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was an alima they have gained the ultimate victory May Allah make you all amongst the fair is in the most victorious ones. So next time you were I speak about success, always remember, ultimate success is connected to how much you obey a man is messenger. So the last segment, so for example, if there are 100 commands, the more of 100 you fulfill, the more successful you are, may Allah make us fulfill all the commands as much as possible. I mean that ability. With this being said, brothers and sisters, in one of my previous jobs, I made the big mistake that was gonna cause a large financial loss. I was nervous, I was anxious, I was stressed out the big impact financially on the

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company. And then someone came to me and he said, You know what, I know someone who can help your problem. Really? Yes, you can solve it, who is that person? His office is in such and such location.

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So while I'm going to this person nervous and all that stuff, someone stops me and asked magic, where are you going? So I told him, I'm going to meet this person, as you heard of the problem that I did. And I was told this man may be able to solve the issue. He told me Oh, you're going to this nice guy, you're going to this nice guy. Without me continuing the story. Many of you would agree that me knowing the person I'm about to meet is also known as the nice guy makes me feel comfortable. That they will not make fun of me. The nice guy will be someone who's understanding the nice guy, someone who gives me steps to never repeat this again. The nice guy will never make fun of

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me to mock me. All these feelings and much more just because of one attribute. Nice guy.

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Allah is the best of examples.

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How do you feel? Yes, you when you are told Allah is a rough man.

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Or Rahim

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is a few feeling comfortable. Because many of you nodded right now I was given many of you like this when I said nice guy nice to feel comfortable. I told you. How do you feel?

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Would you give up

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a lot? Or was that the provider? Will you be hopeless towards getting a job and an income? A lot of sharpy? Don't who cures? How do you feel? Okay, how about this one? Allah, Allah Mooji. What is

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the one who answers your call Whenever you call upon him, Allah and Mooji The one who give you whatever is best for you whenever asked whenever he asked him, if that does not make a slightly comfortable, then let's be very frank and blunt. As this is a sign that we may not understand Allah very well, Yama, forgive us. Look at the top of the mountain. He says a statement divided into two, first part in the middle Mohamed ijazah. He says I am not worried whether Allah will respond to my call or not. I'm not concerned. I know 100%. If I asked him for something, he will respond. Then what are you concerned about? The other half was the other half. When I came here,

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I'm concerned whether I will put the effort to make dogs.

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That's what I'm worried about. I'm worried Am I really gonna make Guatemala Am I gonna ask Allah? That's my concern. I know the moment I do that, I got an answer. It's over. So my concern is my part, not his part. How did he feel like that? Because he knows Allah is an mu g

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in many

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ways much of this goodbye. If I were to put a title to it, it's da, da da. But much of the football is about who are you asking from? Not as much as what should you do?

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Because when you know who you asking from everything changes agreed. If I don't do fundraising, like even you may not do fundraising. But you agree with me that when a fundraiser comes and asked for money beforehand, he asks the people what's a social status, right? How is the economy? And then he knows Oh, what's what's Where should I start today? Start with 50,000. Yeah, here's 50,000 Actually, no here 75 or 25 or 10, etc. So when you know your crowd, your judge you're asking based on that

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allows the best of examples. I want to spend much

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about who are we asking from because that can change your life completely. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, an authentic narration which Allah says

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Yeah, all my slave for every slave they attached. Yeah, honestly. Yes, you

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know and

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if all of you from the beginning of time till the end of time

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in saco wodgina come all the human beings and digital

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movies are aging we're hitting all of you the same exact instant went to Alon asked a lot for something for free to insert a min homeless elata I'll give everyone whatever they asked for

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the New Delhi come in Waukesha in

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my kingdom does not get diminished. My Account does not decrease except what is decreased from an ocean when you dip a needle into it. When you put a needle into an ocean? How much water did the ocean lose?

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Right now right now two people

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speaking to people get confused two people. Allah says instant gin, to the end, all the stuff I give you all, and my account will not diminish a lot. But it's amazing how SME on hearing was not confused. It's amazing. They're all saying no who was asking? And what's really amazing how and Mooji gave everybody what they asked for whatever is best for them. They have to appreciate these things. In an idea that many of us know. We're either a daddy and mommy or when my slaves asked you about me for any query Wuji I am close and near. So allow us to tell you that I'm very close. So Allah's Name come up and Kareem. Why? Because there's benefits to it. When you know someone who's so

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close to you, Allah so close to you, you become comfortable asking for things you already know. You don't go into detail. You don't say you're alone. My real right tire is 22 psi Yala helped me become 33 you don't do that Allah help me with my car. Because he's Karim.

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Allah Karim makes you feel comfortable to ask for things. Others think it's silly. I had a brother sent me a message that is embarrassing. Is it wrong to ask a lot for Samsung phone the previous model

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on Macari, but he knows he Eugene. So having all these things to appreciate. I'll tell you this true story. There's a brother saying you should have mentioned this, in which there's a sister, her husband had to travel for some time. So her husband has to travel for some time. He left the wife and the kid and ask them in the meantime, go to your father's place until I come back. Very, very poor family. The mother with her child, she goes to her father's place that young, the grandchild gets very sick. All with the mother can do two things. Number one, make dua to Allah to cure her child. Number two, because the fever was high. She got a wet towel, put it on the forehead to lower

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the temperature. She did everything she can. The means from blah,

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blah, blah was a witness. This has been publicized the story. Someone comes

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across approximately 2am around that time or so. wearing a suit briefcase Slavonic How can I help you? I'm here to check on your grandchild.

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The mother put her job on the grandpa's they

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bring him in is coming to see the grandchild coming. And it is a way she has she's right here. He checks on the grandchild that you know her teeth is serious. That insha Allah with some medication, here's the prescription, you can go and buy from the pharmacy. Thank you just like a lot hinges on him. He leaves. He stands by the door of the apartment. And he waits. It's getting awkward because Okay, thank you now go back to where you came from. by standing he told the lady, where is the fee for the private visit? I came all the way in here for a private visitation. There's a cost to it. Where's the fee? She said, Well, we never called you. So you're stingy. I'm a lawyer

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never called you. We don't even have a house in our phone. He said Isn't this the apartment of so and so should know what's next next door.

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So the doctor looked at how he says

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there's no such thing as coincidence in Islam. Everything is calculated in

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the decree

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Allah sent me to you on your story after I'm done. He finished with those who actually called him, finished with them. They came back to the first apartment. What's your story? She told him the story. Grandpa said the story. Well, my daughter's has been left for some time. She's staying over my place. The grandchild got sick. And that's our situation. He said, Listen, give me the prescription. I'm gonna pay for all the medication. I will give you a monthly allowance until your husband comes back

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to store your monthly allowance until the husband comes back. And he did. After some who came back the husband has been saw 100 the wife is doing well child is doing well. She told him about the doctor. He said let's go thank him. So they went and thanked him. And obviously the allowance stopped at that point because he said until the husband comes back. And so they appreciated that anytime after that day. Things go difficult financially, the wife tell her husband How about you leave for some time and Allah provide for us? She lived she lived with a loss of beautiful name. She appreciated that Mooji will respond. She never had a phone but she knows a lot answers Allahu Akbar.

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This is something to appreciate brothers and sisters. I'm sure many of you have stories like that you made out of nowhere things happen. I know for a fact. Because you know what she does? She does his absolute best potential. She does his best to make you forget that Allah accepted your dog.

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You made so much like

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maybe you know he accepted a lot. But then you say well, my resume is good. Well, like the college that I went to, well, you know the connection the brother Mashallah hook me up with you know, that company.

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Your mom was praying for you. And Allah delivered that men to help you. You pray to Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala helped you address your resume like that you will not protect us. When you hear stories like that it should incite you to go and

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excite in the way

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don't respond to His will. But by just I want you to be very truthful with yourself. If you see a brother or a sister in the first role.

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Very very, very old brother.

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Okay, and he's making money shipping.

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And the hair is all white. There is no one single black here. Now even the great white, everything old. What is he making draw for?

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Me a child?

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I asked you by the one who made you? Wouldn't many people think this guy lost his mind?

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Many people say Do we have a psychologist in this lesson?

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You're over 80 years old, and you're asking a lot for our child. Well, you know who needs help the one who accuses that man of needing help? Because this man we're talking about his prophet Zachary Jani Salah.

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Masha, Allah. Shiva, Allah says, and His hair was flaming white, but he never gave up.

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Never had a child at 40 years of age. And he gets excited and

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it says in Nicaragua, I know you hear me all these years. Look at his the way he uses alleged names in Nicaragua. I know you've been hearing me all these years. I know it because you're SME and

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then he comes in he sees Maria Maria Salah Quinlan.

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A courier

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courier, the guardian of Marian walks into her place.

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She has provisioned fruits and food and no one brings them except me. I'm your guide and by buying it you, Maria and lucky possibly have this Maria. This is not the season for the fruit pilot woman in the La Jolla grantors mediums like Maria Maria Salah with her character for all our sisters and

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our brothers and sisters with Maria Maria Salah who reached perfection. She says this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala he didn't say 100 religious from the day I was born in a religious family. No.

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I'm nothing. I'm a nobody. It is a law in the law. yokomen ye shall be very patient says Allah gives whoever he was with no accountability. stories like that. Guess what happened? The next. The next una Liga de Korea. rapa Zakaria saw the manifestation of the mother of Maryam happening because when Miriam was being delivered, she made a lot of protector and he saw the thing happening. She may have believed in Korea.

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progeny not one child excitement

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child great Mia progeny child and grandchild and agreed breed grandchild.

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In semiotica you hear me next? The angels called upon him a number of good news, the good news, the courier What is it? Allah will grant you a child and Allah named him Yeah. So all these stories and many many many many more all these things to wake us up to make you out online know who you are asking from changes everything when you know Allah you can be slightly unrealistic yes being slightly unrealistic, because you deal with the one who can do whatever he wants in the Lyla Galician Kadir, I say whatever I have said, and I think a lot to forgive me and forgive you. So seek Allah's forgiveness in these few seconds you'll sit in sha Allah, pray to Allah Allah He will love

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He you might have committed the greatest of sins the whole package you seal it all everything is unlocked he did it he did it he did it he did it will live few moments of regret and repentance right now seconds of feeling bad of promising Amar you will do your best not to do what again right now alone forgive it all inshallah. So gold seekers forgiveness May Allah forgive us all.

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Bismillah wa salatu salam, O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah and he

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may Allah accept your drugs. And May Allah forgive us for how little drought we make. Me Allah forgive us for how little drought we make. unless

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Allah is telling you asked me nowadays you you're nervous when you want to go ask someone? Will he accept? Is he gonna mind it? Does he think I'm nagging? A lot of you asked me or Colorado droning then he says.

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I promise I'll respond.

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Now to end with the last seven minutes that we have I know so let's start at 215

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What is your job now? So we spoke about Allah there's much more to talk about now what assignment you should do from your side in addition to learning about Allah number one, when you make dua to Allah subhanaw taala brothers and sisters the condition for it to happen. And kids are responding you have to be certain 100% certain if right now I'm coughing. I asked whether a deed the more than me Allah bless May Allah accept from him May Allah

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May Allah make a deep the coolness of the eyes of his parents. If I asked a deep water please water Not a single one of you not one look at the confidence not one of your brother or sister will think but a deep will not do it. Not one of you. You like for sure he'll give you the water. He will get you the water. How dare you and dare myself. Go ask

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me really give it to me.

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They be very disrespectful to Allah. That's why

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it is

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to move

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to a law and you're 100,000,000% certain a law respond.

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yada yada yada. A low response brother I did it many times. I'm not being disrespectful but I did it many times and he didn't respond No, no, no, no. What you're trying to say is if you ask me times he did not give you what you asked for but guess what? He responded in another way.

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Very different things. We'll touch on Dan Sharma what other thing you have to do.

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He says about a man who's traveling another condition we should fulfill you want to be accepted does many things fix the problem? As an additional have to do excellent. Begin with 100 fantastic use of last names customize it what do you want your sick use a lovely a sharpie you want the child use a Muslim and Wahab customize it.

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What is very critical Rasulullah Salim says a man was traveling

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struggling dusty, very humble. So when you're traveling a lot that you're very much Yes. When you're humble and weak and not accepted God very much yes to check marks like our exhausted Allah loves. Number three the process.

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Yaki says your

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third check mark for this brother is nailing it

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but in the process of selling says

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his food is from

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his drink is from

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his clothing his

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friend needs to javelina. How can that person expect a lot of response, we are not protected. We are not purified our income alone knows the state that we live in that it is almost impossible I would say I am comfortable saying in almost, it is almost impossible for us to have 100% income.

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It is almost impossible nowadays, to live the life that every single thing that you get every single thing that you do is 100% so y'all love forgive us for the fitna that we live in. May Allah forgive us, but Allah knows what's your capacity? You have your 401 k for example. Okay, what package will you invest in? Did you put the effort lol I just for whatever they match and what do you mean you just put whatever the match coaches

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put the

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shoe on like you're trying? This is the package okay? Bismillah you go to this place that police is very suspicious what his job is the job of the state. He asked, Can I not do this? Can I do that? See with a company accept Well, why I'm open doors? Because Where is your provision? What is

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your money your paycheck is not in dunya your paycheck is written in the heavens. But brother does not true because I get my paycheck in the cubicle at my office. No, the paycheck is by Allah

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that cubicle is that transportation is the means May Allah protect us. So do everything. It's your boss who is taking care of you financially is allegedly gelato. Yes, be grateful to them. Tell them thank you for that position. Thank you. But don't ever forget to thank the source of that position.

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Last point, before we conclude with one

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another condition there's many I can right now make blogs online for a million years. All of you can say me I mean, I'm gonna cry you're up and wait and ask Allah to have this microphone in front of me go up this microphone to go up. We can all pay your raise the microphone, your microphone, the microphone will not be raised until they do this.

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The microphone will not be a reason to we do this until the whole mix doc it will not move until I do this

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job and you're sitting not even willing to go search for what

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you're great. Be curious, ask a doctor or go online and search something reliable.

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What is exactly to do?

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The action almost

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at the end of 30 he talks about people make

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choices first.

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then Allah says I accepted their action. But the only thing they know when he accepted their da he accepted their law when they took action

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to take action in conclusion

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there was a brother always in the midst of making it their

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brother always in the mystery.

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I drive as in walking, but I'll give you a ride.

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Stop coming to the message. What's the matter? We don't know a weakness why so I go to his house.

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He does not respond Salah

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is what do you want? I'm like I didn't see you for a few weeks your

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brothers and sisters. I've never seen him second. Always first.

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Set up no response. I see. What do you want? I'm just coming to check on you didn't see in the message for some time. He's like, I'm fine. Move on in life.

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And nowhere in life because it's subjective when you know someone you can depend on on what scenario is like. I don't wanna talk about what's the matter. Is it okay, we wanted a basement. What's your story? He said, You know how dedicated I am to Salah? Yes, like I agree. You know how I'm always in the masjid. Yes, I'm a witness. So I'm like, what's the problem? He said, I've been making dua to Allah for the past nine months, nine months. All kinds of different drives.

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Every different. Not a single one happened. But one, why should I worship Him?

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Well, I think his personal story was

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, whenever we make

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one of three things happen when I tell you I will respond does not always mean they'll give you what you asked for. And just an FYI, you notice the younger you are, the less it really happens because we asked for things are not good.

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Number one we need to Allah. Allah will give you what you asked for an X seven that's coming up in sha Allah, Allah give you x seven BMW

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Whatever the average

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number two, you ask a lot for what you want a loan will not give you what you asked for exactly. But a law will make your job walk, a hardship that was about to fall upon you, you're about to suffer in the parking lot. And law says you know why? Because when you were in college, you're making a lot to get married to get married to that person or not make it happen. Allah chose that dog to respond to save you from hitting someone in the parking lot three years later.

00:25:31--> 00:25:35

Third, and last in a drama, a lot of negativity as for

00:25:36--> 00:25:57

you ask Allah He will not help you from a hardship, but then what he will do, he will make it happen in your transforming to answer not so which will have the best reason you should get the one of the best three is what is best for you. It might be dunya by the by the hardship reduction, may Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us, Yama, Yama,

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Yama most merciful, showing mercy upon all of us. He Allah bless this Masjid and bless the people who pray in this measure, do Allah make them happy, you allow Mr. hardship, see Allah. Allah will do the above and grant us your love and the love of those who love you and the love of the actions that lead us to love. Aloha.

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Yama, Yama,

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Yama, forgive us Yama have run on all the all parts of the world.

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Allah, Allah Illallah

00:26:53--> 00:26:58

Muhammad Rasulullah Haryana Sana.

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Sana La La wa

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Allah Rossman you're watching

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In dinos

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him boy mo biani