Majed Mahmoud – The Good End for the Best of Believers

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The end of death is often caused by actions and circumstances, and the operator reminds viewers to remember that death is a result of hard work and circumstances. The importance of remembering death and not letting things happen to them is emphasized. The speaker provides examples of how people can use their experiences to protect themselves and their loved ones. The importance of education about death and the afterlife is emphasized, and actions and events such as a death certificate and missing family members' deaths by their own children are discussed. The segment emphasizes the need to be warned about visiting the graveyard and never visiting it, and to be careful about the afterlife.
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Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah subhanho wa sallam rubbish Lisa de westerly Omri Tammany Sani Colima bad We begin by mentioning the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to send his peace and blessings upon His Prophet, our beloved our happy stuff, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I'd like to thank you all for coming this morning just from Aloha. Really? May Allah Subhana Allah bless you all, especially coming at the beginning of the conference in Charlotte a sign of goodness from your end, and May Allah make you the first group that enters gender. So this is the as for unit for those who come late inshallah.

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All right, may Allah protect you all let me open islanding

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Abdullah Abdullah Rama may Allah be pleased by both of them of the line his father,

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he said, Come to model sweetlegs to LA Hollywood cinema was with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and a man from an onslaught from the people who used to live in Medina. He came and asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a question something Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked him a question. He said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, I mean of the who is the best of believers. He's Allahu alayhi wa sallam said Salalah alayhi wa sallam he says, of the remote meaning that a man I send a home Hello father best believer. The best one this crowd right here, who is his donor has the best of character Best of luck. Then he does having the companion animal soul as I said, and the question

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and the answer to the question is that we're topic. He said, Yeah, I'd also love that. Mina ekeus, who is the wisest, most intelligent, most intellectual, the smartest of believers?

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He said, a subtle homed in Moti the claw. They're the ones who remember death the most. Well, I sent home Lima, who's their data, and they're the ones who are best prepared for what comes after it will let it collect yes, these are the most intelligent, the wisest of people, may Allah make you all amongst them. So once the two traits again, they're the ones who remember that the most and they're the ones who are best prepared for that which comes after that. So with that being said, brothers and sisters, the topic The title is, it's all about the ending. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, an authentic narration in MLM Allah will have a team. Yes, your actions are judged

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based on your intentions. But in this Hadith, the Prophet saying, but what also matters very much is how does your life come to an end? How does the action come to an end? That's what matters the most as well. I guess with me, it's all about the ending. So when we think of death, and we appreciate that it's like an antivirus that you have, for example, in your computer in your phone, and that's what death serves, like, if you download a suspicious email that laptop that software will pop up says, Be aware, are you sure you want to download this, this may destroy your laptop, when you think of death, it's that software you're about to do something that is wrong, something that is hot on

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and then that death software pops up? Are you sure you want to do this, this may be the last thing you will do before you die. So this is how it works and also in the good way as well. That motivates you not to stay away from the heroine but motivated to do that which is good correct in your life is short helaas Bismillah all going to be accounted by Allah Subhana Allah let me do this few deeds will lie maybe that's the deed that will get me to general yes or no. So that's how death works on both angles. May Allah make you and I remember death often in a wise way, the way the Prophet prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us look what he said as well. And he should

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speak about death often Yes or no? A lot. He 100 He says, some allies in victory had him in law that I'll note he says repeatedly frequently remember death the destroyer of pleasures remember that often? Then he says two things about it. He says whenever you remember death when things are very hard on you pressure hardship difficulty and you remember death the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said death will reminder will bring you ease a lot of people yes or no you're struggling hard to parent their other stuff. Remember death I have enough remember that's why I have enough no remember death to relax things on your low echo. You know just give you a personal example not obviously perfect

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one just to draw the meaning closer to you. I had the pain in my teeth, in which I whatever I choose whether it was peanuts or even chewing gum that regardless of the softness is to give me a severe pain on my right side. So I went to one dentist and went to the second dentist and I went to Canada and and went to the US just to see the root cause and no dentist was able to know that now what do we say said right along those of us that doesn't move on. So the point being is that the doctors are unable to find the kid you not when I was preparing this talk, actually death cooled down the pain a little bit because no matter how painful it is, it will soon come to an end in sha Allah and I pray

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to Allah that whatever comes in

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Next is not worse than it we pray to Allah grant you all jen nametable alameen. So what comes that pain down? It was all soon come to an end. So this is something also aleist sallallahu wasallam is teaching you and I, when you go through struggles and hardships, remember that that's often because it will ease things on you. And the opposite is true. What's the opposite? And he said, Never do you live moments of ease and pleasure and luxury, except that you should remember that Why? Because it will tighten things up for you, Allahu Akbar, it makes you look at things with a right perspective. I guess with me, you get that promotion, you get that salary, you get that scholarship, you get that

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marriage, you get that child you have to realize that it will all come to an end just like you guys with me. Whether it was ease or hardship, it's all about remembering death. One time I'll borrow me as a wonderful Sahabi he said we were with Rasul Allah sallallahu wasallam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we were with him and all of a sudden we saw a group of people on the side gathered. So the Prophet says Allah much tomorrow How will that why are these people gathered? Then the Sahaba said Yasser Ahmed, these other people there are gathered Allah Cabrini. furuno They're digging a grave. So as Bharat says the moment we said that to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left us immediately and he rushed. They don't walk didn't jog, he ran to that other group. That was what are they doing? They in the grave? So as Bharat says in the process, I said, he fell on his knees right in front of the grave, and he was looking at it, staring at it. And Bharat said, then I came, I was looking at him and he was crying and crying, and still had to tell us the third that the actual sand under the Prophet was what it How much do you have to cry to make the ground wet? But that's how much he cried. Then when that moment ended? He looked at the Sahaba. He said, Yes, Swanee brothers. Yes. whiny Miss Lee had the yummy fairy do they miss the hard

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for that? Be prepared for that. Be prepared for that. Be prepared. So are we prepared? Are we prepared for that? One night? Not one night? 100 years Allah knows best for that night though all of us will have to spend in yes or no that grave. So are we prepared for that? Remember, it's all about the ending. May Allah protect us Amira, alameen Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we need to stuff like that. I'll give an example how we can use that. The following story is an example subjective, I used it you may not be able to use it from person to person dow has styles correct. So one time I went to msgid and they have like a youth room like computers, laptops, PlayStation, etc.

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So then I saw was one brother by himself. And he was looking at something he's not supposed to look at something hard on basically. And it was nothing extremely, extremely horrible, I'm referring to it was actually something like social media, but the pictures of the opposite gender not really dressed modestly at all. And I from what I know and Allah knows best I don't praise them as behalf I felt that brother has played in him and Allah knows best. So I came so slowly behind his back slowly, slowly slowly then I hugged them from the back. And I said if I was the angel of death, are you ready to go

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the brother said law will lie I'm not ready.

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will lie I'm not ready. No way. So Pamela z, once again subjective to the person, other person like Why are you such a creep? Right? Remember, that was subjective. You know the person you do what you do right is dependent from person to person. Allah knows best and May Allah protect them. This brother now is actually someone who I won't obviously mentioned the name but men into the Dawa and so on. Maybe it was that moment of his sincerity and his truthfulness with a law that I really did not want to die in that situation. And may Allah subhanaw taala protect us from sinning and May Allah subhanho wa Taala make our lives when we are by ourselves, the best moments with Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. And I pray to Allah forgive us with the moments that when we are all by ourselves, and we mess up May Allah forgive us for these moments. And I pray to Allah allow us to make up for these bad moments also in person and privately with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So as soon as I said, let me know saying this, a hadith about death is all about the ending is all about the ending. I'll share with you one more just to emphasize that point because I want it to keep in your mind in sha Allah, that software to install it firmly. Also a lie sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam says a person will be doing the deeds of the people of genuine the deeds of who people love, gentlemen,

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until between them and death is an arm's length holiday death is about to come, it's almost over. But right before they die right before they die, they do the deeds of the people of who hellfire. So the prophets are setting them with no hesitation, he says, then that person enters how all these years remember, it's all about the ending. Perhaps another Hadith tells you that they were not sincere throughout their lives. The other part of the hadrosaur lights of Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, and a man will be doing a deeds of the people of Hellfire, sin after sin sin after sin major after major Allah knows best why exactly they did until between them

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Death is right here. They're about to approach death between them and death is an arm's length. But then they end up doing the deeds of the people of gender and what do they go? Gentlemen? When I say this headings, and it's all about the ending, there's two ways to look at it. I'll give you some examples of stories in Charlotte and we end on that note, this hadith is all about the ending brings a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of hope, yes or no.

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I think it's one of the most additives brings you hope. Why is that? For all those who are messed up in the past? Yes or no? You messed up in the past. I'll give you the prophetic statements as Allah revealed from Allah subhanaw taala that it's all about the ending. All the messed up stuff we did in the past insha Allah can be forgiven, repent to Allah make up for it. Apologize, seek forgiveness, donate help the people serve a will all about the ending. Do you agree with me that this same Hadees

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is one of the scariest movies of all time as well? How is that possible? How can the same how do we have such mixed emotions? Allah knows best around praise your own praise myself. They should be the most fearful to people like yourself.

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Saturday morning, people sleeping in from a club. They spend the night at correct or not. Maybe they're drunk. And look at your time the lamb LTP steadfast. You hear early morning, you probably put pressure on time you came here early attending, Mashallah, the first few rows, this heading should shake you to the core. Today, you're here. I don't know where we will be next year, yes or no? Not next year. Next week. Well, like tomorrow, we're lucky tonight. I would also like to set himself a time will come where a person will be in the morning a believer and the night does not come until they become what? a disbeliever the night. So May Allah keep you steadfast. So don't be

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full of yourself. I shouldn't be full of myself. Oh, you got that education and got that knowledge? No, no, no, no, that knowledge will not really help you until you manifest it and we are lucky but sincere and shower has mercy upon all of us. mailable. I mean, you know, there's this brother.

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And some of you heard these stories before there was this a brother, in which he rushed into an Islamic Center in Brooklyn, New York. And all of a sudden you said, I want to become a Muslim. I want to become a Muslim. I want to become a Muslim. They said What's your story? He said, Don't ask me questions. Just tell me how to accept Islam. What's the procedure? So he said Go take a shower. And shower is not an obligation. It's as soon as recommended. So he went to the shower came back What next? He had shadowline Aloma Rasul Allah. Okay, how do I pray, that's how you pray and start praying. Allahu Akbar, first day, prayed all five daily prayers, second day prayed all five daily

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prayers on the third day after mother's Salah. And I'm trying to narrate the story in perhaps third in the chain as short as possible. Third day after measure Uppsala, a brother, who has been a Muslim for a long time, sees that new Muslim, and he looks at him and he says, Tell me your story. I beg you, because the way you pray, the passion you seem to have you're crying, you're so into it. Allah knows best about I'm just, I feel so humbled by your presence. And you Muslim for few days, you're at that level, and I've been a Muslim for all my life. I don't experience that. So what's your story? So he said, throughout my life, I wasn't really a Muslim, learning about religions, all sorts

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of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. And then I knew for a fact that there is a creator, but I didn't know what system what religion to follow. So I searched and I searched, I went by a library and I read some books about Islam. And there's one thing that really got me is how Allah Subhan Allah says in the Quran, not by the Kabbalah, Dena Pardo they have disbelieved those who say Allah is one of three. And then another verse loppet, cavallino title they have disbelieved those who say that Allah has a child, may Allah protect us, right? So he said, that's exactly how I feel. It makes no sense. There's one query is the one and only it has no children, no parents, no partners, no

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associates. This is perfectly it. He said on that night I still didn't say Islam is the truth but made a lot of sense to me. So on that night, I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried, pray to Allah guide me to the truth, whatever it is, just show me the truth. He said, I slept brother.

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In my dream.

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I saw a Salah Salaam, Jesus, he looked at me and he says, follow Mohammed, follow Mohammed, follow Mohammed. Then he said then I woke up. And then I rushed to the masjid and that's why if you remember when I rushed to the masjid and want to ask questions, tell me how to become a Muslim move on. Now, you might have heard this story and something like that on your radio station, right? And they saw Jesus and they went to church, right.

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So this was a prophet teaches you and I, he says an authentic narration Salalah alayhi wa sallam, he says led to Djibouti and many Amelie had had on Ludo Bhima de Mola. He says Don't be too impressed by someone's action until you see how their life comes to an end Allahu Akbar. I guess with me, don't be too impressed by this individual that brother that sister that speaker that scholar that neighbor that service individually? No, no, no, no until you see how their life comes.

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to an end Don't be too impressed. We have been hurt enough. May Allah protect us And forgive us. Yes. So focus on Allah subhanaw taala think well of the people, but don't be too impressed until you see how their life comes to an end. The story inspiring let's move on let's move on with the story. So he said I had this dream follow Mohammed follow Mohammed I came back to the center. And that's how I accepted Islam is like a lager beautiful. Now what Salah was that they did they just finished

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Melbourne, and then for a shock comes the Imam Allahu Akbar Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and the brother new Muslim with a with a group of people in the congregation first grown. The brother swears by a loved one next time he says we went then to the first stage the first frustration

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and then the man says Allahu Akbar to sit from that stage.

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But the brother is still doing prostration then we went back to the second session, and the brother still the first one. We went to the second Raka brothers the first second, third, fourth Raka assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers were first says that in the first which Raka first Lacan so the amendment the brothers they thought is very exhausted is sleeping. So you can call them brothers so and so brothers one so no response so he asked the one next time you know what, just you know, not done a little bit. So when he moved them he fell and he was pronounced dead right then and there.

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In Allah knows bestest sincerity Allah knows best, but these endings are not given to anybody, I guess with me, and how many people we saw who passed away and they were really able to say la ilaha illAllah. They might have said it behind your back when at midnight when they got their consciousness back. But in general, these beautiful endings are not just given to anybody. And we have beautiful endings. There's three parts to it a beautiful location. Right? Beautiful, what

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a beautiful action. Beautiful

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and the beautiful action.

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So, so the location and the action. And the third one, I'm sorry, is the timing. May Allah grant you all three to all three location? Salah in the masjid, right? That's the action and the timing and the blast at times of how long May Allah protect us And forgive us. And this is appreciate that. There's another one. Maybe you heard this as well. I'm also telling you this maybe third or second that chain. There's a ship that left Egypt like a cruise. It's called Salem Express. Maybe some of you heard about it before, right? It was very famous story. And the brother who was on the ship tells us a story. He says the ship went through some issues and it was sinking. And then the husband

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he went to the cabin ran and he saw his wife. He's again he's like leave everything and run for your life. The ship is sinking his leave leave. So it'll kick up when we apply my hijab is like Are you crazy? Just go for your life. The ship is sinking and islamically she can leave right for life correct? But she said no, no, no, no, I need to wear the hijab is like Are you crazy? That ship is sinking? I'm not exactly is over. She said well law one law I dread I would never want to die. Never want to die except an act of obedience. She said you go I'll catch up with him and he actually left there's a lot of others that actually left her. So the brother left and she pawned her hijab and

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everything. Then she went to the upper deck, and she saw it's pretty much it. It's over. This is it. People are drowning people are yelling, this safety boats or whatever you call them. Pretty much all of them are gone. So she looks at her husband and she says Helen Terada nanny, Are you pleased with me? He's like, What kind of question is this? What time are you asking? Am I pleased with you? He's, he's like, What kind of question is that? She's just answer me. How are you pleased by me? He's like, NEMA. zoologia Aunty, you're a great wife. And of course I'm pleased with you. What an honorable wife you're always been. She said that hamdulillah and then she said a shadow Allah ilaha

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illa Allah and a shadow number hamedan Rasul Allah. The brother says the story himself is a geisha. Hola Hola, Arlene. I have never seen my wife after that moment she drowned

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and ending doesn't given to anybody it's all about the ending it's all about the ending Allah knows her past but it's all about the ending Isla grande is a beautiful lines and beautiful death immutable atom in which you know when you have beautiful endings yes you benefit but you know who also benefits a lot from beautiful endings your family right that's how they get to relax a little bit Sharla here in sha Allah May Allah protect us. Then you have another one in which also

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a brother living in an apartment building student of knowledge you have that sometimes where you your apartment or your house very practicing, but your neighbor is completely not the right May Allah guide us all a little bit. I mean, so that's what

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I used to have this neighbor, upper level, we have the balcony, whatever. He plays a music and stuff like that. I can hear it. He gets really irritating. I spoke to him about his Muslim family. Give him down. Nothing, no action whatsoever. Salah doesn't pray evidence they are very bad. So I tried my best until one day I was in my apartment. I heard a lot of crying and yelling in the upper apartment. So I rushed to go up, knocked on the door. And I said, Well, hey, everything is well. Like the doctor just came over and told us that our father, the father figure who had the issue that he has on his deathbed and this may be his life.

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They and Allah knows best as a matter of moments, asked us to perhaps bring family over to give him a farewell. So the brother He says,

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Not to me the ship this ship, he's referring the story to Yes, yeah. Well, when I was there, I was so angry. Why were you angry? Because you're playing his favorite song and song of words that none of us will have a difference of opinion on. You guys are with me. You know, let's not talk about music and ruin the atmosphere of the talk. But there's music that we all agree is hot. I'm correct. All of us here no matter how far from the dean you may be. It's so hard on if you put me You tell them to watch. Yes. That's how bad it is. So basically, he was thinking some some songs of you know, some language that's not appropriate. So he told his children is like, your father, you just told me

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he's on his deathbed is about to die. And you're playing his favorite song, that song about love them and things of that sort. He's like, what do you suggest and they play some cron frame or something anything. She said we don't have any access to parent obviously can tell it was a little bit back in the day it was only tapes. So he went back to his apartment, grab the tape or CD or so then went back to the apartment and played poker on the brother swears by Allah, you know the agonies of death. You go unconscious, then you go conscious like back and forth, yes or no. So he said when I this whole discussion was happening, the father was unconscious, he swears by Allah

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subhanaw taala that the moment he played the Quran at the room where the father was on his deathbed, the father regained his consciousness, the Socrative multi game back his consciousness. And when the Quran was played, the father said, turn this thing off, turn this thing off. I don't want to hear these words. I don't want to hear these words, put back the music Put back the music This will bring suit shrewdness and serenity to my heart. The brother swears by a lot these were the last things he said and he died. May Allah protect us we don't judge they just want to have large agenda Allah knows best. But it's not an ending that anyone would wish for. May Allah protect us and grants a

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beautiful ending. Once again, remember, it's all about what? When one last time I know we're all adults, but which one more time it's all about what it's all about the ending. So what are your action items? Three simple ones in sha Allah. Number one, educate yourself more about death and the afterlife, put effort to it. Learn watch the series, buy your book, do something, do whatever it takes a local helicopter afterlife, learn about or learn about death and so on. Perhaps it will make you understand what life is all about having the proper perspective, does that make sense to Charles an action item? maybe one or two perhaps inspired from a hadith or an ayah here and there. Like, you

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know what? I'm gonna establish this talk. I'm gonna write this article. And when you write an article about death when I prepare something like that, wouldn't that make sense that we will be impacted by the most supposedly, May Allah forgive us. So talk about death and talk about the afterlife and Firstly, educate yourself more about it. Number two out of three. Number two is very practical, very practical, but also online. Some Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to say some Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He said, I used to forbid you from visiting graves. I used to forbid you from visiting graves. But now I tell you and I advise you go visit graves. Why you're so Allah and one

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Hadith he says because it softens the heart and will lie it does. May Allah grant us a heart that can be softened and it brings tears to the eyes and his perspective of this life so go visit the graveyards I want to add one thing to that go beyond Genesis I guess with me beyond the genocide no just go there when you're the only one the graveyard and go to the Muslim graveyard is As salam o Alaikum and you see the dar etc and you go see one time I visit the grave and will lie the thing that got me the most was the one who was born the same year I was born in

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and I see like 19 such and such date all right

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okay then I saw the death was took 2017 I'm like

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you never know you never know I might be the one supporting you like you need to work harder I need to be you know giving to my family into the community and so on. So visit the grave was number one. Educate yourself more about the life and afterlife your promise until you do your best buy a book or anything like that article series he promised inshallah number two is what visit the graveyard Talas not at the Baraka Luffy come outside the eighth right go visit the graveyard outside gentlemen, what's the third and last one? Go repent to Allah subhana wa tada seek Allah's forgiveness continuously one of the biggest issues about repentance. I'll be very honest with you, especially

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among those who seem to be practicing. May Allah forgive us all, is that we think repentance Toba, as for the people who have messed up so bad, yes or no. Whereas about every time we said Allahu Akbar, and we actually in a way relied on Allah is greater than everything in anything and we thought of something else. Yes or No, Allahu Akbar type isn't that required as default? And the same is to say, a stealth for last for last for a yes or no? Isn't it true that we should ask Allah Subhana to forgive us for how we're not so great in salah and not so great with our parents? May Allah forgive us in there. So continuously repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the advice of

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Rasulullah sallam, he says, well, law he I seek Allah's forgiveness more than 100 times every single day in Nesta, for Allah to believe in the army Academy at Marvel.

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So May Allah subhanaw taala educate us about the afterlife. May Allah assist us with visiting the graves and be reminded And may Allah allow us to return back to him and return to Allah. May Allah grant you all a beautiful ending to your life with said Mr. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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