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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of worshiping Allah and having a barrier between oneself and others, as well as the success of promoting dressing up as a guest. They stress the importance of forgiveness and avoiding punishment, as well as the importance of showing signs of a person adopting a certain kind of actions. They also touch on the fruit of taqwa, which is a means of protection from harm and a means of "has been praying for Islam" to cover one's shoulder.
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Speaking about loving for the sake of Allah share with you one thing before I jump into my topic in sha Allah. One time I saw a light sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So one time he was sitting next to a companion, and the companion told the Prophet yet also Allah I love this brother just was passing by I love this brother, like the one was passing by. I love this man. So then the prophet SAW Selim told the companion Did you tell him that you love him?

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He says, No, I did not. He says, Go and tell them that you love him. So the man went and he told this gentleman he said, I love you for the sake of Allah in your book of Allah. And in return, he says, may Allah love you back. So that's one thing to keep in mind is that when you have such emotions to someone, just to be sure to express that I love you for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and obviously, Alicia has said don't play jokes with it and use with the opposite gender like I love you, then you pause for the sake of Allah you know, so just be very watchful, may Allah protect you all and May Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah wants to be under his shade Yokoyama due to the love

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that we have to another for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Alright, so that being said in sha Allah, it gets ready in vanilla. So I have about 40 minutes or even 35 Okay, so just give me a time.

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roughly how much time do I have?

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Okay, so you want 645

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because I'm pretty on time. For six five is good. Okay. Bismillah so I have a question for you. And we'd like you all to participate right in sha Allah is a bit simple. What is the goal of our creation? Why did Allah create us referred?

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worship anybody can take this answer to the next level and give me proof of what you just said.

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I sent so the me Allah bless me says Allah says in the Quran, I will be learning shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Allah botol Jean no one in in the abu allah said I did not create the human beings or the jinn, except for the worship of Allah. So once again, what's the goal of Allah creating us to

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what's the goal of worship of Allah?

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Okay, Jana, that's the end result. Okay?

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The goal of

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Okay, whatever you have your degree of proof.

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They are blue welcome so that this life is to test you who's righteous and unrighteous. Okay. echomaster Allah.

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Allah Subhana. Allah teaches us that the goal of creating us is to worship Him. And the goal of worshiping Him is to have dako.

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So the goal of all goals, the ultimate goal of all sessions you have in this conference, and every talk you will hear for the rest of your life is to attain top of philosophy.

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every act of good deeds that you do, what's the ultimate goal is to have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala brother, give us proof. The first call in the Quran in surah baqarah Allah says yeah, you Hannah's all people all know not you know, everyone everyone or a Buddha or a burqa more ship a loss of panna, what's the other The one who created you and created those before you y la la con. The concept perhaps you may attain taqwa.

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Fasting is a great worship right? is coming up May Allah grant you all an accepted fast say I mean, so Allah says, Yeah, you holla Dena Amano fulfill the act of worship, which is fasting, la Lacan that the Quran so the goal of all goals is taqwa and why did I begin with this introduction? So I can have your undivided attention inshallah for the rest of the talk. So what we need to talk about now in sha Allah is that what is the Aqua? taka taka taka Allah? What is the Aqua?

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Aqua? There are several definitions. One of the main ones and the most famous ones. taqwa comes from the word with Chi which means what? protection so if you want to forget any anything, forget everything but don't forget the definition sounds good. Duck Wah is what comes from the word with Chi which is what? protection. So when someone says have Taqwa means have protection, okay? taqwa of Allah means have a barrier.

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have like a fence have a protection between you and a loss punishment? Is that clear?

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Have a protection have a barrier have like a fence between you and a laws punishment. And the more topical you have, the more protected you are from Allah punishment. Is that clear? So there's something to truly appreciate Abba hora de la and then went and asked him Yabba hora. What is the taqwa? What is stuck What? He said. Did you ever walk on a path full of thorns? Did you ever walk

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away from it?

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Do you guys hear me? Okay, I'll go back to it. All the cameras Oh, you're in camera. This is this is like daily reminder again, experience right now.

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actually know what Thank you appreciate. So

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when he asked the man, did you ever walk on a path that is full of thorns? He said yes. He said What did you do? Is that the title? I sought to protect myself from it. He said, this is the one you dodge away you go away from the actions that lead you to Allah punishments you stay away from it that is taqwa. choco is that you start doing the good deeds which Allah told you to do. Why to be protected from Jana? May Allah protect us from janam See, I mean

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okay, so I'll just stick to this one.

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I'll stick to decision. Thank you. We have to say big Jazakallah Heron for the team from Philippines May Allah bless them say I mean, so exactly below him for traveling all the way here and they pray to Allah that He rewards you for every mile that you traveled. That's a lot of miles. Mashallah Tamara Kala. So with that being said, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he speaks about taqwa, what is that we're located. In the heart essence. We have to increase your taco say I mean, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says attack wa hoonah attack wa hoonah attack was right here. And you know what's amazing? Our greatness is dependent upon taqwa. Right? The best ones

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amongst us is the one at kakum correct as the most awkward, and what's really, really great is that no one can know the top one of the other person. Why because it's in the so what's amazing is the one who judges who's the winner is only Allah subhanaw taala 11. Attila Hobbes Calvin Salim, Allah says about Ibrahim Elisa midroc to Allah says only those who go to allow the pure heart they are saved. So the race to Allah is a race of hearts. It's not a race of cars. It's not a race of how much money you have. It's not a race of how much you can benchpress and lift No, no, no, it's a race of hearts. It's not a race of how many followers you have on social media or views or or or it's a

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race of hearts. May Allah purify our hearts. You know one of the most beautiful definitions on end and this one with the definition aspect. It says the taqwa there's two parts to it to fulfill the commands of Allah,

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based on the guidance of Allah,

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hoping for the reward of Allah. One more time.

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taqwa is

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to fulfill the command of Allah, to do the YG about the Torah and based on the guidance of Allah Subhan Allah Allah

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and hoping for the award of Allah. And the second part to it is to abstain from disobeying Allah.

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Based on the guidance of Allah, fearing the punishment of Allah, is that clear? I find this definition very encompassing one last time to fulfill the commands of Allah based on the guidance of Allah, hoping for the reward from Allah, so amen in the Sabbath, so when you first Ramadan to get the reward of Ramadan, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told you whoever fasts Ramadan, with a man with belief, was disabled hoping for the reward what happens to them Allah forgives all their sins. And the second part to it is for you to be away from the Haram based on the guidance of Allah. Why because you fear the punishment of Allah May Allah Garner's death what immutable Allah mean. So

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we said duck was in the heart, and Allah subhana wa tada says, beautiful in the Quran, how Allah has descended upon us labasa right clothing, why you worry to cover your our right? Then Allah says while he should take over that

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leka higher Allah says and there's clothing for taqwa and that is the best of clothing. So in essence we have two hours the outer of the body which is covered by the clothing and the outer of the heart which is to be covered with the Aqua so most turqoise Anika higher That is why is the one who has no Taekwondo heart in essence they're naked May Allah protect us they're exposed to everything I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect us from the outside and the inside and May Allah subhanaw taala and then a Latina and the elephant Allah protect also our our rights so not just the protection of the outer but also protection to harvest and to be in safety and most data on

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every one of you. I mean, I've been I mean, but the question here comes Okay, brother, give us some traits, some signs of them with the pin. So how about you guys helped me out give me some of the famous qualities of the metalcon Allah highlighted misma gopher it highlights of him adopting so you need to know like oh do I have this? No I don't I have to work on it in sha Allah Do you mix them with the pain? So what are some of the highlights of them?

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Go for it.

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Taco is one of the most common words in the whole Quran. Yes. So Bismillah Go for it. fear of loss parent Allah sent

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Li the Justice ascent okay great that they're just

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Who else?

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Say the level of the prophets are setting them Okay, great. We'll be the best of the best of the best if you can reference an evidence. So let's just go through one segment. Allah says in the Quran was to rush or run for losses you to run you better run Yes or no? Run like why what happened? No, Allah says run you just run. But Allah tells you where to run.

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Run ILA among zero team members become more generous in order to allow the run to gain the forgiveness of Allah and to Jenna as wide as the heaven and earth Allahu Akbar, that it has been prepared prepared for who? Or it does little things thing. Allahu Akbar. So who are the Allah pay attention the number one quality? Allah Dena Yoon Ji Hoon? Those who give for the sake of Allah Allahu Akbar, goosebumps upon those who give for the sake of Allah, how is your giving?

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For some summer during terms of ease, when you get a promotion, and the days you're laid off? What How are you doing? And some have said that in fact the giving is not necessarily only about the money, but it can also be with time.

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Because Allah says did not say

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Allah homie this info ponies give. you're stressed out I can't help you in the mail. No, no, because you're stressed out you give so Allah can protect you. So pauma and leadin, a FICO, Nafisa, rah, rah, that's one. Number two, what else

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was continued to iron? While Calvin and Hobbes and those who suppress their anger? Right? They say you suppress your anger so good that no one can tell you're angry a lot. Male lawmakers reach that level.

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You know, I heard I was talking to the brothers that there is a lot of in the society having a maid is common correct? Like a servant? Correct in Hong Kong. So I'm thinking one of the best examples about caregiving is to customize it based on my community here right now. I may not use that in the US. Because if you ever made in the US, you're like a billionaire. Okay? Or maybe like the ones in the weekend type of thing. Anyhow, when a maid comes to you, he or she let's say they drive the car, and they scratch it by accident. Calvin and live via mukti Allahu Akbar. She comes and she serves you the T and the T drops on your nice furniture you brought from Italy

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well tell them in a light suppress the anger allow you suppress that anger as much as you can. That's fine. How are you doing? check mark the first one will need some work. Second one Did you check it or May Allah make it easy for all of us to fulfill these to say I mean what what after that? So aluminum foil Coronavirus, sobre el Dora they give during the times of ease and hardship done number two, those who suppress their anger, any advice from you to the crowd of how to suppress your anger and the advice? Sit down right Rasul Allah says Allah, can we illustrate with someone can any Can anyone volunteer with me? Any volunteer?

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When the volunteers are you sure?

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Oh, what's wrong with the others? But we're gonna go full and sell it. Are you sure? healthy volunteers May Allah honor uma. So Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam says, so. So let's say we're standing and we go into an argument. So what does that matter with you?

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He's so nice.

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So if he's so angry and upset, what did the private teachers to do? Sit down? So send them right. Send me a love protect you. But let's say we get really angry. Yeah. What Why did you do this? Why did you didn't just kind of tone down a little bit more than we were standing? Would you mind in step three? Okay, then the Protestants lie down, right? Don't take pictures, please. Right? This is the son of Rasulullah sallallahu sakamaki.

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Actually, this activity was of Muslim and May Allah bless him. And by the way, I mean a lot, like a lot. So this is a sweetener for us to listen and really try it. Don't say well, ah, okay, invest in a $5,000 class of anger management, no problem, but follow the swindler first. Genuinely, really go a lot of him. I saw someone with my own eyes a lot with my own eyes. He was having a big, big problem. You know, I see the brother. And he was so upset and I feel him he was so angry. Allah knows what's in his heart. He went to the to the wall, I was in his house. He was so upset that

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he's so angry and we're lying to myself, man. He sat down and he calmed down. So the chorus was on he said, the truth, the processor. And I read an article which I share. It says that the ones who are angry, it shows statistically speaking and scientifically proven that when someone is angry while standing there are more prone to being physical, the telegraph. Nice, beautiful. And then when you are sitting down, you can take insults more commonly than when you're standing up to Panama

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and also a laser send them one more last thing about what ketamine and then suppressing your anger. One time it'll throw a light some allies Lenin was sitting next to a companion and he saw someone who's so angry so upset that the juggler vein was about to pop and you know, angry.

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Like, like scary angry, the extreme anger will lie what's amazing, is the prophet SAW Salem toward the campaign next time, he says you see how angry this man is? He said yes to a lot he I know a word, one word like a statement. If this man would just say it let

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that anger will be gone. Someone with that level of anger says one statement that anger is gone. He said now Rasul Allah said, call us once that statement are all to be let him know shavon I seek refuge from the chiffon. And but what is the reward the courage to continue this hadith?

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The companion actually, many people do not know that he actually went to the one who is angry.

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He says, I want to tell you something, brother. The kinds of angry say, Oh, do we learn the shape on? Like, is he a tequila? He's a cooler is wrong with you? Do you think I am a gin or possessed to say ownership and what's wrong with me to say that he left them alone, somehow. So when someone comes in reminds you of that. Be patient. And remember to say that statement, and obviously the scholars they teach us be wise with who you speak with. Because some people will say, say Somalia or send them to Panama they actually curse. So you have to be very wise who you approach may Allah protect us and grant us wisdom immutable element. So these were the were the two things the ones who

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gave during terms of ease and hardship.

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And the ones who suppress their anger was number three.

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When are seen and enough and those who forgive and pardon others. Allahu Akbar. How is your forgiveness? I know it's difficult to see but you do it you have this level of taqwa that Allah has promised you or is that limit the pain? So when you forgive is not really for the one who you're forgiving as much as you're doing it for your own self. Yes, be selfish if you have to be. But for you to be selfless, you have to be selfish, sometimes yes or no. For you to help others you have to help yourself.

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Don't be the candle that gives light to the people while it burns itself. Right? That's what we learn from the quotes here and there. So all these all these things to appreciate so forgive so Allah can forgive you Yes or No? Then the Allah says that the brokenness of this and the long story, make make it short. Booker said the salmon wronged him. So a lot of the workers out there would you not want a law to forgive you? No, no, no, I didn't translate it right. Allah said would you not love for Allah to forgive you Allah to have bone and young Pharaoh Lola, do we not love for Allah to forgive us?

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So then forgive other people.

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When Abu Bakar heard the ayah coming down, he says Bella will have blue and yellow for Allah Yes, I love for Allah to forgive me. So he forgave that man who wronged him Allahu Akbar. The province is his funeral. Home forgive ALLAH forgive you. Very soon in sha Allah and Ramadan Allah whom, in naka foon to help will Africa

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And you're crying. And inshallah hopefully this is the night of Qatar era Allah hamanaka flew into Hubble Alpha Phi Phi and you're devastated. You know who is the smartest of people on that day you want Allah to forgive you why you forgive someone else Allah but this is one of the strongest ways to guarantee a low forgive you

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is when you forgive, is that true that the Prophet teaches me and teaches you when you help others Allah helps you. Then the private Teach me and teach you that when you give Allah gives you didn't the private Teach me and teach you when you show mercy to the people Allah will show mercy to you or hammelmann, fill out the document with summer. Similarly forgiven, Allah will forgive you. So these are the traits of the Motrin. And what's the last part to share with you.

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Then there's a section, will Edina either follow

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our varnamo and foster home. And those may do like some serious sin like big heart and also matakana not perfect. Right when Jefferson says are we sinners?

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So even then with ducane, the elite of the elite of the elite of the elite the goal of all the goals, they're still not perfect. With a fanfare handwritten or valamar and for someone they commit a sin or they do are wrong because we all do commit sins, but we don't all apologize.

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Yes, we don't all go back to Allah and regret and remorse. But then what can they do that? The Corolla they mentioned? remember Allah subhanaw taala? How can I use my eyes that Allah has given me to watch that? How in the world that after all that work and all that money that I have, I'm one of the wealthiest people in the city, yet I use my money in that fashion. Still for Allah, the Corolla, and the subtlest forgiveness

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and who forgives other than allow them and yet for the Nova Illallah and Lucas beautiful I Allah continues, when new Saru Allah, Masha Allah and they never insist on the sin.

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The mortality does not insist is not stubborn. And because I will do it for next 10 years, maybe Allah will change me after I go to Hajj insha Allah, no huge change now we change right now don't say tomorrow at the end of the convention. No right now May Allah accept our repentance will lie right now by Allah loves my witness, and you have a whole talk about repentance. If right now you're sitting, you think of a sin that you committed, and you feel bad about it. You seek Allah's forgiveness right now sitting in the conference in sha Allah, Allah forgive yes or no. You don't have to go to no church open that window or father, let me vent to you. No, you go vent to Allah Who

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forgives you Is that clear? So you go to Allah with regret and remorse are low forgive you. And look at someone with a panel and you have all the qualities and much more. You'd be amongst them with the clean Allah says at the end of all these qualities, they are the ones whom Allah will bless them with Jeanette, not Gentle, gentle garden upon garden, tragedy mentality and our rivers flowing under it. Have to appreciate all that reward for them with the pain. May Allah make us among amongst them with me, Robin, allow me to give you an example. And to sum it up for someone who did all of this. I'm going to hop on the line and tell Buhari when Amara Lange was the halifa there was a gentleman

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his friend his name was on hora, just remember the names I won't tell you the full name just the first name ready. So there's an herb and there's arena and her is Rama Raja Lance friend. arena is the uncle of insurance he got the names and her arena and on top of the lawn, or you know, the uncle of an herb. He went to afford to visit him. He says oh four I remember and I know that you are close friends with the halifa omocha pub. And I would love to talk to him you know sit with him chat with him and so on. So can you please be able to work it out? is a key as I got my connections, I'll help you inshallah. So he goes to the immediate moment the halifa says yeah, Amira meaning or the leader

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of the believers. This is my uncle Ariana. So again it comes and he catches everybody off guard.

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He looks at armor. It says you have no hot tub or be aware of some of the hubbub wears meaning where his brother nothing. You have no hubbub. You are so not fair. You are very unjust. You don't spread the wealth equally.

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The head is mahadi it says that the top is stood up the CAD endear him Maybe he was about to physically do something to him. I am Subhan Allah who if Allah is unjust, who is just

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if the one who are the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you are promised Jenna while he

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His heart was still beating.

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He's still alive and on the promises up with Jenna. If hottub is not just the one rhodiola and who the prophet SAW Selim has already said that he's a Shaheed before he was a Shaheed yes or no, when they were on the mountain of

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Allah and when he said several statements which Allah revealed the Quran to coincide with what he said, when the hijab the eye of hijab came on ricotta proposed it before the ayah came down. And this is something else. So you see that meaning for Canada and he will get so upset and he came to kind of maybe physically harm him Allah knows best. So as he was walking, who spoke up, remember Oh, yeah, Nina is speaking badly about the halifa who's watching this? And

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so on her looks at the halifa he says yeah, ameerul momineen Oh leader of the believers. In Allah Amara nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah has commanded the Prophet with the following verse who the love forgive pardon what motivated and do that which is good what Allah Daniel J healin and ignore the ignorant people and this man is ignorant.

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In our best says firewall law he by the time that I was done Amata did not take a single step forward froze This is a mootai Allah said that Allah stop done see the Allah they said what kind of walk off and indicate tabula rasa was like on every It was like a stop sign. Okay, this is what I wanted to do. Okay, I'll go right go left Okay, I'll go left sit down out that was home ricotta was May Allah make us reach that level? See, I mean, so this is an example of someone who's looked at the forgave ignored the ignorant. I mean, let me have a quick question. When do we stop forgiving people?

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With question,

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when do we stop forgiving people? Because I was I have a talk about forgiving others. And someone came at the end of my talk and says, You speak about forgiving people, forgiving people, okay, within all people,

00:27:15--> 00:27:21

even my father in law, even my mother in law, so who do we forgive until when? Until when differently?

00:27:24--> 00:27:29

You know, one of the beautiful, most beautiful answers you get from Titan Mohan Singh.

00:27:30--> 00:27:38

He says, forgive as long as your forgiveness to the person does not increase them in harm.

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Make sense? So let's say you forgive someone else, you know what, you know, for example, someone harmed you, like, you know what, I can take my right from you, but I'll forgive you. They do it again. I forgive you. I don't do it, but they insist on doing it and their harm increases. These people are not worthy of forgiveness. And that's one of the most beautiful responses. So don't forgive someone whom your forgiveness will cause them to do more harm makes sense. Like you know, this guy like a serial killer, it just kills everybody's going to pound like if forgiving and forgiving and forgiving. There's something to be watched for love and May Allah grant us wisdom me

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and me. Rasool Allah is someone like him someone lohani wa sallam, he teaches also in the Quran was the first set of verses and if Lam Meem then equal key tabula rasa fi this book is perfect no doubt in it. It is guidance to Who

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Who are they? And Medina Muna Beloved, those who believe in the unseen which the shift just mentioned, the six articles of faith you guys remember them? Why are they

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students if I got all your notes down half of my lecture from Jefferson Mashallah.

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However, the six articles of faith that he mentioned this year,

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believe in Allah, angels, prophets, books,

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they have judgment on Qatar, Qatar is what translate could you translate all five translate this one, the decree or predestination

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predestined other which is the reverse hands on hiring or shadow will decree what you see as good or evil Allah knows best. So rasuwa lice and I send him when he teaches that from the Quran and Allah Allah Dena beleiving

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so check mark, how are you doing with this all I have doubts go kick go ask you have doubts. You have questions go ask. Don't go YouTube. Please don't go on YouTube. Because I got one time a brother who was in doubt he went on YouTube when you have local scholars or 100 in LA. And he just randomly YouTube something about doubting Islam, doubting Islam, and guess what happened? things that made them even more doubtful.

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Because they do the YouTube title in a way very tricky. To tell you all the Prophet married someone who's this age, yes. And why did the abrogation are unhappy and why did Allah take this ayah out and keep this eye and why?

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different dialect for the Quran, many Kyo Medina and Malik your median so this Quran is not preserved like oh my god this is getting worse

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to Brother brother was. So how can I How can I be protected from this? How can I know? How can I differentiate between the truthful and the liar? How can I differentiate between guidance and misguidance? How can I differentiate between the bid and the son How? The answer is, taqwa.

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Come on how is that possible? Yes. taqwa, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, in the law, if you have to cough Allah.

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Ya Allah come.

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Someone said it said out loud. For Karna if you have token Allah, Allah give you for Karna what's farrakhan? don't differentiate between the truth and the falsehood, Allahu Akbar. So the more taqwa that you have and that was what once again the mirror, go all the way back, doing good deeds based on our loss guidance, hoping for our loss, reward and being away from what Allah has made haram based on our loss guidance, fearing loss, punishments, so more good deeds, and away from the bad deeds is what increases your taqwa. So the more you try to work towards Allah, the more Allah guides you will listen to I'm so confused. have Taqwa of Allah Subhana Allah Allah will guide you with

00:31:17--> 00:31:25

duckula while you are limo como la. Allah, Allah and Allah will educate you Allahu Akbar.

00:31:26--> 00:31:31

Allah and the longest iron the Quran the longest I to add to chapter number two.

00:31:33--> 00:31:46

About the Dane write about panel What are your animal kumala on these things? What are what are some other fruits of organism fruits of the benefits of magnesium Sharla we have eight minutes left. Hmm. Other fruits of dakhla.

00:31:48--> 00:31:49

So again,

00:31:50--> 00:31:55

higher Okay, beautiful higher as part of Dakota is correct. Higher as part of taqwa excellent.

00:31:56--> 00:32:26

A lot of Canada teachers in a very beautiful verse of the fruits of taqwa is that never will you be stuck in a situation except that Allah will show you an exit yes or no. If you look on the back, there's an exit, right? This exit here exit here. And the exit here not exit here. But you see the exit signs. Fire goes off, the lights go off or go exit is right here. Never will you be stuck in a situation except that if you have definitely allowed you have a way out for you.

00:32:28--> 00:33:13

Well, mania dakila eedge Allahu Maharaja. Whoever has taqwa of Allah. Allah will open the doors for you. Unbelievable. have Taqwa of Allah, Allah will take care of you. Not just that brother. You're telling us spirituality. I want some cash. Excuse me. I want cash. I want to renovate my house. I want to buy the new Tesla. I want to do this. I want to do that. I want some taco from taco Yes, taqwa continue. Romania tequila hajjaj Allahu Maharaja wayra zuckermann havila Allah will give you from ways you've never imagined you never in your life thought this transactional grant your money never in your life. You never really risk by the way it is only it's not only specific to money it

00:33:13--> 00:33:40

can be also to character o'clock it can be a man that's also risk. A righteous spouse that's risky yes or no righteous children that's risk from Allah Tada. So allow provide freedom from the ways you've never imagined. When you go ahead and you donate $1 for the sake of Allah, the return is not only specific to money 10 $10 back, your return of the donation you've given can be you protected from a car accident.

00:33:43--> 00:34:06

Your donation for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The risk that allow give you back is the fact that your laptop lasts more than what usually it lasts for three years. Yours goes for five years, the Baraka of that donation so don't limit it. Only that I'll get money back. May Allah protect us. So all these things to appreciate where the woman hydroelectricity. What's the other some of the fruits of taqwa

00:34:07--> 00:34:13

Allah subhanho wa Taala. One of the greatest rewards of taqwa is a father Allah will love you.

00:34:15--> 00:34:55

In a law you have been talking and if Allah loves the person and once you go to your pm and you know for a fact that Allah loves you, then what would you grieve about? Yes or no? What is it that will make you sad? There's nothing that will make you sad on Yama, Yama, when you see how much Allah loves you, what else is the fruit of taqwa is that Allah will be with you so Allah will love you and Allah will be with you. While mo and Allah herman cain know that Allah is with them. And if Allah loves you, there's no reason to be sad over anything. Yes. And if Allah is really no reason for you to be scared of anything, don't be sad. Because Allah loves you. Don't be scared because I was with

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

you. This is the beauty of taqwa the goal of all goals, Allah subhana wa

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

And one of the most beautiful aspects of the Quran about the type of Allah Subhana Allah is it like I want to memorize the Quran I want to learn the deen I want to do this I want to do that you're struggling. Sometimes one of the root causes of people not being able to learn the deen or memorize the Quran etc, etc, is the fact that they are chained by what? by their since May Allah forgive us May Allah purifies for our sins. So Hanalei, the brother lon, he says, in Cebu and Rajan yen Salaam, under the Zambia, Zambia motto, even Michelle says, perhaps some people have stopped doing a specific good deed which they used to do, perhaps due to a sin that they've committed, you might

00:35:46--> 00:36:22

change from one good deed to another better one, but completely leave that, perhaps is a sin that someone has committed. I live in a town and one person came to this Yeah, I mean, I used to pray to Malaysia to do this, this and that, but I can no longer do that. He said in Nicaragua don't cut that kazoo book. You're a person who has been chained by their own sins May Allah protect us And forgive us. Now also note one of the confusions that if you stopped praying Pamela because you have to go check on your baby at night does not mean that Allah hates you perhaps you're doing something even more rewarding. Is that clear? should be able to differentiate understand what is it when you lacked

00:36:22--> 00:36:55

an example of lacking when everything in your life is stays the same? But you stopped going to virgin msgid when you used to go to federal back in the day? that's a that's a question mark you have to address it. May Allah protect us And forgive us. So a lot of panel data says with double la where you are limo como la once again have Allah Allah will educate you, Allah will teach you I know this is a story I'm telling you the second person there was a sister of how long who attended a lecture in regards to the hijab and modesty and so on and this is there was not really the most practicing.

00:36:56--> 00:37:32

Her friend was reached out by that sister and says can you please come with me to buy this dress for a party for the sisters? The sister told her Okay, I'll go to buy that dress with you. But can you come with me to the lecture just for an hour or so? Then we'll go ahead and join that in your the mall and buy that dress. She agreed to that? She hardly ever goes to the masturbation Okay, no, I want companionship as Jefferson said. You know when you go to a five star hotel and you eat by yourself isn't as much fun then when you have a lot of people around you Your friends will lie that's true when lightest true. food tastes better when it's shared with people.

00:37:33--> 00:37:50

So the point being is okay, I'll go with you. So she goes and it was about hyah about hijab about Toba to Allah and this is there was not really wearing the most worrying the most modest of clothing. And then she said you know what? Subhan Allah this talk changed my life. And I want from today

00:37:51--> 00:38:15

from tonight from now to change my dress code and fulfill it based on what Allah has commanded us to do. Oh my god, I'm so happy for you Really? So the sister invited her got really happy. She said okay, know what, let's go right now. I will buy your first job. I will buy your first job. It's on me. She said no. We mean I'm not leaving the building without it. I'm not going to go shop for it.

00:38:16--> 00:38:37

So what do we do you know how sometimes in the sister area Musonda they have the sushi word that Salah garment and I Allah witnesses on YouTube that story. Then the sister is a word that prayer clothing so from the best of hijab, that's the hands down yes or no the best of hijab. As she was walking outside she came and she was hit by a car and she passed away.

00:38:38--> 00:39:12

This is the most apparent Allah knows what's in her heart when I knew exactly what all praising was behalf was an example of someone perhaps that has stuck with her and Dad, I want to take that protection from a loss punishment. So we pray to Allah subhana wa tada to grant the top of Allah subhanho wa Taala we pray to Allah subhanaw taala to make us die upon taqwa and to make some external pain, who are promised others forgiveness, who were promised a loss love, who were promised Allah assistance who was promised Jen, I mean terrible. I mean jack ma Hara at 640 Baraka Luffy