Majed Mahmoud – Khutbah on December 8, 2017

Majed Mahmoud
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Every positive attribute attributed to Allah subhanho wa Taala we seek his assistance and we seek His forgiveness Manya de la Fela medalla whoever Allah guides, none will be able to misguide women * little fella had the Allah And whoever has been misguided none will be able to guide.

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before I proceed two quick points.

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The first one, the Imam has brought up to my attention to share with you. May Allah bless those behind this message from the administration from the mountains, may Allah honor every one of them. I mean, that'll be I mean, so you're bringing up the point of the gentleman outside who's protesting in case you did witness that if you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't worry about it. But if you do witness the guy protesting the man was advising that make sure just a reminder, Allah says with a good fit into the cloth and find meaning. Just take this advice as a as a brotherly advice, sisters advice, being respectful towards them not cursing, not being vulgar, being as

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respectful as possible baby and less penola. Donna, just a reminder to all of us, May Allah increase us in our wisdom. I mean, it'll be adamant the Hikmah which Allah gives it to whoever he wants, I mean robot I mean, Allah says,

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actually, the introduction says the second point, woman noodle fella had the Allah,

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whoever has been misguided non believer able to guide.

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I may not exaggerate if I were to say almost every single one of you heard that so many times and whoever has been misguided, none will be able to guide

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and only think I will exaggerate if I were to say and I've tried in different places, except that many people did not really understand that about just what was the flow?

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What does it mean, and whoever has been misguided none will be able to guide So is that a message of hopelessness, that Allah forcefully make this guy or this girl never be guided? Why am I raising this right now? So much of the crisis that we go through as a oma as a whole is the lack of understanding towards this religion.

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This is one of the biggest disasters. Everybody has his own thinking shyness from asking. And when we are shy to ask, no matter how old we are. I know people were in the 20s and 30s been Muslim their whole life by never knew. Do they have to wipe from the top or the bottom whenever they make will do.

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Don't procrastinate asking Don't let your shyness take over. Ask with respect asked with respect. What does it mean and whoever has been misguided now we're able to guide this just one example of many things you hear in the hotel bar, go Bismillah explore what does it mean? But when you come and ask with respect, not with arrogance, well that doesn't make sense with what you said. Come ask Is this the real meaning to it? Is there another way of looking at it and appreciate that? I'll give you one point inshallah. But this one, we learn in our Deen that whoever insists and is arrogant towards Allah and insist on being disobedient after a chance 2345 1020 15 million chat a lot takes

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them further Allah will not guide them. Allah says Allah Mirza, who when they willingly chose after the message came clearly. So many opportunities came to them. They decided to divert they decided to go then Allah says Allah Masha, Allah, Allahu Luba when they are their hearts deviated Allah what took them took them even further.

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When Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says either eight aloha Yura t lab de wahoo omake, Manila mausi. Did you ever question it between you and yourself or had a discussion about if Allah subhanaw taala does not like those who dis obey Him? Why would Allah continue to bestow His blessings upon them?

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But what's the response to that? If Allah does not like those who are transgressing those who are oppressive? Why does Allah continue to bestow His blessings upon them?

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The Prophet tells you, if you see Allah bestowing his blessings upon someone who is consistent with disobeying Allah for a new Metallica is the the Raj then this is just the plan a plot against them. How is that possible? What's your name? Mohammed Ah, Sam is trying to explain or give you an example maybe can slightly relate but don't go into extreme with it. You know, at some houses, they would have a mouse in the house

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and the owner of the house tries their best not to harm that mouse. They open the door, leave making noise, knock anything. Open the door for 510 minutes, let the mouse leave the house.

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It's not leaving. It's insisting, stubborn

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leave, not listening. What do the most part many landlords would do? They would actually start bringing food,

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peanut butter and cheese to the mouse, didn't you want it to leave? Weren't you upset that their behavior? That's true, but I'm not bestowing these items and that food because I love the mouse, because they are placed on a mousetrap.

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So when the mouse starts licking that peanut butter or that cheese, etc, the mouse believes and is convinced that see, there is no such thing as the landlord being upset at me, the landlord loves exactly what I'm doing. And if there is was a landlord to even begin with, then why am I still enjoying this life? But as they're licking that rat trap or mousetrap, what happens all of a sudden,

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it slams and crushes them destroys them. May Allah protect us. So maybe Mohammed sloty was sending me says if you see Allah, bestowing his blessings upon those who are consistent with this, obeying Him, don't think this is nothing but it's the law just a pool. May Allah protect us. Like for example, Caron, Caron, he says in number

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one says, you see all the 12 you see all the all these mansions? I got it from my own sweat from my own knowledge. He did not attribute these blessings to Allah what happened to him and what gives him and gives him and gives what happened with him Allah says for herself, Nabil will be dead.

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We destroyed the moment the whole earth swallow his matches and him. Allah subhanho wa Taala. So one of the things we have to appreciate is when we look at the world around us, we try to understand how is a laws methodology in this world? How do things operate?

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We know first of all, Allah is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. We got that down. hamdulillah we know that there's this life and there's this afterlife. Excellent. What is this life all about? Don't be too creative. It's a test done period.

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Alinea Hello Kalamata. Well hyah try the blue Welcome to just use the best amongst you. What about Acura?

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Is the PE de ujU Romeo mukaiyama that's where you get your graduation go to agenda or otherwise May Allah make you all the people have agenda? I mean, I mean, so, okay, so I understand No, this slide was a test after is my graduation if I pass fail, but can I ask you a question? What does Allah put to the test like what does he test me with what my intelligence my my physical strength? What is the destiny with? He tests your faith and your character?

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Wynn Sulaiman, Ali Salam saw Allah giving or passing through the throne through one of Sulayman soldiers. So the man saw the throne of the Queen of Sheba right in front of him. What did he say? Have them in fugly? Robbie, this is from the blessing of my Lord Leah blue wanting to test me a score of four whether I'll be grateful or not. He recognized that there's tests to test his gratitude. How are you doing brothers and sisters? When Allah tests you through blessings? Are you being grateful? May Allah make make us all amongst the Grateful ones. He he realized that I pray to Allah that next time you're blessed with anything, a promotion in your job, a beautiful car, great

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spouse, great child, whatever the case may be, you know what you do? Like your Prophet Solomon is Allah. He looked at the blessing. He said, this blessing is a test. Ash could ask for to be grateful or not. Next guy, you get a scholarship via bluerock attached code.

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This is how you were supposed to see our last tests. What does Allah test as well? Allah tests our patience. Yeah, and masabi in the patient amongst us, what does he test and readiness? For those who are truthful, Allah puts your lap your feet to the test, may Allah make you all pass every test that you face. I mean, it'll be I mean, and these tests, if you want to divided to two is through hardship, which you're required to be patient and the test of blessing which are required to be grateful, I might be wrong.

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But I believe most of us here, especially in this part of the world, are tested far more through blessings than hardship. I might be wrong, but we're tested way more. Through blessings and hardship. May Allah make us grateful. Count the number of times

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you were in so much pain

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for how hungry you were.

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Just count how many days the past 1015 whatever your lifespan is, how many days you were in so much pain could have for how hungry aware and count the number of days you were in pain for how much you ate.

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Isn't it insane? Well, light it's on the verge of insanity.

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That our struggle is to minimize our food consumption.

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That's our struggle to finish that cheese cake or not will lie it is upon me Allah make us grateful. This is our struggle. I don't want to eat all that calories because not good for my house that's our struggle will not protect us.

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So when you see things going around and have this sword and that sword just be focused that this life is a test me Allah make us pass it and you know what I mean? And Allah puts people in our lives that are part of that test. Allah says that we made each one of you a fitna to one another, that Allah says a dose of your own would you be patient? The rich is a fitna to the poor. To the poor will say, Allah gave him

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Are you going to say why not me? And the poor is a fitna to the rich. How will the rich give from their wealth? The Healthy is a fitna to the sick, the sick, who the one will see the one running and jumping and doing all that stuff. Will you be patient? The sick is a fitna to the healthy. Will you use your legs and your wealth and your intelligence to do that which is just obedient to Allah. May Allah make us grateful May Allah make us patient and it'll be I mean, so in the midst of the news that is happening these days, we pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And feel free to say I mean, it's up to you, that Allah subhana wa to grant us our Salah, in the middle of

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an acceptable prayer by Allah subhanho wa Taala I saw a message it in which the Prophet told us that the hearts of the believers should be attached to

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so with complete bluntness if our heart is not feeling any sense of sadness towards it, it's a sign of lack of a man

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we may not be able to say that too many massages, but for this one we can say that because you're nothing Mohammed Salim said so he said to shut the rehab the hearts are to be attached inclined to visit three massage machines in Mecca, Missy Nebo in Medina and Michelle

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Jerusalem May Allah allow you to pray and all three massage and an accepted follow up immutable element. So with this being said, if we were to focus more on the hardship aspect, what are some things that we can do to cope with that? What are some steps steps practical, not theory that we can do? we'll mention that inshallah in a second hold back. I say what I ever I have said, and the first step towards coping with hearts and blessings is by seeking Allah forgiveness. So in these few seconds that we sit in here, we went through so many holes in our lives, but we should not zone out in these few seconds will lie a moment of genuine stealth that Allah forgives me. Oh Allah can

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senior right now may erase all your shortcomings. I say whatever I have said, and I seek Allah to forgive me forgive you. So seek Allah's forgiveness

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Bismillah osato salam ala rasulillah wala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam rubbish Ronnie soldering yesterday, I'm bringing them in the sunny you have Coco Lee and my bad brothers and sisters, one of the things that we need to appreciate and be well versed with is understanding as we said in the first quote about how Allah subhanho wa Taala operates this world to an extent

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to how to view things. The Prophet says in his beautiful Hadith I Japan the embryo movement, amazing is the state of the believer. Everything that happens to the believer is good. I want you to please focus as much as you can. The word believer is going to be repeated many times one more time. I Japan, the Umbrella Movement. Amazing is the state of believer in America, Ohio, everything that happens to the believer is good. Well, I said that Korea had an enlightening moment and this concept that and this concept of everything is good is only applicable to the believer.

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We cannot say everything will be just fine to just anybody in the world. No, that's not true.

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Everything will be just great. Everything is high and everything will be just fine for the true believer. The Prophet says Well, he said actually I hadn't in a moment. Then he says in asaba to Salah if a blessing be found that believer and they are grateful that he can leave. And if a hardship falls upon that believer and they are patient and that is higher, that is good as well. But how in the world Is that good? How in the world our hearts that we think is good for us? Well, it is a lie. It is what it is because you know Mohammed Salah said I'm sad, so

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Pick an example from history. My mother and your mother, the mother of the believers are in Chateau de la. When she was accused, her modesty was being being accused, that she did this and she did that may Allah protect us. And Allah subhanho wa Taala showed us her innocence in order to know when the people said Oh, a young girl and a young guy all alone in the desert.

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I'd love to be sued Who said that? He says, Well, I mean, how a woman such a filthy statement. He said a young guy, young girl alone in the desert, surely something happened that

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she had to go through that in the holiday Buhari, she cried so much there are no more no more tears me I'm not protect you and not make you face that level of pain. But that was she went through the wife of Rasulullah sanlam, the mother of the believers, but then Allah reveals versus the first one to focus on is what Allah says la Sabu Shara Lacan, or Ayesha ora sola are believers. Don't think that accusation is bad for you, excuse me,

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being accused for over a month all around Medina that I committed such and such major sin. This rumor

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is not bad for me. Allah says Sabu Sharma camino was not he didn't get the message. Then Allah emphasized Bell rather Baloo a pharaoh Nakamura is good for you. How in the world is a good for me? Now we know.

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Now we know brothers and sisters, if the only benefit that came out how our mother was accused is to show the whole world the status of Asia in the sight of Allah that's enough of a benefit

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that you resort to know and everything like this is my mother in law honoring her that's the only benefit from the story that she's being honored by Allah walleye. That's enough of a benefit. If the only benefit that came out of this incident, this accusation this disaster is to let the whole world know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does not write the Quran by himself. He did not make it up. Because for those who do not know, that revelation about the innocence of Ayesha came about a month after that accusation. So if he writes on his own and mix it up, he would have done something from day one, no, no, no minute one, the second it was spread. But to show the whole world

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Allah is one who reveals the Quran, if the only benefit brothers and sisters that came out of this accusation is to expose the hypocrites. That's enough of a benefit. But the point and obstacle is that many times I and you will face hardships in our lives, and you may die without seeing the wisdom behind it.

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How far can you see is this wall right here?

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You have no clue what's behind that wall.

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But a believer is content is patient and believes and allows wisdom so long that your patient will lead

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when you have a father, a parent who would say $20 for you for one of his children. $10 for the other children. Why did you do 2020? And 10? Is that? Well, because the one who I gave $10, you know, doesn't really, you know, hold their finances pretty good. So you relate wisdom to yourself? on who to give and who not to give and how much and how much take, why do we not do that to Allah subhanho wa Taala when he let someone goes through that and the other one goes through that, why we relate wisdom to ourselves, but not to Allah, the all wise and hacking, all these things to truly appreciate. I got an email one time from one of the sisters A few years ago, where she was writing

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up an email and she was saying along the lines of brother, there's this guy I really like I really love. And I've been digging throughout to Allah every single day to marry this brother. For how long for approximately the past seven years. But brother

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today I want to commit suicide. Let you learn a lot. Why? Because this guy who I was making drought to Allah to make it happen, ended up getting married or engaged to someone else.

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So what do you say about that?

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It is so sad. Didn't you just make dua to Allah? Yes. Don't give me a lot to give you what is best for you. And the best thing for you is not to have this guy. It's as simple as that. Whenever we make dua to Allah subhanaw taala you ask God to give you what is best for you. Where is our patients? Where is our accepting to whatever Allah has ruled for us? And sapan Allah, Allah is my witness. I made a video on this on YouTube before the same system was my witness. She sent him the email, then she

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didn't work out. Why not? We'll hamdulillah it didn't work out. Attached to make sense to you.

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She said this guy was

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Found cheating on his fiance and he was found drinking alcohol. We should not wait for things to make sense to us. For us to be content and patient with whatever Allah has willed. We should not be like this one guy who was waiting for the bus to come at 12pm but the bus came at 1158 the bus left. The guy is angry. The guy is kicking the bus stop arena. He gets it is like why did you do this to me? On the verge of cover? And this person complains I have a job interview. Why Why do you do this to me? The next bus comes 1215 he rides into the bus. I'll be late for the interview. Oh, and there's traffic as well. Why? Then an ambulance fire truck and all that traffic? I'm never gonna

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make it to the interview driving further. Guess what they see? The first bus they missed flipped

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is a whole hamdulillah didn't get on that first bus.

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May Allah protect us? Well, like many people will behave like that. We will die. And there's many things in your life that happened and you will not make sense of it. I promise you. That boy Alfredo killed by the command of Allah we have no clue what happened. The parents have no clue either child died. No clue. Your mama they will know. hamdulillah no hitter came and he drilled a hole into a boat of people that respected him. And some say they didn't even charge him to come over the boat. He drilled the hole. They have no clue what happened why this happened. But if they know how they did it, they might have flipped on him. But the almost pay me to be like a time delay drilled and

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we're drowning

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hamdulillah that will never make sense out of things. We pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he makes us patient. But brother before we end the hobo, you keep saying the word patient and the English language that's a very passive term. Patience meaning to be quiet on the corner. No, that's an English issue is not the issue.

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When you say sober,

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we talk about perseverance. sober is a three elements is when you hold your heart in a state that is not hopelessness.

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And your tongue from not complaining about Allah

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and from your limbs from not disobeying Allah, then you are within the realm of being salt, solder or patient.

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Once again, suffer is for your heart not to be hopeless from your tongue not to complain about Allah and from your limbs not to be in action of disobedience to Allah, anything other than that you're a patient person. You know, go protest, respectfully Go for it. You know, go voice your complaints. Respectfully Go for it, but just don't cross the boundaries with your tongue, with your limbs and with your heart. I prayed to Allah subhanho wa Taala Herman Rahim, the Most Merciful to shower His mercy upon every single one dismissed it upon all the believing men and women around the world. I mean, it'll be I mean, there's a lot of men around him and your hammer Kumara Mattila, it was Aquila

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Shea, and I pray to Allah subhana wa Tada. He blesses the masjid and the people behind this Masjid and everybody behind the scenes that maybe none of you know their name, may Allah honor them. I pray last contact to make every one of us in this mission steadfast upon the dean, and I pray to Allah to make our last words in our lives that ilaha illa Allah and we pray to Allah Subhana Allah Allah dude. And yet What did Elena allow the loving to have our hearts attached to him for our hearts to love those whom he loves, and to our hearts to love the actions that lead us to his love. We pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he allows us to pray in the material and we see it in the most peaceful

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state possible. We will pray to Allah subhanaw taala to make us any giant amount Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the highest levels in January Allah and Lee in Philadelphia Allah miserable alameen Jazakallah welcome Sana.

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