Violent protests in South Africa – Our Response

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The speakers discuss the recent protests and unrest in South Africa, including the loss of life and fear among citizens and the importance of trusting in Allah's power. They emphasize the need to learn to read Allah's words and not become obsessive. The speakers also discuss challenges faced by the country, including poverty, inequality, and unemployment, and emphasize the importance of showing compassion and kindness towards people in poor and rich countries. They also mention the drought and high prices for food in the market, and encourage people to play a role in solving these problems and making sure they can afford basic necessities. The segment ends with a discussion of the holy grail and its use in religion.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah

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Allah Allah Azza wa Salatu was Salam O Allah seydel ambia even more serene. While he was hobby was seldom at the Sleeman, Catherine Catherine, Amanda do photo.

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Mani Rahim

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minakari wounds

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in our common

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set of colonialism,

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respected elders and brothers we are all aware

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of the recent happenings in our country. And in our surroundings, actually, the latest rounds of violent protests

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and the subsequent mayhem and the looting from opportunistic elements have left certain portions of the country. In fact, maybe the entire country really increasing

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within people of the country, the citizens of the country, and more so within the community, a deep sense of vulnerability, anxiety, insecurity and a certain degree of fear. There has been great loss of life and property. And the government, which is supposed to fulfill one of its most important objective, to provide safety and security for its citizens has unfortunately been incapable of containing the undress, and has not been able to provide the security and safety for its citizens, as a government is supposed to have done.

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And of course, one of the problems that we're having with regard to the present government is that the ruling party is witnessing disunity, and former comrades that used to say that we are fighting together for a common cause today are jostling for power and positions. And this is unfortunately the situation that has left them fighting for power rather than governing state. And this is one of the greatest objective of a government is supposed to be worrying about the welfare of the poor. The time of O'Meara, viola ran home. One day a person came to complain to Maria Loughton, about something now, a lot of new head a gathering at a specific time where he used to take the complaints

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of people. And this person came after that time. So amaravati became very angry with him, you know, and actually took a weapon less time and said, You know, I was sitting to listen to the complaint with Ron come. And now after I've sitting with my own work, now you come and speak about who had a time you had an opportunity, why didn't you use it and why you came now. So the person went away and O'Meara Viola through the after, became very remorseful. He went looking out for him. And he called him back and he said, Please come in Leslie back again. I fully seek forgiveness. And he said, it's nothing you perhaps you are right. And when he went away tomorrow, the Allahu tramo started weeping

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and said, Oh, are you are you are someone who was not even on Hidayat. You were insignificant. Allah, Allah gave you power. Allah made you the leader of the people. And now Is this the way you behave towards people? Are you so oblivious of the needs of people? Do you not regard the needs of the people as important and he started weeping so much, that his companions had to console him. This is the rich show good how a leader is supposed to have the feelings of people now what do we complain that today? Nevermind. You know, other people, even our own rulers, leaders in our own countries, Muslim countries do not have these type of concerns for the subjects. We can only

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complain to Almighty Allah will make what Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala he had Dasha guardi or Mark Luke Ito Holly Holly awatea nesara Macaca garita swish or their Amani Killa pet malaria. Who comet is gundagai koroneiki mallamma God or osmium cakra what do we do is measure Hannah amahoro Karnataka, what do we do? We have to think about certain things. The first thing is, we should never become over awed and never become despondent. A believer is never overwhelmed by despondency and natella says in July asuma rohilla Hillel como El Capitan muscle man cabbie, my use naota will never become my

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Use and the frustration and the anger that we get with regard to what we see should never ever make us lose hope in the mercy of Almighty Allah and never make us stop trusting in Allah subhana wa Tada. And the Holy Quran says em Sorocaba Allah for Allah Allah. If Allah helps you Nan can overcome you. If Allah forsake sunan can help you well ally affiliate our calling upon the believers should upon Allah should the believer always faced pay play put trust in we believe if we put trust in Allah subhana wa Taala in the proper way, the way we are supposed to do with all its conditions. Allah tala then says Allah, Allah who because in Africa is Allah tala not sufficient for his people.

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May Allah wa for who he relies upon Almighty Allah Allah becomes sufficient for him to Allah tala Kerberos Sakura, Allah subhanho wa Taala on Kalia cafe

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wherever relies upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhana wa Taala becomes sufficient for him. We need to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala we make dua for even then my new testings, nothing is small. For us. Nothing is before Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala if Allah subhanaw taala wishes, Allah subhanho wa Taala can change conditions the way he has changed previously in the history of mankind.

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So we tend towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala knowing fully Well, nothing is beyond qudra and the power of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and we bindis believing we never become despondent via cream sauce lemma said in a hadith which comes in a Muslim. What a beautiful Hadith and every adage of nobody saw Salaam is beautiful Nivea cream sauce limited. A strong believer is better than a weak believer.

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Joe min Kobe was the muscle man say Allah tala kiya yada

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yada mehbooba a strong believer is better in the sight of Almighty Allah than a weak believer. However, both of them are good, be eager to carry out such deeds that will benefit you and see the systems of Allah and do not become lacks. And this is a portion of the Hadith that I would like to make mention of if anything, afflicts you never ever say if only I had done so, if only I had done so, then that sink things would not have happened upon me. quiches, Amara in Africa

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takamiya McKenna Academy yescarta Amelia Nikita to Asana hota. Don't ever say if I had done so or if I if I had not done so then this would not have happened. See, what has happened has been the will of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala never say if never say if kamiyama cannot occur mother can occur Mughal shaytan Korea there was a coletta by saying if you open the doors of shaytan learn to rely upon Almighty Allah subhanaw taala part of what must become part of our routine must be to learn to ask him to read our doors on a daily basis when we leave home alone mainly Luca Farah. hydrolysis Rama Rajan Bismillah Bismillah Allahu wa pinata wacana others you can do that to smilla historical

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to Allah La La La quwata illa ayatul kursi after every salad that was that we are supposed to read. Now many people will come after numbers one and a half naked work. What did you say?

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Read Bismillah al Rahman

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al Rahim, Allah in your name, nothing can harm us in the heavens and earth. With your name nothing can harm us every day three times in the morning three times in the evening it must become part of our daily routine. Do as we must turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the studying towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is a powerful tool that we need to do in terms of means there are few things that we would like to make mention of Firstly, brothers, it's important for us to understand we are living in a country with our challenges, these poverty that is around us, these inequality that is around us, these people who do not have employment. And by we have to keep in

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mind to have any employment even if you have a minor job. I'm not saying you mustn't try to better yourself. If Allah tala has granted through some means of risk, you make catalogue that you value that you appreciate it. Even if it's literally one day you know, he say a man came home. So you found something the home was not very clean. You know, the home wasn't very clean. So he told his wife, he said all day you at home and the house is still not clean. Whole day you had home The house is still not clean. So the wife said whole day you work we still work.

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All day you watch us Mr. Lee

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I think you got at least you got a job rallis make cutter of that have put it into an account called MGM Alderney where the cameras come? Yes, sure. So in that particular way we have these situations part of that is, by avoid extravagance and flaunting of our wealth,

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avoid extravagance and flaunting of our wealth extravagance. In a in a situation where there is poverty, makes the poor feel deprived, causes them hurt, and sometimes brings about a feeling of bitterness which could create enmity and hostility. He serves he nakara is travel Haribo komaru mitashi, car kata or en candor, carwash, terra cotta stay away from extravagance and floating of your wealth. I know that many people will say and maybe justly, that you know extravagance is subjective what is extravagance? Sometimes a meet a person who is just at the lower level has got certain basic things for him that would be extravagant for someone who doesn't have anything. So I

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do understand that is subjective. I do understand that there is an aspect with regard to what Allah says in the Quran and Sunnah supercontinent dunya. If Allah has given you Well, don't forget your share in this material world. That means utilize it, I know that there is possibility I know that the aspect is right, that is subjective subjectivity. But sometimes in an area and in a in a situation where people are in poverty. People don't have jobs, people don't have anything to flaunt your wealth can create bitterness, and we need to be aware of that. Let me give you an example. as it moved to a few was money I heard in one day he gave a talk here. His father was moved to the

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Grand Mufti of Pakistan. One day he when he was invited this this two days they were born in Durban, they were born in the open so they went to a, they were invited by a scholar by the name of monona, Seon as Raghu sentiasa. He was known as miyasaka. So in the invitation of the subset, I was eight to 10 years of age. After the invitation, there was fruit that was presented. I took the fruit and I said, Let me clear the table cloth. I will take the fruit and I will throw it outside in the barn. Madonna said don't throw it outside in the barn. She said why aren't we supposed to throw it in the barn? He said to wrap it up, go far away from here and then go and throw that that fruit. So he said

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Why? He said the people in this area can afford fruit. When they see fruit in the bun they will feel bitterness, they will feel deprived. Take Take their fruit and go and throw it farther away Go take

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these as how things we are supposed to. So in terms of extravagance, let us be careful with regard to how

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how we deal with things. In terms of our situation. We also have people who we employ many times people who employ come from a particular background process treat our employees with justice and compassion pick up near Mala Mala zemin casa, in South Korea, Mohamed Kakaako whoever you are feeling state keep away from this aspect of looking down upon them speaking upon them in a derogatory term, calling them with derogatory names. It is something that create bitterness, keep and treat your need and your employees with justice and love and kindness and compassion, even if they are not fulfilling their rights, even if you feel that they are not doing what they are

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supposed to do. Justice and fair dealings are the basic values of Islam nebia Karim sama, Allah wa sallam, on one occasion saw a person who was whose hands was rough, was rough and he said, Why is your hands on if you have a Sula, I go and break stones and I earn my living by breaking stone therefore my hands is half Nivea creme de la jolla. silom took his hands and kissed it. Maybe a cream sauce and didn't only kiss his hands, maybe a cream sauce lamb was giving honor and dignity to a person who works. This is an honor and dignity every human being has got denier dignity when a carbon nominee Adam and law says in the Holy Quran Wanaka Adam we have given granted respect and

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dignity to every child of Adam and Eve salatu salam grant respect and dignity to people know it learn to be with mahapatra and kindness, surf and amongst the things that we need to be doing avoid racist conduct and isolated all human beings equal. Mutasa panaroma yasay mukamal Christina Caray, stay away from racism stay away from calling people by race distance. Brothers We are from a from a nation we are from a teaching that Allah subhanho wa Taala and open source LMS taught us la familia de nada Jamil there is no superiority of the Arab over the non Arab the non Arab over the Arab. The black over the white the white over the black Illa. Allah taqwa except on the base of taqwa Allah

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has created us into different races and tribes for identification, not that we look down upon one another. And if for example, if for example, sometimes people will say but there is a

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And people who are doing this to us, you cannot generalize. We cannot generalize, a generalization. We will speak against generalization when we speak to the west. And we said, if certain people have done something wrong, you know, under the name of ISIS or under the name of wrong, you cannot generalize upon all Muslims. Why then do we do and generalize upon all other people, On what basis we come from a from a tradition that looks upon people, as human beings, and every human being is worthy of respect. Every word human being has a capacity for good, every human being, and attala has created him innocent, every human being allies with

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one of our doors that we are in this budget is the center door. We've got on this door and a barber buried near

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the door.

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That's our daughter, who was beloved came from a positive self particular background was not appreciated by the people of Arabs, when nebia cream sauce and I'm known as a beloved of the Latino get up on the Kaaba after Fatah, Maka kannadasan. At the time of Zora and the Arabs when they looked upon a black pacinian slave giving as an on the top of the Kaaba no one ever before or after has done that, that they started saying such slurs they said if we lucky our father passed away before seeing this day and natella reveal diet Yeah, you wanna see masala

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Oh people we have created you from from one male and female Adam in our in our community.

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We have made you into different races and tribes that are for the sake of identification not for the sake of superiority, superiority will not be on color or ethnicity. It will be on the basis of goodness and taqwa and conduct. And you show you let me show you how it was, you know, in a time of amavi Allahu Allahu Allahu taala, who one day was working, you know, and three prominent people.

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You know, so I live near Amara, and he came up in Abidjan. And all of these people, Abu sufian, they came to meet Omar, the person who was doing the, the he was in charge of the Office of humara via lauten. We came to tell Rama and he was standing at the door. And he said, Omar, these three people have come to meet you leave them alone. Tell them I'm busy. I will meet them after a while. And after a while, three people who normally in terms of influence and class were not as that rent, in terms of dunya in terms of material influence, right? So they came and who are they as a belagavi Allahu Allahu

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Allah. I think it was a man in Farsi also heavy, roomy, some of these people who came who are very well regarded to be very great in terms of class amongst the people of Arabia. And someone came and said to came into Omar Omar, these people have come to me to Mr. left everything and he went to meet with him, he went to hug them. Now these three people are waiting, who are the leaders have the courage, and they said Roger,

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we are amazed that

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he leaves us and equals our former slaves you to pay homage or goon caponata

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and then one of them said humor is not wrong. They gave a nice Aslam gave the call towards oneness. And he gave a call towards success. And he gave a call towards Islam. They took precedence, whoever is giving them precedence on the day of chiamata. Allah will give them precedence. Allah will give you a precedence. We judge people on conduct. We don't judge people on race or ethnicity. And everyone has the capacity for good. Let us three people. When I there was there was a very great, terrible,

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pious person who was in the sama bin, I think his name was Milena, I don't remember the name. And he made mention of a very, very amazing statement. He says the way you look at people sets the way they will conduct themselves against you of destruction lococo Daytona, he said.

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you look at people, they are going to be like this, they will not do as they will not kill us, they're gonna do like that. Maybe they will do it. You start looking at people with kindness and compassion up to Hannah ramka. Most of these people are also worthy of compassion. Look at them, they don't even have a job. They are sleeping on the streets, have mercy upon them, maybe then they would have mercy upon you. The way you look at people, they will look at you the way you deal with people. That's the way they will deal with you. And then my dearest friends, play a part with regard to the solutions be part of the solution.

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Rather than be part of the problem South Africa, our country, in the midst of all the wealth that we have, is grappling with challenges of poverty, inequality, and unemployment. In the midst of people who are so wealthy we have poverty, we have one of the most unequal countries in the world.

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We have 6.7 million people unemployed in South Africa. 6.7 million people unemployed in South Africa. That's 30% of the people of South Africa and employed. Now you can say there's a government responsibility to give jobs, okay, we can understand that. Can you play a role? Can you have a player? Or can you, for example, make something he said, I will, I will make someone I will give him a job, or I will make him and give him my skills to do something. I'm not saying we can do we can maybe solve everything, but play a role, whatever you can. And if you can't do that, then at least have kindness and compassion. commas come that heaven cascara ham Takara please understand the

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situation, at least show some form of compassion. In the time of Amaro de la pena, there was a drought. I'll show you the compassion and way way was his compassion in ways our compassion. And when there was a drought, people didn't have food to eat. One day, his son, Omar had one melon which he got after so many days, and he was getting it. And Omar became a raised angry took it away from his son, oh my son, people are dying of hunger and you have the temerity to have a melody in front of me. at that particular time when there was drought humara the ultimate all the people and not going to have anything no meat I will have until that meat becomes in that food becomes available

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for the common people. Right so there was no food in the in the market because of the drought over there and have no food his stomach used to rumbling stomach rumble how much one until the people don't eat, I won't eat until the people don't have to eat I won't eat one day. The seven came very happily. Nowadays food in a market food in a market so he went to purchase any bottle. Omar asked what is the price? He told him the price now because of a drought when there is when there is food and it comes available is very expensive. Omar said so expensive. Can the common people afford it? So the common people still can't afford it? merci take it away. I don't want

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any kind of chat. Oh, look, look, if they can eat it out, get it. Now I'm not saying we have the taco. But what I'm saying is have a degree of compassion for the challenges that are facing us. Don't let us become oblivious and only look at ourselves. Yes, we need to be vigilant. We need to be take precaution whatever precaution we can take we need to take. And in this regard, let me say in conclusion, by Be careful with your phones. Really, I'm not saying phones can can provide messages to keep people vigilant and make them aware. But we use this to create fear to create fear in a community and society is no good thing. It creates negativity. I mean, now the way things have been

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is if the whole first book in Mayfair was was on one street, and there was not one one house, it was the same. Everything has been burnt out. That's the way we carried on with regard to on social media. If there is a need to pass on a message, do it responsibly. Why create fear, which is that were in 2008. And sometimes from other parts of the world, we're sending it around the whole foods what is burning, no one can come in here and no one can go out. Be responsible in the way you deal with things. Why create fear and panic. Panic is not something that we are supposed to encourage, yes, take whatever if there is a situation which needs to be addressed, then bring it to the

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relevant people. You have people who have community police forums, you have situations, bring it Tell them to investigate, don't just go and send out things and create panic. These are not things that help in the cohesion of our society. So in short, my various factors contribute to the development of the society the less privilege let us play ourselves, let us be responsible and let us be also vigilant and let us be also part of the solution. Rather than just talking about the problems may Allah make it such despite all our challenges, brothers, we still have a wonderful country let us contribute to make it even more wonderful. I can tell you what was great amount of

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was a modem of authority. I have traveled many parts of the world that Allah has given certain things that are here that are not in other parts. And of course we do have our challenges. They are things that are outside the door they're not here, security, a safety etc. which sometimes there is there which you don't have yet. Now what is our situation instead of complaining that has become part of the solution Let us help in whatever way we can. And if you Everyone, more hands many hands make light work. So if there is many hands that come together for a common purpose, inshallah Allah Allah will bring will bring about you know, success and that will bring about peace. Allah subhanho

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wa Taala will bring about better conditions, but be at the end of the day that was Almighty Allah and be confident inshallah it can be done in sha Allah. Allah wa Salaam