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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of knowing who one is asking from and how to ask them. They also talk about struggles with addiction and desire for a child, as well as the importance of being independent and not harming one's own well-being. They also mention a woman who committed suicide and threatened to receive a reward for her actions. The segment emphasizes the importance of not giving up on one's fear and offers advice on how to handle it. They end with a recap of Islam's history and promise to continue dialogue.
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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah was early he was being he was Selim. We begin by mentioning Name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to send his peace and his blessings upon our beloved upon our hubby upon our role model. Upon the one we give up our lives for upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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First of all, I'd like to thank you all for coming molossia on May Allah keep you on the straight path. May Allah keep you off, Mr. Karma. And just a quick thank you for our wonderful blessing Imam May Allah bless and protect the amount of the rock man his lack of love for you. And may Allah make you for them with dakini Imam

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just two quick correction to the biography and just I am not a scholar. I'm just your friend. Okay. And just a simple man. I know few I ask you a hadith I speak then I move on in Sabah.

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The other thing is, I have the bachelors in

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from Medina International University. So if you are over 25, you technically do not go to Medina itself. Because there's an age limit. If you're an old man like me, you go to the other Medina branch, which is in Malaysia. So that's for those who want to do online and so on. May Allah bless you old Zack Molina. So inshallah for the speech right now in Sharla, for a few minutes, discussing the topic of da.

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And the way I want to approach the topic has two sides to it. The majority of my topic will not be about how to raise your hand and facing the Qibla. And what to say, and how to start, and how to end. That's all good knowledge. Don't get me wrong, it's very important. But you know, what's more important is to know who are you asking from? Yes. And that's much of the talk is that let me tell you, who am I asking from? Who do you ask from? Then the second part, how do you ask? Fair enough? You know, I have a story in one of my previous jobs. As an engineer, I made the big mistake, the mistake was caused so much financial loss. I'm talking even the millions. And it was an honest

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mistake, An Innocent Mistake. So I was very nervous. I was very scared. And someone told me go to this gentleman, he will be able to solve the problem for him. So I rushed to that man. On my way to him, someone stops me and asks magic. Where are you going? I say, you heard the story I did. I made this mistake. And I'm going to this other guy. He said, Oh, listen, this guy you are going to meet is also known as a nice guy, known as very nice guy. Before I continue the story, you agree with me that me knowing the guy I'm about to meet is a nice guy makes me feel comfortable.

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He will not make fun of me.

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He will not rebuke me. He will not harass me. Why? Because he's a nice guy. That's the only thing I know of him. He's a nice guy. In addition to solving the problem, I will stop the story here. Many of you as I was saying this, many of you are doing this nodding. How do you feel? Not when the guy is known as the nice guy? No. How do you feel when you are told? Allah is a rough man?

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How does this make you feel? Lisa can be cliche, nothing is like a lot of data. How do you feel when you are told Allah is

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the one who responds to your grandma, whenever you ask him? How do you feel? When I tell you Allah is Al Karim the close and near Allahu Akbar, this should make you feel comfortable. This should make you feel very peaceful. That he is there he will listen he will respond Allahu Akbar, in Amara cover the law and he has a very beautiful statement, one short statement. The first half he said in the middle, he Jabba, he said I am not concerned whether Allah will reply to me or not. Allahu Akbar. I'm not worried. If Allah will reply or not. Then what are you worried? Yeah. Omar, may Allah be pleased by you? Well, I kidney, Mohammed.

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My concern is whether I will make dua or not Allah, so he knows 100% if I make dua, Allah will respond. So I'm not worried about the response. I'm worried about my effort to macdon right now right now, if I asked

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respectful brother here please give me some water no non negotiable they will give me water yes or no 100% Then what about a loss of Hannah what's Allah? How can you doubt? belie how I asked you for water you respect for man you go cup of water here you go Brother Jessica lowfield What about a legend legend Adam? Don't ask for water as per ton of water. A lot of

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you know Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran Allah will be lending chiffon rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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la Hakata people Allah says people did not show a lot of respect. That's why law says people do not show a lot of respect that we Allah deserves. Then Allah says, will outdo Jimmy and Comdata who Yama Yama and Allah says Allah Allah will full the whole earth. Then Allah says was semi automatically yeah can be anything. Allah will fold the earth and Allah will fold the skies Allahu Akbar sapan What's the Anna I'm making sure the cone. Allah says I am free. I am away from all the Schick Association people do. May Allah make us all die upon Islam. May Allah make every one of us brothers and sisters, young and old. May Allah make your last words La ilaha illa Allah, as also alliance of

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Allah says, who has ever lost words in dunya word La ilaha illallah wa lagenda intergender May Allah make you enter, not just any gender may allow me to enter the highest level in general with your loved ones. So brothers and sisters, when we speak about all of this, you have to appreciate a loss of capabilities. If I am in need, and we are, don't take it personal. I know I'm a guest, but take it from your brother. Every one of you including myself, you are poor and weak. Excuse me. Every one of you are poor, and weak. Do you know what degree I have? Your weak? Do you know how much money I have? You are poor relative to Allah subhanho wa Taala National fukuhara illa

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we tend to complain about others I complain to you Mmm, man, you know, I have this struggle. And maybe while I'm complaining sometimes I cry because I'm very emotional about my problem. Nothing wrong with that. It's okay to complain to people to get some benefits resolve the problem. But you know what the problem is, when we go into such the, you know what says that is also a lie. Some of them says a club Oh my akuna labdanum what he said, he says the closest you can ever be to Allah is not nice. Now I'm adding this not necessarily in Mecca. You don't have to go to Medina to be close to Allah the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam says the closest you can ever be to Allah is where

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such depth then the Prophet gives you you know, see how you want to take them and see how he gives, you know, see how he says the Nick a lot of da and says the Allahu Akbar. So the problem is that when we go to such that we have problems. 10 minutes ago, I complained to Mr. Brockman, I cried, I'm sick, I have pain. Do you know any doctors? Nothing wrong with that? We know what's the problem? I am in such a dumb and I'm not meeting God. I am in such done. And I'm not complaining to Allah. I am in such depth. And I'm not crying like the way I cry. Man. Why? Why does it alone? aterial isn't Allah Who is it not allow provides that's the problem May Allah forgive us. So we need to put effort

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to know whom are we asking from? If I am in need of money? May Allah make us all independent of people and not depend on people especially with the company Allah protect us on?

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If I need the money, and I go to a very rich rich person,

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it is insulting.

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To ask for 100 what ceiling? ceiling right? I go to a millionaire I go ask for 1 million shillings. If I go to a millionaire I asked him for 10 shillings. He's like, move away. Come on. Shame on you. You know who I am. You ask for 100 shillings I'm a millionaire.

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If you go to a little child, you ask him for 1 million shillings. He's like what's 1 million?

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What What number is that? They don't even know the number

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allows the best of examples if you go to Alice, why do you ask for 100 chili?

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You go to Alan you asked for unlimited chili.

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This is the this is the mentality of a believer. When you go to Allah your drug can be slightly unrealistic. Yes. I asked you by Allah if you see a very old man. Very old man. Okay. Sitting first row in the masjid. And he's making Docomo he's over 80 years old.

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Making a lot give me a child yeah Allah. Allah, Allah. Some people will think he's crazy. Yes, 80 years old, shivering was and then his hair is all white. You want a child? Are you crazy? You know who's in who's in who is has a problem, not the old man. I have the problem to say that. The ones who say that we know why because he's asking a lot. He's not asking a doctor. The doctors they say it's impossible. You're over 80 years old, your wife is barren, your wife will no longer be able to doesn't matter. I don't care what science says was all respect was to science with all respect to doctors. I don't doesn't matter because Allah is

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the giver of gifts. And children are a gift. May Allah grant you all the righteous children. You know, the example I gave was who

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who is the example I gave?

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Zachary is lm. He may draw to Allah Masha Allah Rasul. shava. Allah says in the Quran, His hair was all white as how old he was. Then he says, I will never give up on Allah. And he made out to Allah.

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Allah Aikido aka, suddenly, then the angels came to him as a courier. We have good news for you. What is it? Allah you bashira gives you good news. What is it? A level grant you a son and Allah gave him the name yahia Allahu Akbar. This is who you ask from.

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I'm drowning, and you are drowning? Why do you ask someone who's drowning?

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asked the captain of the ship.

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We're all drowning. Who asked Allah subhanho wa Taala the best of examples. You go, for example, to the mother of Maria alayhis salam from Allah Emraan. She made you out to Allah old lady. Allah made her pregnant. Allahu Akbar. But then when she delivered the child, she wanted a boy.

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She wanted the boy to serve the message. 24 seven. No excuse the boy always in the masjid serving the people cleaning the message. But when she delivered the child, it was a girl

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that had been nice to her. It's a female. It's a girl.

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Now she is talking to Allah.

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Allah who will be my dad when he says that Gurukul

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Allah says the male is not like the female who says that Allah

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you know, we have a hard time naming our children. You say what do you want to name your daughter Fatima? No, Khadija? No I know Samia. You know, the mother of Miriam. She was talking to a lot about the name. What do we do that? She said What a nice and made to her. Maria. Did Smith. were in need or a do heavy cavalry at the homina Shavasana regime for the Capella she made to Allah Allah protect my daughter, Miriam, and her children from a shaytaan that is why Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that shavon did not poke a 70 million. That's why he did not cry when he was delivered.

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Every child that is born is poked by the chiffon May Allah protect you also misshapen but the child of the of the mother of magnetism never got poked because there are so don't ever give up on the drop. One time there was a sister and a brother. The brother had to leave travel for some time. He told his wife stay at your father's place until I come back, very poor family. So she packed her luggage and she went to her father's place. After some time, her child became very sick. So this child she made dua to Allah to kill the child. She had a wet towel to put on the forehead to minimize the temperature. May Allah cure our brothers and sisters who are sick today may Allah cure

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them. So she did that to her child. So did she did two things make dua and put the wet towel allows me witness approximately two or 3am in the morning, someone comes.

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knocks on the door.

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Who's that man? She puts on her hijab. Her father comes to open the door. It was a doctor with a briefcase.

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Sarah Monica Monica salon. Where is your child?

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A child. Shoot the photo doctor Come in. Come in doctor came in where she right here. Check the child. All the cases very serious. Here is some medication. She has to take the medication Watch out. This is the prescription. That mother She smiled. The grandfather smiled. Why? Because they cannot afford it. I have the prescription but I cannot buy the medication.

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Then the doctor left the apartment and stood by the door.

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Then the lady and her father said, Thank you for coming. He said, You're welcome. But he's still standing. It's confusing now move on go. But the doctor said, Where is the fee for this private visit? Excuse me?

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You guys called me to come over here to check on your child. There's a fee, right? Where is it? Give me the money. She said we never called you

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you guys are stingy and liars.

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She said doctor one law he we don't even have a phone in our apartment. Allahu Akbar. The doctor said Is this not the apartment of so on? So they said no, that's the wrong house. Wrong apartment. The name you gave us is the next apartment.

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He came to the wrong apartment. This doctor told them no such thing in Islam is coincidence in Kula shaken Hakuna Who? Because everything is calculated. So he told the family I will come back to you because you have a story. Then he went to the actual apartment that called him alone.

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After he was done, he came back. What's your story? woman? What's your story brother. They said In summary, my husband left he told me to stay over my father place my daughter or my child got very sick. I made to Allah I put the towel on the forehead to minimize the temperature, the heat of the body. And then you came out of nowhere. He said it was Allah who sent me to you. Give me the prescription. He took the prescription. He went to the pharmacy, the doctor paid for the whole medication, came back given the bank and he told them listen, I will give you a monthly allowance until your husband comes back.

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After some time,

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the husband came back. She told him the story. So the husband and the wife they went to the doctor to thank him and allow one stops right because the husband came back. So the doctor says you know what, this is my job and this is the know as Muslims we have to do this etc. And then they went back home this is the power of drama. And I want you to appreciate something you know the sister, she now tells her husband when they have a financial problems, she tells her husband How about you go for some time have Allah provide for us.

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She lived in she appreciate Allah giving back Allah. May Allah grant us such yaqeen me Robben Island, you know when I shadow the law and this is a certainty in Allah subhanaw taala when I Isha your mother and my mother, the mother of the believers when she was accused, she was accused of a major sin May Allah protect us.

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It's a long had eaten a very long hate but the point to I want to share with you, she told the people I knew 100% Allah will show my innocence that you have to appreciate that because even it also aligns some Allah alayhi wa sallam her father abubaker and her mother did not really help her did not but she said I was 100% certain Allah will reveal what my innocence Allahu Akbar and we will read it till this day, and it will be read until we approach yarmulke Yama in suta nor May Allah make us all protected and innocent from our mistakes Ameerpet

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should the point being here she said then also Elisa sanlam I thought the prophet will have a dream. In the dream jabril Elisa will come say your wife is innocent. But she said I never realized that I am worthy. Not Have A Dream but Quran to be revealed. Allahu Akbar. So this is the power of the Athenian Allah Subhana what's Allah and you get to see all that stuff. You know, when it comes to your arm, I'm gonna jump again. All What I'm talking about is a law. I'm not talking about you to be honest. Now. I will talk about you at the end and shall as I end my speech, but let's get to know more about Allah subhanho wa Taala. Let's be honest. Who is the one usually outside?

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Is it the one begging for money?

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Or is the one standing outside the one who gives money? Usually, the one who stands outside is the one begging for money. Not the ones looking for people to give.

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With a lot of the best of examples. It's the opposite. It is a law who's always there, asking do you want

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a law is coming to the beggar

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a law you appreciate this wirkkala poco de Rooney Allah says, Ask, Allah. I

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ask Allah says Allah

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Do you want and Allah says a steady block of whatever you ask I will give you a lot.

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Well I just got goosebumps thinking about it. He is coming to the beggar I'm a beggar and you are a beggar to Allah Jalla gelato.

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A statue of local you know Subhana Allah look at this hadith Potosi, Allah says, You're a bad You almost leave for every one of us are slaves to Allah. May Allah make a slave to Allah and not a slave to anything else. May Allah not make a slave to dunya May Allah not make a slave to fame? May Allah not make a slave to status. May Allah make a slave to money? May Allah not make a slave to our family. May Allah make a slave to anybody except Allah Jalla Jalla

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he says, Yeah, a baddie.

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Lo and a welcome wa Hiroko. Look what Allah says, and I want you to live every word. He says, Oh, my slave, if every one of you from the beginning of time from Adam alayhis salam until the last baby born

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in Sakuma, Virginia, all the human being and all of the jinn, Allahu Akbar, or Morpheus or agent, one infrasonic, every one of them, they make dua to Allah at the same time, you raise your hand, you raised your hand, you raise your hand, I raised my hand, someone in the US raised their hand someone in South Africa, someone in Australia, everyone the same Second,

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the ask Allah, you know what Allah says, For our lady to insert a min homeless Allah, I will give every one of you what you asked.

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What do I do right now right now if someone says, Oh, brother magic, I'm like, who was who was talking? I get confused for one person.

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Imagine a mother best of example, billions of people in sinjin. In what Allah says he does not just say, I'll give you whatever you ask for. He says, Libyan coast alikum in Mulkey sha Allah, He says, My Kingdom my account will not decrease if I give you everything.

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It will still be up there, it will still be maximum, it will always be infinite. He gives you the example, like the example of a needle, you know the needle, you put the needle into the ocean,

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and you take out the needle, how much water the ocean lost, because they knew nothing. That's why Allah says my money, my kingdom.

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My Dominion will not decrease the way the ocean is decreased from a needle Allahu Akbar. So ask Allah this shows you how Allah responds to whatever you ask for. This also shows you how Allah is the Aileen he knows your problems. This also shows Allah his career. He knows the details. You don't have to be in detail. Do you have a flat tire? You're driving in a flat tire? You don't tell a lot You don't have to. Yeah, Allah my rear right? passenger tire is 22 psi. Yeah, Allah make it 30 psi. You just say yeah, Allah helped me with my car. Because Allah Karim, Allah says we're either select a bad year and knee for India ne remember these two names for any corrib eg a wahaca. Allah says I

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am close and I respond with G now what a dairy either Dan, may Allah make us among those who make drought to Allah subhanho wa Taala Look what Allah subhanaw taala says May Allah make us all are people who are slaves to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala brothers and sisters look like he says, actually the Hadith Rasul Allah is some of Maharani was a lumpsum Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He says in the La hayyan Karim. Allah is shy. And Allah is generous, or Allah is modest, Allahu Akbar. He says yes, definitely a lot of fields shy, a lot of fields modest for his slave, to beg a love for something. And then when the hands come down, Allah does not give you what's good for you.

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A lot of fields shine alone. Some of you may feel shy, someone asked you like, okay, here, you're so shy to turn them down. Allah says I'm so shy to turn you down. Allahu Akbar. Allah, may Allah protect us And forgive us a little bit. I mean, as beautiful as it sounds. I have to warn you of something.

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All what I said was hope. Yes. Whoa, Roger. But give me a minute or two or maybe five. To tell you about hope about fear. Why you tell us about fear. Because Allah said it. When Allah says call upon me, I will respond yes. But you know what he said after that? In the lead in is tech guru Nan a bad at what did Allah say?

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Say the who Luna Johanna Mata Hari, and the ones that do not make dua to me. I will take them into Johanna Allahu Akbar.

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Yanni now making dua is not optional.

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Doing Vicar is not optional.

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In the generic sense, the vicar of Allah, Allah found in a generic sense, you have to always remember Allah subhana wa tada as much as you can basically, especially with the obligations of salah and so on. But when I was younger, I'll be honest with you. I heard this area and I heard another Hadith that had it says Rasul Allah is the lesson on many lamb yes and Illa ballet, he or she who does not ask Allah Allah is angry at them. I'll be honest, I was a little bit

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any why would Allah be angry?

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until I went across a story in my lifetime. I was traveling in the US with my mother. And we went from one state to another state and we stopped by msgid. When we went to the masjid, there was janazah.

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So we asked janessa for who it was a sister, she committed suicide, May Allah forgive us and protect her and forgive her in what we believe suicide is a major sin doesn't take you outside of Islam, but it's a major sin. If you have any of these thoughts, make sure you go to counseling local imams to help out and to direct you to the right decision. May Allah protect us all.

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So when this sister committed suicide, the community was shaken by that. And we sought to know the story to benefit, maybe whatever she left behind, to benefit her to benefit the people in the world. So this is her story. In summary, in summary, this girl she wanted to get married.

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And her father was trying to force her to marry someone else. So I also advise, I'm a father, I'm a father of three girls, may Allah protect our children. Just watch out from forcing your children to marriage. May Allah forgive us and protect us be very watchful. Okay? So he was pushing her to get married, forcefully marry this man marry this man from back home country. She said, I cannot communicate with him. I cannot talk to him. I don't understand the language. I don't understand the culture. Back and forth. So the sister she rebelled. She now started to like a man from local her local city, who is not a Muslim. And now is like, you know, on the other end, other extreme,

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Stan, she loves this man. And she got pregnant. May Allah forgive us.

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When she got pregnant, her father knew about this, then he's about to lose his mind.

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Then she left the family. She ran away with this man. She delivered the child then she got pregnant again. La La La quwata illa. The father disowned the girl like I don't want to know more in my life. You're out of my life. So now she lost all her family.

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A lot. But I'm telling you the second person I was there in the janazah. We spoke to the parents spoke to the relatives. After some time, the guy she left with, what did he do? He left.

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So now she lost her family. And she lost the man. She left the world for so she's in between now. May Allah forgive us and protect us? She had two children. I spoke to her sister, her family. She said she wrote a letter before she killed herself. She said I am sorry. Who is she talking to in the letter? She's talking to her two children. They're young. I am sorry, I have to do this. I have no one to talk to.

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I have no support.

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I have no financial assistance. When I die I hope the government will take care of you. What lies so sad?

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Then she did what she did and she she took her own life.

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Allah, Allah May Allah forgive us all.

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When my mom heard that, you know what my mom told me.

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She said magic will love her love him but she said many things but one of the things the highlight she told me my mom, if you ever want money, and you do not tell me I will be angry at you.

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Now in case you do not know I want to share something with you. If your parents and focus on my words, may Allah bless you focus on the words. If your parents are angry at you, for a justifiable reason, like for for a good reason. You will not see success.

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Now, one more time that one more time, one more time. If your parents are angry at you for a proper reason, because sometimes I'll be honest, some parents are angry for no reason. Like I did everything you still angry. I'm not talking about that example. I'm talking of a real example you deserve. Your parents are angry upon you, you will not smell success. You will not see success. You may not hear success, you will not experience success. Why? Because it also a lie. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says later

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Putting up the one who is disrespectful to their parents does not enter agenda. Maybe at the end of the day because of Laila and illogical to gender maybe Allah will leave it up to a lot but it is sci fi or filter process from since May Allah protect us. So be watchful, be watchful. May Allah make us people who their parents are pleased by. And you do your job. You do your job. And in front of Allah, Allah is the judge fair enough to judge you do sometimes your parents say we're black soap, you were black, so they tell you why you were black. So you told me what a black soap? No, I told you. Wait, no, you said black. I'm angry at you. You're fine. Don't worry. It's okay. I'll have a

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thicker handle. Now in my situation, my mom said if you don't ask for money, I'll be angry at you. So technically, if my mom is angry at me, I will go to Johanna.

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My mom threats to me that I will be punished by Allah. Is that an example of my mom loving me or my mom hating me?

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She loves me so much. She threatened me of jahannam that's how much he loves me. But why? because my mom does not want me to be depressed like that. My mom does not want me to kill myself like that. My mom does not want me to do that. Allah is the best of examples. This whole summary is to tell you this. Allah loves you so much. And if it takes for a lot to threaten you to take you to jahannam to ask him then shows it shall be because Allah does not want you to sell your body for people. Allah does not want you to sell your deen. Allah does not want you to kill yourself because Allah provides a luck yours Allah gives a lot takes a lot honors Allah degrades. May Allah elevate your status. So

00:31:55--> 00:32:21

Allah threatens you if you don't ask me I will do such and such to you May Allah protect us. So next time you see our warning, oh believing men and women see it as love from Allah subhanho wa Taala when Allah talks about Jenna is because he loves you. This is the fire Watch out. It's not because he hates you. This is how much Allah wants you to ask him. Even if he has to threaten you May Allah protect us. This given Chatelet few examples that we end by the will of Allah Subhana what's Allah

00:32:24--> 00:32:58

Rasool Allah Azza wa sallam, this is your job ready now it's your job. So we spoke about Allah there's much more speak about though it's you guys. Number one we have to do here. Whenever you ask a lot of for ladies some allottee with them says with their own law and to move to a new level each other. He says the law says make dua to Allah and you're 100% certain alone respond Can we do that inshallah. Next time you make a lot you're like Allah respond meaningfully me 100% Allahu Akbar. Just like the water example. Remember?

00:32:59--> 00:33:14

Number two Rasul Allah is Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Salalah alayhi wa sallam. He says Allah will accept your da as long as you're not hasty. I made last night where is it? Relax?

00:33:15--> 00:33:40

No, this is not it's not like you ordered like Amazon packets or something. Is today delivery. What is this? right we become impatient people. You make dua to Allah. Allah does not work according to your schedule. Allah works around to his plans, not your plans. So the Prophet says lay as an Easter jab Rasul, Allah says, Adam says, basically don't make da as long as you're not hasty. Madeline is

00:33:42--> 00:33:50

another thing. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, one of the conditions of the art to be accepted, is you have to have halal income.

00:33:52--> 00:34:01

In terms of money and in terms of food Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gave the example of a man traveling through Mexico road up to suffer.

00:34:02--> 00:34:47

dusty and exhausted. That's a good thing, by the way, because when you're traveling, your drive is accepted in Sharla. Right? And you're very weak or that's another check. Another thing He mixed it raises his hand. Another check. He says the Arab the Arab force check Allahu Akbar. Everything is great so far. But the Prophet says however, Mata Muhammad Hassan, were musharaka who mean Haram, Boko Haram, then they use the javelin however the money they have is from from the food is from heroin, and their nurture of the bias from heroin. Then the prophet SAW Selim says how can this man expect a lot to respond? I'm not sharing this idea to make you hopeless and like Hamas, I wasted my

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

lecture this No, no, no, no. I'm telling you this to take action in sha Allah. May Allah make all our income halon May Allah make our food hella? Amira plenty, and I'm not sure how it is in Kenya.

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

But in many countries it is almost impossible to have 100% halal income

00:35:08--> 00:35:29

it's almost impossible So Allah is Allah Allah in the Allah where the knowledge that Allah will take care of us inshallah, because we do whatever we can car insurance in Islam, you know the ruling on that. But in some areas you have, you're obligated by the government, Allah will take care of you. So you do your best and allow provide for you. Last but not least, last but not least,

00:35:30--> 00:36:10

a brother comes up to me I'll show you the last condition shall or not the last condition. I sorry, one last condition, then the ending. We can make dua to Allah Oh Allah make the volume, volume of the speaker loud. And we only make the volume of the speaker now you're up, you're up and we all cry, you're up make the volume of the speaker loud. Voila, it will not happen until I do this. Until I bring it closer to me. It will not happen until I take action. You can make all your life for 70 plus years Allah will not give it to you until you take action festa jab Allah hombre boom y and Nila oh dear oh and

00:36:11--> 00:36:25

Allah says I accepted your law you know why sort of Milan at the end? I accepted your law you know why? Because of the actions that you put so take action and make the law and you will see wonders May Allah honor you. Now the conclusion I tried to finish with

00:36:26--> 00:36:34

what happens when you make go out to amongst a panel with Salah a brother came to me several times and met him I drove him to the masjid.

00:36:35--> 00:37:06

And he used to always be first row alumni with this I never in my life for that brothers second row, always first row. A lot younger than me. Wonderful man. May Allah protect him. So I saw him missing one day, two days almost a week. I don't know. I don't see him no more. Show. I know his house because I drop him off. I pick him up. He doesn't have a car or anything. So I went to his house, knocked on the door. He opened the door. I said Assalamualaikum he said what do you want? I didn't even respond. The salon didn't even say

00:37:07--> 00:37:20

I was so confused. Are you okay? Brother is like I'm fine. What do you want? I said, I didn't see the machine for some time. I just came to check on you. He said I'm fine. I'll move on in life. I said I'm not going anywhere until you tell me your story

00:37:21--> 00:37:59

is subjective. You know, because I know the person I can kind of push a little bit. He's I don't want to talk to me. Eventually I went to his house. He called me inside. What's your story? He said, You know, I always come to them. I said yes or no. I said yes. I'm a witness. He says there's a blizzard thunderstorm. a snowstorm I always go Yes sir. No. I said yes. I'm a witness. What's your problem? He said for the past nine months, I make dua to Allah all different drugs, not one was ever accepted. Nine months every every drop, not one drop. Allah gave me not one. Then he said, Why should I pray to him?

00:38:00--> 00:38:42

He said that's why I quit. So panela there's a lot of things to say. That's my end executive. Whenever we make dua to Allah focus with me May Allah bless you, whenever you make drug to Allah, your blood would go to Allah Subhana what's Allah and whatever you ask for will come to you. As simple as it sounds, you make drugs on love for a car alone, bring you that car done. Second thing that what if Allah doesn't give it to me? Your drug goes to Allah. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says it blocks you will not get what you want, you will not but it will block a tragedy, a calamity that was about to come to you. Remember that day You almost got into a car

00:38:42--> 00:38:52

accident. And you went by? You know why? Maybe because 10 years ago, you said yeah, Allah make me marry the sister and she rejected you.

00:38:54--> 00:38:58

And Allah did not give you what you asked about Allah protected you from that accident, Allah Akbar.

00:39:00--> 00:39:03

Number three, Allah may not give you what you want.

00:39:04--> 00:39:14

Allah may not protect you from a calamity The last option, your drug goes to Allah and it stays there. It gets transformed to Hassan at your time and your knees and your skill.

00:39:15--> 00:39:38

When the Sahaba they heard that is that even look through, then you will never stop making drag the Sahaba said that we will never stop. It's a win win win situation. What is the problem as I'm saying, No, no shame on you. Don't be like that. Don't be stingy. No, don't be greedy. No. He said, Allahu Akbar. Yes, Allah loves this attitude. Always make darker Allah. which of the three is the best?

00:39:40--> 00:39:41

Whatever Allah sees best.

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

Maybe you getting it in dunya is what gets you genuine. Maybe the blocking of the calamity is what keeps you blast and teach you two gentlemen, maybe the hazards and answer is what takes you to gender. No one knows personally. I pray to Allah to bless you all. Thank you very much for your patience. Desert Willow cleanup.

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inshallah will now proceed into the front Allah and Allah Mahmoud the correct.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh