Taraweeh Reminder #10 – Month of Sadaqah

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who it he was so heavy and wider. Today, we're going to talk about a very important topic which I'm sure most of you are aware of. And that is the whole topic of charity sadaqa. It's one of those other side you know, we have sod for siyam side for sila, and today its side for a sidecar. And I'm just going to walk you through some of the verses which are lost hightide has chosen and many verses in the Quran which talk about cybercrime, charity, etc. But if you go to Surat Al Baqarah, from verses 261 onwards, Allah Subhana Allah dedicates these verses to talk about charity, and sadaqa and giving and not only

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does he give you the necessary inputs into how to understand sort of fun to learn about, but it also gives you the necessary traps to avoid and the holes and the pitfalls. So Allah subhanaw taala starts off by telling us the great example of charity, which is the example that many people are aware of is related to garden is related to growing because with growing, we can see it's a material thing that we can notice we plant the seed, it grows and blossoms it gives more than what we actually put in so Allah Subhana Allah says when you give one unit of charity then is like planting that one seed will generate

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seven like seven years and each year we'll have another 100 seeds and so the the multitude is, is great, obviously. And this is an important point here because when you plant a seed, we know for a fact that the equation isn't as simple as that the equation isn't one seed gives you 700 seeds, sometimes it will give you 700 seeds, very much rare to get exactly 700. But one time you will plant one seed you will get maybe 100 sometimes you will plant one, you might get 1000 or 2000. And that is the beauty of the charity. And this is the secrets in this verse, because what the last panel is telling you is that when you plant a seed, it will multiply no doubt about that, how much it

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multiplies. There's so many factors, the sincerity, the circumstances, your circumstances, the circumstances of those that you are giving to the situations that is the kind of charity and so on, so forth. That's why I was pantalla said he warned us that of the of the pitfalls in giving charity and one of those pitfalls is that you give charity but you follow your charity with some sort of favoritism. You know, you give your remind person about the figure, okay, you know, take this money I'm being always good for you. And I always done this this called men, it's like showing put people favorite favorite there fit your favor onto them. So that actually will nullify the charity or any

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kind of harm. You know, some people give charity to the beggar.

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It's as if they are you know, as if they are dirty, you know, they don't deserve you know, they don't even deserve Okay, just take this money and, you know, they although they treat them badly or whatever. So all of this is it goes against the whole nature of the planting of the seed and the giving the charity charity has to be given with a good heart with a good intention with a good outlook, etc. So last night, I said beware of losing out the root of the charity by following up with some sort of harm or fatalism and then Alice fantana mentions that a number of times in this same sort of be careful of nullify your charity with men favoritism and other harming like the one

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who gives people you know out of boasting You know, he gives and he shows off his charity and Alaska tech gives us another example you heard the example of the seed being planted as a lie gives you another example which is like a rock a rock, which is called a soft one it's a very big rock but it's also quite a smooth rock. Now on this rock, there is Earth, Earth is usually a good material for growing this is where we grow seeds and plants and trees and so on. But in this case, the basis is not good, the basis is a rock. So that Earth although on the outward it seems okay good, there is some some land here there is a potential fatality, what happens comes down the rain on this rock

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what is going to happen to all that Earth is just going to be washed away. And then what is left nothing. All that you know that potential of goodness that was put there has all gone so don't nullify your charity in that way Allah Santana whereas and in the opposite way, those who do give and they spend and they try to establish their reward with Allah subhanho wa Taala is

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Like an example of agenda, a garden, which is built on, you know, it's planted on a higher level, the higher level, it's away from potential dangers like flooding, and so on is probably a better, better atmosphere as well away from the heat of the core of the Earth and so on and so forth. This is a good fertile spot. And what happens, lots of rain falls onto it. In the first example, a lot of rain on the rock just washed it dry, and it just became smooth. A lot of rain falling on this, which is the webbing alignments in the crime falls on this gender, it multiplies his growth because obviously with the rain, with the good atmosphere that you know more growth and etc. So this is the

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nature of the righteous person who is always engaging in righteous deeds, but then he increases his effort increases his output increases more and more, and if he doesn't increase his very core nature, we're lm musim helper for lm usim however, we learn football even if it's not affected by this Deep Pore of rain, then there is still scatterings of rain which is obviously beneficial, and also is helpful for for that garden.

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A lots of hand towel also warns us of a certain danger that might come as well when people give and that is by falling into giving something which we do not accept or which we don't want. And Allah says when I am mama hobbies, I mean, who told coupon was from the RTV don't go towards something which is bought bad quality, poor quality, you know, you want to spend it and if you were the one who was taking that challenge, you wouldn't have taken it, you wouldn't have accepted it. Why? Because it's bad quality. And this is the example of people who when they give the charity, they give off the most, the worst kind of things that they have. Some people give their you know, and

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this is happens with homeless especially when people donate clothes and things and they give their clothes that have torn up and clothes that are you know, our our our have, you know, no, not even

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not even suitable for animals or gelato and even the animal probably would not even been you know, but they you know that it's such a poor state but they give that as charity. Or some people give charity you have these collection boxes, they take their chart, they literally have one their clothes, it's all dirty, they just take off their clothes, put them in the bag and they don't even clean them they don't wash them that they don't iron the clothes. You know thinking about the charity how it's going to be given and remember, when you give the charity it is taken by a loss pantile and that's why the Hadeeth I show the Alliance used to want to use a beggar is to come

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knocking on her door your charges she would give him before she would give you the money she would put a little bit of perfume on the money to make it and she would give it to the to the van use do so I asked her about this and she said well before it falls into the hand of the beggar of the question is falling into the hands of a lost panda ally is taking the charges. So look at how you present your charity don't give the worst and that's why it's volatile. Alhambra law also talks about Lenten it will be you will not achieve righteousness had to feel homey matter have gone until you spend you give from that which you love that is that essentially you want to really get get the

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greatness out of your spirituality and assuming you have to give from what you what you love what you really like don't give you know from the things that are just secondhand or things that are used or things which you don't want any more because that is not going to be of benefit. And lastly, Allah subhanaw taala reminds us of also one of the pitfalls which is giving out

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being aware of the shape and obviously it is all about spending. It's about giving it's about it's about

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about being selfless. The show bond is there wanting to take away your potential for good deeds to prevent you from getting that it was was the shape on do he says don't give. Beware you know if you give now you might lose Ajay you might lose your money you might not have enough money here you've got things coming ahead of you there are expenses there are living, there's this there's that so he scares you of poverty. Whereas Allah subhanaw taala promises your gender promises your forgiveness when you give and spend and try to attend to the obligations online the commands of Allah and the recommendations of Allah.

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And amongst all of this allows pantalla gives us an example which in his outward might seem related to giving us spending but it is related to something else and that is the example of somebody who does have a garden is your garden made out dates, it's got grapes, it's got rivers flowing there. It's a very beautiful garden it's you know, so but then what happens is that he becomes old. This man

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And his children are very young, they are sweet. They're not, and he doesn't have any one to help him. And then all of a sudden, his garden is attacked by a cyclone. And not any type of cyclone, but a cyclone, which has a fire inside it. So how long this is one of the miracles of the Quran because this this intense Cyclone with a cyclone with a fire is one of the most destructive types of Cyclone and it was only recently described, you know, maybe 10 or 20 years ago or 30 years, this kind of cyclones perhaps not being seen very, you know, it's not something that has been documented very much the last hangout described in the forum cyclon inside it, there is a fire, and that cycle is so

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destructive. So his garden is destroyed, all his good work is destroyed all his and they said this is the example of a man who has done so many good deeds during his young life. And then when he became old, he changed his tie to do bad things. He didn't maintain that good thing so all his goodness that he had planted before went to waste.

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So Allah subhanaw taala were were the ones about this so that you should be aware of changing your good deeds into bad or changing your status at the end, and therefore losing those kinds of things. This has been the topic on sada calm and