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AI: Summary © The importance of the Prophet's message of being important when speaking to leaders is discussed, including the importance of being a good neighbor, avoiding caring for people who starve, and fasting to increase one's ability to eat healthy foods. The segment emphasizes the need to be gentle and safe in public, and the use of " Volkswagen" in various situations, including pressured behavior and the impact of media on people's behavior. The segment ends with a statement about Makib's expiration.
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Zach Ella was awesome. In the beginning and the whole throughout the talk I was I was remembering a quote that circulates around like WhatsApp and social media and things like that. And that his talk just remind me of his saying that when I speak to my manager, I feel that he is important. But when I speak to a leader, I feel that I'm important. And Subhana Allah, the prophets, I send them all the companions around and whenever they spoke to him, they always felt that level of importance. And and he set that example at least salatu salam on leadership.

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Reflecting on the verses that our brother out of recited this morning, in the opening session,

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Allah Subhana Allah says, while aka denardo and naka de casa de Luca de Maya Kowloon, that the prophets I send them even though he had those qualities of leadership, and he influenced the people around him his life, and the people he dealt with wasn't as smooth. And the concept of anxiety and frustration that leads to mental health. If we if our last time didn't tell us, we wouldn't have known that the Prophet says lm also had that feelings of anxiety, because of what his own people used to say.

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They were very difficult to deal with. And the price Selim had to go through it as a messenger of Allah. And Allah says that we know that your heart or your chest feels constrained and restricted because of what your people are saying.

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So dealing with difficult people is not an easy thing, especially when you have a mission like the mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And in this next talk, we'll have a stat magic Mahmoud, talk about how to deal with difficult people, especially when those difficult people are from your own family members, which could be even another level of difficulty is that magic magic Mahmood he's our fourth speaker for today, for tonight. And he is we met him when he first came to teach another mode, of course, called the art of manners, and it was one of the best courses. And that is what he specializes in does kiya and Adam

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his course was full. It was a it was a full house. And it was amazing. And what's interesting about the staff magic is that he is the first graduate of our McRib Institute. And later on just after you graduate became an instructor with a mothership. And why is that this is so interesting because anybody who's attended the atmosphere of Institute, the weekend degree seminar and all that it's mushy, and scholars who have learned from abroad and they teach on how to apply it on the western context. And this is exactly what is that magic has taken, he was able to take that knowledge and truly apply it as somebody who was born and raised in Canada, he lives in the US, lives in the West

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was able to apply the Islamic sciences and Islamic knowledge and take that data and focus on the youth and how these Islamic sciences apply to the western part of the world. So without further ado, I would like to welcome on stage istead magic measured my mood for how to deal with difficult people Zack milaca

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said I want to come

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Mila was what was Salam ala rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. We begin by mentioning the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to send his peace and blessings upon us prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I would like to first begin by thanking you all for coming down below here on May Allah reward you for every step that you took to come here. May Allah reward you for every tire rotation. The unless panda reward you for your sacrifice for your patience. specially those who are forced to be here today by your parents does not come alone.

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By far this conference is one of the most organized from a speaker standpoint. So from my end, the way the volunteers have been communicating with me worked out with me has been phenomenal. It's an example of a son May Allah accept from them. And may Allah accept from all those behind the scenes. No, I show up, do the talk and leave I'm under the spotlight. You know my name or most of you do, but the volunteers most of us don't know their names, but like to tell the volunteers that if we don't know your names, know that Allah knows your name. And that what matters the most. And with that being said, just a quick correction about the Bible. I lived most of my life in Canada, but I

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was not born here. And just a quick correction. I'm a citizen, don't worry. And I'm not hamdulillah so we're all set.

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So in regards to talking about dealing with people, difficult people, etc. I was on Facebook and there was one of the machete if you guys know his name.

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So he was posting a video on whether brushing your teeth with toothpaste breaks or fasting or not. What do you guys think?

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No, okay, no. Now the only issue is that there's someone who replied and said the following. So I have it word for word ready for the reply in the comments.

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Is Amazing, right?

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the comments section shows your private life.

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No. So someone says

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replying to the video about what does toothpaste brushing and Ramadan mixture fast? Someone says children are starving around the world and you are worried about toothpaste.

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Right? So how do you deal with that? What would you guys do?

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Not what would you reply back to that person? What do you just like? La quwata illa Billah

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already said hamdulillah for Islam what what do you guys do?

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not respond just move on what brothers what would you do?

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Dell? Are you in the wrong block? Right? Okay. Anything else? Any suggestions? Really?

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What is it?

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You shouldn't be eating in a mine anyways. Okay, wonderful. So let me tell you three replies fair enough. So one person says

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if you really want to help the kids who are starving, then go and help and stop commenting over here explanation Mark explanation Mark explanation mark, explanation mark, exclamation mark, explanation mark, explanation mark, explanation mark, exclamation mark, explanation mark, explanation Mark 11.

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Is that good?

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Okay, two out of three.

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Now, we see their profile picture of the one who said, you know, you're, you're talking about toothpaste while children are starving. So someone else says, who looked at their profile picture? They're eating a salad or something. So they said, Well, well, children will be starving today when you eat your lobster salad before going to bed. So stop being that caring and loving God's own warrior just to attract attention you brainless to it.

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Is it working? Do you think the person would like Subhanallah they're right, I'm agreeing to it. That I'm so sorry for my Do you think that will work? Let me give you the last reply. Okay. The last reply is from home use of I have no idea who she is. Maybe you're here.

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Look what she says.

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We are not worried about toothpaste, toothpaste itself. We are worried that that taste of toothpaste would break our fast. This month is our holy month of Ramadan, we are stuck we are striving for Allah Pledger by fasting for the whole month. If you did not know smiley face genius means of having a taste in our mouth or food can break once fast. But here the man said in the video the shift it's okay to brush your teeth with toothpaste. We know that the kids and people are starving. And that is one of the reasons why we fast food.

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So we can feel how they do and then have compassion to help them since we felt how they how they are. So fasting is actually connecting us to them. So this question relates to the people are starving. Please don't make fun of our religion. This is the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala prescribed us to worship Him. And we do it. It's actually very, very hard knowing that babies and kids old people and young people all of them actually starve like this. We can eat after sundown they don't have that privilege. By having this connection for one month we'll at least have people all over the world to give a helping hand. I hope I got you to understand the little thing to you

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and they tagged the name it's pretty good Mashallah. So how long so that when we speak about all that stuff and there's many ways to behave with people right many many different ways different avenues so one guy says this one girl says that correct? Now out of all the avenues all focused on one specific one throughout the whole talk, can I do that? inshallah. I know there's different actions, different ways, but I just want to be focused into one element, and that to an extent will be or default, unless other way is necessary. What's that default status Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Allah Kibera if you are obligated to be

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gentle, then your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said never is gentleness applied to something except that it makes it better Allah. And never do you take gentleness out of something except that you ruin it. That's a default status

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also says another Hadith in the la hora vehicle. One of Allah His name is what say it raffia What does it mean gentle in a lot of fields you have bereft. Allah is gentle and he loves gentleness. So that's what Islam promotes your default stance is that you're gentle with all people. Unless obviously, once again, subjective is different. This situation requires more firmness, that's understandable. But until then gentleness is your absolute default status, and also allow you some alone. It was an honor to talk a lot a little bit about the journey.

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gentleness with the animals like Brother, why are you talking about animals this hold on with me a little bit Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a hadith that many of you have heard before, about a woman who did so much wrong in her life. As she was passing by, she saw a dog that was thirsty. And she said, This dog is thirsty the way I was thirsty, she felt mercy towards that dog she did a move of gentleness towards that dog. She went with her scarf tied it to her shoe through the shoe into a well and she dragged the shoe with whatever water possible she passed it down to the dog the dog perhaps drink drank from the water ALLAH forgive others since correct.

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What was a moment of gentleness of mercy the default with animals. So my point being if this was the attitude of gentleness to animals as a reward, what in the world will happen if we behaved like that to human beings?

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What in the world will happen if we behaved like that to our parents? If someone orders due respect with a prostitute did that to our dog than a normal human being like you doing it to your parents? What will happen just appreciate that. Similarly, a moment of harshness another lady when she saw a cat you heard that when you were young? That story perhaps right? A woman saw a cat. She was irritated by that cat. She locked up that cat was very harsh with that cat correct? No mercy. What happened to her Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about her that she went to hell due to that yes or no? A moment of harshness to that cat. Look what caused her afterlife to be not just

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that, even in bizarre spirit. What's bizarre? What's bizarre is the period after you die and before you are resurrected, so after you die before resurrected as bad as that period, this lady and her likes. There's a cat that attacks them every single time. Rasul Allah seven described how a cat would to jump at the face of the woman and scratch her face, and her face will be torn apart. That cat falls down skin goes back to normal, the cat comes again and scratches the face as a punishment, all in the birds of period unless Allah wills otherwise, due to that moment of harshness. And we all know how harsh this can be very lasting yes or no. You can say just one moment of harshness and you

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will regret it for 1015 years. Am I exaggerating? Not even close Yes or no? We say 5020 years etc. And Allah knows best May Allah protect you all. So I'm giving you this intro if this was one second I emphasize that point. If this was with animals, then what about human beings? Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah told him I would have been lemon shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for Bhima Mati Mina la healing tala whom wallow for one Lani albina fabu mean Holic Allah says it is from a loss mercy that he was able to make you lenient and gentle to the people that Allah says to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam if you were harsh, cruel, evil, like very hard

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hearted, that people would run away from you not walk, run away from you and forgive them and halleck you have you heard this ad before? You heard that before? What makes this a absolutely amazing. The profit is being taught, if you are what harsh. Allah is not talking about the content. Allah is talking about how you say the content. So many of us here Well, like I may not even exaggerate them as they may be all of us here. You're so right with what you're saying. But you're so wrong with how you say it. You're so right is is wrong, but it's different than heroin versus heroin. It's completely different. Right?

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Thank you.

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Thank you. Same word, but just how you say is completely different. So if the one who has the most best truthful speech ever right Ross wasallam, the most truthful man in the world, he sees he says nothing but the truth. Even though he has the Absolute Truth. People will still run away if he was harsh. And who are the people gonna run away? Who is Allah referring to? Are they

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his Sahaba anything special about the Sahaba anything special? To me something special? Sahaba they're the best what say it? You said they are the best generations of the greatest man ever walked on earth in terms of speech. The truthfulness is speaking to the best integration in the world. Allah said if you said it harshly they will run away then imagine me skin guy like me speaking to you guys, what will happen?

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I guess with me.

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I'm not saying you guys are great. I'm not saying guys are bad people. Again. Let me let me kudos I have no problem. But there's a need to truly appreciate it. This was being settled having What about you? And I? Correct. What about the one who's not as practicing as a Sahaba? May Allah protect us a little bit and so on.

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Last trying to also show us that as great as the Sahaba are, if you're so harsh with them, they know that the truth is there, but they're human beings and harshness stabs really hard, may Allah protect us. So it also highlights the lesson was being taught all of that. And it did a little bit of research about the impact you cause to audience. So there's a study out of UCLA, and it shows like a pie chart, and it has three parts to it. Okay, on a test you to see your knowledge of presentation skills reading. So the pie charts or the circles divide into three segments. One is in regards to content. One is in regards to how you say something, and one is in regards to how you look. So which

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of the three you think is the most impactful to the to the audience?

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How you say something? Okay, give me a percentage out of 100 roughly,

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throw me a number like To what extent

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70 or so, okay, what do you think is number two? So what's left is how you look. And what do you actually say? What do you think is number two?

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On the difference of opinion, right?

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According to their research, the most impactful thing is how you look.

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Just your first impression

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is very powerful.

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Did you ever saw someone maybe let's say wearing Shema or infoblox you have a question?

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Like I'm not, I'm just like, I'm just going for an activity right? I'm actually not Muslim by the way.

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Right? I'm actually doing a comedy show. Doesn't happen Yes or no? It happened to me. One time I went to Ms it in, in one of the states and I'll give a Friday hotbar and then I don't know what made me I saw a brother Mashallah. Nothing against them, obviously, right. I'm just saying about the image. The Thoreau, the beast like that, like the big ibuyer for men, and the Shema and he looked like PhD from Medina. That's how I felt. And I'm an old guy with kids, but just this is human nature is the image is very strong. So I said, Chuck, would you want to lead salon even though it's you who it's all about? I just was so influenced by the look that people said. No, no, no, no, no, no, no,

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he's not sure. He's no just worse stuff like that. Oh, okay. Okay. It just didn't say anything. It's not how he said it, just how he looks, I guess with me. So then I'm like, so Pam, I'm like, I was a little bit disappointed with that research because I'm like, it's all about what you saying. It's not about how you say it. It's not about how you look like then you go and you move on. And you see on YouTube back in the day and research what's the most viewed video on youtube? Not now that was too hot on the villa. But back in my days, it was not as hot um, it was Justin Bieber May Allah guide him. I mean, again, it was a baby baby anyways, so I'm just trying to anyhow so the point

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being is this is what I did, I went online and this was the most viewed video and entire YouTube channel. As I said, Okay, let's see this research. Apply it to the video. So the most is looks then how you say it then what is said what is said according to the research is 7% impact 7% it's almost meaningless almost. So I went and I read the lyrics The video is about three minutes 45 seconds. He says the word baby 45 times.

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But people love it and it's more or less amazing. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar for what Allah for what right well unless you have had a lot of people say this song change let's see what changes Okay, here go baby baby. Does it change but the point being is to prove something to you is that yes, we when you try to talk to someone you go on Islam q&a, you Google something, ha ha This is the Hadith. You're so focused on the content. Right? And when you go and you go talk to an elder first impression is that you're a young person talking to me. Don't forget that. So right off the bat the elder in general is intimidated. That is a young one like you is coming to talk to me who's as old

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as your dad. Without you saying how and Uncle can be the nicest guy but just it's just intimidating. That's why usually when you see an elder attending a talk by a younger person is very humble Yes or no? very humbling. So when we go to another class I see like a 65 year old brother actually say special Salaam for you. Because you sitting and listening to me talk is very humbling yes or no you agree. So this because he looked beyond the looks a lot like about the point being then the way you say things, as they said, is approximately 37% of impact. May Allah protect us and guide us and allow us to be wise as how to say things and the last thing is the 7% of the content. Notice will

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lay some a loss and just to show you with all this aspect. Now you proceed with being as gentle as possible. May Allah make as gentle say, I mean, and that's what also lays a lot he was Adam said he said Jenna and one Hadith

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Has for three types of people. And one of the three types he mentioned. Are you guys ready especially the brothers because he emphasized on you. He says the lira Haman rhotic liquidity corrib Jenna is for every man who is gentle, soft hearted to every relative Allahu Akbar. May Allah make us such men say I mean gentle soft hearted to every relative May Allah make use of that group and with it also a light on the law it was Allah so when you want to advise someone so let's now look at our last Allah Do you think about his looks? Oh my god, non negotiable, right? And we'll let it kind of Yanni.

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I don't know. I don't know if it's appropriate or not for people to say that Prophet Yusuf Ali said it looks better than Rasul wasallam you're way off with that. What do you mean brother? Rasul use Rasul Allah said himself, he said that Yusuf Alayhi Salaam was given half of the beauty. Yes, half of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is beauty.

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Allahu Akbar right and now this is from Dr.

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Dr. Dre who did that based in salt use of salt I take that from me Allah protect us Allah say I mean the way he said it let me give an example. Mohammed Salah Salem is leading Salah fair enough that's your neighbor your profit is leading salon gets ready.

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Behind him someone sneezes

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another brother tells him that hammock Allah

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right. He says for oma and natural the upside him people started looking at me like

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he's like people are staring at me. So I said what is wrong with you people? I said your hammock along? My goodness. Right. So he says Fidelis and NASA Tribune. I've heard of people doing this.

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hitting their thighs. So that's a hobby says will lie. When you start hitting hitting their thighs. I realized I'm destroyed because I must have messed up pretty bad. You know what I mean? So he says, and he says the Hadith who says the Hadith, which which companions you think says the Hadith? The one who was talking?

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That makes it very powerful because he would not embarrass himself right? There's a lesson coming. Look what he says. He says for lying at the end of Salah. I have never seen a teacher in the past better than rasulillah salam, and they never seen a teacher in the future better than Rasulullah sallallahu he said so well. Lima Dada Benny welaka Ronnie velocita many I swear by Allah He did not curse me did not rebuke me did not hit me. He said at the end of Salah when he turned around after Salah he told us this Salah was not made for the speech between people. This Salah was named to read Quran and to glorify Allah tala that

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felt honored yes or no that gentleman out of it very wise. Who was it? Who was it? Right I'm not exaggerating. I attended myself will lie not a book that I read. I was there and I was so upset at the mmm in that place. We're not perfect May Allah guide and protect him. First Night of Ramadan Miss Judas pact.

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And then what's the first day of Ramadan? Or what are we what do we read?

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Usually bacara right. was the first day in bacala Mashallah, see that's my point. Many of you know it. Alif Lam Meem Delhi Calcutta boo la right so the first few verses so now what happens when you no matter how old you are Be honest. When the Imam reads a surah you know you get excited just to look a little childlike. Yes. Haha, I got that one. Right.

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So what happened? I and I'm a witness to that first night he was reading Alif Lam mean Delhi Calcutta Bula. Ravi, who the nimotop in everybody.

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And they were in it so that she got a little bit confused, irritated and after Salah. He stood up and he said What is wrong with you people? I'm like no, no, no, no, no, no stop stop stop stop. Because you have people that never show up to the message Yes or no? If it was like vegetal give it to them brother give it to them right. fidget roaster but I'm talking first now from a don at you have the people are like on the verge of accepting Islam. That's how far right? But don't you ever get too excited about a sutra that you know from first night and this will cause me to be confused and make mistakes in my Salah. So please remain silent. Like no chef. Maybe that's not the way to

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give it what do you guys think? Right? Is he right?

00:24:36--> 00:24:46

He is right is that what he said it wrong 100% 100% he said you know what? I'm so blessed to have people behind me who know the Quran.

00:24:48--> 00:25:00

Jackman Lowe Hayden and this shows there's a goodness in the oma we know the Quran and the benefit of Al Baqarah as we do with Al Baqarah. Allah protect you from magic which is authentic hadith, right? By appreciate brothers and sisters. If you don't

00:25:00--> 00:25:41

mind when I read just try not to speak loud because it might disturb me and I might make mistakes May Allah protect us and bring us closer to a comma why not what something along these lines or even something much better yes or no there's something to appreciate for most of our lives some of them look at us and and once again this people how do you deal with them on top of the lawn was big guy oh he was big guy right? When some some said that when he said when he sits on a horse his feet touches the ground so he may be allowed over seven feet tall Allah knows best right? But he's over six feet. So So like I said, Let me see is Bob walking in the Kaabah area trying to guess what the

00:25:41--> 00:25:48

Blackstone so the province I said I'm sorry, Omar walking and while he was walking he's like damaging people.

00:25:49--> 00:25:51

I mean, unintentionally.

00:25:52--> 00:25:55

So Rasul Allah said him sees him.

00:25:56--> 00:26:10

And you know how chaotic it gets in the Blackstone, right? It gets really bad like really about I want him to a few times. I never got the chance to kiss the Blackstone, but may Allah reward us for our intentions. Right? I've seen with my own eyes hatch time.

00:26:11--> 00:26:47

People fighting for the Blackstone, you've seen it maybe on YouTube or on TV, right? Well, I I wasn't heads. I saw a sister she's fighting. Oh, boy, brother. I'm like, Oh, look, what is this? Right? That move away. And one brother got so angry and he did something. It was very painful. Very painful. But at the same time, like, this is just interesting. The brother got so angry, like, how can you push me like that? You're strong. He couldn't he's trying to pull her back. He took her hijab off. Well, I was he took her hijab off. She's like, you know, whatever. And she kept going. She like, I paid. I don't know how much for this hedge. I'm kissing the Blackstone. There's no way

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out of it. So and so this is what you go through. So So Eliza sallam, he sees her mother and is about to finish kissing the blacksmith and he came and look at the Prophet address. That guy's ready. This is prophetic. And we pay $5,000 about you know, counseling, critique and how to do other stuff that's wonderful. Pay them an email or what do you for every penny that you spend? Say I mean, for every class that you take, but take the prophetic class but a colossal e commerce. He says yeah, Omar Allahu Akbar first name. When you address someone by the first name is very powerful. Yes or no?

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Let's be honest, when we get the foreword eight mobarak eight mobarak You don't even reply because you know it's a forward dress.

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If someone says aid Mubarak, brother, imagine, look, I'm replying well, like, I will reply to you. You deserve it. Yes or no? Because he customized it for me. And you deserve a reply. Not just a reply. Odd, you reply to Allahu Akbar. Right. But the point being, he says here, Omar, she addressed it very personal. The professor knows my name. Very powerful. Yes, so Allah, He says, In Nicaraguan coffee, you are a strong man. How do you think Omar felt?

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Why Why do you think he felt so happy like that? Why? Why?

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But what if why, okay, if, let's say,

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a little child says, Oh, I'm a strong man.

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Which I'm going to be as happy. Why would you be as happy now? Because the one who commented about our strength is someone who's stronger than normal.

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I guess with me.

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So for example, I one time I was giving like a talk here and there and it was a big, big speaker. Many of you know his name, big speaker. I was walking. He's like, Hey, you come here.

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Running. Right? Like Yes. He's like, good stuff. Exactly. Exactly. It means a lot because someone of your caliber commenting, it means this truthful. May Allah accept a low on them, right? So the Prophet says you're more than what he says next. You're a strong man. And look, now that advice is coming. This whole introduction is necessary. He says, if you see crowdedness around the Blackstone, feller to their humaneness, do not go into that crowd. Why? Because you may hurt them unintentionally Allahu Akbar. That is why many of you if you ever go to Omar al Hajj and you don't kiss the Blackstone, what do you do when you pass by it? What do you do? May Allah Allah allow you

00:29:13--> 00:29:17

to have an accepted head say I mean, the brother said, you face that black stone or what do you say?

00:29:19--> 00:29:59

Bismillah Allahu Akbar, you mentioned a lot pantalla correct. You got this from this Hadith, the prophets as I'm told them, if it's crowded, then face the black stone and say such and such Allahu Akbar. So you see how that delivery was made? might have been difficult people. People are gentle, whatever the case may be gentle is your default status. But brother, what if we have another situation? What's the situation? Someone is very mean. Very tough. Very tough. Curses that mean? Once again, subjective we have true story. Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is Walking With who? With his wife, as he's walking with his wife. Who was she? I showed on her authentic When have you heard

00:29:59--> 00:30:00

it before people

00:30:00--> 00:30:30

was starting to curse Mohammed Salim. They said what to him as Samuel? I like what does that mean? May you die? What do you mean by that? You said that Salaam oh no I didn't say salam o Alaikum. He they said a sad move. He took the lamb out the letter L if you wish to say. So that means may you die. Shall I got so angry look when she says what aleikum wa rahmatullah wa alaykum. She said and may be upon you and may Allah be upon you and may Allah curse you.

00:30:33--> 00:30:46

Her husband and also a lower yet What do you want from Isaiah? I guess with me, she got her solo solo is he saying? That's it? I look away says he says yeah, Isha. Don't you ever do that again?

00:30:48--> 00:31:13

Don't you ever do that again? Is metta na si la Kiba riff is you should be gentle, gentle to the ones who spoke trash about you know so long. He says not just be gentle with yucky weather and fuel flush. Don't you ever be harsh and vulgar in such way? Since he said jasola our lamb Tesla. Do you not hear what they said to you yet? Also Allah? He says Carla, Did you not hear my response? So what'd you say?

00:31:14--> 00:31:34

He said, I responded back and I say why are they coming? And maybe upon you? So if they prayed for me, maybe upon you, if they prayed against me, maybe upon you. Nice and simple. SubhanAllah so next time someone draws cartoons about your prophet SAW Selim go burn tires and destroyed that media company.

00:31:35--> 00:31:52

No, he just made more advertising for them. That's exactly what they're looking for. Yes or no. Should you feel pain in your heart? Yes. That should motivate you to do good. You should motivate you to be like Rasulullah sallallahu it was selling them confused them drive him nuts. Like you're supposed to be mean. No, I'll be nicer. What?

00:31:53--> 00:32:00

Right? until there's something that's subjective that changes with that anyhow, just to end in sha Allah. How many minutes do we have left?

00:32:01--> 00:32:16

there someone told you the red dot Two, three. Okay, see, I know he glasses, right. Okay, three, five, I sent that's good enough in sha Allah. Rasool Allah is some A lot of you will send them when he talks about our behavior to our parents. Now parents have their own equation.

00:32:18--> 00:32:51

Right? Yeah, have their own chapter you can do the addition and subtraction and division is different. You know, I was always taught you can never get the square root of a negative number. But then it was false. It's a is an imaginary number. And also the bit math is Forgive me. So the point being is you can hear that one, two and three. But when it comes to parents is a completely different ballgame, as they say, very fragile. May Allah make us good to our parents say I mean rasuwa lies our Salah, not Mohammed, Ibrahim alayhi salam, he had a father that no matter what we can line up all of you can line up and complain about how bad your dad may be, may Allah protect us,

00:32:51--> 00:33:15

okay? But none of you will ever be having a father as bad as the father of a primary Salam. Why, how bad is he? First of all, that his father was one who worships idols. Number two, his business is idle, making and selling. Number three, he is forcing his child to worship idols and so forth all three.

00:33:17--> 00:33:23

Number four, he tells his son if you do not worship the idols, I'm gonna burn you to death.

00:33:25--> 00:33:27

So I'm picking the most extreme situation.

00:33:29--> 00:33:37

And I want to see how he responds because you know, the only prophet ever that I'm aware of, and Michelle can correct me if I'm wrong, the only prophet

00:33:38--> 00:34:18

Allah told Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallam by name to look up to as Ibrahim I guess with me, is that enough of a testimonial of how great Abraham is I am the only prophet that I'm aware of. So therefore, I need to look forward to how he responds to that. What if my dad calls me imagine you're a jerk? You're a loser or something like that? Me I love Ramana he passed away My love ramen, all our parents. Look what he says. And one narration Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, dilemma shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. He says call Salam O Allah. May Allah say Peace be upon you. But he's not causing you any peace. But I'm still gonna pray for peace to you. Allahu Akbar,

00:34:19--> 00:34:45

Allah salam, O Allah, may Allah Peace be upon you. So as the viola karabi I'll pray to Allah to forgive you protect you from our punishment, in nor can I be happier. Allah takes good care of me Allah. This is the behavior to our parents. You may have times where it's okay to disobey your parent you may have times May Allah make them very few may only make them zero. But you will never have a time where it's okay to disrespect them.

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

Are you able to differentiate, you may have times that they're forcing into a marriage or forcing it into a degree. You may have opportunities that you can disobey, but you will never have a right to disagree.

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

Perfect, fair enough. Salaam Alaikum. May Allah forgive you and I just follow him for your patience and attendance was set out Mali Kumamoto la vaca