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Is it permissible to pray in a mosque?

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Now, this is a situation that we're all facing. Clearly, there seems to be some kind of benefit, whether it's to the person themselves, or whether it's others of actually being now in public with a mosque. And that would also mean was praying as well, especially if there are others around you is that something which is allowed? Well, there is a hadith and an abuse of lies. And you heard the original federal law, that the purpose of lie Selim prohibited a man to cover his mouth in the press. And there are a number of Hadees like this, and in my personal opinion, I can sit this hadith and all of the different versions and narrations of this to be weak, I'm not worthy of of evidence

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for such a ruling. However, there are still a number of madisyn scholars of Hadith that did consider it to be acceptable in the contemporary time shadow banning, for example, how this needs to be acceptable it has been, the real interesting point is that the majority of the fuqaha and the mother have acted upon this hadith and therefore they considered that it is macrolides disliked to cover the the face. Now, frankly, whether the Hadees is authentic or not, or to be ruled upon or not. What there's no doubt about is that in principle, a person shouldn't be covering their face anyway. I mean, even even a woman when it comes to the covering of the face, or the wearing of the book or the

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new top, this is something only if she goes out this is something which is fun, or something which is nice, which is not meant to cover her face when she's praying at home. And neither is a man in principle, because Allah subhanaw taala says, you have any Adam holders in the masjid, all mankind, and you look as great as you possibly can, as beautiful as you can, every time that you are not just in the masjid. But in the position of prayer, as the scholars did the Tafseer of the verse when you're about to pray when you set when setting in front of Allah subhanaw taala, there's no doubt that the honorable and the respectful position is set in covering your face. But to put forward your

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face, which is your honorable and your most beautiful part, the one that you should be most proud of. So in principle itself is not the right way. And that's, of course, in normal times. And that's a phrase that we're getting used in our write the new normal because the new normal due to the health authorities and the situation that we're in and the experts, they are suggesting that in certain situations, we do need to cover our faces that that of course is not an absolute advice. There are certain scenarios where that might not be necessary, for example, when you're with your family, or you're isolating together, or there is a lot of space in between people and so on, so

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forth. And so I just want I want people to respect the expert and local authority advice, where they are in their country in their city, and if you ask them to do so, then we know that it makes health sense as well. We also know that even for the scholars that consider this to be makura and very few considered to be haram but most of them considered to be disliked macro and macro had to handle hedger. The scholars have a guide to a maxim which basically states that the disliked matters, if there is a need, then they become permissible. Now as it stands, is not just the need actually. In fact, it's almost a necessity for us to protect ourselves and other people at this moment. And

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that's why the experts are telling us to put on these masks. So I think it is permissible because of the need, even whether whatever we think about the strength of the Hadeeth or not, but it is something which is a good idea. It does give us some kind of protection and we should embrace that. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best. Subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith. IQ does that