Divine Messages #19 Story of The Man with the 2 Gardens part 2

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the success and loss of two houses with two gardens, as well as the importance of words and phrases in language. The segment also touches on the use of words like "has" and "has" in relation to someone or situation, as well as the potential danger of losing one's wealth by using money for the cause of Islam. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding Subhan's conversions and the potential threat to Islam's wealth, but suggests taking advantage of opportunities to practice what one has learned to practice.
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A lot of cats

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spill out from the left side of Sudan.

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Normally, when phantom limb Tara was

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asked Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah Muhammad and I don't know, ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep on our faces from the hellfire, Allah subhanaw taala because

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the virtues of these gatherings where the angels surround us the Mercy of Allah showered us and tranquillity

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descend upon us and Allah subhanaw taala will mentioned us by name today. Hello because amongst these people, I mean, they'll

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tell you, we started last week the story of the

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book study

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the man

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the man with the two gardens, the man with the two gardens in surah and solitary calf

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and just a recap of what we did last week.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said whether it be the method of modular

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whether it be a methodology Laney Jana, Jana teen

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Zara, kill telogen detainee Akula when I'm traveling Mendoza, of a job market. Now, Allah subhanaw taala give us such a beautiful image of how these two gardens look like beautiful gardens filled with fruits surrounded by palm trees. And there's a river running through them to take care of all the irrigation and everything is taken care of. They were so beautiful Subhan Allah,

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then the man, there were two men. One is we said men were careful. There was a poor,

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righteous man and a man who was rich, but he was an unbeliever.

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There are there's nothing in the Quran that explained who are these two men? There's nothing authentic in the Hadith that tells us who are these two men, but there are many destroyed yet. Some people said that two brothers, one invested all this money with charity and other did not. Some people said they were very close friends. Anyway, this does not concern us. But we know that one of them is a believer, and he was poor. And the other one was rich, but he did not.

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He did not make the shocker for the doubt that Allah bless them.

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Called an

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extra room in Canada. Well, as soon as

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his friend the rich man told the poor man I am

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I have more wealth than you have more property I'm richer than you. And also I have more descendants or followers or

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guards and servants. And you have a lot of people around me not like you.

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But definitely the janitor who will who has already won enough. See Subhanallah

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you mentioned before that there are four stories in inserted calf right.

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The story of

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how the calf the story of the Manitou gardens, the story of Musa and the feather and the story of their colony. If you notice, there's one thing coming in all four stories

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someone have to leave the place where they are, and go out from their city or their village or whatever. And these are the ones who were saved. When us Hobie Cat, they left

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the corruption of the village and went to the cave. They were saved. When Musa alayhis salam. He wanted to know about more knowledge he left and what seeking the knowledge they will Carnegie spent all the story leading and seeking also and fixing bringing us law to Earth.

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The only one that failed is the one who did not have a different agenda. He stayed he did not leave his environment.

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well who avoided he would lean up Subhan Allah,

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Allah subhanaw taala he said

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von Neumann Linux came right after the federal general at he entered his garden Allah said he was finally modern enough see

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why he can say whatever doesn't matter who our machine

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why he said what

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was only one left

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the most time that you appreciate the number is what you said it

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is when you feel it.

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This man went inside the garden sold in Arizona.

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I did not appreciate he was not grateful.

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Before I continue one quick lesson here, because the whole idea is lessons, not stories.

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There are so many blessings that we have, that we get so used to them that we don't appreciate them anymore.

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I want you please from now on. Every time you enter the house, remember, he doesn't matter. You are entering this is your gender.

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This house, your wife and your children, air conditioning, and the food and the water running.

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Everything is cozy. This is your agenda. I want you to every time you go Don't be violent enough sick you forget every time you enter the house Bismillah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. And then for a few seconds

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once the last time, we say

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we say South Africa, but to me sometimes, a lot of times, we forget that, we forget that there are 20 people in 500 square feet, and we have three 3000 square feet.

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We forget that every day some people are sharing a small piece of bread, and the food we throw is more than the food a small family eats we forget is that this is exactly what happened to smell the furniture Netta and this is the time that you have the maximum time that you appreciate the Dharma is when you see it. He went inside and saw it and he was Catherine Cafaro he was not grateful for it. So this is the maximum the maximum cover bandana is when you see it and you're not grateful

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when you see your children

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running and playing and

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so many kids laying in the hospital but moving Stop complaining of them make some noise there are some parents that are dying for some that kids to make noise to speak

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to move

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hamdulillah always always have the Rila when you get into that car when you get into that job and you get so many blessings where dakara janitor who Avanti monitors

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he did not appreciate and look at this Subhan Allah like this

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when you dig deep and you start pondering this is the reason for the credits to ponder

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what do you say well definitely generated volume look at this word volume

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here today as it began

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this word is perfect because it is suitable for how the garden what's gonna say about the garden

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when and the probability mean who shaped

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the garden that he had every tree gave its maximum load when I'm talking to him over there he was talking did not keep anything imagine you have because when you have Bustan a big garden there must be one tree that's not doing good right or maybe one three half a bit is not good. No, this God and Allah told us well on top of the mean who shall be nothing nothing was missing full capacity maximum load maximum production.

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So he used a garden that length of an admin who shaker you until the annual pass say thank you for having

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us the third word is to incumbent against himself.

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Even though the trees

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the dude in giving him and he's doing volume against himself after he saw that. I didn't even say Alhamdulillah

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while we're going to see

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another Latif small

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thing yet

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whatever the top of the limb Minho. Che. Right?

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Wahoo, a volleyball Nina city now

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How can

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when Allah spoke about the trees he used the word curb? Because the tree sometimes it could give full capacity and it could sometimes not. Not give so used verb

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okay some trees give full some fees don't the histories were full. But when it came to himself he confirmed that he is 100% sub Batala his volume that he is definitely valuable enough say he is not possibility he's gonna go back No, he is for sure God him the tree he said lovely because sometimes some years could be very productive some other years it's not have no crop whatsoever spamela Look at how how precise is the Quran in use of the words

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and why he said volleyball enough say oh this about volleyball enough said why he said volleyball enough say because when you my brother, my sister when you are me, we commit any sin. The only one we are hurting is ourselves.

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Woman let me atone for Hola, Erica, ah, hummus Valley.

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So, women lemmya took

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home a vitamin, they are making volume against themselves. So we went in details about small but it's good. Well, the halogen with a color Janita, who will have on him on Linux when he entered the gender he looks con man of oh no and Tabby there has he ever the winner of oh no say I caught him. When they alluded to rob de la he then hire a minhang. cadaver here okay. Arabic lesson

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one in the Quran.

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It could mean itself and its age.

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Opposite Can you imagine the word means itself and its opposite? isn't in the Quran? It could mean I am 100% Sure. And it could mean I doubt

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you have to understand the context of the of the area to know which one is which. For example, in the bath oven me if some of doubt is sinful

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in Yvonne to unnamed muda can he sabya I am 100% Sure I know I'm getting my book in my right hand I was working very hard.

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Here he said

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the Von Neumann TV the heavy evidence he has Yaqeen certainty who what is going to ruin this huge garden nothing on earth will ruin this No way. No How? No. Why? Nowhere? No nothing. Now go no Anta Vida nothing will destroy it. So sure.

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Wanna have gone? No, SATA? Karima. And I don't think here also, I'm sure

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that the hour is not going to take place. Type why he went from the garden to the hour.

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The automat said Subhanallah he brought up the hour.

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the brother is talking to the man he's talking to. Obviously, he was always reminding him of the akhirah.

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Because where did this come from? He's talking about the garden. Man. I don't want to be the heavy EBITDA. We're not gonna satisfy him. And I don't think that our is gonna take place. So where did that come from? It means that this brother, he always kept on reminding him Yeah, he tequila after us coming out. Which is the best thing you could ever remind someone who is off is to remind them of the Acura and remind them of death. And as a matter of fact, the worst thing that any person who is in a very high authority, very involved in dunya the worst thing they want to hear is to tell them that there is death.

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Yeah, can you leave us alone? Every time I see you, you talk to me about mouth. And you talk to me about Africa and this and they don't want to hear it.

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So obviously he brought it up because the guy is constantly reminding him that you know what's wrong with you.

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And the only way you're when the only way

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to preserve our wealth. Listen to me carefully, please. The only way as Muslims to preserve our wealth is to spend it in the course of Allah.

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It's not in the banks. It's not in

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The volts. This is something that we have to believe, with certainty with your cane. If I want to protect my money, I have to invest it in the Cause of Allah subhanaw taala. The only way, the only way.

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In Islam there's nothing called colored

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the only color in Islam. There's nothing called financial loans in Islam. The only loan in Islam is between you and Allah.

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That's the only known man the lady your creed Allah Carlton Hassan, this the only known all the Islamic what you hear now Islamic loans, there's nothing called Islamic loan.

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There are some Islamic transactions murabaha all these arm's length transaction but Islamic loan loan and Islamic don't go together. The only loan in Islam is called the hustler.

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My brother is tight. Here's $1,000 whenever you have time and give it back to me, or the curve between you and Allah subhana wa Taala when you invest in massage it in schools and orphans, this is the this is the card the only card

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if you want to preserve your money, spend it for the cause of Allah subhana wa Tada this is the only protection for your wealth. But unfortunately unfortunately when it comes to spending for the cause of Allah yeah one we are all guilty.

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I was with a brother

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visiting him

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his daughter walked in very innocently. Look at my dad got me

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a pink Rolex for her 60th birthday $1,000

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She did not know that I just been begging her father to give us a donation and he gave me $100 After three hours talk

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he became like this

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Uncle Uncle look

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hamdulillah get whatever you want. So good Inshallah, if you can afford it, you're giving your psychiatry giving your subaqua you want to get to million dollar watch, it's up to you.

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But make sure you're doing your dues

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but when it comes to spending for the cause of Allah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah the excuses the excuses are so many. Look what happened yeah, one look what happened.

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Nothing will ruin this nothing will destroy this. No way.

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And he did not give the *er he did not give at all. He kept him for himself for himself for himself. What happened?

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When they eroded to rugby?

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That he didn't know how you're a minhang caliber

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but how come

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this man is officially careful because he said there's no SAP right now they have judgment. You're careful. You took one pillar of Eman and you did not believe in it. You're out

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of how come he said whether in rodeo to elite rugby.

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How come he said rugby?

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What did the CONFER of crush say? Well,

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sir, I'll tell men Hanukkah Santa

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No, no problem. Who is the creator who's a provider who says they Sustainer Allah, even the co founder of Christ. Aska Bucha. Who's the Creator? He says you Allah, when needed very similar sort of tools. Allah who's running the whole show Allah, everything is Allah. But where was the problem?

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Illa Hanwha either in

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the shaman, or job this is something very strange. He made all the gods into one God. So this man, he believed that Allah is the Creator. He believed that Allah is the provider, but he did. shirk with Allah. Maybe it could be his wealth. Could be His people around him to protect him. No, no, no, no, not only Allah protect me, my money, my people, my this my that. So he used the word rugby because he believed that there is a rub. But he did not believe that he's the only one worthy of worship. When they eroded to rugby law. He then hire a minha Moncada.

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Now he thought,

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because we spoke about that last week, because Allah gave him this in this dunya

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Oh, that means Allah loves him

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so definitely when I go back to the Acura he's gonna give me not one Jana, not to Jana 50 Jana 20 Jana. Look at look, obviously, if he does not love me, so is the wrong

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understanding. It's a major misconception. If Allah does not love me, he would have never given me this. Listen again. If you are disobeying Allah, and you see the blessings are coming are being you're being showered with blessings. Wake up.

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You are in big danger.

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If you don't pray, if you see someone who do not pray, who do not practice and one business after the other 1 million after the other,

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go to the brother and talk to him wake him up.

00:20:51--> 00:20:52

He's in big danger.

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This is called

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Asian Arabic. Is to drudge Excellent. Is to drudge. Sanderstead rejuven Minh HIFU Lai Allah moon

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you want to disobey me okay? There are home theater here anemia.

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Take more.

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This is dunya Fannia. How much do you want take the whole dinner. It's not even worth a wing of a mosquito. Very careful.

00:21:23--> 00:21:45

If someone is obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala doing all his Jews as much as he can. And you see Allah subhanaw taala keeps giving him this is a good sign. But if somebody is disobedient to Allah and His find like all kinds of money and this and that happening to him, he has to be very, very cautious, very careful.

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Anytime you have one.

00:21:53--> 00:22:08

You think and you read this idea because you read this every Friday with the college janitor who are vulnerable enough say, I want to please, every time you read this idea, put your hand in your pocket $20 $50 wherever you can, and give us a DACA

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remember, the only way the best way to protect your wealth is by giving it back, even some of it back for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala now in the

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mama in the law, duck,

00:22:26--> 00:22:32

lava Kappa, very strong. But you have all of us all mankind

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is going to expire. It's going to finish but what Allah has forever is eternal.

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Son I am the Quran.

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As you then know hailer minhang caliber spamela Finish the time and this is exactly what we reached last week.

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So let's do one more thing.

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And then we will continue next week. I thought I'm gonna finish this week. Yeah, well listen to this Subhan Allah such a beautiful

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this man looked at his such a beautiful document said the most beautiful description of the Quran of something is description of Allah of these two genders. Such a beautiful, natural scenery. Garden, palm tree surrounded river gushing in the middle. Amazing.

00:23:27--> 00:23:32

So this man looked at this fabulous, beautiful garden

00:23:33--> 00:23:44

and felt that this will never ever go anywhere. How about me and you? When we look at the real agenda and

00:23:48--> 00:23:56

if he felt with this sample in this dunya that this will never expire. How about when we look at Agenda

00:23:57--> 00:24:00

made by Allah subhanaw taala for us

00:24:04--> 00:24:40

it's not hard for Allah subhanaw taala to keep it now Iman, Joaquim forever bliss. May Allah make us all from the people of Genda May Allah subhanaw taala just like He gathered us here tonight. together so multi mo say the mousseline Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, may Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to practice what we learned me to practice what I preach in sha Allah to Allah and please please tomorrow fishers at six o'clock I want to see you all everybody coming to federal inshallah that ecological slavery cold heartless particle number 100 Shalala and stuff your account