Bilal Assad – Timeline Of The Day Of Judgement #1

Bilal Assad
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beginning and tell you them in order, as the scholars have put them in the order in sha Allah who died

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so the first thing my brothers and sisters, that will happen

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after the people have been dead and in their graves, some of them 1000s of years, some of them 10s of 1000s of years, some of them hundreds,

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all of them they'll be raised from the grave as you all believe already.

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Allah says in the Quran

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Well, I know he'll feel soon he felt Sonic on his team, the Learn

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Allah says the Trumpet will be blown by the angel is Rafi it'll go into the trumpet that is awaiting. And everything in the heavens in the earth will die. All of them my brothers, including the angels Gibreel Yes, it's Myka eel Yes, the Angel of Death Magna Carta mouth and even its Rafi all of them will die.

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Except him Allah wills. Then after a long time, Allah says, thumb I know feel heavy or horror off either.

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on. Then after a while the trumpet is blown a second time and behold, before your eyes, everyone is out of their graves standing and watching.

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Watching because in the graves, people knew that they were dead. Their souls already know that the hereafter is coming the day of judgment is coming. So everybody is waiting and ready.

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So therefore, the first thing that will happen yarmulke Yama is

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Botho NASCI waka Yamaha mencoba at him

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with the happy him Isla del Masha.

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The first thing that will happen on the day of judgment is that all the people including the jinns including the animals, every creature, every animal will be raised from the Earth once again and they will all walk to the land of gathering

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out of the mash or the land of the gathering. We know where it is Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam told us that it is in a sham. The hadith is in Muslim Buhari in a sham greater Syria Allahu Allah and we're exactly

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how will the earth look like

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Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said that the earth will look flat, it will actually be flat, like in the sense of no mountains, no valleys, no trees, no rivers, even the oceans so Ziraat which means that the oceans are lit up with fire, they begin to boil over time, if water keeps boiling, what does it turn into? It dries out. So there are no oceans, no rivers, no.

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No, no, no thing no valleys, nothing. No clouds. And the people they notice that the earth in the sky has changed. Allah says, Yo Matoba DeLeeuw

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around the universe,

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whatever resume will

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On that day, the Earth will not be the same earth will be transformed, and the skies, multiple skies, multiple horizons, everything, as you see it now will all be changed. What is the result of that change? Well,

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you see all the people who were in their graves, all of us, from beginning of Adam, till the end of humanity, from the beginning of the first gin to the last gin from the first animal to the last animal, all of them get up and what do we notice we notice this transformation.

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So then the people who have risen from near death, they look at each other.

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And I question

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what's happened?

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What's happened to the earth? And the sky? Where are the stars?

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Where's the sun? Where's the moon? Where are the clouds? Where are the hills? Where are the valleys? Rasul? Allah Azza wa sallam describes the earth like the face of a perfect perfectly baked bread.

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That's it.

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So then, Allah says their state he says, Yo, may I walk on fattest G Boone. That'd be a hundy. He what elfin Nona Elizabeth to

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on the day, when Allah will call you to what? To your day of judgment to your gathering.

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And you will respond. Not a single person will say, No, nobody can because they know they can't run away.

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And they will respond by his glorification. And you will all think, check this out, you will all think

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that you were in your graves, only a very short time.

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In another verse, Allah says that he will say, Karla come lebih doom. Allah will say to them, how long do you think you were in your graves? Or on earth your earth enter graves together?

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God Lulu Bitna young woman oh about a biome

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the mean that will respond? Well, we only were in the ground under the earth a day or part of a day. Ask those who are able to calculate better than us ask the more religious people the more pious people may doubt maybe they will know.

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So this tells us my brothers and sisters, as the scholars say that anyone who dies you do not feel the passing of time. You do not feel the passing of time. It literally feels like a day or part of the day. But when they see the Earth and the Universe has changed. That's when they are shocked. They look at each other and we all say how long have we been in there? How long have we been in?

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It's not how long we've been meaning wallow has been a long time now. That's because everything's changed. They thought we just died yesterday. All of a sudden everything's changed. So how long have we must have been 1000s of years. What's this?

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Another verse they said, elaborate from a luxury. Okay, let's give a better guess. 10 years maybe? Because look, the world's changed. But really it feels like a day or part of a day. You know in another Surah I think it's where Allah Subhana Allah says

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okay, Allah the Mara Allah Correa denwa. Here ha we are to another oroshi Calama you're here.

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losail Allah Subhana Allah made a Lozier

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and yeah, he had the healer who, Bada moutier for America. Hola, Homi Bhabha, ka La comme la vista called Allah bestow Yeoman Obadiah. I'm Carla Bella Vista Miata, I am in

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awe like the man who passed by a ruined town. He looks at her and says, who will give who can give life to this after it's turned into absolute ruins? Like what's this life after death business? Allah says, Then he made this man die. He had a donkey with them in some food. And then he woke up Allah woke him back up from his death brought him back to life. And the angel said to him, how long do you think you were gone? For? How long you think you were dead for are gone? For? He says a day or part of a day. He says to him, No, you have been gone dead for 100 years.

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And the guy feels that it's only what a day or part of a day. The life of the soul is different to the life of the body. And the closest example I can give, although it's not exactly the same, the closest example the scholars have given actually not me, is sleeping for the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that sleeping and gnome while motile as well. It is the the minor death. You know, when you go to sleep, you feel the time is passing when you wake up, you think it's only a minute or so you probably would have been in a coma for 50 years. Isn't that correct? So this is the state of the people on the day of judgment

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from Mayor Cuomo and a few other Mashariki Yamatai in

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the State Duma who heard him one way or half when I feel like a whole fan shed either the

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the scholar said by the way, this is from the book, Shahab bahawa. He said, and then the people will stand on the Day of Judgment in that plane for a very long time. Just standing there

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shall sort on absorb them in another verse, their eyes are looking up into the sky.

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People are talking to each other about how

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fella Allah says or her shirt and a sweater they'll he'll kill you

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I'm Fela smell in LA Hamsa. Every single person on that day will know that they are going to stand before Allah, the everlasting, the living in the everlasting. And all you can hear on that day is whispers

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and footsteps. Nobody dares to raise their voice can you imagine brothers and sisters? We're talking about billions upon billions, probably, of humans and Jin's not one of them dares to raise his or her voice

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in the messages we raised up there and no voice no one dares to raise their voice

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and they start to get afraid severely

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and we're just standing there no judgment has begun there's nothing nothing it just waiting

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largely through little Korea me.

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Well, you're keen to humble he said, because they're standing so long. And because they are sure that they're about to be judged. Everybody's waiting to know where they're gonna go.

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was when I say yo G, Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah him and they don't know what Allah subhanaw taala is going to sentence upon them.

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What do they do?

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They say to each other.

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We need help. We're thirsty. We're tired. Muslims and non Muslims everybody nobody knows.

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And then the second thing happens.

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Rasool Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam goes looking for his ummah.

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And the first thing that appears is a hold the fountain, what is ill health? It's also called Who knows? And coauthor doesn't Allah say in our co author, we have given you to possess and co author Why did I say to visit to possess, possess means that no one's going to take it off you in Arabic when you Allah did not say in Tina calcofluor. If Allah said Tanaka means we give it to you but you're going to give it back. Our Athena can means no one's going to take it off here Rasul Allah is completely within your control and possession on the day of judgment or Suzanne has absolute freedom to do whatever he wants with this river that he has. And what does he do? He calls his Alma

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you know, there's a beautiful, beautiful Hadith in authentic that

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Rosa Salem went to Alba Korea to the graveyard and he took with him Abu Huraira the Allahu Anhu. And I think Zaid was within that time, it was a few months before he died, he went to visit the buckler and farewell them and all that stuff, and not farewell them, give them settings and make dua for them. And then after a long time of dua, Abu Hurayrah says, I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say whether to allow Reina is where Nana The only thing I miss is that I will not be able to see my brother since

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then he said, I will ask Nana who will who Annika Rasul Allah, we're not your brother's your rasool Allah He said unto us, HERBIE, you are my companions, you are higher level than just brothers, Allah's herb, our lemon Mirtha battle hobo Sahaba

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that the companionship is higher than just brotherhood. So we're a little bit less than the Companions, if we're a foot next to if we just valued if we're just the worth of their foot Al Hamdulillah no problem. But these companions will Harada says you are a soul Allah.

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Yeah, and what are you going to do about it? He says on the Day of Judgment.

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I will wait for them at all held at my co author.

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And I will call them to come and drink. He said how will you know them out of Salalah you've never seen them? Or who are they? Sorry, who are they? He said Homer Lavina Emma there'll be one Amuro winning they're the ones who believed in me but never seen me on Adobe doesn't know called them to drink from me with the from the fountain. How will you know but then we had our salah, he says from the light of the nor that comes out of their arms, their feet in the face with early coming Arthur in whoo hoo on to Iberdrola, it said that the new book comes out of their faces arms and legs because of the will do which they used to do, which means they used to pray

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and he will call you by that nor everyone else what happens to them. There are some angels around they prevent them. Nobody's allowed to drink from the heart, not even the Ummah, the nation of the other prophets. What happens is that the * out of the process and lamb is brought and then other little streams are stationed for the other prophets. All the other prophets, their alma goes with them and some prophets come with no body, not a single person had believed in him. The largest almost Muhammad SAW cell and the second is Musa alayhis salam as the solar cell and he said I am the first one and a woman you should call on her

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Probably all milk am I'm the first one whom this soil shall be split apart from his head, I will come up and who will I see in front of me? I will see my brother Musa alayhis salam at the base of the throne of an arch. Why alarge my brothers, the Day of Judgment will happen on earth. And Allah's throne you will see it, we cannot describe it, and it will be seen on the earth. Musa alayhis salam will be holding on to pillars or something on the base of the harsh rasa sallam said, Landry Ahsoka amla NewsOK cobbly I don't know if he died before me or or he was all he was raised before. Sorry. I don't know if he had died and was raised before me. Or I was raised before him.

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Some scholars say that when he asked Allah Subhana Allah to see him Musa Sam kohlrabi irony anger like my Lord, let me see you, you know the long story. And when he saw his that he showed a bit of his light to the hill it crumble. Musa al salaam Hara soyka Now we don't know some of us didn't say he died, some say he went unconscious. So it was also I said, I'm saying maybe he died that time. And he's up there before me anyway. That's the state

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so we said for either tal Nakamura for Allahu Taala Lena de sola, Salama a while and hold the whole Elmo road. That's the second thing that happens in Arabic.

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Whoever dies on the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will not be forbidden from the halt from the fountain.

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Then the people are standing for so long. And I'll finish it with this last one. The third thing that happens is this. People get tired, they just want to know are they going to Jana or Johanna?

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So they call out among each other. Let's go to the prophets. Maybe they can call to Allah subhanho wa Taala because he loves them more than us to begin the judgment people we all want the judgment to begin

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getting over and done with so we go to Mr. Lee his salah, and Adam Alayhis Salam refuses to take any part. He says I disobeyed my Lord. I am not in a position to talk to Allah today. I am not in a position to ask him for anything in Nairobi. Rod Eva Alia Mahadevan lumea about Mithila who caught my Lord is angry today he's never been angry like this before go to the one afternoon go to in Mohali send me answers the same thing go to Ibrahim I said me answers the same he just my grandma said and just saying Allah Hama, Selim Selim O Allah, peace, peace. Now we go to Musa alayhis salam, then we go to a Salah Salem each one of them will not dare to intercede. Finally we reach Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said, every prophet of Allah got a special dua that they could ask Allah each one of them has used that up, except for me. I have waited and lifted for the Day of Judgment. I will use it for my ummah, he will stand up and say, Allah, Allah, I am the one for it. I am the one for it. He goes into sujood for a very long time then Allah subhanho wa Taala descends with his angels and his good to see. We'll talk about that next next time in sha Allah in detail and he says to him Yeah, Mohamed Arafat Sook was a door Polish far to shuffle. Ask I will give you lift your head and seek the into given decision I will give you

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today the piano is between you and I My Mercy and your shefa and also SLM will say, Allah hum. Almighty almighty. Oh Allah, save my Alma save my own shuttler next week, we'll continue with Sidama decom syllabi.

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