Majed Mahmoud – Developing A Sound Heart

Majed Mahmoud
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We'll go to our last individual talk before we get into the panel discussion. So the last talk is about developing a sound heart and about the words of Allah Subhana Allah put in the tongue of Ibrahim young man, a young farmer louella by noon element Attila hubby Calvin Salim that on the day, the day where no wealth nor children will save you except those who come to Allah with a very sound heart. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us a sound heart. And I would like to welcome back to the state stage or stead magic my mood to talk about developing a sound heart desire como la fere

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Alright, so don't worry.

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Mila was right there was Salam ala rasulillah alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam rubbish Sorry, sorry, we are silly. Embrey wahala lok determinedly Sani ef cocoyam Ubud. I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala and I pray to Allah subhana wa Taala to allow the speech to be sincere to come from the heart and to enter into your hearts. May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to apply the good that we've learned the zachman lohana for all the speakers that came before May Allah bless you and reward you And may Allah make it easy on every speaker to apply what they preach because that's a double edged sword you know, someone likes someone Lavalle was salmon a very very powerful Hadith in regards to the

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people listening to the knowledge and the people preaching the knowledge is something that we have will have to address in our talk inshallah this this evening in the left hand dialer Just a quick note the talk that I've been assigned here is in regards to having what

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a sound heart right in lemon at the lobby but I've been selling me Allah grant you all a sound heart Ameobi I mean

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the hula mucuna Bian cobley illa can can Allah He and your doula matter who Allah hi Rima Allah, moolah homayoun, bureau mushara, Mala Mala What in the world is just saying I'll translate inshallah.

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So lice Allahu alayhi wa sallam said there was never a prophet that ever came, except that it was his job to tell his people of everything that is good for them to do, and to warn them of everything that is bad for them. Fair enough. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said every time I hear the beautiful name some Allahu Allah He was seldom said, As for your own man. Now me being a prophet for this oma.

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He said that the beginning of time of his generation, the next generation of Sahaba. Today,

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they are the most blasted generation of all time. They had it peacefully. They didn't have much issues as much as we have today. Correct. They're also allies. So a lot of people said, however, that's the beginning of time. It's easy, nice, tranquil. But he said the end of time as yomo Pm is approaching. What do you think he said, peaceful, tranquil.

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He said fit and we'll move on don't Kiruna lots and lots and lots of tribulations that will may cause confusion, may Allah protect us miserable. I mean, that will cause this agreements that will cause fights May Allah protect us from the Fitton. I mean, it'll be I mean, brother your talk is about having a sound heart. Why would you talk about Fitton while you talk about trials and tribulations? why anyone would take a shot at this.

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That fitness the target what your eyes,

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your ears.

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Rasool Allah says total Fetal Alcohol loop fitness, they go right to the heart, may Allah protect us. And that is so true. When we talk about fitness many of the LMS they divided into two categories, the trials and tribulations, the first category and you want to give a shot. What do they give it up?

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show how about me Allah protect you from shall I say I mean, fitness trials and tribulations that are in regards to your desires. And what's the other type? Chabot heart May Allah protect you from Shabbat the trials and tribulations in regards to doubt so the both start with deed desire and doubt May Allah protect you from both say I mean let me give you a few examples of each to appreciate the severity of each of them and clarity. We will talk about trials and tribulations of desires like what give me some something what's so one of the most famous ones

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desires money right? Money one of the greatest trials and tribulations actually it's the pinnacle trial and tribulation to the whole oma is money you would say what about the messy head that jack besides that to the whole Ummah money is the greatest fitna on both men and women. May Allah protect us say I mean, also ally sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I'm not worried he is telling us I am not worried whether you guys will be poor and what will happen to you know, my concern is that when Allah opens the door of money upon you, that's all

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I'm worried about I'm not worried like, what happens if you guys become poor? No, I'm worried what happens if you become rich? Why you're so Allah, He says, then when you become rich and you got more income and blessings right and left and more trials and tribulations of money, you will compete with one another for 10 after suhar like those in the past who competed, and it's so true. Then he says, I'm so worried that when you compete you be like them and it will eventually destroy them and it will hunt them down. May Allah protect us. You know, so at least a lot he was telling us talking about well, there's so many things we you have seen in your own life. How many people used to pray

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more often in the masjid that when their business got bigger, they stopped attending Yes or no? How many people when they had fewer money they used to call it their family more often spend time with the kids and with a wife etc. But now busy more money fit then May Allah protect us say I mean, you know, subpanel mother's story of a brother applying for a job His name is Mohammed. And he has he was going to apply for a job. the hiring manager came he says Oh Mr. Mohammed, he's like you can call me mo I'm not saying it's hot. I'm Breathe in, breathe out, relax, okay want to be called mo mousse whatever call us. Because I have a friend is Moosa is coming loose, Ella love us anyhow.

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So he said, Just call me more. So the manager said Okay, sure. So he asked him a question after the question in the job interview, and Moe was nailing it. And you know, when you do well in an interview, right, you feel like I'm the last one. Well, at the end of the interview, the hiring manager told mo Do you have any questions? So mo in general was felt comfortable, like no, I'm all good, everything is fine. But he said, You know, I know there's something Mohammed that you really want. And I would like to begin and telling you what it is. And we offer it. What is it? We know that you want an hour off every Friday, isn't that right? And the other guys excited? The HR manager

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is like, No, no, no, no, I don't need that.

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Is like what do you mean? It's okay. Don't think it's gonna be against you? No, it's fine. We got some Muslim colleagues here. And they take the hour off that they make up eventually. So we got no issues with that. I just want to let you know that you understand your religion, your faith, and don't feel awkward about it. We'll give you an hour Friday. It's like No, I understand. Appreciate it. I don't need it's fine. I'm a very hard working person. Once I'm done work, no worries. I'll combine all my prayers later on Friday night.

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This is Juma man even if it's not Jamaican combine all four.

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But he said he's trying to impress the HR manager, right? May Allah protect us what like some of us may fall into it, right? We try to impress someone is against them says it's okay. No, it's not. And sometimes it's tempting. It's Haram. No, it's Helen, why do you make it difficult when it's easy? And why you make it easy? We're supposed to be tightened up May Allah protect us. So the hiring manager said okay, sure, no problem The interview is done more or Mohammed went back home, a week passed by two weeks passed by mo is not getting a call. So you're taught that you reach out back to them within about two weeks correct. So he calls him back, Hello, my name is Mohammad mo etc, I had

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an interview and any updates. So they said we found another candidate that filled the position. So mo was shocked whine, because he says I fulfilled all the requirements and the suggested preferred required like I got everything that you want, so will not make sense for you to continue interviewing others. So he said, Would you mind telling me like what was the issue, etc. Then he said, Oh, we just you know, another candidate more suitable, but he insisted, so she transferred them to the HR manager. He spoke to him. So what's the matter? is a curious one to know. Is it Yeah, but you won't, you know, don't take it personal. Is it? No, it's fine. Tell me. He said the end of

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the interview you You did a fantastic job. But the end of the interview, I asked you whether you need the hour off for your Friday prayers, and so on. He said, No, I don't want it. And I told myself if someone is not faithful to his religion, how can I expect him to be faithful to his job?

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And this is just to show you in the fitness strikes, may Allah guide them and protect them say I mean, it happens. Someone says it happens Your mom is sick and so on. You go you got a job in Edmonton for $4,000 more for $4,000 you leave your old sick mom at home in Calgary Are you guys with me? I know a sensitive is subjective Don't get me wrong, but you gauge your situation is it really worth it? Only Allah knows best and you will know much better than all of us here but just gauge and be as honest as possible these fit and they come and they strike you the fitting of children oh my goodness isn't a fitting of desires.

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In any time I would pray for example, let's say I missed it in the message or so I come and pray my youngest he comes he does this.

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It's so tempting not to like grab her. Right then you start thinking what the prophet Selim grabbed children he was praying.

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So I grabbed a and then when I do this, there's hair feels so soft. I'm like,

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all the bla bla bla Right. Right then I do the record with them.

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paragliding is fitness fitness. You want to go to the masjid Baba Baba, give me a hug right? Doesn't happen but give me a kiss like okay then you go give a kiss that goodbye one more one more one more then the other child comes in fitna trial and tribulation May Allah make them fit know that we pass and we do well with him say I mean, the spouse, la la la la.

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Right? La ilaha illa Allah

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you know they say the best one in the room who is it? Who's the best one in the room?

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I sent me Allah protect the brothers like my mom right here. I sent sent in deechi isn't Charlotte to me, Allah protect you all see, I mean, the best one in the room has done his best to their family.

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I guess with me, right. So I was running it by a shampoo and she has a question. Let me know if this understanding is accurate or not. He's like, what is it? I said the best one of us is the one best to their family. Correct? What do you guys think that's the reason? Like what's your thoughts?

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Because you're real with them. Right? You don't fake it? I'm not sure. Is it also true that it's because they're the ones who test you to the most? Like they're the ones who test you to like Max, right? sisters are like, yes, a brother does not allow him and keep coming to Calgary brother. Tell him tell him right. Right because our spouses also it's a test and from blessings and hardship you that you guys thought it was just hardship, May Allah forgive you.

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May Allah forgive you, right? It's also fitness. So the point being when it comes to desires, you have that and there's many, many, many more, and you have the desires of doubt which is, can be far more dangerous. May Allah protect us? What do you mean, fitness of doubt? How is that possible? When you have for example, here in Canada,

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you always been taught, at least most of you, marijuana is wrong, stay away from marijuana, etc. All of a sudden it's legalized of the law. Then your son and your daughter will have the audacity to come and tell you, you think you know better than the doctors? You think you know better than the government? If it was bad? Why would they leave as a fitna of what not desire is more of doubt now. Do you go through me Allah protect you say I mean a fitna of doubt like ridiculous stuff. One time Subhanallah I was outside campus we were young. There's one guy he was Muslim ex Muslim. I don't know what's the right title to give him but he said every time I tell him this go pray let's go pray

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that You know what, and I'm almost ready. I don't pray whatever. The Muslim like I know. You're mostly like, Yeah, but I don't want to talk about this stuff. Open up. Tell me what's going on. He's like, okay, I'll tell you. Who's a role model in the community.

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What do you mean who is the leader? Like what do you got call him on the Imam? He's like, yeah, hmm. Like what about him? He's like, one time I was helping the man paint the walls we agreed on a price Okay, once I'm done the job that amount start to negotiate and argue with me. And he didn't even pay me for my job. If that is your leader, why should I follow such religion?

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And it was painful. It was fit enough what what did he go through desire or doubt, doubt masiva. So I said, you know, there's a reason for everything and stuff like that, whatever. And then I start speaking to him, that was 2am in the morning, Windsor, Ontario. I'll never forget it in my life because it was strong fitting enough to me. As I was leaving his dorm, I was on my bike. And as I left you know, when the chain leaves its cycle so I was in new things Salah or by whatever then I was I was leaving I fell from the bike and the chain was open. And he looked at me

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He's like, you've been with me for hours talking to me about God. Look what he did to you.

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He's like, if you are supposed to be that you know someone who God loves right that's logically you're telling me about God's Will God should love you. So God loves you and look what he did to you doesn't make sense okay? There's no God fit enough what doubt me Allah protect us and that shook like what do you respond to that right? May Allah protect us available? I mean, so all these things happening so the trials and tribulation you got this kind and you got that kind? And once again, what's the main issue about fitness? What's the core issue? It targets what the heart Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam says fitness are directed to the heart total defeat and Anil pulu me

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Allah purify our hearts say I mean, he says that was true and les sallallahu wasallam says will ever go through the fitna and fails that test, a lot puts a dark spot into their heart. And whoever sees that fitna and overcomes it and passes that fitna, Allah puts a bright beautiful.on their heart until there'll be two types of hearts no third, either a type of heart filled with dirt and corruption or a heart that is full of purity. May Allah make you of that other one of purity. Rasul Allah sallallahu wasallam says that filthy dirty hearts look like he says very powerful words. He says this heart that failed every fitna will now be kelkoo Xiomara here. It's like for example, this

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like x shape and your heart is in it and it's closed. Like you don't care mancora it will no longer

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Recognize the wrongs

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and will no longer recognize the good. You two years ago you said this was wrong. And today you're fighting the ones that say it's wrong. Like

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you might have known people like that. Right? Two years ago You're the one who told me Dad, come pray fast respect your parents. And now you're like, I don't see why I should respect my parents. What do they do for me? They keep fighting they don't deserve it. Now there's no more now see how advice will work May Allah protect us? And then the other heart pure Rasul? Allah Sam says, Look how beautiful he says that other heart May Allah make us all have that other heart that sound heart. He says whoever reaches the point that they pass one test after the other one test after the other. Their heart becomes so pure, so strong, no fitna no trial will ever destroy them Allahu Akbar,

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Milani can reach that level like at the level of the Sahaba are so alive we believe there are people that can reach that so with that being said brothers and sisters, what is it that we can do? What is it that we can do to be able to protect ourselves from Satan? May Allah make it easy on all of us? I got four with inshallah then we finish fair enough. Number one

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Actually, you know what? I never did it before I give me some suggestions. What do you guys suggest? his fitness and trials and tribulations What do you suggest that we should do?

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Give me something okay. Be patient right okay. Think of the reward Okay, well that's what's wonderful what else maybe that response you give people will benefit Tell me uncle

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What is it

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sent ask Allah to forgive you every time you feel well no, that was not in my notes. May Allah protect us say I mean May Allah forgive you all for the response he gave us ask God to forgive you every time you failed never give up mail laundry Isha. What else?

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Make dua to Allah subhanaw taala right yeah, Allah and that's one of the four here yo Allah make me overcome the fitten so I pray to Allah right now. Yeah, Allah make us all here protected from fitten Yeah, Allah make us pass every fitna that we face and yeah, Allah make everyone in this room. How do we ever feel towards the fitna? Yeah, Allah bring us back to a higher level of Eman And forgive our past and substitute the sins with good deeds. Allah generous, why not ask as much as you want, right? He can do it all in the electron Tada. So make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number two, avoid situations where you face fitten Does that make sense? Don't put yourself in situations that

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you will be exposed to fitna to your best ability. Why you say that brother because your nebby Mohammed sauce, Adam said that. He said as a duty man, Junebug Fitton, the happy one amongst us, is the one who dodges away from fitna and I'm not promoting movies and stuff but there's a very famous movie The Matrix, right? Be like the matrix fitnah comes you do all that good stuff. All right. The fitna comes and do this that's that's a professional Muslim. Right. And he died, Joey from fit into your best of ability. So you see it coming. Bismillah you have on your social media, you have this person alone about everything on their timeline is something messed up, right? The guy smoking

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hookah and doing a circle.

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It's your timeline. Okay. And you like, okay, I don't smoke. Yeah, but when you keep seeing that, you'll be desensitized. Yes or no. The guy says, you know, such and such picture such and such status. You just unfollow, it's okay. It's not a divorce. It's fine. Whatever, we feel like, you unfollowed me, but it's okay. Yeah, because I'm getting harmed. You give lectures rather, yeah, but I know my capacity. And I'm not gonna be shy to say that there's certain people in life, they tend to have more influence on me as magic that I have towards them. And their influence is pretty negative. And I actually stay away from that, as a married man with kids having to do the most part,

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I feel I can have more influence to the most part. But there are people so panela very influential that I may fall for that so I protect myself and get away from it. So when asked you why be honest, I'm just, I'm weak with you. Right? May Allah protect us, like a cousin that you have a relative and uncle? May Allah protect you? automatable I mean, so avoid situations. You know, I used to live in Windsor, Ontario, and I used to work in Auburn Hills, Michigan, a Chrysler headquarters, so many Canadians, in that area work in the US. So we crossed the borders everything. Few years into my job at Chrysler. I was told Brother, why you keep driving by yourself? Why do you not carpool?

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I'm like, okay, what's the savings? Like? He's like the savings is about $3,000 a year. So anybody who thinks 3000 is low, just let me know. I would like to be your friend and Sharla. So I said $3,000 a year savings. That's pretty decent tools from maintenance to fuel to Okay, so I'm like, who do we carpool with? He's like, it's usually random. But we try our best to keep it like the same people. So it's from all types of people. So how does it work? We got five people. You use your car once every five weeks. So one week you use your car, the next time you use it, it's five weeks later. I'm gonna guess that's pretty decent or four weeks later. I think that's that's pretty

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So I get into the car, I sit in the rear, right side of the car. And then Hello, hello. We parked our car in a remote area or so. Then the guy's driving and he blasts the music. I'm like, Oh, we didn't even start yet. Like really hard on music like Harlem, Harlem.

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Like Harlem, Harlem. I like none of you like brothers. What's that? No difference of opinion. So why don't you put me up for

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Halloween, and I don't give you examples and the first one and email that protect us. All right. So the point being is that I'm like, oh, man, this is like a 15 minute ride. Like, okay, it's okay. It's okay. Be patient. When I drive my car, I'm gonna blast, man. On the whole buckle, watch, okay, because he didn't say excuse me, like, he just assumed I'm like, Okay, no problem. Then we drove and then he said, Hey, guys want anything from Morin's? I said I'm good. So the other guy said I would like something that I'm because we have some younger audience. I won't explicitly say what they said. But in meaning as we were driving now, not the driver, that front passenger, he was commenting

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on a girl walking very explicit. And I'm like, What in the world did I do to myself? Well, like I'm not exactly I thought I'm carpooling to *. I'm like we got two more spots. Helen shell two more exits. That's exactly what then I told the brother Nick Rosa, what is this? He's like, well, that's not usually like that makes up Hannah law. That day. I come it's like done. So then we get there. I'm like, I don't even come back ship. For on one year. I mean, that's like, then subpanel Anyhow, I went back to the other side. So tomorrow we'll meet at seven I'm like, I'm not meeting you at seven. I'm driving by myself. He's like, Why are $3,000 I got $3,000 or protect myself from halophyte I'll

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pay $3,000 because I felt over you know, cuz I'm, you know, don't be the candle as they say, right. Don't be the candle that gives light to people while it burns itself. And that's just yesterday says you have to be selfless at times. You have to be selfish at times for you to be able to be selfless at times. Right? Even the Prophet told us a habit your body has a right over you your spouse has a right your family has over you before you produce and be all voluntary and so on and so forth. May Allah protect you say I mean? So number one make dua to Allah. Allah protect us all from trial and tribulation. Number two, avoid situations where there are Fitton you know brother every time you go

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through the hallway the fitna kicks in I know what referring to write it the right that locker Yeah, take the other hallway. Take the other one less a bit more. It's a good exercise for your heart and Sharla just go the other hallway save your dean. Save your faith. Are you guys with me? You have calculus one at 9am you have calculus one at 11am 9am Your heart is there the other heart okay. Takes section to about a colossal to save your faith. Avoid situational fit and to the best of my abilities. May Allah protect you. I mean, Robben Island in number three out of four Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. sallallahu wasallam is teaching us how

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have the best ways to protect yourself from trials and tribulations is when you increase your acts of worship, increase your a badger. How is that? Look what Allah said. Allah says Luma la Camila kitale welcome Miss sala insalata continue, Dan and Sasha. Right. So Allah says established Allah so Allah will make you abstain, assist you in going away from filth. We will talk about filth and things of that sort that a bad that helps you with which type of fitten desires or doubts, desires. Fantastic right? So when you do more acts of worship, Allah protects you more and more from the fitness of desires as much as you can you know what the prophets I said him said, he said increase

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in your acts of worship bad you will be a man why he says the fittest are so much it becomes a dark night. Imagine what someone puts a hand, another hand, a third and fourth hand it becomes completely dark. That's how much fifth and we'll come at the end of time. May Allah protect the sea I mean, so that last light that you will see that will help you as your Salah is your charity is your kindness, etc, etc. So increase your actual force ship to your best of ability. May Allah make it easy on all of you. So whatever five daily prayers, that's fantastic, it's obligatory, but try to up your game and do some voluntary acts of worship especially during our time. We're desperate for everything

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possible. You guys with me fit and are coming down every print played. Tetris. Right Tetris, Tetris. Anyhow, difference of opinion about the pronunciation. All right, anything you're stuck to say difference of opinion? Okay, the Tetris right so you know at level one the teachers like didn't any change the shape right? Now that's during the sahabas nice simple, soft you know, slow that's what the promises apphia the end of time.

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So what did I do to kind of a bad worship? Pray slow it down a little bit. precis can know what's what shape and what dimension? What angle to go? Is that clear? May Allah protect us available? I mean, how much time do I have? I'm pretty much done. Just

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Get a feel five I handle okay for the five minutes I think it's very much worth it. Let's be very honest. Okay? Usually usually

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the bigger the gathering the higher the chances are someone who doesn't pray Yes. The bigger the gathering, the higher the chances someone doesn't praying so it's very possible we know people personally, they may pray Juma but may not pray the other prayers correct strange stranger than that they're willing to fast all month of Ramadan 16 hours but can pray Tanaka yes or no.

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So if you don't mind I want to just do maybe shaitan will tell you or maybe you're busy. Whatever your situation is. I just want anybody who can get their phone and grab me a stopwatch. I'm gonna do one work on time. I'm not real rocker just to see how long it takes to live you know, excuses about time and concern. And every time you say I'm busy noise shaytaan whispering to you just to kind of illustrate that anybody got you got? You got your phone with you stopwatch. So I'm just going to perform an example of Masada fair enough. Okay. When I say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen R Rahman r Rahim, Maliki ami Dean yaquina Buddha Stein, in a certain Mr.

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Hakim salata la Vina and I'm calling him or even calling him Malabo lien, DRI two By the way, okay. I mean, because you don't read that. Then obviously, what do you read called? Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad limited well, Allah forgive us, I mean, the Mira dweller Mula Bandha. mucuna. Hakuna had Allah subhana wa Bernardin. So Pamela building so Pamela Bernardin semi Allah who demon hamidah Habana Allah can Hamed Allah

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Subhana Allah Subhana

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Fini was born your harmony Allah.

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Allah subhana wa

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stopit brother.

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what's the what's the what's the time

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50.2 seconds?

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Next time you say I don't have time.

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verbally sloppy?

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What is it?

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And that's with all the commentary. I love you brother. May Allah protect you. I actually actually forgot that. So that's 40 seconds. Right? appreciate it like a lucky holiday. That's it. So next time you feel like lazy Shay. I thought he had nothing to do with time. No, because you were just on what on your Twitter account and somehow you're in some random account searching their tweets from 2012 I don't know if you did it. But you're there is like a lucky right? It happens. So just something to keep in mind. So we got that right in Sharla increase your acts of worship. Last but not least, you know, you can increase your acts of worship. That's fantastic. But it still may not

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necessarily help you if you don't work along what number four. increase your knowledge in the deen? Yes, increase your knowledge in your religion.

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And increasing your knowledge and your religion will help you a lot with which with a desires or with doubts both but which one they clearly doubt so the Salah Abadi helps you with what desires and knowledge helps you with doubts Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam look when he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Masha Allah told him Let me do a trivia question. Okay. Out of all the things in the Quran and the ayat and the supplications there's only one time from what I'm aware of and Michelle can correct me if I'm wrong. May Allah protect our mesh if there's only one time in the Quran only once. What Allah told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to ask more of something.

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Makes sense? Like give me more something only once. And we usually say Allah give us better health. Or give me more money. Nothing wrong with that. Relax, breathe in, breathe out okay? But there's only one time Allah to the Prophet ask more of that. What is it? Knowledge record Rob Bz Dini Allah. May Allah increases analyse I mean 100 your attendance will help with that. May Allah make it easy on all of you. I mean, no, but I mean Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam under this notion of adding more knowledge. This is the prophetic wording so don't think it's to get personal or sounding harsh. It's also a light sauce and fair enough. Look, like you said in the La Jolla. Allah dislikes

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so May Allah make us Who are they? wherever they are right in the La Jolla in the LA Ubud Kula Java de Allah dislikes and hates the one who is rude. Allah doesn't like rude people. Joe 12 one who is greedy with their money and always always overeats, sahab and Bill as well. The one who is obsessed about getting more and more money obsessed about it and shouts in the marketplace. gefundene belay the one who's a cadet body at night, there's no end it just now you'll see the next time and to clarify it. He says the night is like a dead body wine. You don't wake up do your a shot you don't wake up for Frigidaire like a dead body. Then the Prophet says hey, Matt in the heart, you know we

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say this guy works.

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like an animal, right? We say that these days right? As the Prophet says, and they work like a donkey in the morning, you see the connection in the morning works like a donkey to get that dunya stuff in at nighttime is dead like like a dead body at nighttime. I live in the dunya the Prophet says you are a scholar in worldly matters. You're a perfectionist, whatever. So good that iPhones so good at Android so good at computers so good at with cars so good with many things Island beyond what a dean or dunya What did you say? dunia you're a massive knowledgeable person in dunya. Then he says Well, I can j he didn't be mbls era however very ignorant about the afterlife.

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So So Sam is making it very clear that we have to put the effort to learn our religion. Next time you're being asked in sha Allah how many classes you're taking in liquid huntleigh graduated at 17 years ago? No he didn't never graduate you will never graduate from the School of Islam is with me. You are attending I have a class A demonstrate every Wednesday Allahu Akbar that's your doesn't matter what your age maybe doesn't matter. You go you have a class because you become a role model for your children. You would tell our children return on effort and in and he never saw you opening the Quran? Yes or no? Let's be very frank. Oh son read the Quran. How can they memorize Baba I

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didn't see you once opening the Quran. Bobby Have you even tried to improve your citation, let alone opening and attending etc etc. May Allah protect us. So show that Allah Subhana Allah trying to learn and learn and Allah will put more and more nor in the midst of the darkness of the Phaeton and manure knowledge is light. May Allah shower you with light from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. May Allah increase your knowledge of the deen and allow you to apply it? May Allah protect you from the trials and tribulations. May Allah assist you with avoiding places of fit and entropy, tribulations and trials available alameen And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow you to increase your worship to

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Allah subhanaw taala Zach mulherin was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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