What Do You Know About Jannah?

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When was the last time we spent time learning about Jenner? When was the last time you kept your eyes on that which is the greatest of prize, which is Jenner? The pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala having this understanding and this reminder and that knowledge with sincerity and Yaqeen will flip your life upside down in a good way. You see Sahaba like so high bar roomie Radi Allahu an early time early Islam Muslims were being persecuted and the command to emigrate from Mecca to Medina, escape Run for your life. And also, as I've already traveled, so, so high was trying to do his best to escape but he was caught by the kuffaar of Christ, this believers, and they said, you

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think you will leave Maccha just like that you did business you made money in our city. And now you'll go just so simple to Medina, no way impossible, we will not let go of you. So you can do whatever you want and join the man you believe he's a prophet until you give away every single penny that you have.

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So he says if in time to come if I give you all of my wealth, and I tell you where I hid all my treasures,

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where we're good to go, you're good to go. They would not imagine someone will give away all his savings in his life. To go for what what it is another hand, and he tells them my treasure is hidden in such and such location, go there and find they found it they released him. He left everything behind his retirement 401 K whatever savings is all gone. And as he's traveling and arriving to Medina, after hundreds of miles of traveling, he was told Allah be held by Avaya. About Yeah, that was a successful transaction. But yeah, you paid hundreds of 1000s or millions of whatever the currency at that time and the amount, okay, what did he get in return? Allah says in the Quran, the

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Sahaba they say it was revealed this is because of Sahaba roaming. well meaning, semaine yes Shri NAFSA obiettivo moto ba tiene la there are people who sell their soul to Allah.

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And he sold everything in dunya for ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah. Why moto blah te la in return the pleasure of Allah and where do you get the pleasure of Allah? Where will you hear it in Jenna? Jenna is what made him sell the dunya you hear a Sahabi haram movie mill handle the Allah Juan Rasul Allah Azza Salem gets an invite. So Allah Allah said, we need to add people who call to Allah to give Dawa to our people in Niger in Saudi Arabia today, okay or that middle part of the country? Send them to us. Rasool Allah Allah Allah I said did not know this was a plot against him when I yelled to me Allah protect us. So he sent them the elite of duat and speakers and people of the Quran and

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knowledge and olema to give Dawa haram email Han was one of them as he was getting downward to that leader of that tribe. That leader gave a wink to someone behind and the one behind got a spear, focus on haram od Meaghan he does not know what's happening behind and that may be the spirit throws it the Hadith authentic. It says the Spirit came from the back exited from the stomach. The hadith says for how Raja Dum Dum the blood and he grabbed the blood with his hand one of the how have you what God put in his face and he said first Touareg Bilka he said, I won by the Lord of the Kaaba. I won, I won. Who did you win? He just lost your life. But he won in sha Allah Jenna, the eyes on the

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prize this dunya is temporary. First to rob Bill Kava. How do we know the story? Allah Allah did to be revealed to us the people around were impressed. How can someone at the weakest point in his life the soul is exiting the body and he says I'm a winner. I want to feel that way. Not just on my lowest point that even the best point in my life is Jen Jana rasool Allah is SLM continuously made possible related to us. How did he say that? He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Muy bien Beatty. Well, I mean, buddy between my podium and my house, one of the gardens of Jana. May Allah grant you all to be able to pray in that spot and Rhoda May Allah make it possible for all of you, the

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ultimate they sang with Allah. I love someone to pray in the roba a moment and not granted to him in ask Allah the ultimate Jana May Allah make it for all of us arable alanine, he made it tangible, but also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Whoever prays 12 ala carte voluntarily to before Fajr for before the horse that's six so far to aftermath

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RIP, and two after Aisha and I missed the two after her, so to before Fajr

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for before the her two after the her two after maghrib two after I shot 12 Whoever does that Ben Allahu Allahu Beighton Viljandi Allah will be the house and Jana, let's be very honest with one another, very likely many, many of us, Allah Allah maybe the attendees in this session we are granted the best of dunya and akhira many of us will die will never own a house. Land Detroit will Dearborn what West Bloomfield, you will never even own a house, you might very likely some of us may die, and we still have death. May Allah lift our death Europe, pray to Africa and I'm not saying a house in New York City or Manhattan I'm telling you a house in Jannah the square foot in general so

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Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam said the square foot is more valuable than the whole earth and whatever is on it. Then what about a house? A square foot? This is how Jenna related to us. Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Jenna is closer to you than your slippers. What does that mean? Mean? shallaki anally, you can attain it it's not impossible. You don't go see images like I'll never own this thing. I will never know it's closer to you than your slippers. That means you can achieve it you can make it you can do it. It's not impossible. All of us can make it me Allah granted to all of us. Everyone in this Masjid everyone listening, has a house in Jannah and has a

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house in Jahannam every single one or seven teachers based on Phil Jenna abetone finna. May Allah make us people of Jana and inherit the houses of the people who went to Vietnam

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harder with Rasul Allah says Khurana but with this inheritance May Allah protect us Yara Bella Allah mean very relatable, even one time it also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what does he tell Bill La Mirada or the ALLAH and he says when I went and I saw Jenna, I heard your footsteps Sure. Jen has done it just waiting for you to come back. This Jen has done prosumer says I heard your footsteps Yeah, Billund below what do you think you did? That made you make me hear your footsteps while you're still in? Dunya? He says if there is an action, it is possibly because after every time I make will do I pray two rakaat perhaps that's it? Okay, I know. It's not our jeep. But let me push

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myself when I talk about Jana. And you push yourself after you hear about Jana and be as consistent as you can to pray two rakaat after everyone though, may Allah make it easy for all of us. And remember Bilal and perhaps for so Allah Salah Metiria footsteps may be in the Alpha Mirabell Allah Minh and may Allah grant you his companionship. All these things are ready. This is your back home. We tell as someone wears back home for you. Someone says my back home for example is Philistine Palestine. May Allah lift the loom and oppression from it? I mean, were you born there? No, I wasn't born there. The Why do you say you're from Philistine? Because of my father. Okay. Your father. Was

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he born there? Honestly. No, he was actually born in one of the Gulf countries. The Why do you say you're from Philistine? Because my grandpa? Oh, he was born? Yes, he was born. Can I ask you? Why did you not stop at your birthplace? Like you're from this city or this country? Why did you go to your father? Why do you not stop at your father? Why do you just stop at Grandpa keep going? What do you mean keep go up. Go up the family tree. Go to great grandpa. Where's he from? Maybe Iraq. You know, go further Razia from the India. Yeah, I got all the way up to the first insan human being where is he? Who is he? The man he said. And where is he from? Jenna. So what's back home for you?

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And I is Jenna. May Allah make us all go back home. And you know what does that mean? You go back home, you know every light switch? You don't feel like you're a stranger. Allah says Jenna, what are Wafaa Hallo Allah says in the Quran we need Jana. You know it better than how you know your own house, Allah Akbar. Because you're back home. So don't ever let go of back home for some dunya that is not our homes. We're here just we're just this is all rental property even your own though you think you own it? In nearly Lehi or in a garage your own to Allah we shall return genuis there may Allah make you all of its inhabitants immutable Allah mean and I'm not saying this talk are also

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Allah Sam will learn from him just doing like you know what get us like wow get us inspired. And no action. No, there's action involved. Oh, there's action. When I tell you about Jenna you do everything necessary to make up for it. Insha Allah Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Sahabi Jaya, Hema. He went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He says he also Allah I want to go as zoo Jihad free sebelah and I'm coming to consult with you. He said hello coming home. Is your mom alive Jaha his mom needs him. Gemma your mom is alive.

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cardinham He says tell them has stick to your mom Jen is under her feet. So Jenna was being used to fix family problems.

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This is how you look at your mom. You tried to be creative you tried to like you know what, I'm gonna go to Jana. I'm gonna go travel to this place and give Dawa and donate. That's all good and yella grant agenda. But please I asked you by the one who made you prioritize your life gender that you're looking for is under the respected old lady's feet in that living room in your house. What are you going? Don't you ever leave the gentlemen until the agenda is pleased? The one who's stepping on it the one genders under make sure she's pleased. May Allah make our moms please buy a car Oh Bella Alameen May Allah forgive us the way we treat our parents me Rasul Allah mean. Then you

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see Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah. Allah when I used to go to school, without going to a lot of depth. I generally did not enjoy studying engineering finished at Hamdulillah. May Allah grant us all success dunya and akhira. Let's go in there was difficult until hearing this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, men Salah Caparica whoever seeks a path to gaining knowledge whoever seeks a path to gain knowledge SallAllahu loterie has been IlJin Allah will make your path to gender easy, some are lemma they say This includes secular for the sake of Allah and the deen and religious studies as well. Now for sure Islamic studies. So as you go to a Halaqaat you go to learn

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something, you come to a Buddha Juma you struggling difficult finding a parking know that difficulty will make your path to gender ease in sha Allah. So it fixes the whole education system. When you talk about Jenner Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for those struggling to find the appropriate spouse. Right? Where are the good men? Some sisters ask? Where are the good women? Some brothers ask. Don't you ever forsake Jenna for an inappropriate relationship? I asked you by Allah. Do not sell Jenna for some dunya How do I fix this Jenna Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says when Phil Jannetty as of no one goes to Jenna single Al Hamdulillah. Everyone goes agenda

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married in sha Allah, may Allah grant us the best of wives in dunya and best of spouses Yara Bella Alameen. Talk about gender when you hear someone having a struggle, death in the family use gender to fix the problem, and then went to Abu Hurayrah or the Allahu Anhu he says Matt le a banane I lost two children. Tell me something the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam taught you all so I can feel better. He says yes, we have a hadith for you. But also Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about the children that die. They will be in Jannah in Africa. These kids will come to the Abba abou the father or both parents. And we'll grab him by the soap. Well your jewelry and dress

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dad come with me Mom Come with me. Had you Tila Hula, hula Ababa who's Jana? Until Allah grant that child and the parents all gender that father might have went to Johanna the father might have been get punished he's a Muslim but he has a lot of sins well Allah Allah Allah, but because of the death of the child many years ago that show will grab him come with me and that was the one who saved them by the will of Allah Allah Tala. That man feels comfortable. Jenna, for the one who lost a child above the age of puberty. That Hadith image was under Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did he say? When Allah grabs the soul of a child above the age of puberty? Allah asks the angels.

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How did you find my slave reacting to this calamity? They said hammer Dhaka was startegy he praised your life and hamdulillah all praise due to Allah I will not question your wisdom or Allah, to Allah I belong and to Allah shall return. Allah says, Therefore due to his reaction to this calamity. IGNOU Allahu Beighton Phil Jenner, build them a house in Jannah and call the house they will have the house of praise, fixing all these things. One last one. Also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Men forgot the Habiba Tay, whoever loses his beloved which means what the site may Allah protect our site, may Allah make us see that which is Allah, may Allah forgive us from seeing that

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which is haram. May Allah protect us and grant us not just sight but also inside I mean Rabbil Alameen May Allah Allah was to see the fitna and how to avoid it the honorable Allah mean. So the Prophet says whoever lost his beloved, his sight was sober and was patient what they said and was hoping for the reward. There's no other reward to that person other than Jana. So Jen, Jen the fixing our problems in every shape and an F Ave May Allah protect us and grant it to all of us globally. I mean,

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we spoke a lot about gender and Hamdulillah. Let's go to gender. Let's talk about gender and sha Allah. Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the day of judgment takes place. We are all resurrected our parents, great grandparents, all people to Adam Alayhis Salam, all humans are resurrected. Hey Sam judgment, the scale May Allah make it all pass and successful to all of us era. We go and hunt

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dylla on the gates of Jana yella ready to open with all due respect it's not open for you first Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says at Babel Jana, I am the one who comes to the door of Jana and I knock and the people the gate keepers have generally asked men and two are you is Adam, Mohammed Abdullah, Mohammed the son of Abdullah. They say for you, we were committed to open and the doors open. Yeah, Allah Bismillah. Go. There is organization. There's group after group, the first group that enters Jana, they have the beauty of the full moon, may Allah make you all of the first group era. Second group they have the bright, the brightness of the brightest star and goes on and

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on. Then we go to Jenna listen to the four announcements. Number one, an announcement is made that you shall live in Jannah and you will never die Allahu Akbar no fear of death. Whatever you want to do in Jannah enjoy anything you want to engender just do it don't fear of death or injury. Number two, go to Gen now you will always be young and strong and you will never be old.

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Beautiful. Number three, you will go to Jenna you will always be healthy and you will never ever be sick. Number four and last one nella configure and to have the blessings in the arm and the happiness and the joy and you will never be sad again in your life. You will always have state of happiness. Yola, we enter the Sahaba Yasser Allah however the homes in Jenna, he said a brick of gold and a brick of silver. That's the fence. That's the fence brothers and sisters. That's the fence. He says me, the biller, the Hedgehog, the rocks are gold and silver. You want to go pave your ground today. Not concrete. You're gonna do pavers rocks, people know how much this cost a small

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amount of $5,000 one car driveway is probably $15,000 I'm talking your pavers are gold and silver. We didn't even enter Rasul Allah, Allah I Sam says hutzpah Oh hello, you know people have river rock as the whole landscaping, some rocks, your landscaping will be pearls low and he would walk step on you're like oh, that's pearls we have a lot of hamdulillah that's that's the level of luxury that you will have in general enjoy this beautiful scenery. You see all the palm trees that you have Rasul Allah says, you will have Muna tisby You will say Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah workabout You will see it without consciousness just like how you breathe, though you never thought about it.

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That's how amazing gender is. Unbelievable. You go to gender you will never have any need to go to our bathroom. You go to gender you will have nothing nasty coming out of your nose, anything of that sort. Well, Amara, no sickness, you go to Gen Allahu Akbar. And you have your spouse that Allah promised you. You go to Jenna there is a shopping center we go to every Joomla Friday May Allah make us of the visitors and the guest of that model Dr. Rob for that TD Homina Shama northern winds they It comes and it comes on your face, on your body on your clothes, for years there do Germanna you look better and better. So then you go back home, your spouse and family tells you you looked better

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than when you left and you say and you to look better than when I left. You go to Jannah Allah where do we start? Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says the lowest level in Jannah lowest. It will take you 1000 years to pass by your property. How long will it take me? Let's be honest. How long will it take me for you to give me a tour of your house? How long? 15 minutes. That's my basement first floor. I also have a shove this backyard here. Check my garage out how long? 15 years. How big is your house? Two hour tour? multimillion dollar house in Miami how long? Five hours Rasul Allah says L fu Santa 1000 years just to pass by your property. What are the eddinger? That's

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the lowest level is in Jenna. Willa he what dollar? Are we willing to sacrifice us Euro? For? What dollar of haram that we're willing to put in our pocket to sell the agenda for what relationship haram that we're accepting upon ourselves? And so Jenna for what is it in this dunya that is pushing us to give up the permanent joy for some temporary fake joy in this dunya May Allah grant me and all of us wisdom era Bill Allah mean, you go to Jenna, Allah says, I have prepared for you in general that which your eyes have never seen. You've seen a lot. You traveled a lot. How big is your site? How much have you seen grow that circle? Well, ozone on semi art and things your ears have never

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heard of. Usually you hear about more things than what you see. You're heard about the Wall of China. You heard about the pyramids in Egypt. You heard about the Amazon River but you never went to it. So it's more than what you've heard. When a hopper Allah kalbi Bashar and something you've never imagined how big

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that circle of imagination, you imagine things that don't even exist, Allah says exceeds all the strings much and much more. So then at the end, Allah tells all people in Jenna, are you happy? Hello datum. So we all say, yeah Allah How could we not be pleased when Allah Allah, Allah said there's more. So see there's more. What's more, he says that I will be pleased by you out of the Aleikum and I will never ever be angry at you or have any wrath on you always 100% of Riba and pleasure upon you. So we get excited. Now, for extra full hijab there's a curtain Allah reveals himself

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and we see Allah

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who see Allah Allah gelato would you going oh my eating now the raw faces beautiful, bright, gorgeous. Isla be her now the law you see Allah clearly. No, nothing ambiguous, nothing unclear about it. You see Allah and the best part of this hadith or one of the most beautiful parts. The Prophet says there's nothing in Jannah more beautiful than seeing Allah and Allah it makes sense. There's nothing in Jannah more beautiful than seeing Allah. So I remind myself and remind you all don't let anything in this dunya come at the expense of you not seeing Allah. Just remember this is this scene you're watching worth it to sacrifice you seeing Allah love Allah, that Allah Think of it

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this way. Think of gender think of seeing Allah and know that gender is not cheap. Gender requires work as a color hustling you call it you know, 100% effort 110 Whatever you want to call it. That's what gender needs and much more. The Prophet said so Allah Allah, Allah, Allah in ciliata Allah Allah Allah Allah has product is expensive. He repeats it. Allah in silat. Allah Avaya Allah's product is expensive. Allah's product is Jenna. Requires blood requires sweat requires some sacrifice of money, health, sleep, but no all for a nice beautiful paycheck from Allah Jalla Jalla desert Mandela. May Allah grant to all of you hon al Amin.