sauce from robot. That is awesome. So is illness and

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this was our beloved to be according to Allah when it was said, sometimes the cream sauces and cried on amazing things. And then we should take one or two minutes extra. But anyway, let me the time is coming back. But these things are so beautiful. Sometimes maybe acronyms for a lot while he was selling cried for the woman. Maybe a cream salesman was reading as the prime minister that was Trump's dua. Right? Again, I don't have the time to go into the details. He started crying, you know. And as a journalist, that was Tara mandala sent him and when he sent him, he said, when asked Muhammad Why is he crying? So maybe a kid himself some said because of the time cried the material

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or our dreams a lot when he was still

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here but he told us he

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told our beloved told you Brian, go and tell him

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I will make him happy with regard to that. I will make him happy. Sometimes maybe a cream salsa one day I was eating food.

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And this particular food was very, very much you know he went and he was hungry. So you went to a boy even Saudi Arabia Latino, and while he was eating after he ate he started crying.

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Now you can be taken

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down keep up with Roy Roy

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COVID Our table can we rotate? Maybe a cream saw some downward Keba three Sahaabah jasola you crying after we had such a good meal? So it'd be a dream saw Selim after he ate he said Ruta Boone were boosah who were Tama Hoon, wala

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he gave me three days of control. You gave me bread, and you gave me you gave me meat to eat me. So some started trying to

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keep his bottom Yeah, let elapses so altering who cries after he has a sumptuous meal, but maybe often not cried because he felt and I would ask him on the day of kamut is one incident that I found very, very amazing. And I'll just maybe make mention of him conclude. And as apologies for the age, maybe a green salad while he was still up here. It'll be heavier cream sauce will keep us higher to bring him on.

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Demand then Achillea Why go to Well, I wouldn't be a cream

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Sausalito Santa Monica. Kick metal Eman CTR maritimum Ghanaian Ma Ma Hungate Columbia crimson was ruled by me if I, if I believe Iman will Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive all my sins. And you can saw some said Islam.

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Islam will wipe away all your sins. So the here can be seen.

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I don't know whether Allah will forgive my sins or not. So let me show something why? Islam wipes away all your sins. See the other Sula, this listen to what I'm saying. Said what? He said I was a very influential person. I couldn't bear the thought of having a son in law that my children my daughters must grow up and get married and have a son in law. I didn't want sorry laws.

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I didn't want the son in law and therefore I killed 70 of my daughter is alive

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70 of my daughter's and buried them and I

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looked up towards they haven't really unnatural I will send some sweaty because he didn't know what to say. Allah subhanaw taala revealed to be a caring sorcerer if we forgave his cufon Why carpet in the salons prefer in Shrek is greater than this. Although this is also very serious. So to be a cream sauce that we started crying and he made dua, what was his dua? You're not here.

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You're buried so many doses. It you announced his forgiveness by one

00:26:34 --> 00:26:38

month rich Kalama so much, why don't you forgive them in the vehicle himself?

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So the tears in the laughter of our beloved vehicle exhaust and teaches us many things. May Allah give us a topic of understanding

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