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When you're studying and stuff, you know, when you come in, you'll be hit the workaholic maturi on 15 hours a year Dr. Molina de la, Rue de la for me you do for the Huggy Lama back.

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So this will inshallah be the final in our four part series on

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XL, the history of Palestine and martial arts and how we come to the situation that we are in today.

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So just to recap, over the past three lectures, we looked at Al Aqsa in the time of the previous prophets and its virtues in Islam. Then we looked at Al Aqsa in the time of Oman, radiallahu, and the conquest of Oxford how he became part of the Muslim world. And then last week, we looked at the Crusaders, that brief period of time in which the Crusaders had conquered that land and turned it into the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and house a lot within a UV level the opposite and brought it back into Muslim hands. So

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the bulk of the history of Palestine is very, very peaceful. If you had to study the history of Palestine, from the time of Oman, until now, about 1200 years is just peace. There's like literally nothing to study for the lands of peace, a land of Baraka, a land of freedom of religion, Muslim Jews and Christians alike lived in that, in that land worship in that land in peace. So what happened? What led to the situation that we see today in Alaska, what happened was a combination of a variety of different political factors, and it's difficult to discuss political factors in a Juma hood pass, I'm just going to summarize them. But essentially, three things happen. The rise of

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Zionism, the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and World War One, right, these three events combined, led to the state that we see today, or the situation not just of Palestine, but of the entire Middle East that we see today. So about 120 years ago, a group of European Jews came up with the idea of establishing a homeland in Palestine called Israel, they call themselves designers. Now, it's important to note that this whole idea of establishing a homeland in his in Palestine, goes against Judaism, it goes against their religion, because according to the teaching of their religion, they were expelled from that land. And they have to accept that exposure, they have to accept that as the

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will of Allah as the Word of God. And so the majority of practicing Jews in the world did not follow Zionism. In fact, the people who started this movement, were secular Jews, meaning they were just Jewish, by race and by culture, not really by their beliefs.

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Some people say that the people who want Palestine, this, they don't believe in God, but they believe that God promised in Palestine, they have very contradictory beliefs, they don't really believe in religion and God, but when it comes to claiming that land is a God promised to them, so it needs to be given to them. So this movement started about 120 years ago. And it's only about 60 years ago that they took over that land. So what happened? What prevented them from getting hold of Palestine? one simple thing prevented them from getting hold of Palestine, and that is the Ottoman Empire. Right, Palestine until 100 years ago, was part of the Ottoman Empire. And as long as he was

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ruled by the Ottoman Empire, nobody was able to take it. And it's not like they didn't try. The other designers try to speak to the Ottoman halifa Abrahamic the second he tried to provide him they tried to, to buy off the land, because the British involved, they tried many different tactics, but they wouldn't budge. This is a holy land. This is a Muslim land, the majority of people living there are Muslims. And the Ottomans did not budge. So as long as the Ottoman Empire was around, and as long as the Ottomans were ruling the Muslim world, that land was saved. By the way, many people don't realize this. When we think about the Ottoman Empire. Most of us think about it to rule and

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smart money, magnificent. We think about 600 years ago, 400 years ago, the Ottoman Empire ended less than 100 years ago, or 96 years old, right? It's not something ancient. It's something that lasted 600 years. It started at the time of get to root 600 years ago, or several 100 years ago, and it ended 94 years ago. So this is not a this is not a ancient civilization. We talk about the antonym Ottoman Empire is very, very recent history. It's something that just ended in the previous couple of generations ago in the previous century. So

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At that point in time, the Ottoman Empire was still around, it was still one of the world powers. It still controlled the Middle East, and a large portion of North Africa and many other countries as well. But it was weakening, because colonization had started. And many of the Muslim lands began to fall to colonization. So Egypt was one of the first lands to fall to colonization, India was another land that fell to colonization, and Muslims never got it back. Right, India was a Muslim land in a land ruled by by a fella, but for over 1000 years, many of us don't even know this about our own homeland, in the Muslim land rule of law for over 1000 years, the last Empire to rule it with the

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move out, and they lost control of it to the British. And then the British, of course, lost into the modern democracy. And that's when it's split into India and Pakistan, and Bangladesh. All of these are new countries. So what happened, what caused the downfall or what caused us to lose that land?

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Very simply put, World War One happened. And coinciding with World War One was the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, the crumbling and the ending of the final, that we know of elaborate in the history of Islam, ensure the baby more in the future, by this point in history, ultimately, the last pillar, and

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essentially the Ottomans were on the wrong side of the wall. Right, there were two alliances in World War One. And the Ottomans chose what ended up being the losing side. But he wasn't just the ward that drove the Ottoman Empire, they were other factors as well, mainly, same thing we spoke about at the time of Salah butene betrayal from amongst the Muslims. So some of the Arab tribes had allied with the British against the Ottomans. And some of the Turks had rebelled against the Ottomans, because they wanted a secular liberal state. And so the Ottomans had to fight traitors from within the words in Arabia, and in Turkey, and this destabilized him, and this caused the

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Empire to fall apart, it caused you to become a modern secular state. And it caused the British to take over that part of the world. So when World War One ended, many of us don't realize just how, how devastating this this time might have been. This imagine you were alive 100 years ago, right right now be living through a pandemic, if you're alive, 100 years ago, we'll be living through a much worse pandemic. Right. And along with that World War One, and along with that, the fall of the Ottoman Empire. And along with that the British taking over all of the most of that.

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Allah saved us from living at a time. But this is what happened 100 years ago, the British come in, and they take over and they literally start dividing up the Muslim world, saying, Okay, this land goes to France, this land stays to us. And now they have to please the allies. But yes, way problems comes in.

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The British had promised the land of Palestine, to three different groups of people

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like to form these strategic alliances, the promise that land to three different groups, to the Saudis. Right. The Saudis are one of the tribes that has out of tribes that had betrayed the ultimate goal is not politically correct to say that, but it's a historical fact, they had promised Palestine to that group, he promised them to another out of tribe, and they promised it to designers to the Israelis, right where Israeli said, by the way, science, so this led to a huge controversy as to who owns that land, and who's going to be the government of the land or what's going to happen in that land. Eventually,

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that land was divided that what we call Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon today was at the time of the Ottoman Empire, one country, and he was divided up into smaller countries to give each ally you know, a piece of the pie. And the Israelis decided to take things into their own hands, they start moving into that land and settling. So you start building settlements in a land that was already occupied, or was already they were already Palestinian farmers living, but they began to move in and start building settlements around the sparks. And then suddenly, after about a few years of doing this, they started to attack the farmers. And they began to take over those farms. And they began to

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kill actual massacre and just take over next until a larger and larger and larger portion of Palestine. Kima design is controlled, and they were able to 60 years ago establish the State of Israel.

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Now, there's many things to note about the situation number one, when they took over those lands and destroyed the villages and farms, many people had to run away and rifle today, in many, many countries around the world, you will meet Palestinians who have no home to go back to

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The land will destroy, the families were massacred. They had to run away, and they had to try and survive, and they are living all over the world except in Palestine, you cannot go back to where they came from. Right. And that's the situation they remain

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there. Number two, the Israelis themselves were not satisfied, the British tried to step in, and to divide the land. This land belongs to the Israelis does that belong to the Palestinians, but they never divided it fairly. It was always unfair against the Palestinians, if you go back and again, I don't want to get too political because it gets too technical for Juma footbaww. But the details of the treaties were always in favor of the Israelis. And even when they signed these treaties, they will always violate and keep expanding the lands and time to take over more and more Palestine. To give you an idea of how many of how did that demographics have shifted in the past 100 years, when

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the Ottomans rule 3% of Palestine was Jewish 3% and today, they control the bulk of that land. It's not because of immigration only. But the immigration is masking a massacre and massacre that they hide from the world. So they portray to the world the folk stories, that fall stone is that that land was empty, and they will the land was not empty. People were living there, from the time of tomorrow. If we were living here from before that people were living there from the time of the Romans, right, people were living in Palestine from that time, and their descendants love them. Some of them are Christians, some of the Jewish men you get converted to Islam, and that those people

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have been living in that land from that time. There was never any empty land. And this is a lie that they promote in order to make people sympathetic towards the cause. So

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the the State of Israel was founded upon the weakness of the Muslims. And it's not the only state that was founded upon the weakness of the customer. The entire situation of the Muslim world today is a result of the fall of the Ottoman Philippines. We have today. Many Hussam lands that are for many Muslim lands are in a state of civil war, many Muslim lands ruled by Thailand's and many, many, many Muslims who have to run away and live in non Muslim lands, for the first time in history, because it's the only place where we can live in peace and practice our religion in peace, which is an irony. It's really is ironic. And that's the situation we find ourselves in. Unfortunately, I

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can't give a happy ending to the story. The story's not over yet. Allah knows best in which direction it will go. But as Muslims, we are supposed to have Bushnell's or not Allah, we are supposed to be optimistic about the future of humanity. And so I'll end on that note, that insha Allah, one day, this rumor will be revived, the Philippines will be revived. We will experience another golden age and things will go back to the way they were in the past or maybe even better. So behind on obesity, food or soda mousseline, hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, moody water star in order to stop feeling what we know we had our colleague, Villa Himanshu Rudy and fusina coming see the Mr. Lena we

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will be using

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I just want to leave the story up to something else that happened in our past so that we can get some home I don't want to end this on a negative note on the end on the note of so many of you are familiar with the with the with the TV series and to rule a smile and you know, the depiction of silence. That's gonna go into the true story to give us

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about 700 years ago, the Mongols invaded the Worcester mass, and destroyed the ambassador pillar.

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And the Muslims living at that time, thought it was the end of the world. They actually believed that the Mongols vrG, the module, Kong and Macau, and they thought the world was ending. And they thought that was it is never going to be another philosophy. There's never going to be another Muslim Empire. It's over the world is ending.

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Very similar to us today. Right? Very similar to actually the Ottoman Empire has fallen. And many, many Muslims around the world believe it's the end of time. Many Muslims around the world believe that, you know that the major signs are about to happen, and we just waiting for them.

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But that's not what happened 600 years ago, and it's possible, that that's not what's going to happen. Now. We don't know when it was going to end. It could end in our lifetime, you could end 1000 years from now, we don't know when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked, Where is the hour, he said, I don't know any better. I don't know the professor doesn't know. So we shouldn't assume that the world's going to end in our lifetime. Rather the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us and even if the world is ending, and you have a scene in your hand to plan to go

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Go ahead and plug in meaning, whatever project you're working on whatever good deed you are doing. Whatever COVID optimism you have to keep it right to the very end. So I don't believe in this doom and gloom, idea that the world is over the world is ending waiting for the market. That's all we can do. That's not an Islamic attitude. The Islamic attitude is we don't know when that's going to happen. It's our job to work to revive the ummah. It's our job to work to revive Islam. And if I love this, especially with that, I'll come to that. If he doesn't, he will reward us for our intentions and our efforts. So when the Mongols took over the Muslim ban, and people thought the

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world was ending, and people thought it was over, Allah allowed new powers to rise from where we never imagined, from where we never imagined because until that point in history, the caliber of the Muslim world was always operation was always from the correction he omitted from the crush. But with the welders taking over, when the next generation of leadership, the mom looks the Ottomans and the Mongols themselves, because the Mongols eventually converted to Islam, and became a Muslim Empire himself. And the mom loose. This is fascinating. Do you know who the mum nutria the mom, Luke's were slaves. They were Muslim slaves, who fought the Mongols defeated the Mongols, and ruled the Muslim

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world for two to 300 years, a lineage of slaves because again, this concept of slavery in Islam was very different from the slavery of the West that we know today. But they were an actual Empire, they ruled this Muslim, the Muslim world, Egypt in the surrounding areas for a few 100 years. But the most important of the empire that popped up at that time were the Ottomans. And people don't realize how miraculous This is historically. Because up until that point in time, these were just nomadic tribes. They were just tribes that move from land to land and live the simple life. But the circumstances of the Crusaders invading from the west, and the Mongols evading from the east, forced

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him to change the lifestyle. They had to take over cities, they have to build basis, you have to establish an empire, they have to fight wars on both sides, and they became the Ottoman Empire. And it grew from one city in Turkey, at the time of Ozma. It grew over 300 years until at the time of Solomon de facto percent, they will the most powerful empire in the entire world. This is no joke at the time of Solomon, loosen the Ottoman rule 50 countries across three continents, they were the superpower of the time. This is 300 years after people thought the world was going to end. This is 300 years after people who seem to never have power again. This is 300 years after the Muslims

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thought that he argued and argued a year and

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so my point is, we should never lose hope. We should never lose hope. Just as Allah took the oma from darkness to strength at that time, he can do it again today. And we know that Allah Subhana Allah has promised as to the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that at the end of every century, Allah will extend revivals of this religion. At the end of every century, Allah will send revivals of this religion. Sometimes those revivals are political, like in the case of silicon Dean and the Ottomans and Omar bin Abdulaziz. Sometimes they are scholars, because you need a scholarly revival like in the case of you know, my Shafi and many others, but we all know in our

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time which one is going to be, but we need to have hope. We need to have hope that alone would revive this, the Muslim empire in our times, Allah will give bring about a new Philip within our lifetime or maybe the lifetime of our children, and then this oma will see glory again. And then all of the civil wars and oppressions and tyranny that we see in the Middle East and other Muslim lands will end because Allah does not allow these things to go on indefinitely. Every tyrannical nation is given a end date by Allah, they are given a point in time to make over. And if they don't make Toba by the time they don't repent by the time they don't change by the time Allah wipes them out, with

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the show natural disaster, whether it's through civil war with the two countries from another nation, but Allah wipes them out. This is something Allah Hydra has done over and over again throughout history. So we should not lose hope for Palestine. And we should not lose hope for Syria. We shouldn't should not lose hope for the Muslim world. Because Allah is Allah and Allah Subhana Allah has promised us in the Quran, that if we are righteous, Allah will give us power over this. This is the true ramble. Read surah is the beautiful version. Allah says those who believe and do good deeds, Allah will make them the believers of this. Allah whooping give the funny both of you

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and this is the promise of Allah, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala. to revive this aroma we bring peace and stability to all of the Western lands and to bring piety to all the Muslim hearts and to unite us

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Have one that should bring us back a new golden age and you'll see behind Robin is that the moon was Salam

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ala Ramadan