Majed Mahmoud – Risalah Series #2

Majed Mahmoud
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Bismillah the name of Allah we start last session we stopped at the birth of Mohamed Salah while he was sent them. And now he is being raised in a single parent family household. What will she do? What's the practice of the people of Kurdish brothers and sisters, Mohammed Salim is now under the care of Amina and from the habits from the habits of the people of Mecca, is they used to send their children outside Mecca. These were the rich people. Why would they send them outside to Mecca? And before you say why were they send them to the open desert and bad idea? Send them there away? Why three reasons to share with you number one, to protect their infant their child from being infected

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with diseases. So number one, for health reasons, even chilling in 21st century, when you have a newborn baby, what do you tell your aunties and uncles please no kissing for six months? Yeah, and with all of them education and all the science that we have, we're still worried because the baby is not healthy enough to withstand any diseases correct. So what that's what they used to do. Number two, they used to send their children outside, why to maintain and this is a very important point Give me your undivided attention. They used to send their children outside that elite, so the child can maintain and learn the pure, powerful, majestic, extraordinary Arabic language. And that was one

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of the strongest aspects about data. Most of them majority could not read or write yet they were experts in speech. Like how does that really make sense? Just like how some of us here are good at speaking but horrible at writing. Some of us are really good at writing but they can't present very much right so we struggle to them their memory was so strong the Arabic was so powerful and they made sure listen when you go out there we want you to learn the language because they're scared their children will pick up the slang right What do some of us do amongst the out of that moved from whatever country we put now English words in the middle of our Arabic speech right? Oh me mom.

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already do sandwich.

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Right so sandwich entered instead of you saying the word for theater or whatever in the world is direct Habiba to me Abby, Abby Jazakallah, Hara hamburger, right? hamburger, instead of saying, lamb or so the point is that inserting words that are changing things. The third and last thing to share with you, why do they send them outside? It's like, almost not exactly like boarding schools like the elite, you know, send them there so they can strengthen themselves physically and mentally, physically and mentally. Physically. Yeah. Away from grandpa and grandma. Yes or no? Get strong physically. What happens today? If you're walking?

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whatever age you may be two, three years old, you walk Ah, grandma, grandpa comes maybe mom and dad comes through something happened to happen. You hit the podium, the podium,

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the podium, the podium, you made them cry? Did the you go to that desert and if you get hit you watch your way next time walk right? Alright, so they get sent in what physically and they strengthen mentally because we're you're in the out? Looking at nature. You become visionary. Yes. You appreciate the scenery. And there were studies from Stanford University, where the researchers found that people who walk for 90 minutes in nature 90 minutes on trees, rivers, whatever nature, they had a significant decrease in the region of the brain that is associated with depression. That's what Stanford University so Okay, okay, we I like to compare so what about if I walked 90

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minutes in the city? Excellent. That's what they did. And they found that those who did 90 minutes of walking but through the buildings and stuff like that did not have the same positive impact as those who walked in nature. One more study from Stanford University. They found that those who walk in nature spend some time outside they felt lesser and anxiety. They focus less on negative aspects of themselves and had an increase in positive emotions and well being so insha Allah and action item, we will invest in our backyards in sha Allah, Allah. I have allergies from grass and trees and things of that sort.

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But just take that pill or whatever in the world we have to take a shot and invest in in short sounds good for your own sake for the sake of Allah the Creator, if you wish, by just do something about yourself or go to the park, do something of that sort. And somehow I just appreciate me saying go to the park and also connecting about envy and jealousy. We have to look at people in a way that we appreciate what we have correct. You should not look around and make yourself in more misery mentally speaking, correct. So to connect the park with the envy and jealousy lesson, I just watched an interview for Christina Cristiano Ronaldo, right from my understanding he's the number one most

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followed person on Instagram. I don't care. Okay, you're jealous. Let's move on.

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Anyway, let's move on. No, in the interview, Cristiano is asked how would you handle things with your children? things of that sort. Cristiano Ronaldo tells them

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on SQL question. How many times do you think I went with the park with my children? What was the answer? He said he did this zero. Not once he went to the park. Why is it I would love to but the people will not allow me. So you know what? Maybe you have things better than Cristiano Ronaldo, is that billionaire? Yes or No, he's worth half a half a billion. So something to appreciate. So what can nature appreciate the products that you have before you become famous? Alright, that's the lesson. May Allah protect us. So with this being said,

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what will Amina do? She wants her child to go there. But what's the problem? What's the problem people? No father, and it was the father who used to pay the big money to have the children go it's the elite. And how did it work? They don't send it to anybody. There's a tried focuses me called Benny sad. That's the name of the tribe Benny. Sad. And the way to work the people from Benny sad. They used to come to Mecca, and see whoever is available to do the work. So how about we do this very, let's use the narration of one of the wet nurses that used to work that type of job ready, her name is Halima. So I'll do my best to narrate what she says Bismillah Reddy. Halima says, We left

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our tribe, the area of babysat. I had a donkey that was all wounded up all scratched up. Why? Because the journey was so long. And with me was my husband and had it and with me was my son. And with me was a camel that hardly gave an email. My son was crying all the way why I not having much milk and we're struggling. We're going through some drought. It's not raining. But once we arrived to Mecca, and my donkey was so slow, it was embarrassing. I was one of the last ladies to arrive. We got there. For example, they said the booth pamphlets he goes sir, go to the high end areas to contain and one of families presented their child but was rejected. Who was that family? It was

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Amina holding your son. Mohammed. Halima says he was presented to every one of the wet nurses is your heart that mother was working. May Allah bless our mothers. She wasn't embarrassed. She said I'll take a shot at it. I'll take a chance. She went to every witness and they all turned him down. Halima says he was an orphan. Who pays the father? How can we expect the mom to pay or the uncle who has lots of children or the grandpa who has a lot of responsibilities? She said to ignore him? Yeah, law. Then we went and she said every one of my colleagues, every one of them got a child except me. Which is not the usual because usually there's what a waiting list. But this is a time I don't have

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a child. She told her husband Listen, this is embarrassing. I'm not going to go back to Benny said without a child. So what do you have? The only option is that orphan. This orphan taken husband said I agree with you good decision. She said to her husband. Perhaps God will bless us through this child. She goes to Amina Give me your child. I will take him free tuition. Amazing high end. So she grabs Mohamed along with their son and they start going back to where to their tribe their area of Benny said

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how was her donkey doing? Horrible. All of a sudden Mohammed is here. Her other son is here. The camel is here and her husband and Harris all of a sudden the donkey

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so fast. She was shocked what is going on other people okay Halima Is this the same donkey oh you changed it is the same one but this boy is good like

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she's going through a donkey through horses and measured the donkey what's right and wrong through the camels and the horses and the

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Elephants at this time. So then proceeding then she said my husband we took a break and my husband came and just checking on the camel. Oh full of milk Halima This boy is something else Good luck. The milk the camel Halima drinks the father drinks Halima breastfeeds. Her son and Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and she says finally my son who was crying all day and all night finally got to sleep with rest and peace. Then eventually they went back to when he said it was what drought remember no rain, but they have to send their sheep to eat. So Halima center sheep and for the first time in many days, if not weeks, if not months, they come back not with that. Quarter full the full

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stomach sheeps are like loaded. Wow, people like Halima. Now, how is that possible?

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So they told the people listen, whatever Halima sends her sheep, we send all our sheep Okay, I don't care where she goes, we go after. It's like someone when they're fishing right sit next to him. Well, it's not about where the position is, but let's proceed. So they send the sheep next to Halima Halima sheep, they come back one full the other sheep.

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What is this? What is like a prank and they come back hungry and they're struggling, struggling. Halima told her husband and had this boy is something special blessing bless it, boy. Then the period of which the child stays at that boarding school or at that place, is usually about two years or so. And the mother without a doubt with the visit every now and then and Allah knows best. That time came and now they want to do what they want to go to Amina, why. To have the stage be extended. We beg you Amina your child. Amazing. Blessings upon blessings from your child. We believe he's means he's a good luck. Then Amina said no, I want my child back permanently. I'm not sending back

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and forth anymore. It's over our and Halima said, Listen, listen, I'm gonna say pollution is serious. Okay, and I mean, at that time, she was sick so Halima said, Amina, you are sick, yes or no, say it. See, yes, you're sick. He's not ready. Yes, he's growing faster than other children. I agree with you. And he's maturing pretty quick and speaking up the language is pretty awesome. I'll tell you he's above average child, but still to take risks. He been with us for a little bit. Back and forth, back and forth. weapon. Stay is extended, and MSS. Okay, go ahead.

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But brothers and sisters once Mohammed comes back, all the blessings that they're witnessing, if you wish to say it's divine from the Creator, say it if you wish to say that's good luck, say it, but let's proceed. Let's proceed. Three, four months later,

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Halima son is playing with Mohammed Salim now they're running and walking, getting older. And all of a sudden, the son of Halima runs to her crying, my man, I think he got killed. I think he got killed. What? So what happened? The boy says mom, two people came to adults, they came, they grabbed baby Mohammed, put him on the ground. They ripped his chest, did something with his body. And now I don't know. Harry Moran with who her husband and heart if they saw Mohammed, you standing pale face. nervous when Mohamed Salah Samson, that the Mohammed he ran to Halima, he hooked us up crying. Mohamed, what happened? What happened my beloved What happened? I was with two people. They came

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while I was playing. They came the put me on the ground. One guy ripped my chest did something. Then he showed me back with a skin and stitches. There is a mark of stitches. What I had said, Oh my God

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had said Halima, you lost it. I'm telling you return them back to quickly before anything happens please.

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Halima, she was thrown off the destory throw you off a little bit so that haleema so proceed proceed proceed.

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They go back to a minute early. Amina think your son is ready to go back home forever again. And in a smile. She tells them what's the story what happens you know, I mean, you know he's growing as you can see above average height, above average strength above average speed, like one that says Don't play games with me. You were begging me for him to stay and now you're begging me for him to return. What's the story? Nothing. Why you're she pushed back until Halima opened up

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Listen, my son said and your son said both exact same story.

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So these are two proofs plus the third one which was what the scars stitches Who does that? No one the surgeries at that time like that open heart surgery maybe to you by the way now that so what you know sixth century people sixth century for a minute said okay and so I want to return them back and we think your son lost it said no way my son lost No way. My son is a blessed child when I was pregnant with him the delivery was amazing. It wasn't so difficult not just that when I was pregnant with him What happened? I had a dream that light came from my body that gave light to all the North all the way to the Roman Empire. Give me my son back. No, he didn't lose his mind. And Mohan masala

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now what happened after that strange incident he goes back to his mother Amina being with his mom Amina was a beautiful time. Imagine you have a child growing now six year old like a first grader. respectful listens amazing, beautiful child such a sweetheart and Amina wants to do something amazing as ready for this ready. Amethyst family in the first session. Where were they from? Medina Okay, so now Amina she wants to go see her family in Medina. But what she will do is this caring loving mother who cares about her family she will include her son Mohammed often in the trip. How far is it 300 miles about four to five hours drive but these days there's no cards are a condition.

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It may take days. It may take so many hours or maybe a week depending on the situation. Mohammed ready? Let's go before I proceed, can we learn that from Amina 10 week? What? First of all to stay in touch with family and number two when you as a mom or dad call your brother or your sister pass the phone to your son and daughter. Even though they may not understand the language struggling Okay, Mama is mobarak

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salaam alaikum okay, right it's okay it's okay. Keep a connection keep a connection that's what I mean wants to do Can we do that inshallah brothers youngsters amongst us? We promise next time mama says the phone gives you the phone like okay with a smiling face inshallah. Let's proceed. Let's proceed. So Amina was Mohammed Salah Salem, are they alone? To the most part people don't travel just like that mother and son. Because remember, the safety is not the greatest correct. So they would have possibly a very close friend to Amina, who is a man. Possibly she was with them close friend and compared to them a man she was with her the whole time. In addition, you know, we have

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GPS today. They had their own GPS, but who is a human being? He knows the way to Medina ready? Let's go. And they go and they go. And we all know that when you travel on a road trip with someone you have the strongest bonds, right? Imagine you drive from Detroit to New York. You tell them all the secrets in the world that you have yes or no 10 hour everything and you make up stuff to like I know what happened to 75 years ago. I mean, like 57, right? Because you talk and talk there's nothing you're dying, right? Forget that. You think of me and a wonderful child like Mohammed I seldom talking, eating together, sleeping next to each other camping together the day and the night. And

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not just that he's not a regular child such righteous, respectful kind. listens, amazing every man would dream to have a child like that. And finally they arrived to Medina. I don't know exactly what happened. But can imagine the receiving of Mohammed and Amina, what a wonderful child that you have, but what I can confirm with you something when he went to play with other children, the cousins and so on. He never cheated in the game. Never. Never like it was still fun to play with him. Right? All the great stuff trustworthy and people have never gotten to

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none of that stuff. There's no narration that suggests that. Then eventually after the trip is done, they go back to Mecca. But something happens. What Amina now do you want to go back home to Mecca? She's not feeling very well. Amina struggling. Her health is not helping her. Perhaps they had to pause Mohamed's. I said I'm six years old, like a first grader is seeing his mom suffering. There are no doctors and anything that can help her and he's feeling helpless and he sees his mother and she's now on like her deathbed and she's struggling. Amina is not breathing a minute.

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is very much struggling Eminem's heart stops. And when that dies,

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he becomes an orphan once more, that people feel horrible for him and the sad for the death of the mom for sure. And Amina a great wife for Abdullah, a great mother for Mohammed, a great daughter for the family, she went to visit a great sister she was. And this orphan Here comes once again, the people in that crew that were going back to Mecca, they believe it's not wise to keep the body for another 150 miles. So what will they do? bury her where she died? You know, what does that mean? There's an extreme high chance that the one who had to help with the burial was who Mohamed Salah said not much people here and imagine that emotions happening and there's no way out of it. May

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Allah bless our moms and dads, very difficult, very difficult for amongst us who have their parents around. Please do not take them for granted. Please. You see how sudden things happen yesterday, no, just went right away. So May Allah allow you and I may Allah allow you and I, that the day your mom or your dad or you leave will be a day which you remember that you left on good terms say I mean, because when lying I swear by Allah, as your mom or your dad, or you leave on bad terms, the level of guilt that will happen is something I don't know if it will ever be recovered. And some of people who experience that know very well, may Allah protect us. And now I'm not speaking to the children.

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I'm speaking to Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad your presence in your child's life is on. It's priceless. It's priceless. Studies have shown one after the other that the excessive absence of a father is so detrimental upon the child. It shows that when a father is gone for long periods, and specifically the father is pretty much like dead. The chances of the son or the daughter of having a psychiatric problem is one to five

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out of one to five children who have such situation they have psychiatric problems. May Allah bless our children say I mean, so please, when you see an orphan think of that help them out. We had people at Wayne State University presenting to us when I did my Masters in Business Administration, all about management and stuff. We had people millionaires coming to our places, and they will come and I've heard that one after the other presenters guest speakers saying, Please, when you go into your MBA program, you'll be busy. Yes, you'll make good money. But you gotta watch out family comes first family comes first. And one of them cried in the presentation. It shook us. One of them said I

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went to my daughter's graduation ceremony. She saw me after the ceremony she graduated. She told her dad What are you doing here to witness your graduation? She told them did not witness anything from my life till now you come away feeling bad for it? There's two ways to look at it. The girl should have been more grateful because he paid her tuition. Yes, but my angle of discussion is the father's absence. Why for more money unnecessarily it goes with me. So why am I saying it? Now let me finish it here. If you are in the process of moving to a higher end place and whatever the situation is at the expense of your family, think of what was said do some research because then the payments will

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be high whatever the case is. And if you're still there, just read me Allah educate one of us say I mean, I mean, so then Mohammed Salim is witnessing all of this, what will happen next? He's coming back to Mecca, but without a mom or without a father. And what happens? Abdulmutallab grandpa he witnesses his grandson, Mohammed was Amina, she's dead. Can you imagine how he felt for his grandson? Like what are the chances? So he takes care of his grandson and he loves them so much people may Allah bless our grandparents. I mean, he loves them so much. Abdulmutallab was growing Mohammed Arsalan Mohammed now with about eight years old, physically strong, phenomenal speaker and

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he's so great and respectful. He is so efficient and effective. What does it mean? When Abdulmutallab grandpa says do this? He does it right away, and he does it the right way. From the first shot, one time at the mortality. He had a lot of camels, few of the camels they ran away, ran away. So then what happened to Mohammed Mohammed, go after the camels please get them for me. I'm not running so fast running after the camels but you know, what's the problem? The cameras went and went until Abdulmutallab grandpa can no longer see Mohammed and Mohammed went and went after the camels until grandpa can only

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So no longer see him. He got so worried so nervous. The helmet helmet waiting waiting for perhaps hours so nervous. Then he started going around what? The cab the cab then he said yeah oh Brr the rudaki be mohammadreza ruido Ilya was tonnerre en de yada Oh my Lord, please bring back Mohammed. Oh my Lord, do me this favor bring back Mohammed. Oh my lord, bring back Mohammed. Oh my Lord, do me this favor, bring back Mohammed. He is saying it and saying it and so emotional, perhaps crying. It caught people's attention. He's in this Abdulmutallab. Isn't this one of the chieftains and the leaders of kurush? He is so what's going on with this man? His grandson is lost. He kept praying

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you're up, return that Mohammed. He saw the connection. You see it, you feel it? And guess what happens? After some time who come? Mohammed Salim Ali, Mohammed and the camels ego grandpa. So at the motel it comes to Mohammed? He says Jani son, my beloved Son, I was so sad for how absent you were I was so much in pain that I do not think I will ever recover from it.

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I'm in so much pain. I know you're back but the pain will always be there my heart. And how do you think Mohammed felt um, that precious to you? Yes, he was. But once again, now what?

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Growing seeing his grandpa not doing too well. His grandpa's health is going downhill his grandpa struggling his grandpa on the deathbed. Mohammed witnesses that Muhammad is around living in Mecca with his grandpa of the mortality of grandpa dies, how long he spent with them roughly about two years. The upbringing is getting very difficult. May Allah protect us say, I mean, Mohamed Salah, will you agree with me? Mohammed is experiencing things people in their 40s and 50s experience Yes or no? He's seeing things that he's learning as as sharp, mature person, that life is temporary, yes or no. And he's learning it's not just temporary. It is Southern like it's the sands any minute.

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He's learning all of that stuff. So once again, learn these things, brothers and sisters. So what will he do now? He went to out of democratic grandpa and now he moves to fifth move to his uncle abou pilot of a pilot, a wonderful man, respected and respectful, had a lot of children. And now he included under him who Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say someone was and he was sending which means peace and blessings of Allah may be upon him. So then Mohammed Salim with his uncle Abu Talib. How old is he? Now? He's getting older, smart, sharp. He's about 1213 years old. Okay, what will he do now? He will become a man in addition to what of a man who was already is growing, and he

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realized I'm not going to be independent completely. He realized that I don't want to be a burden on anybody I want to lift other people's burden can we be like that? May Allah make us not burden on others rather be people who lift other people's burdens say I mean, and that's why he was about 1213 years old. Okay. And what does he want to do? He wants to join his uncle into a business trip. interesting about it was going to business trip where to the suburbs of Mecca around Mecca? No, really? Where did you want to go? Medina? No 300 miles? No. Where does his uncle want to go? To a sham to what today Syria? That's how far the trip is. And that 1213 year old Mohammed Salim is going

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to join him. What what weather what's like what season is that summer, the summer season in which the heat of the sun can make the soil so hot. If you walk barefoot, it burns the skin Yes or no? The heat of Arabia in the summer that will make an egg an egg cooked without water, the heat of the sun and the sun rays from that weather that if you look directly it might make you blind yes or no with all these factors. I'm gonna go with my uncle help him out because I want to be a responsible person.

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That's another lesson that's minute or two please bear with me of being responsible individuals can we be responsible inshallah? You know, I'll be I'll be honest with you. Sometimes you like responsible of what right? I feel you. I feel you and I'm guilty of that sometimes. So what do you suggest that people have knowledge, parents, and so on and so forth.

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should be the one that set what expectations? What is it that is expected of you? Well, that sounds pretty formal realism. When you go apply for a job does the hiring manager not tell you we expect of you in this job to do one, two, and three, and us and maybe those watching who are in this zone of parents coming from overseas and new being born here? You'll be pretty confused of what is expected. Yes. So expecting expectations is in accordance to where you live and the cultures and the norms of your family. I got you I got you. As long as they are realistic, you like that? God that realistic, right? It's not like you're 22 years old. Haha. Now you are responsible for 78 of your family

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members back home. How's that realistic, right? Within realistic norms? And sometimes it's tough on you that may Allah make it easy on you say I mean, so it's only common sense. The more you grow, the more responsible you are. When you were a little baby, you had the big right. So they cleaned your mouth for you. They fed you they wash the dishes for you. Now, you're 15 you eat from the plate, the expectation, you put it into the sink. Seriously, not just that you put back the chair Allahu Akbar both not just that if you're tall enough, you wash the dishes, Nah, that's expect his expectations Yes or no? Yes or no? I guess people like I depends on the culture. What culture are you from?

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Right? So and then Hello. If you have watched this is put in the dishwasher. you hook it up, right? So there's expectations the older you become, that's how life becomes May Allah make it easy. I mean, next works as a shepherd Why? Working as a shepherd was a low class job. Yes. But he's back from the trip. But 2000 miles round trip, he's back to Mecca, but not gonna wait till the next trip. They don't do it every time. So instead of me waiting for the next trip. In the meantime, I will work as a shepherd. So interesting. You know what, one more lesson we get. If I were to stop at everything neat, we may not end correct, but just a minute or two working as a shepherd. We know

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what they teach you and I What does it teach you having below minimum wage?

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One of the things that teaches me as I'm reading is that don't be shy to start from the bottom, yes or no? Don't be shy. Just last week, I was with a brother who does some really good business. He told me I didn't even bring up the lecture or anything. He told me, people, I don't know what's wrong with the young adults these days. I'm like, why you say that? He said, I tell them, I'll give you this much money. I know, it's a simple job, but you grow from it. But he said, I want to start with that wage. So if that's what's available, and that's what you're capable, then why you're showing up to the bigger status that you're not worthy of yet, yes or no. And I'll be honest with

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you, I was having issues with that as well. I had my beautiful mother, she came to me one time, I got married to my wife, I'm expecting a child. I finished my engineering degree around one of the worst recessions I experienced, obviously, because I reached that point where I'm looking for jobs and so on. I've been applying for jobs, but no one is calling me no one. So once I finished my bachelor's instead of waiting, I entered into my Master's in Business Administration. So when you do your masters in MBA, you look for management positions in general correct. That's why MBA qualifies you for so as applying, applying and applying and then my mom said so what's happening as a mom, I'm

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applying for jobs. She's like, okay, which jobs? As said like engineering management. Imagine you want to be an engineering manager when you were never an engineer yet.

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Okay, Mom, I already want

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right? So she drew me this thing on the paper. That's it. She drew me a line. She said magic you're applying for jobs are here on the top engineering manager and which I don't want to do stuff like that, when in actuality you are here on like, okay, Eagle crush, right. There is like a love hate on. Only moms can do that. But still, that's okay. Well, my friend said that to me. I will put them here.

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Right But your mom is see and she drew on paper. So she said so therefore you don't apply for management positions. Apply for entry level, you barely have any experience. I applied a lot by witness over 200 jobs. No one is calling brother not even an interview, not even one interview. I went to the extent that I applied for jobs under that circle. When logging, I applied for Co Op positions internship. You know what's that? Right? It's for students, not graduates. But that's how desperate I was I'm waiting for a child who's coming on the way my father in law in the family was gonna happen right? But I was blessed with a phenomenal in laws and May Allah protect us say I mean,

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a llama baddeck I mean, there'll be an email that protect us from envy and jealousy. May Allah protect us.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:34

grant your blessing. And last say I mean, so expecting a child and I'm telling my mom so I applied for a co op position. And then that was the one and only one phone call I get. Can you imagine? Hello? Hello? Yes, we applied for and cooperation at Chrysler headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Yeah, that's me. Well, we have an interview for you on such and such date. Okay, I'll be there. Crossing the borders. They still live in Canada, coming to Chrysler waiting on nervous got to the interview. And the interviewer, what does he have usually with him? The resume?

00:35:35 --> 00:35:37

He grabs my resume is like,

00:35:38 --> 00:35:42

Ah, I'm so sorry. Now, why

00:35:44 --> 00:35:51

is that you finished your bachelor's in engineering. And this is for students. I said yes. Okay.

00:35:53 --> 00:35:58

No problem. Our three months, four months, so it's okay, we will step by step brother. I'm here. I'm here.

00:35:59 --> 00:36:11

I didn't tell him that I'm just adding it for the flavor for you guys. Okay. I said no, it's okay. He said no, he said Okay, listen, listen, we can't do that. But guess what we just have a recent opening a full time job What do you think?

00:36:13 --> 00:36:57

right but it needs to be to five years of experience but we can try because we need people recession to people outside the company we're desperately need someone ASAP with a loss blessings. Then my mother's help. My mother's help at Hampton. I got the job at Chrysler full time. We know what's interesting. The way I did it was what mom's pushing me mom is pushing me goal right step one your ego. Mohammed Sutton did it on his own. If you live on his own, I'm not shy. I'm not shy. And against all odds, brothers and sisters against all odds. He gets to that Shepherd type of job when he cares for sheep. Okay, and what's so interesting when you care for sheep, you grow skills. Yes,

00:36:57 --> 00:37:38

you grow skills. You see the sheep so you grow the skill of courage, yes or no? Why? Because the way from the wolf when they come when you care for sheep, he grew his skills of problem solving sheep knocking up the other one. You know what you get away from here and you go there and new teachers in a way the man with all the respect of children? Yeah, don't take it personal kids relax and forget that may or may Allah protect us say, I mean, when you have a separate type of jobs, you want them to stay united? Yes. So when you see one sheep went astray, whatever. That Shepherd doesn't say, You know what? You want to be cool. I can't wait for the wolf to eat, you know, that Shepherd has to go

00:37:38 --> 00:38:01

all the way there nicely the art of advising to keep the Unity elect. Okay. I don't know if I can really relate to that. No, you should relate to that. You absolutely should be able to help. How can he improve his skills with human beings? When he's working with sheep and working with sheep? Do we do firefighters firefighters? Do they not benchpress and lift dumbbells?

00:38:02 --> 00:38:42

Yes or no. And they work with steel. Why? Because when there's a house burning, and they have to go inside and dig up a human being they're evil is there no. So when he does such jobs as growing his skills, even when he treats and talks to human beings, it goes with me. So similarly, he also learned the skills through what through business, remember, so he's growing and against all odds, he was remarkable. He was truthful or not saying brothers for a year or two. He was always truthful, not once did he lie? Not just that. He was a family man. He loved his family. He was always there with them. He said mom and dad passed away and grandpa. Yeah, but there's extended family cousins

00:38:42 --> 00:39:22

and whoever is around uncles and Auntie's, right. They're such a great family man. People love Mohammed. Mohammed is becoming the golden young adult of God loved him so much. Mohammed Salah was so helpful, not just to the family, but even those around something remarkable. Mohammed Salim was so thankful he never forgot where he came from. So can we promise that I will never forget where I came from. Remember that drawing? I'm not a top manager Now relax, not yet inshallah. But this is something to appreciate. Never forget where you came from. I came as a refugee, so I should never forget where it came from. I learned two years of ESL should never forget where I came from. I'm

00:39:22 --> 00:39:37

sure many of us have stories here as well, yes or no? So never forget where you came from. He was so thankful to all those who did good to him. Not just that she was very friendly and hospitable. People love to hang out with them. People loved his house. People loved it. He was always ready.

The Childhood & Upbringing of the Prophet SAW

What did the Prophet (ﷺ) experience as a young boy in the care of Halimah as-Sa’diyya? How was his relationship with his mother Amenah? What were the early experiences and responsibilities that prepared him for his role as a Prophet? In this session, we discuss Prophet (ﷺ)’s upbringing as a child and teenager, the importance of parents to a child’s development, the experience of losing his mother and grandfather, and growing up in the home of his uncle Abu Taleb into a young man of excellent character.

Risalah: Reflections from the Prophet’s Life (ﷺ) is a 21-part lecture series by Majed Mahmoud, released daily throughout Ramadan 2020.

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