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I received a very interesting question today about a post I had in regards to a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the Hadith, I'll share the ending part of it. He says, an A person continues to be tested and facing trials, hut, em Seattle, I'll do a Salah copy until they reach a point in their lives. They will be walking on earth sinless, not a single sin is in the records. So then a brother messaged me and he says, so this means, if I'm still being tested, that means I got sins left to be purified from because if I'm done being purified, I'm sinless. I shouldn't be facing tests and trials. Interesting question. Good

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idea. However, there's a bigger picture. When Allah subhanho that test, the person is not always purification to clean you from any sins and wrong you've done in your life. But now you can go to an upgrade level, that person who's walking on earth sinless, they will get tested more than before, that one more time. That person was sinless. After all the hardship, difficulty in life, someone rug around them, someone oppressed them, they lost a loved one, all of that stuff. Now, sinless life next is even more harder than what they faced. And they will be able to pass in sha Allah. What's the proof of that? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, If Allah decreed or once for you to

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reach a certain level in Jenna, but your actions are not qualifying you to that level. Allah will test you to make you reach that level. Don't worry, the Hadith says an Allah you're in and Allah will help you to be able to pass that test. To give you an example, the prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. Someone who went through so much hardship Allah promised to forgive his past and future, yet he faced tests more than anyone put together. And with this, this whole bunch, Allah, I'll share with you the example of Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam, Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, he just left his city after his own father and his own people that he grew up in the middle of them. And they

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tried to burn him to death. What a trial what a test what I'm gonna savor, he got so bad that he told his family I have to leave in the variable in Iraq beside him. He had to leave and how difficult is it to move from the place you spent all of your life and eventually, Ibrahim Ali Salaam lives with his wife, sobre, La Jolla, Juana and they left that oppression and that persecution and the passed back by Muslim Egypt. And when they came there, there was a third round a tyrant at that time. And the his soldiers when they saw saara they said it had he

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had an inlet luck. They went to the ruler and they told them we saw a woman. Oh, it's not befitting for any man

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that she can spend time with besides you. You're the only man that deserves this girl. Rasul Allah, Allah Allah says, Well, can that sullenness He even said that he saw the salon she was incredibly incredibly beautiful May Allah make us beautiful inside and out amiable alameen So then, when Ibrahim Ali Salaam is getting that news and that vibe, you know, watch out for our own is gonna go after and he's, he's that type of guy. He goes after people with women and so on, especially your wife, I'm just giving you a heads up. Ibrahim Ali said um, it's very stressful. And he didn't say Allah I just left a masiva to a bigger masiva. He didn't say that. So he went to his wife sada is at

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Salah Listen,

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there's very likely chance that that soldiers will come to you to have you speak to the throne, that tire in that volume. And if they ask you who am I? Because they want to know, what is my relationship with you. He is concerned if she tells them he he is her husband, that he will kill him. So he told Tara sada if they asked you tell him that I'm your brother. And hooking iE hockeyville Islam or antiochene, you're my sister in Islam. And that's exactly what happened. The soldiers came. And you have to live that scene as much as you possibly can have that stress knocking on the door. And then Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, whatever the area they were at, when the soldiers

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came in, he said, Who are you to this girl? She says, haha, I'm her brother. Then now the soldiers they went to sada. And he said, Who is he to you? She said, He's my brother. I'm his sister. So then they spared Ibrahim. And he said, and he didn't kill him. So right then and there, Asara left. Ibrahim alayhis salam, only Allah knows how we felt. The Hadith says for karma you suddenly Allah, what's the thing that you can do now? For Alan Watts capability

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Ibrahim has no soldiers, no weapons no are nothing but he has bigger than all of that Allahu Akbar. Allah is greater than every means that we have. And he went to Allah was Allah was there in ob Sabri was soya we're in luck lb rotten l Ll ha Shireen. Allah says seek help in salah and being patient. It's a big deal May Allah make us remember Salah during our times of distress, I mean herbal alanine. so stressed out Praise to Allah mix, draw to Allah. And imagine sada walking into that palace into that mansion. And as she's walking, obviously the soldier see her here and there and she's just she exceeds every single man's expectation. They heard about her, but she's above and

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beyond in her beauty, until that throne sees her. The Hadith says for lumea tomalak Let me attack Moloch he could not control himself. He didn't even was able to have a conversation. That's how good looking she wants to him. And that's how weak he was and filthy he was. So he went and right away sorry. She makes drag to Allah. She says Allah Hama in control I meant to become a bear on sulak yeah Allah if I was a true believer in you and in your Prophet was son to 4g illa Allah zoji and that I did not allow any man to touch me. No one to touch me except my husband fell out to fall it Allah Kaffir y'all know don't make this Kaffir touch me Allah. I lived all my life must not allow a

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single number to touch me Allah. right then and there.

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That frown start to shiver. And he started he froze with the hub but village lay his legs were gone right and left as if he's having some extreme sort of seizure. And he's struggling. Then he tells her order Allah ask your Lord, to let go of me. I promise I will not touch you anymore. I will not attempt to come close to you please, please ask you Allah. So then Syrah says yeah, Allah. If he dies, people will say I killed him. So now it's a crime of murder. So then she makes drought to Allah to lift that seizure or that hardship from that King, that tyrant ruler. So when he comes back to normal, he's able to move his hands on legs. What does he do? He goes back to her. So she says

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Allah enquanto are meant to be cobia Rasul Allah, Allah, if I truly believe in you and your profit, and I save guarded my body and private part from all men except my husband. Don't let discover touch me Allah. And right then and there. That man that frown froze again. shivered legs kicking right and left. And he asked her, oh dear Allah, ask your Lord to stop this I promise fella Killa Mahi. I will not approach you Allah He. So then she says, Yeah, Allah, if he dies, they will say Patel to I killed them. She makes drag to Allah. And that difficulty on that tyrant is lifted. And what does he do now? He goes back to her for the third time, doesn't learn his lesson. So he goes through and she

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says the same draw that I shared with you two times before and I will say it again. And then to build our life I truly believed in you, and in your profit, and that I was a modest woman that no man ever touched me except my husband. Don't let this Kaffir approach me Allah. And here you see sobre la jolla, Anna, she went to Allah with a righteous deed that she did, which was majesty, of the great the greatest thing she can think of in this moment. She can come to Allah and be proud of what she did is that year Allah I made sure I had higher I had modesty. I wasn't looking at something that is haram. I didn't touch something that I'm not supposed to touch of the opposite

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gender. May Allah forgive us all. Yeah, Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be able to say that had we go through such scenario and May Allah protect us from ever facing that immutable Allah mean? But are you able to say that?

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Are we able to say that if someone tried to harass us,

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if we have such passed and Allah forgive us and Allah is the most forgiving? And we are hopeful we can go back to Allah we can start a new page in sha Allah where we get to say that without even a hardship, we go to Allah through any difficulty, Allah please, because I did this is a not because she tried to do this to me, and I rejected her because he did that to me, and I rejected him and so on. May Allah give us that strength? I mean, I mean, so she made that dua and he again shivered, and he had that some sort of seizure. And he asked her, I beg you, I beg you, this is this is it, I will not touch you just ask your Lord to stop what I'm going through. It's so painful, I can't move. Then

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she makes you out to Allah. And at this point for like that time, he talks to the soldier that told him about saddam. He says enough innaka at a tiny bit shallow pond, you brought me a devil. This is not a human being why because he felt like he's possessed. So the only way possession

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In such a way as a jinty, some jinsei pan devil that you brought to me in the high lace at the insert them in RV, which is not a human being. And that's what they will tell you when you have higher

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that's what they will tell you and you have modest and you feel Allah. You're not a human being. Look, I won't get you're in college and he's still a virgin. How is that possible? Oh, you never did this. I mean, you guys are weird. I guess like one of us. You mean the and that's what the people of filth will tell the people of purity till yom Okayama. So these stories are love supplies to us through the prophet sallallahu wasallam. For you to be reminded when they get there in the vicar 10 five minute reminder, a reminder benefits the believers. So this frown, to feel comfortable and safe. He told that lady sobre la de Allahu Allah, just get away from here. And he also gifted her a

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servant at that time, they would gift like a servant, a slave and so on. So he gifted her her job rhodiola who eventually became Muslim, then when sada left that mentioned, as a victorious woman, now they will say whatever happened and accusations will take place by law. Allah saved Salah. And when she came to see her husband, Ibrahim, what was Ibrahim doing?

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He was insula Allahu Akbar. Sala at the beginning in the middle and the end because that's the one thing he has. The Hadith says while he won Salah, oh, my big he couldn't wait till the end of the day. Let me finish the Salah. No industries,

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like what happened, and one nurses may well happen. That's how stressed out he was what happened to my dear beloved wife. Then she told him clear Allahu Akbar higher. This is a woman what tawakkol her husband who said has to be a lower near Milwaukee when they threw into the fire, husband and wife May Allah grant for every righteous man or righteous wife, may Allah grant for every righteous wife or righteous man, I mean noble Allah mean. So here, he sees a clear, Allah protected me from that capital. And in addition, he gave us this wonderful servant as a gift. And this comes to show you the importance of many things that can be said, but also a licensed liquidator says, can either

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any short seller when he was distressed, can have a fella he used to go to Salah, bad news a lot, but if you have the time, and you have the place, go for Salah, even our best for the Allahu anhu he was traveling, when he received the news of his brother Kusum that he passed away. He stopped his trip, you know, went to the rest area. And then he left the camel and he prayed and he was asked and he mentioned like why did you do this? He said because Allah says was there in Oba somebody was Salah, seek Allah's help and assistance in Salah this how you'll be able to survive to the hardships of this life. May Allah protect us. I mean terrible Allah mean, at the end of the Hadith, actually

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on reference, another Hadith which is the end of it, when those who are less than him came many, many years later. He told the Muslims in netcomm settle for itself after when I must have missed Allah, you will soon conquer Egypt should be good to the Egyptians. Why let him have gone with him? Because they have rights. And they have family relationships. Why? Because her job rather than her. She is the great great great grandmother of Muhammad Ali his Salatu was Salam. So there's no see how we also get from the story to be kind to those our brothers and sisters from Egypt. May Allah bless them and live the hardships that they're facing. Our brothers and sisters here and all around the

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world. I Mirabile alanine